Friday, July 4, 2008

Friday Follies

It's that time of the week again. Which is lovely, because after yesterday I am sure that you all can tell that the well is dry. It's a good thing we leave for our vacation tomorrow so that I have all sorts of new adventures to share with you. There is just no telling what Madalyn might say. Or eat. we go with our questions - our getting to know each other session this week:

Spicy or wimpy?

Coffee or tea?

What is the best thing that you cook?

How many TVs in your house? computers?

Long or short hair?

Straight or curly?

Do you plan out your blogging or think about it/write it the day of?

How many blogs do you read?

What is at the top of your netflix queue? (**edit** For those of you who don't do netflix - and we won't get into the why nots - IF you did - what would be at the top of your queue?)

How are you celebrating the 4th of July?

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Karen said...

Well, I'm not wimpy, but not sure if I could be called spicy. Or are you talking about hot sauce?? If so...I'm a wimp.

Both, though I drink more tea than coffee.

Blimey...I don't know. Pavlova? i think I cook most things okay. Nobody has died yet!

One TV and one, soon to be two, computers. You don't want to count the parts or the non-working computers, do you?

Just below the chin


Sometimes I think about it, then by the time I get around to actually blogging, I've lost the thought or the pieces of paper that I jotted the thought down on.

I think about a dozen or so...but the list is growing

Nothing, don't have one

The husband is smoking some ribs. I'm going to do some blogging, read a book and then watch the NASCAR race in the afternoon.

Karen said...

BTW...not sure if I want to ask what it is that is smeared all over her face :-)

Bobbi said...

Cute photo!

Homemade Pizza
Shoulder length
Straight with some body
I usually write on the fly
50+ daily
Supernatural Season 2, Disc 3
Cookout and fireworks

Happy 4th!

Bobbi said...

Cute photo!

Homemade Pizza
Shoulder length
Straight with some body
I usually write on the fly
50+ daily
Supernatural Season 2, Disc 3
Cookout and fireworks

Happy 4th!

Angie said...

Happy 4th!

1. Definitely wimpy. I'm working on the kicking up the spice, but it's not going well so far.
2. Tea. Unsweet tea with 2 pink packets if it's cold and the real stuff if it's hot.
3. I make a great pot roast!
4. 2 tv's and 2 computers
5. I've had long hair for 14 years. I'm delighted to have it short agian!
6. I WISH my hair were straight, but it's got lots of natural wave and curl. We always want what we don't have.
7. I do both. If I know I'm going to be busy, then I blog ahead, otherwise I capture the moment. And then there are days when I do both. As I've demonstrated before, I'm pretty wordy. I'm not afraid of posting multiple entries in a day. LOL!
8. There are 60 blogs on my reader currently. It fluctuates between 60-80 daily.
9. The Bucket List
10. We're taking the girls bowling for the first time today. And we're hoping to catch some fireworks later tonight.

Angie said...

Oh, and I have a very similar picture of my youngest with almost those same shades of paint smeared all over her face.

Heather said...

That picture is priceless!! I love these posts. I like reading everyone's answers. Here are mine.

red beans and rice
five, three
I don't have netflix
A HUGE bbq

Have a great Fourth!!

texcindy said...

chicken schnitzel
3 for 3
lunch with inlaws and nighttime with outlaws (mom and dad)

KimmyJ said...

Spicy or wimpy?
So Spicy!
Coffee or tea?
What is the best thing that you cook?
Seafood Gumbo & Banana Pudding
How many TVs in your house? computers?
3 TVs, 3 computers
Long or short hair?
short - but I no likey!
Straight or curly?
Do you plan out your blogging or think about it/write it the day of?
Day of.
How many blogs do you read?
WAY too many
What is at the top of your netflix queue?
No Netflix here. :(
How are you celebrating the 4th of July?
Cookout at home - fireworks on the military base.

Beckynsc said...

Fried Chicken
4 tv.s, 3 computers
too many
Going to the movies and eating watermelon.
Your questions are so much fun.

Kat said...

So, I wrote this last night. And did the scheduled posting. And then realized that I would not be awake at 1:30am to make my answers first. I'm so glad I went in and took out the line that says "I'll go first."

Wimpy. Very. But my husband on the other hand doesn't believe he's eating a good meal unless he's sweating.

Really neither. I do like iced tea. Unsweet with a pink packet. But I am usually too lazy to make it - and I am the only one in the house that will drink it. And no one here drinks coffee either. But I suppose I didn't really ask all those questions, did I?

Hmmm. I took a poll. My husband says my shrimp is best. Madalyn says Grits casserole. My mom says Strawberry shortcake. I have no idea where Katie is. I think my favorite thing that I make is grits casserole.

