Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

I was searching the web trying to find an easy definition for the word "meme" when I found this site just full of cool ideas for blog topics. Because I don't have enough fodder in my daily life. So...today, let's do "10 on Tuesday." Today's topic is the 10 places you would take a tourist to see in your hometown. Well...we live in suburbia...so we'll just pretend that the entire metro Atlanta area is my hometown:

1. Georgia Aquarium - we are actually going here on Saturday! My cousin Jennifer and her daughter Liv are visiting for Easter weekend and they are really looking forward to checking it out. Texas Cindy and family are visiting this summer...and we plan to go there with them as well. It's a pretty amazing place. I think the biggest draw is the whale sharks...but for me, I could sit and watch the beluga whales all day.

2. Zoo Atlanta - I have not been in forever! I am not a big fan of crowds - and with the birth of a baby panda, the crowd factor increases exponentially. But now that Mei Lan is getting bigger, maybe we'll head out there without tourists in tow. If you check out the website, they have a "panda cam" so that you can watch all the time!

3. Stone Mountain Park - Again...it's in my own back yard, but we don't go very often. They have a great children's playground...and there are always cool things going on from the Yellow Daisy Festival, Japan Fest, Highland Games, Chili Cookoff, Purina Incredible Dog show - and they are quite well known for the laser shows on the front of the mountain during the summertime.

4. Braves or Thrashers game I think that hockey games are a lot of fun. It's like going to a rock concert - and there is always something to see or do. We took the kids to see a minor league (is that what it's called for Hockey?) game - and I was telling them about how much fun it would be. I was telling them about how much the crowd loves it when there is a fight - but they were both so disappointed that there was not one. I had no idea the girls could be so bloodthirsty! Michael likes to take them to Braves games. They like it...he likes it...I get alone time (it's too hot!)....everyone wins!

5. CNN tour Another thing I have not done in forever. Actually...I have only done it once...during the 1996 Olympics. They had such a large group that they split us up...and somehow my group of 5 got a private tour. Chuck Roberts was wondering around before his shift started, so he was chatting with us and walking along with our group.

6. Atlanta Botanical Gardens This is my favorite membership that we have. The gardens are beautiful - they have a wonderful children's garden and play yard - and in the summer the kids love to play in the fountain.

7. To see the play "Peachtree Battle" This is the longest running play in Atlanta history - and it's hysterical. It's about this wealthy "Buckhead" family whose favorite son has decided to marry a black Hooters waitress.

8. BAPS Hindu temple Here is one that I have never been to - but the only one on this list that is actually in my town. I have driven by - I watched it being built - now I need to get myself over there and check it out.

9. American Girl store You all know I have been here - and been here recently. It's just a fun place to see and and a great place to spend your retirement money (weather you were looking to spend it or not)

10. High Museum of Art I just got a membership here. This year they have antiquities from the Louvre - so we'll be there when we cycle back to ancients in history next year.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kat-
Thanks for visiting me! :O)
Your hometown looks like fun! I'll keep this list handy if I'm ever in your neck of woods! Have a fab week!

Juli said...

Thanks for getting out my blog. Your aquarium looks cool too! My hubby used to live in Atlanta and he loved it. I'm sure will visit someday.

Juli said...

I can spell...really..."checking out" thanks for CHECKING out my blog. ;)

Rhea said...

Looks like there's lots to do around where you live! Very cool. Thanks for the link also, I can always use more blog fodder.

Teena said...

Are zoos the best!!??

I played too ... come check out Toronto :)

Firefly mom said...

We went on a 6 month cross country camping trip when I was 8, and Stone Mountain is one of the few places that I remember well! I'd love to go back and take my son.

Joyce said...

It looks like you have lots of interesting things to do in your hometown. :)

Lorna said...

This is a great idea; but now I really want to go to Atlanta.

Kat said...

Lorna - I'd love to see you do a top ten list for Copenhagen - and then maybe one for your other home town :-)

FM--Stone Mountain is great. When I was younger you used to be able to swim in the lakes - but not now. They do have a nice campground. Not that I camp. Ya'll come visit - had to throw a southern accent in there somewhere!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Oooo - gotta save this one for next year!!!

Tiffany said...

Nice tour. For some reason, it all looks familiar. hee hee