Monday, February 1, 2010

If only I had curly hair

Did you ever perm your hair?

What about put it in those foam pink rollers overnight?

All in that quest for curly hair.

I had straight hair. There might have been a slight wave to it. It had a bump. One. I didn't count that as a wave. It was a bump. And then all of that changed after children. When all of a sudden I got curly hair.

But now. Right now. Madalyn is lamenting her lack of curls. And my telling her to wait till she has children is really not making it all kopacetic. So. For Christmas. I got her some rollers. Who knew this would be one of her favorite gifts?

So she took a shower. And I sectioned off her hair. And rolled it up.

She somehow managed to sleep in them. Even though she was very uncomfortable. And complained. A lot. But taking them out. That was so not in Madalyn's plan.

By the next morning. Her hair was dry. And her curls were set. Right along with her smile.

So...what about you? Did you want curls (or for it to be straight)? Do you style your childrens' hair?

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Gramma 2 Many said...

Perms definitely. They were called Toni's in our day. Probably was about Madalyn's age when I had my first and about 35 when I had my last. Have ran the whole spectrum on curls. Rags, bobby pins, sponge rollers, brush rollers(which I slept in), curling iron, and now today? A straightener.
I love her curls and that great big happy smile:)

Gramma 2 Many said...

Oops, I forgot the two sets of hot rollers I have in my closet that have not been touched for about two years.
One set is brand new.

Heather said...

Her hair turned out so cute! I love it!

I have poker straight hair. Used to curl it with foam curlers, too, then used hot rollers for years when I wanted a curly 'do.

Now I embrace the straightness, though I am jealous of others' curly locks sometimes...

Miss Anne said...

i love the curls.
truth be told, curlers are a pain in the butt, but the results=awesome!

:) adorable sweet pea!

Elena said...

Oh look how adorable she looks!! My girls have been asking for curlers lately. I got those pink foam things EVERY Saturday night (to be ready for church on Sunday morn) when I was a kid. Either that or braids put in the wet hair. I did get several perms too. My hair went really curly after I had Carter, but straightened back out after Kate. So weird that hormones can affect your hair.

Jen said...

Those curls are gorgeous.

I used to wear those pink sponge rolls as a kid to get curly hair and I must say that I can't wait until I can curl Claire's hair.

Brandy said...

Never had the need for curlers or perms since I have naturally curly hair, but that means I just longed for it to be straight. In high school I would go to great lenghts to get it straight only to have a rain drop ruin it all.

So 99.9% of the time it's curly. The exception was last week when my hair stylist spent 30 minutes just straightening it.

Curls really suit her! Seems like the rest of us she is learning beauty is pain.

Kelly said...

Adorable!! The beaming smile definitely makes the picture!!

Oh girl, you know I was a child of the 80's and worked that permed hair....I'm trying to find a way to bring back big hair, but so far no one is playing along....SIGH...

Cameron has naturally curly/wavy hair while Emmy's in pin straight...we play around a lot with "beauty parlor" games so the hair styles are oh so unique...I'll have to remember to take pics.

Susie said...

She is so cute in curls!!

I don't need a perm or anything because my curls are natural. They are really hard to take care of becuase they need tons of moisture:-)

American in Norway said...

Oh girl I did it ALL... in Texas, we would wear our pink sponge rollers into the SCHOOL to keep our hair from falling.
I started Eva with hot rollers when she was like THREE...ha.. she has a LOT of hair.
PS such CUTE pictures!

Becky said...

I think we all want the opposite of what we have. Like you, poker straight hair until the kids came along now it has a slight wave...although when it gets too long (like now), it's very straight.

I did the pink foam jobies every Saturday night as well. However, with my hair texture, but time church was out on Sunday, my hair was straight again. It does not hold curl. And it sucks!

Madalyn is adorable in her curls.

CaraBee said...

Madalyn looks gorgeous with her hair all curly! I would/will totally do my daughter's hair when she get's old enough. (read: when she'll let me!)

I always wanted curly hair. Sadly, my hair is as straight as it comes. I have permed, curled, curlered, twisted and every other configuration attempting to give my hair life. Nothing lasts longer than about 14 seconds. Alas, I am doomed to a straight hair existence. Could be worse, I suppose. I could have no hair.

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

I'm going to admit...yes to both...AND I have naturally curly hair. Permed for 10 years...forgot about the natural curl. LOL

My daughter doesn't even have a bump! We've tried those foam rollers...but her hair is so damn straight, it still doesn't want to curl after all that work...

Your girl looks so cute...came out perfect.

Michelle said...

Awww, how fun! I always wanted either curly OR straight hair... mine was neither. It just looked like it had never been brushed.

It went totally curly after kids though... now I can finally again get it straight sometimes though. What a cutie with the curls :)

Teri said...

Yeah, I did the perm thing for years. I have naturally wavy/kinky hair - not a pretty thing. The perm sort of made it better and a lot huge-r.

I LOVE Madalyn's hair! She is so dang cute. Of course.

Rachael said...

I have straight-as-a-rod very fine hair. The kind that doesn't really hold a curl and when I got perms previously had to get the tightest available because it'd relax so much in the first week. I ALWAYS wanted curly hair, but I also kind of figure if I had curly hair I'd want it to be straight! The curling wet hair overnight is great as long as you can stand the curlers! You can also wrap hair around pieces of cloth then knot them, sometimes it's a little more comfy.

Meg said...

I always had stick-straight hair until I had kids. I gained 2 'bumps' with each now I have this weird combo of straight/bumpy...maybe if I have 5 or 6 more kids I'll wind up with a lovely natural tousled wavy look?

My older daughter has hair just like mine but wishes she had curls. We braid and hot roll but waves fall out in minutes. The baby has wavy hair--I'm sure she's going to want a flat iron when she's a teen!

Turning the Clock Back said...

She looks SO cute! I have a bump too, just an annoying litte cowlick that prevents me from having totally straight hair. I permed in high school. Blah! Never again!


Aleta said...

She looks beautiful with her curls! How adorable!!!

I have bone straight hair when I was young. My Mom was into having perms and as soon as she thought I was old enough, had me getting the perms too.

Now, though, if I let my hair dry naturally, they have a soft curl. Most of the time I use a dryer though. I will get a body wave every blue moon or so, just to add some bounce when I want a little more curl, but I can't stand the smell of perms now. It's a childhood "ick" thing. Lol.

Tam said...

I have boys so nope for styling hair here.

As for me...I loved Spiral Perms of the 80's my hair was straight. I kept perms in the 80's but recently a friend of mine advised me that what was in the 80's should be left there...Spiral perms, leg warmers ect. LOL I was contemplating a perm...and hence her advice..LOL


mariahsmile said...

Hi! I'm from SITS, just visiting!
My mom used to put those pink foam curlers in my hair and I hated every minute of the process! I never even wanted curly hair but was forced into it! haha