Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Follies

It is that time of the week again. Time to play our getting to know you game. Time for me to think of new and exciting questions to ask. Time for me to be like Pooh. And think-think-think. And get a huge crease in my forehead from thinking. Because I can't think of any more either or questions.

You are going on Jeopardy. What charity will you play for?

What category do you hope will show up because you'll sweep the board?

What category do you hope they will not include?

What blogger do you not want to play against in Jeopardy so that your charity has the chance to win big?

I so wanted to come up with 10 Jeopardy related questions. But I cannot think of anymore. Moving on...

What is your favorite flower?

If you could live in any home from a TV series, which would you pick?

What is your favorite Muppet movie?

What did you eat for lunch yesterday?

What is your favorite word?

What is the worst tasting thing you've ever eaten?

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KimmyDarling said...

I'd play for the National Headache Foundation.

I'd hope for Spelling.

Uh-Oh Opera.

I don't want to play against you! I bet you'd be pretty good.

Moving on...

The Peony is my favorite flower. I looooove big, fat, fluffy peonies.

I liked Monica and Rachel's apartment on Friends. (I like open living spaces.)

THE Muppet Movie is my favorite.

Frosted Mini-Wheats

My favorite word is "butterbean."

I've never tasted anything that tastes worse than liver.

Swirl Girl said...

1) I'd play for American Cancer Society

2) Hope they have 70's TV

3) Hope they don't have Elizabethan Era English Nobles

4) Lula when it comes to music

5) love iris and tulips

6) hands down - it's the Mary Tyler Moore 3 story Victorian ...but I'd move it away from Minneapolis and make it a single family

7) Take Manhattan of course


9) I love the way certain words puddle and onomatopoeia.

10) it's an illegal fungi...'nuf said

Anonymous said...

The VA or a children's charity.

What is How to be a smartass?

Anything having to do with direction. I have NO sense of direction.

You. (Brownie points!)


Any of the Real World houses. They look fun.

Muppets Take Manhatten. We have all the muppet movies by the way. Husband LOVES them. We even have Emmett Otters Jugband Christmas

I seriously, pathetically cannot remember

Zizzybalooba. I call my kids that all the time.

Venison. Extremely fresh venison. AWFUL!!

Romi said...

Any charity related to kids or finding a cancer cure.



hmm...I take the fifth on that one.


Any house on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous:)

Anyone with Miss Piggy.

Ham sandwich on dill rye.



Elena said...

1. Some type of Children's Charity

2. Animal facts (I watched a lot of Wild Animal Kingdom growing up.)

3. Government

4. Jennifer P. (That girl has an elephant brain!)

5. Star Gazer Lily and Red Rose

6. I loved the house from Designing Women (Was reminded of that on BATW this week.)

7. Muppets Take Manhatten or the Muppets Christmas Carol

8. McD's cheeseburger and fries

9. ta-ta and hoo-haw

10. Trout, HATE it!

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

Yikes. My first Friday Questions....
I would play for some abused women/children charity

Useless trivia would be my best category

History & Geography cannot be included

I need to play alone, all alone

Fav flower? Tulip

TV Series home? The Ingalls house - from Little House on the Prairie

Muppets? THE Muppet Movie

Lunch? I didn't eat lunch

Favorite Word? Love

Worst thing I've ever eaten? Mussles

Jen said...

I don't want anything to do with Jeopardy.
I don't have a favorite flower
the mom's house from Brothers and Sisters
don't like the Muppets, they kinda scare me.
Seriously and Totally.
worst tasting thing, well I can't think of anything that I didn't like. Maybe thats why my hips are that size that they are.

Rhea said...

My charity would be something for sick kids, most likely. No animals or old people, even though I love both, of course. lol

I'd rock at a category about Harry Potter or Twilight. hehe

I would suck at a movie or music trivia category. Because I grew up isolated on a ranch with no TV or music, I swear.

I would not want to play against you, Kat, because of your amazing Trivia-brain and your amazing music prowess. Plus you and your hubby always win.

I think my favorite flower is the gigantic sunflower.

I think I'd want to live in the hatch on Lost. Ok, just kidding, that would totally freak me out.

There was more than one muppet movie? Ok, confession time...muppets kind of freak me out.

