Thursday, February 14, 2008

She's Brilliant I tell you, Brilliant

I have been immortalized by Darcy! When I first began this little adventure into was of course because I was looking at all these homeschooling blogs...and I wanted one, too! As I was looking, I ran across one called Life with my 3 Boybarians. I really liked the style of it...and it had fabulous music! And then I noticed that the creator, Darcy, does designs for other bloggers. I asked her to help me before my first post was published!

We did quite a bit of back and forth because I wasn't sure what I wanted. And then I had to prove to Darcy that I was quite the study in contradictions. One of the first things she asked (to get a sense of my style) was: "Pick any of these words that you think describe how you want your blog to feel: whimsical, serious, grungy, artsy, artistic, colorful, retro, shabby, clean, studious, old-world, homey, scrappy, floral, urban, loud, nautical, cottage, classic." And here is my response: "Okay...hopefully you won't feel like you want to slap me...but I like the idea of a study in contrasts - whimsical yet serious; classic, clean, studious yet loud :-)"

From there, I realized that I did not want a scrapbook look...that I liked images. One of my favorites with photography is black and white...with part of the photo in color. And then, I gave Darcy my idea of a lightning bolt instead of sunshine...kinda going with my ironic/sarcastic sense of humor. Well...Darcy just took off with that idea. She loved it, saying: "The irony of it all is *hilarious* to me, in that shocking sort of way." Well...once that was out of the was just a small matter of picking colors and doing the code (cough, cough, small matter indeed!)

The journey (and different header suggestions) are up on Darcy's "Graphically Designing" website (just click on her icon to check out the site...come on, ya know you want to!). And as she showed the finished product on her website she says that I am "brilliant" and "funny, too." Gotta love Darcy. She is a smart cookie!

Okay...moving on. Happy Valentine's Day! We have had a great day here. My day started by waking up to a series of envelopes with notes in them from my husband. I think he's a keeper!

Madalyn had her Valentine party at school - and her "crafty" box looks like it has been to a great party. She also wrote a wonderful Valentine note:
We also had a Valentine party with our homeschool group today. Katie got to exchange Valentines with her friends, eat lots of yummy cupcakes, and make some crafty cards with "ingredients" that would never be brought into this house (ie, glitter, glue, and things with lots of little pieces!)
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Anonymous said...

Looks great!

my5wolfcubs said...

Brilliant indeed! You said "whimsical yet serious; classic, clean, studious yet loud" -- that really sums up your blog. I love it!

Rhea said...

Darcy did a great job with your site. She's the bestest fairy blogmother in the whole world!

Tiffany said...

All hail to Darcy! She is incredible! We all love our fairy blogmother! I found her through your blog. :)

Karen said...

Maybe I will need to go in search of Darcy !!!

Love that note from Madalyn. So cute. Bet it brought tears to your eyes. Used to do that to me when my kids wrote me stuff like that!!

Karen said...

BTW ... talkng about cupcakes. I'm making chocolate cupcakes for Taylor's class on Friday. I'm being sneaky and adding some goodness to them, a can of tomato sauce. Apparently it's supposed to make them really moist as well as giving them a dose of lycopene...