5 tvs (4 flat screen - and three we won. That is a whole 'nother post!); 4 computers

Very long hair. I got 6 inches cut off on Wednesday. No one can tell.

Very, very curly hair. Although when I was younger it was incredibly straight. Thin and lifeless. Having babies did strange things to my hair...

Plan, schman. That would involve being organized. And not procrastinating. I am a total fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal. And that my friends is why you got to read about aliens yesterday.


Weeds Season 2: disc 1 (ya'll need to get a netflix queue!)

Packing for the beach. I am sending my husband and girlies to my inlaws for the day. They are going to cook out and swim and go to the beach from there. I am finishing up my packing. Making a Target run. Spending the day in my PJs...and then will drive to the beach without Pokemon videos and demands to eat at McDonalds. Life is grand :-)

Kat said...

Karen--I was talking about food being wimpy or spicy :-) Oh...and Madalyn is wearing some sort of ice cream in a flavor that only a child would pick out.

Bobbi--HOW do you do it? For someone who seems to read about the same number of blogs...and might actually read more than I do you still find time to read? My volume of books has gone down dramatically since I started blogging.

Angie--don't we always want what we don't have?! I always wanted curl in my hair...and now I have it in spades :-) And it drives me nuts! You'll have to post a review of the Bucket List after you see it.
Oh...and that's ice cream on Madalyn.

Heather--I would love to know the actual number of blogs you are reading - because with your site - I am sure it's a huge number. And that site - it's making my list grow and grow :-)

CindySue-I'm thinking that you need to share this Chicken schnitzel recipe. And you read three blogs? Mine, PW's and Jills?

KimmyJ--So...are you going to grow your hair out? Why don't you like it? I am waayy too chicken to cut mine off...

Becky--What movie are you going to see? Glad you like the questions. It's easy to think of them...and I *love* reading what everyone has to say.

Rhea said...

Spicy or wimpy? SPICY most of the time.

Coffee or tea? TEA most definitely. I don't drink coffee.

What is the best thing that you cook? Jambalaya or my pot roast in the crock pot and homemade rolls.

How many TVs in your house? 4 (two really old and two brand new given to the boys for Christmas by my mil. I don't have cable hooked up to them, they're purely for the boys to play video games on.)

computers? 4 or 5

Long or short hair? Long, always have pretty much.

Straight or curly? Used to be pretty straight with a little wave but after kids it went wild and curly (and frizzy!)

Do you plan out your blogging or think about it/write it the day of? I do BOTH. It just depends on how well organized I am or if the creative muse strikes me.

How many blogs do you read? A LOT. NOt sure how many and I'm not going to go count them right now.

What is at the top of your netflix queue? I had Netflix for years but cancelled it last year. Needed a break. I would probably have Juno or the Other Boleyn Girl at the top for me though. Haven't seen either and want to.

How are you celebrating the 4th of July? Not 100% sure yet. Maybe an antique car show, fireworks, hanging with the fam.

I just love the picture you used. NIiiiiice!!

Kat said...

Rhea--Mine went curly and frizzy too. I have found the key is to only brush it when it's wet.

You *have* to see Juno. Madalyn is Juno :-) It's a great movie. I haven't seen Other Boleyn Girl...mostly because I *loved* the book. Did you read it? And I can wait for you to go and count the blogs. I can be patient that way :-)

Lula! said...

As always--FUN!

Mostly wimpy, but occassionally spicy.

Both! I love 'em equally.

Mac-n-cheese, fried green 'maters,
and peanut butter/chocolate cake. (Healthy stuff, ya know?)

3 computers, 5 TVs


Stick straight

Both--it varies each day.

A bunch--at least 25

Lemme check my queue...
"The Queen of the Damned" (thanks, Heather!)

Building a fort in the living room, baking muffins, watching movies, making baked beans, grilling steaks @ my in-law's, watching fireworks, then having "grown-up" time at home while my kids camp out in the yard with their grandparents. WOO-WOO!

Happy 4th, Kat--be careful traveling to the beach. And girl--have yourself a big ol' time driving by yourself. That rocks!

Kat said...

Lula--You *must* do a post about peanut butter chocolate cake. I make a mean peanut butter pie...but that sounds lovely. My two favorite things :-)

And I am looking forward to the drive tomorrow. And I won't be alone. My mom is actually doing the driving. So...I will have many hours to finish up "The Host."

Debbie said...

Neither coffee nor tea. Diet Coke, please!
2 TVs and 2 computers?
Long hair
Write it the day of
Read 50 blogs
Don't do netflix. Is that unAmerican?
Grilling out

SKELLER said...