I'm not sure I ate lunch yesterday. Probably pink frosted sugar cookies...

My favorite word these days is fantabulous. Maybe.

Worst tasting thing...I have a long list of bad tasting things. I can't stand seafood...certain veggies are ban from my table...

KimmyJ said...

I'd play for battered and abused women and children


Anything math related - as Barbie would say, "math is hard"

Why you, Kitty Kat Sunshine! (suck up)

Lavendar Roses, hydrangea, Sunflowers

Brother's and Sister's mom house

Emmett Otters Jug Band Christmas, baby!

Shrimp and Grits - sooo good!

Too many to count, I love words.

Anchovies - icky poo poo

Rhea said...

OH, I love saying "Bloody Brilliant" in an English accent.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

United Cerebral Palsy and Alzheimers Assocation

80's Television


Um - KAT!!!!!

Tulip & hydragenas

Do you remember the show "The Hogan Family"? They had a Craftsman Bungelow that I ADORED!

The Muppet Movie (Da' flim is okey-dokey), Muppet Christmas Carol (Light the lamp, not the rate, light the lamp!!!!) and Emmit Otter's Jugband Christmas.

Hot ham & cheese sandwhich.



Kori said...

Oh gee. I'll be back later to do this after I've had my 3rd cup of coffee.

Not enough caffeine to think right now.

Lula! said...

My Charity is the Fund for Lula's Desire to Smoke With Jason or Rob Sometime in the Next Five Years.

I'm kidding.
Anything to do with cancer, particuarly colon or breast. I hate cancer. I love my colon and breasts.

Music Trivia.

Geography. Where is Ida-HO?

YOU--in Geography or any kind of foreign language/studies stuff.

Tulips & Peonies

Not a TV series, but I always loved the home in the Father of the Bride movies.

The Muppets Take Manhattan!!!!

I'm not telling what I ate for lunch yesterday. Heather B. knows, though. That's all I'm saying.

Y'all...seriously...totally...wait, favorite word or the ones I use ALL THE TIME? Yeesh.

Dog Soup. On an Arabic ship in Cork Port, Co. Cork, Ireland. Yes, dog soup. With the Arab men looking on. Now THAT is how much I love Jesus.

Finding Normal said...

March of Dimes or Ronald McDonald House. Those are the 2 I do the most with now.

I'll go with Sesame Street characters since that's what we're watching right now.



Stargazer lily

I'm with tatooedminivan--give me a Real World house!

Not a fan of the Muppets, didn't even know there was more than one.

Turkey sandwich and pretzels at the park. MOTY made a picnic!

Gynormous and asshat. Sometimes together.

I don't eat things that taste bad!

Here's an idea--have a guest questioner! I could totally come up with some questions, then you linky me.

Amy said...

I need some personal charity, but if I had to give it away, I'd say something for some sort of cancer.

My category would have to be 80's music.

I'd lose everything on a geography or history category...I suck at that.

The rose is my favorite flower.

any of the homes from Desperate Houswives, they are all gorgeous!

Never did any Muppets movies.

Taco Bell. Soft tacos. Supreme.


turnips.....gross! :D

Kat said...

I had my answers almost done and then my computer crashed. Ughh! Now I have to remember my bits of brilliance.

Lutheran World Relief

children's lit


Jennifer P. I have heard that she doesn't forget anything.

alstromerias (and I love that my husband gets them for me on Valentine's day. And the florist must be convinced that he will be in the dog house when he comes home with this $4 a dozen bunch of flowers. I think that these are one of the rare inexpensive things that I love!)

The Cosby's brownstone.

Muppets from Space. I love muppet movies. But the best parts of them are all the "guest stars." Like in this one you'll find Ray Liotta, David Arquette, Josh Charles, F Murray Abraham, Kathy Griffin, Jeffrey Tambor, and even Katie Holmes in an uncredited role. Hmmm...maybe I should add movies to my Jeopardy category that I want to see!

Ham sandwich and doritos.

I love words. Especially five dollar words. Like puerile. And pulchritude. And wax rasphodic. And schadenfreude.

Lately - that five minute chocolate cake that came from an email recipe that is making the rounds. Vile. Really.

Brandy said...

