Monday, February 11, 2008

Our version of crafts

Yesterday we covered my feelings about crafts. They are not my thing. I am not creative. There is this wonderful Einstein quote that says: "The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." I like it. When I scrapbooked, we called this the C.A.S.E method (you know, Copy And Steal Everything!) I also am not a fan of the mess that is made when you get crafty...all the little pieces...all the stuff that you drag out...and worse...all the stuff that you then have to put away again! I am very excited about some of the new programs with Creative Memories - I can do my entire album digitally. I can upload my pictures to my computer...and CM has software programs that I can use to be frou-frou if I so choose (all still on my computer)...and then I can upload it to their site where they will print a beautiful book for me. Cheaper than the traditional method...and just as beautiful. Okay...that rant was neither here nor there.

What I wanted to show you was the "doing" of crafts at my house. Madalyn's assignment (err...Mom's assignment) was to make a mailbox to receive her Valentines during her class party on Thursday. Not being crafty, we don't keep things that might have future use in crafts (I don't keep them...I hide them under the rest of the trash so that they can go away with no one the wiser!) - so I had to solicit friends for a shoebox. Then I had to do the Hollywood style of wrapping (you know...on your shows when they get a gift...they just lift the lid off the beautifully wrapped ripping of paper happening on TV).
Then Madalyn did her "craft" - which was to add stickers to the box to call it her own! After being a Creative Memories consultant for lots of years...what I have in my house is an excess of stickers. I am not sure how I became the proud owner of such a money sucking mess...but I am! The kids love to delve into my sticker notebook. But...did I use said notebook for this project? No...I bought stickers. Not sure what I was thinking! Our homeschool group is having a party on Valentine's day...but Katie and I will be in class for most of the party. Katie made some Valentines herself to give to her friends - but nothing as elaborate as our sticker covered Hollywood wrapped mailbox!


Karen said...

I'm in the middle of making a box something like that. Except mine has a sort of shadow box effect where that hole is. Hopefully it will eventually look as pretty as the ones I bought at the store. Am taking photos of the whole process. :-)

Madalyn's box is cute though !!

Tiffany said...

Very cute. We had a Valentine's day party las year and made the boxes as well. We have them in our classroom. The girls love crafts (and I do as well) and I have an entire room in the basement dedicated to crafts. BUT I have never scrapbooked. I have a lot of the supplies but don't actually "know" what to do. Any suggestions?

Rhea said...

I'm glad we have a while til Valentine's Day this year. Because it would just depress me.

Rhea said...

But, I'm so impressed I found evidence of a craft activity on your site!