Coffee, fer sure.
??? Maybe my Grammy's Orange Rolls?
1 tv. 5 (yikes!) computers.
??? maybe it works out to about a dozen a day.
The Bucket List.
BBQ & Fireworks :-) Oh yeah. And I've got to get a photo of a flag for my blog.

Insane Mama said...

Wee Haw Heres mine!

Insane Mama said...

I mean Here it is

Vegetable Soup
2 and 3
I write as it happens, usually
Too many
I don't rent movies

Happy Fourth!

Joye said...

starbucks Coffee & sweet tea
4 TVs--2computers
Long? shoulder length
write it the day of
loyally read 11
what would be- we are in a movie funk- most I see in the theatre-maybe some classics
watching fireworks & hopefully making some :)

Have a nice vacay!

Sydney said...

1. Spicy

2. I love both coffee and tea

3. The best thing I cook is my beer chili.

4. 2 TVs (about 3 that are not plugged in) 2 computer

5. Short hair, but I miss my ponytail.

6. Straight

7. I sometimes plan out my blogging. But usually when I plan, write, and schedule a post, I think of something else I'd rather write about.

8. I read too many blogs, but it's so much fun!(seriously i have about 25 or so that I follow, but thank goodness not all of them are updated daily.

9. I don't have Netflix, but I would say the top of my list would be "The Other Boleyn Girl"

10. July 4th plans: Parade in the morning, fireworks at night. My in-laws are coming because my son's b-day is tomorrow. hoping hubby finishes the bathroom this weekend too.

Elena said...

In between, I like a little bite, but not so much that I can't taste my food.


Fried Chicken and mashed potatoes

2 TV's and 4 computers (hubby is in the business)

Medium length


I just sit down and write. Maybe I should plan a little better.

Oh my word, I don't even want to know the answer to that.

Fools Gold

Parades, Family, Food, and Fireworks

Jennifer P. said...

Spicy only if it's tempered by sweet---guess that makes me wimpy!

No caffeine for me. Watched my mom not be able to function without hitting her system every couple of hours, and just decided I'd never start. Starbucks is working on wearing me slowly and methodically down...they hate me.

Jerk chicken.

2 tv's. 1 and soon to be 2 computers (I'm getting a laptop baby! Portable blogging here I come!).

Just long enough to yank back into a ponytail--a very stubby one.

Love to do both.

I write as many "in general" posts as I can when the creative juices are flowing, then set them to auto publish. Sadly, or not so sadly, I find myself thinking about thigs to write about all day though.

Faithfully--everyone on my friends list (maybe 35?), and I try to leave a comment for everyone who leaves me one. It's hard to add anyone else to my blogroll right now because I HONESTLY get caught up in their lives and care about them. Don't want to wear too thin.

Stupid Netflix keeps charging me $9.95 a month and I NEVER use them. Getting away from them is near impossible!!! Last movie I watched was "Be Kind Rewind" though--love that Jack Black.

BBQ with one group of friends, fireworks with another, and earplugs when it's time for bed (neighbors very fond of LOUD fireworks---for long periods of time).

Firefly mom said...

1. Wimpy
2. Tea - I'm not a coffee drinker
3. Lasagne & Chicken n' rice pilaf (according to my hubby) and Fried chicken and mashed taters according to Cody
4. 2 TV's, 1 computer
5. short (per hubby's request!)
6. wavy (though I usually straighten it)
7. both
8. There's 6 - 7 that I stalk, and about 10 more that I check from time to time
9. The last few discs of Stargate-Atlantis season 3 (with season 4 right behind it!)
10. going over to a friend's house

Kat said...

Debbie--Right there with ya! I will drink Diet Coke (actually Coke Zero) over just about anything. Especially if it's from Sonic. And you don't netflix?! Shocking.

Susan--You are the second that has Bucket list at the top of your queue. Let me know what you think. I was kinda skeptical...

Insane Mama--define too many :-) And you don't do movies? Do ya'll watch much tv at all?

Joye--Ahhh...the theatre for a grown up movie. Doesn't happen that often for us. Enjoy that now...those fireworks could change everything :-)

Sydney--I'd love to see that recipe for beer chili. You should do a post about it. Though maybe not for a few months :-) Keeping up with blogs is hard work! I didn't have much time to read yesterday...and my reader has TONS of posts! Ack!!

Elena--Ahhh...another seat of the pants girl. I am so not orgainized enough to have them planned out like some can do. And I usually can't think of anything anyway. I have all these half thought through ideas... Oh...and I'd love to know about Fools Gold, too.

Jennifer--Do you mean netflix won't let you cancel...or you keep forgetting to cancel? There are some months where we have three movies sitting around and no one watches them. Mostly because we have so many things on the tivo. But in the summer, we go through them rather quickly.