LOA - League of Old Americans

80's music


You! All those books you read...sheesh, I'd be lost. And Lula cause I know pop culture but I think she would blow me out of the water

Tiger Lilly

The Waltons - I love big porches

Emmit Otter's Jugband Christmas


Honestly, it's honestly lately. I cannot start a sentence without saying it...honestly.


Heather said...

The Heather In Need of Some Clothes Charity
Babies and Small Child Care
Car Care
Remember the show "Ed" where he owns the bowling alley? Any of those houses. Heck, the whole TOWN.
The original Muppet Movie
Evander Holyfield It's not a word...I just like saying his name
Caviar...I just don't get it

Desi said...

I would prefer a universal charity that works for EVERY cause.

Ancient History


No idea


Something from Cribs, maybe? Haha

Muppet Treasure Island!!!!!

Um..Taco Salad.


Frogs Legs

Angie's Spot said...

I'm playing for the Make A Wish foundation. Terminally ill kids get me every time.

90's movies.

No history categories


White roses and stargazer lilies equally

Bree Vandekamp from Desperate Housewives. Love her kitchen.

I don't remember any of the movies, but I loved the t.v. show.

A BBQ pork sandwich and french fries.


Rare steak. BLEH!

John Deere Mom said...

How about the "Send Cole and Claire to College Foundation"

Name that celebrity

Please DO NOT include ancient history

I wouldn't play against and your homeschooling lessons are WAY over my head


TV series home? No idea.

No Muppet movie is my favorite

Island Quesadilla and sweet potato chips from CIP

I love all long as they are used correctly

All seafood.

Shannon said...

something for kids... may St Judes Hospital or Make A WIsh

music... or TV... or movies

sports... or math... or science

I would not want to play against you...

calla lilies or lavender roses

I love Meredith's house on Grey's Anatomy... or any of the houses from Desperate Housewives
If I could pick one from a movie, it'd be the house from The Family Stone

I can't even remember any of the Muppet movies


"awesome" is a word I say a lot... so I guess that would be my favorite... or maybe "seriously"

fried scallops :P

Gina said...

I dont want to play today. My husband calls me Madam Jeopardy- but only because I know more useless junk than anyone else living here. If I actually had to face off with any of you I would be afraid I would find out just how "unsmarticle" I am.

Gina said... TITALLY stole "pulchritude" from Akilah and the Bee.
Movie Freak.

Jennifer P. said...

You are going on Jeopardy. What charity will you play for? THE PAUL REVERE SOCIETY

What category do you hope will show up because you'll sweep the board? 80'S MUSIC

What category do you hope they will not include? GEOGRAPHY!

What blogger do you not want to play against in Jeopardy so that your charity has the chance to win big? RONNICA

I so wanted to come up with 10 Jeopardy related questions. But I cannot think of anymore. Moving on...

What is your favorite flower? CALA LILLY

If you could live in any home from a TV series, which would you pick?WILL AND GRACE'S APARTMENT

What is your favorite Muppet movie?

What did you eat for lunch yesterday? A BAGEL WITH HAM AND CHEESE AND CARROTS (AND ALSO 2 PUMPKIN BARS....)


What is the worst tasting thing you've ever eaten? A BOILED PEANUT!

Jennifer P. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennifer P. said...

and i am honored that at least two of you would not want to play me :)

Teri said...

I would play for Habitat for Humanity.

Anything having to do with music trivia.

Anything having to do with science.

I don't want to play against you!

I love tulips.

I'm not sure, but definitely NOT the Brady Bunch house - too small for so many kids.

I like the one with Steve Martin.

Some kind of Korean pork and noodle soup thing.

Diamonds (hehe)

A pecan that still had a little bit of the inside shell in it. Yuck!

Tracy said...

I would play for CF Foundation (my youngest child has Cystic Fibrosis)

I would hope for History as a category

I would pray they didn't include Math!

I wouldn't wanna play against you

My favorite flowers are off white roses

I would pick the Walton's home, I guess alot of people won't remember old show but I just love the country style.

Ohhhh goodness, don't have a fav. Muppet movie

For lunch yesterday I had a cheese sandwich.

My favorite word is love

The worst tasting thing to me is English Peas (Yuck)

Susie said...


