Friday, January 29, 2010

Book Club road trip: Asheville

My bookclub began about 6 years ago. We are a group of about 10 women. From all walks of life. All ages. With a mutual love of reading. We have different style preferences. And I have been challenged to read lots of books that I would not have typically picked. Books that I am so glad that I read. Others. Well. I am glad I tried.

The bookclub took its first road trip about three years ago when we went to Tybee Island. I have no pictures from that trip. Even though we took a horse drawn carriage tour of Savannah. Contemplated eating at Lady and Sons. And did some great shopping along the squares. I wonder if I just didn't bring my camera.

Last year, we went to Asheville. We had a great time. But I was sworn to secrecy regarding the events of the weekend. The wine might have flowed a little too freely. But you didn't hear that from me. No siree. I can keep a secret.

And then last weekend we headed back to Asheville. We went to the spa at the Grove Park Inn.
By we I mean not me. I was too cheap for the $200 massage. So I started. And finished my book in the gorgeous lobby. By the ginormous fireplace.

And thanks to Shannon, we got discount tickets to visit Biltmore estate.

I wish I had schooled our picture taker in the above the hips rule so that you could see the house. Rather than those tree trunks I call legs.

We did a little walking around downtown Asheville. Ate at the Early Girl restaurant (if you go to Asheville, you need to go here). Did a little shopping. Not too much because the weather was biting cold.

We played scrabble in teams. Except for one member who we made play without a partner. Because she has all the two letter words from the Scrabble dictionary memorized. Did you know that "Jo" means sweetheart?

And then the highlight of our weekend was to go back to the Grove Park Inn. To the dueling piano bar - Elaine's.

To be honest. I was not so sure about the idea of a piano bar. I was thinking old music. Show tunes. Songs I had never heard of. Not that there is anything wrong with that. It just wasn't my idea of a fun evening. And now. I must say. I was rather pleasantly surprised. More than pleasantly. It was a great evening.

And I was oh so wrong. They played rockin' music. Everything from mo-town classics. To Billy Joel and Elton John. To country. To Snoop Dog's "Gin and Juice." And the only showtune they played was one our group requested - "Summer Lovin'" from Grease. And they made us sing the girls' parts!

And even with all that...we still managed to find time to discuss our book.

So...what about you? Are you in a book club? What book has been your best discussion (or what do you think would make a great discussion book)? Ever been to a piano bar?

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13 comments: said...

I'm so glad you found some pictures of last year's fun in Asheville, and SOOOO glad you can keep a secret... HAH!

Love the picture of the piano bar, but where's the really funny guy?

Where will we be in 20 years and which books will we be reading... with a magnifiying glass?

Susie said...

That looks like great fun!!

Kelly said...

That is so cool that you go on trips with your book club! I have a hard time getting my book club together. It has kinda morphed into a get together and give each other book suggestions instead of discussing an actual book....oh well....looks like you all had a blast and you went to some beautiful places!!

CaraBee said...

What a great trip! I have always wanted to go to Biltmore.

I have never been part of a book club. Which is weird, given how much I read. I would like to. All of my bloggy friends are my virtual book club. Not quite the same, but better than nothing.

Linda said...

So what book did your club discuss on that trip? Do you have list of your club's picks that you can share?

I've always wanted to be in a book club. I've contemplated starting one. Sigh, maybe someday.

I would love to discuss Catcher in the Rye, timely I know as JD Salinger just passed away. I haven't read it since high school, but I still remember it well.

Tam said...

Savannah has a Dueling Piano Bar!

Nope I currently don't belong to a book club.

When I was in a book club we did Gift From the Sea by Anne Morrow Linbergh and I loved sharing my thoughts with other women on that. We also did The Red Tent that was a good group discussion on many levels!

Currently I am alone reading as all my book club friends have MOVED and I am waiting to see where we will be and hopefully find a new book club soon.

Elena said...

Can I join your book club?! I promise to always be the designated drive. LOL! SO FUN!! Let me just say, I don't love my book club ladies and we'll leave it at that. :(

Swirl Girl said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. I have stayed at the Grove Park , and remember getting lost from my room to the cave lobby. Lovely!

Book club ? once
Piano Bar? numerous

Brandy said...

Sounds like you had a blast! The pictures are gorgeous and I would have opted for sitting next to that beautiful fireplace too. Can you say cheap?

I've been to the piano bar at Myrtle Beach several times. It's always A LOT of fun!

Janice said...

How fun! I'm in a book club at work but we don't have this much fun!

I am currently reading a recommendation from your Top 10- The Help! Wonderful book and I think I may have to select it for my choice for our bookclub.

Teri said...

No book club here. I am afraid I would be THAT woman who kept the group behind in their reading.

Michelle said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention before -- one more day until LOST (and I'm currently rewatching the season finale).

What a cool trip. I love the idea of a girls' trip - although I'm with you on the $200 massage. Yikes!

Rachael said...

I'm in a book club, we've been going for almost 6 years, and I love it! We meet once a month and read things from SO many categories. Our best discussions... that's hard to say! If only I could remember! Sometimes when we read nonfiction about issues like the food we're eating or women's issues it leads to really interesting discussion.

I've never been to a piano bar, but I totally want to!