FM--You'll be so proud of me...I put Firefly in my queue! Do you have a hard time cooking meat when it makes you ill? I have never made fried chicken...That is what KFC is for :-)

Romi said...

Spicy or wimpy? Wimpy

Coffee or tea? Iced Tea with 3 packets of regular sugar

What is the best thing that you cook? Lemon Squares

How many TVs in your house? computers? 3 TV's and 4 Computers

Long or short hair? Long

Straight or curly? Both...only one side is straight and the rest is an unruly mess of waves and curls. I was called barb wire head as a kid.

Do you plan out your blogging or think about it/write it the day of?

On the fly...and by the seat of my pants...hopefully the well never runs dry.

How many blogs do you read?

About 10 on average regularly but I have about 25 saved.

What is at the top of your netflix queue? (**edit** For those of you who don't do netflix - and we won't get into the why nots - IF you did - what would be at the top of your queue?)

Something funny...can't think of one right now.

How are you celebrating the 4th of July?

Party at my house..the first guest has arrived and I'm up here in my room playing around. Gotta go.

Happy 4th Kat! and everyone else too.

texcindy said...

PW, you and high shcool reunion blog.

Beckynsc said...

Hi Kat,
We went to see Wall-E. It's really cute. It's amazing what they can do with cartoons, nowadays.

Anonymous said...

So fun! That's a pic for the wedding video. LOVE Friday Follies so here we go...

Wimpy. So very wimpy.

Tea, every morning

Anything Italian turns out pretty kick-A. Parmesan Chicken is the current fave around here.

2 TVs, 2 Computers!

Long hair, if you don't count all the split ends sticking up in odd places.

Naturally Curly, but I usually fry the heck out of it with the flattening iron. Huh - maybe that's where the split ends came from...

For my personal blog (Heaven Help the Horsleys) it's all spontaneous because I just hate feeling obligated to write when I don't have much to say. For SuperMom Central I plan it out and am trying to get into a schedule so it's a little more professional.

Officially I have 26 on my reader. But yours is on the top of the list! ;)

We are going to the family cabin for some R & R (which means I'll spend the whole time wishing I was cleaning and organizing at home! How crappy is that?)

Hope you have a great holiday weekend!

GBK Gwyneth said...

Spicy or wimpy? Spicy.

Coffee or tea? Coffee.

What is the best thing that you cook? Enchiladas?

How many TVs in your house? 2, but no cable/sat computers? 7+

Long or short hair? long

Straight or curly? straight

Do you plan out your blogging or think about it/write it the day of? write it day of.

How many blogs do you read? 120

What is at the top of your netflix queue? (**edit** For those of you who don't do netflix - and we won't get into the why nots - IF you did - what would be at the top of your queue?) Not sure. It's really the kids', so probably Little Mermaid.

How are you celebrating the 4th of July? I slept. Rob and Chloe walked down to the lake for fireworks. Camille baked a blueberry pie.

John Deere Mom said...

2 TVs, 1 computer.
Short hair.
Both straight and curly...depends on my mood. And the humidity.
Usually write blogs the day of...not much planning.
I read MANY wonderful blogs.
Netflix? Who? What?
We went fishing and driving on the Gator. Weather was yucky.

Teri said...

Spicy, 100%

I don't drink caffeine, except of course for the one really important exam this past semester, and then I buzzed it up good with a latte with an extra hit of dark chocolate

I love to make cheese souffle

3 TVS, 3 computers

Medium hair

Straight (with an terrible natural kink)

Think about philosophically (of course!) then write it that day

Blogs - 15-20ish

I'm not sure - we have had the same unwatched movie on our shelf for about 6 weeks

We celebrated the 4th with the Braves!!!!

mary said...

tea, occasionally
southern fried catfish and hushpuppies!!!
2 tvs (1 unplugged) 1 computer
don't blog yet
about 3
Numbers Season 2
Bicycled with friends to celebration in park

Firefly mom said...

Yay! Soon you will become a Browncoat (don't worry, after you watch the show you'll understand what that means ;) Muahahaha!

The only type of meat I really don't like to cook is ground beef (the smell gets to me), but I cook it for my guys occasionally. And I don't make regular fried chicken. I cut boneless, skinless breast pieces into large strips, dredge them in seasoned flour and fry them in butter. Real healthy, right? ;D It's one of the meals I miss the most!

Mama Dawg said...

I didn't get on the 'puter Friday, so I'm late with this.

Per my daughter: hamburgers
2 and none (yet)
Too many
I ate a hot dog and went fishing. It was more fun than it sounds.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Somewhere in between....

Diet Mt Dew


2 tvs, 2 computers

Shortishly medium (I'm apparently not real decisive today)



Too many

West Wing Season 6

Gert and I went to fireworks and that was about it.