2. "Friends" trivia (I would totally nail that category:-)

3. Science of any kind

4. Hot Tub Lizzy

5. Roses

6. "Friends" (I told you I liked them)

7. I don't have a favorite movie but The Swedish Chef is my favorite character:-)

8. Turkey Wrap.

9. Extra Curricular (because I can't say it right)

10. Brussel Sprouts

Joye said...

-I will play for St. Jude
-I hope to see YA literature
-PLEASE, no geography
-Not you, Kat. all that latin knowledge would give you an edge
-fav flower--Roses that smell. Did you know that some don't?
-home from a TV series-Dirty Sexy Money- The Darling Manion
- favorite Muppet movie- I haven't seen many- Treasure Island was a hit with my 7th graders:)
-smart ones Chicken and Rice thing was lunch yesterday
- favorite word is baby
-worst tasting thing you've ever eaten was that mint spread on the chicken sandwich eeewww

sassy stephanie said...

Jeopardy: Easy. Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Category: Brands of blue jeans

Not include: Geography, Biology, Geometry, Baby Names

Blogger: Hail, I dunno

Flower: star gazer lily/pink tulip toss up

home: Brady Bunch. Love the multi levels

Muppets: Muppets take Manhattan

lunch: yesterday? hell, I can't remember today's

Word: evah!

worst tasting: Some bottled waters that taste like they were scooped out of a toilet. I like crisp, clean water.

Meaghan said...

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Carrie said...

Hey there! Hating Feedjit is completely and totally irrational and ridiculous, but what can I say? I'm just that way!

But you can get all the items you mentioned on Sitemeter and more details even! You just have to click around. It took me a while to find all the features, but you can get page entry rankings, sort by referrals, location, entry page, or exit page. To get more info, you just click the visit number.

That's pretty cool that CNN linked to you! I know a famous blogger now! Seriously, none of the other famous bloggers ever talk to me! " )

And might I just say WOH! to the PhD in Forensic Anthropology!! AWESOME!!! May I ask how you're going to use it?

My father was a mortician and I thought for a long time about becoming a medical examiner, but I couldn't get over the smells. I suppose that's why I didn't go into the medical field at all. I have a hard time with smells period!

WOW! This could take me as long as the 7 random things meme!! I'll attempt to answer all these questions quickly, but don't be surprised if I stop in the middle because I'm laaaay-zeeee!

My charity would be Lions Clubs Intl. It is a charity that assists persons with visual or hearing impairment. It's off the beaten path, but still a very deserving charity/service organization.

My kicka$$ category would be Lines from Stupid Comedy Movies.

I could probably make up my losses if Geography appeared in the first round. But I go down in flames if it appeared in double jeopardy.

I could kick any blogger's butt!! haha It's all about the confidence, baby!

I think Calla Lillies are the most beautiful flowers!! But Sunflowers are also quite alluring!

Remember Full House?? I would never want to live in San Francisco, but I love the style of those kinds of houses in San Fran! I don't remember what it looked like on the inside, but who cares when it looks that pretty on the outside??

My favorite Muppet Movie is ALL OF THEM! I love the first one because it is just plain awesome and the songs are amazing! But in Manhattan, Piggy and Kermie get married! I remember going to that in the theatre with my Dad as a little girl! I could talk about the Muppets forever...Oh yeah, and BEAKER RULES!! mee meee mee me

Lunch yesterday was leftover Green Goddess Pork Chops, grilled zucchini and summer squash, and strawberries.

My favorite word?? BALDERDASH!!!

The worst tasting thing I've ever eaten was raw squid at a very expensive sushi restaurant. It started out firm, then immediately turned liquid when I started to chew it and THEN started to firm back up. Uuuuuuuuuugh! It was 11 years ago and it still gives me the iggles. blech!! I couldn't swallow it! Don't get me wrong, I LOVES me some sushi, but this was apalling!!

Feee-yoof! I can't believe I finished! That only took an hour or two! " )

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Can't I just take the best answers from those above and call it even? :)

Julie said...

Looks like fun! Here goes...
1.autism research
2. Gone with the wind
3. history or literature
4. lunch bucket bento
5. tulip
6. the Waltons
7. not sure?
8. tuna sandwich
9. galoshes
10. I tend to block those things out.

Karen said...

1 A charity that works to combat violence against women and children.

2 English History

3 American playwrights

4 You !!!!

5 Roses, Daphne and Blue Nile Lily

6 The ranch house from 'The Big Valley'.

7 Haven't watched a Muppet movie for ages!!!

8 A chicken dinner at 'Boston Market' 1/4 white meat, creamed spinach and sweet potatoe casserole

9 Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious

10 Tripe ..YUK !!

Poetikat said...

Wow! You came up with some great questions. I love Jeopardy and I will simply HAVE to do this.



Poetikat said...

Okay. Done. I've posted at Poetikat's ( with links back here.

Thanks again!

Kat said...

Let's see....

I would play for Jonathan's Place in Dallas

English Literature

Anything math or science

Karen - anything that helps women or children

Favorite Flower - Sunflower or Daisy

Any home...hmmmm - Cosby Show?


Turkey Sandwich


Rotten Milk

:) Much love - great questions!


Tam said...

Stalked over.. love your questions!

Debbie said...

Four Diamonds Fund (Penn State's Children with Leukemia Charity)

Ummmm. I suck at Jeopardy

Ummm. I told you, I suck at Jeopardy.

You or your daughter Katie. You both scare me.


I watched the first few episodes of "Brothers and Sisters" last year and loved loved loved Sally Field's house on that show.

I have never seen a muppet movie.

I ate lunch with my friends. A delicious fancy chicken salad, fruit, bruschetta, and a spice birthday cake with cream cheese frosting that was to die for.

Serendipity. Love the cadence and the meaning of it.

Liver. I ate it when I was 7 and cannot get the taste out of my mouth 38 years later.

Hope you are having a great weekend Kat!!!

Cristin said...

Charity: I'll play for my CDH friend Jess and The Parker Reese Foundation.

Fave topic: The music of The Grateful Dead.

Worst Topic: Potty Training.

I'll feed my sister a bottle of wine and totally kick her butt.

I so wanted to come up with 10 Jeopardy related questions. But I cannot think of anymore. Moving on...

Flower: Tulip.

I haven't seen his house... but I wanna live with Jim from The Office.

The Muppets Take Manhattan.

I can't remember yesterday.

My favorite word starts with F and has four letters.

Mushroom. Don't ask.

Cristin said...

Swirl Girl. I just read your comment!!! Fungi.... hehehe.... I have a good brownie recipe...

texcindy said...

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and the Alzheimers Association.
i only know one blogger...
Huxtable's house
THe Rainbow one
Chick-fil-A grilled chicken
least favorite is clearly. i can't come up with a favorite right now.

texcindy said...

OMG, Katrina! I can't believe we both said the Huxtable house--I swear i didn't read any comments before posting mine! Remember when we went to the Rainbow Muppet Movie one at the Georgia theatre? and the audience participated? the BEST!
luv ya--thanks for the trip back to the late eighties!

jennifersusan said...

1. Autism research
2. Disney movies
3. math
4. definately you, I know you're a Jeopardy wiz!
5. daisies (they are so cheerful)
6. the Halliwell sister's house from Charmed.
7. all of them (although right now the only one the kids are watching is Muppet's Wizard of Oz)
8. ham sandwhich
9. Lake Titicaca- because I listen to way too many Animaniacs songs
10. worst thing? i haven't had bad food in so long I really don't know.

Anna Lefler said...

Awesome blog! No wonder I see it on so many blogrolls! :^)

Thanks for stopping by on blogathon day - hope you'll visit again soon...

~ Anna

Kori said...

Ok so I know I'm late but here goes.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Music groups/bands

History anything

Probably you with your awesome home-schooling skills. lol

Gerber Daisies

The Waltons


Red Robin with some of the coolest people ever.


Black Jelly Bean give me the heebie jeebies. Yuck!

Sugar said...

OK, sugar's answers...
I don't feel like answering the first 4, so here are the last 6.
What is your favorite flower?

If you could live in any home from a TV series, which would you pick? That's easy! POKEMON!

What is your favorite Muppet movie? I don't know...

What did you eat for lunch yesterday? Bagels!

What is your favorite word? Uhh...

What is the worst tasting thing you've ever eaten? There are lots of gross things I've tasted.. but one of the absolute worst would be your oriental chicken salad... and pickles