Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Follies

We are still on the Friday Follies schedule. You'll notice that I did not post a week in review last week. Did you say "amen?" Are you sure? I thought that is what I heard. Anyway, we had a lot of drama last week. And today I am sure will be filled with some more as we finally pick up Katie's new brace. And try to fit in school work. I am hoping to have a two week wrap up this weekend. I am sure that you will sit by your computer with bated breath as you refresh, refresh, refresh...waiting for that homeschool review.

Moving on. Let's do our weekly getting to know you session:

Thinker or doer?

Have you ever performed in public (like music, dance, singing, speeches, etc)? Did you like it?

Do you have any tattoos? Do you want one?

What is your favorite museum?

Are you good at keeping secrets? Does it make you uncomfortable to be asked to keep a secret?

Can you play any musical instruments? What do you wish you knew how to play?

Whose voice do you find soothing? Irritating?

Do you sleep on the left or the right?

Other people's biggest misconception about me is ________________.

Do you have anyone's autograph?

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Shannon said...


I have been in ballet recitals, piano recitals and I was in the band in high school... LOVED every minute of being onstage

No and no

Metropolitan Museum in NYC

I can keep a secret... sometimes it can be uncomfortable

I can play piano, flute & french horn... always wanted to know how to play the cello

I don't know if its soothing, but I could listen to British /Scottish/ Irish accents all day! I find voices irritating when they whine.


Other people think I am quiet when they 1st meet me

Do the characters @ Disney World count? If not, then no I don't have any autographs!

Lula! said...

Wow, I'm getting my answer up before yours? OK, here goes:

I think, therefore I do.

Yes...I danced for 10 years.

You know the answer to this one--no, I don't have a tattoo. Yes, I want one something fierce!

The Frick Collection in NYC. And of course I love the High.

I am a great secret keeper!

I can play the radio. That's all.

Soothing: Bob Ross
Irritating: Jesse Jackson

I sleep on the left.

Misconception about me? There are so many...that I'm "religious" (ugh--I hate that term!), intolerant, obsessed with vampires, and rich. I am a Christian, I'm only intolerant about some things, I dig vamps, but I'm not obsessed, and I'm not rich by any means. Just breaking it down for you!

But of course--remember my close, personal friend Paula Deen? We have hers AND Capt. Michael's. They love us, of course.

Mama Dawg said...


Dance recital, school speeches, fashion show and a play. At the time I liked it. I wouldn't now.

No tats, but I want one.

D-Day in New Orleans.

I can be, but only if I'm told it's a secret. Otherwise, I tell my mom. And, no, it doesn't make me uncomfortable.

The piano, slightly. I don't really care to know how to play anything.

My daughter's (soothing). Hillary Clinton's (irritating).

The right.

Other people's biggest misconception about me is that I'm smarter than I really am. (not a dis on me, it's just I give off that impression, I guess).

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, etc....

Hot Tub Lizzy said...


Tap dance & Piano - both nerve racking

I don't have one. I would like one. When I have lost all the weight I want I'm going to get 2 little K's - one pink, one purple - somewhere on me...

National Gallery of Art in DC

Mmmm... depends on the secret. It makes me uncomfortable when I'm asked to keep something bad from someone else.

I can play piano, french horn & mellophone, and could do a trumpet in an emergency (those come up a lot more than you would think)...

Mr. Bs


That I'm a "good girl"

Amy Grant's & the guys from DC Talk, and Cinderella's

Gina said...

Both- depends. I can THINK about cleaning bathrooms for weeks and then paint a wall on a whim.

I have performend in public many times. I sing. It's always a rush.

No. No.

Museums are boring. Can't say I have a favorite.

Yes, I can keep a secret as long as no one is going to get hurt. I kinda like being asked- people trust me.

No. I was last chair in middle school band. Clarinet. Awful. But as an adult I wish I played piano.

I always found it soothing to hear my parents talk as I fell asleep at night. Fran Drescher and Melanie Griffith have always bugged me.

If you are standing at the foot of the bed looking up, I sleep on the right side. I sleep on both sides of my body and spend a lot of time at night making sure that the side I am not currently sleeping on gets it's fare share of time.

That I am not at all shy. That I am organized. That I "have it all together."

Does Mickey Mouse count?

Elena said...

Oh I have big plans! (None ever get done.)

Yes, I used to sing in highschool and college and play the piano. It was fun at the time, it would scare me to death now.

No tats, I used to want a little flower on my fingertip, but I've changed my mind now.

Hmmmm...There are some neat ones in Amsterdam, and I've always wanted to go see one of those human body shows, but never have.

Pretty good, but it does make me a bit uncomfortable.


Can't think of a soothing voice, but I can't stand Gilbert Godfrey.


I think I might come off as a bit curt, but really I'm just an idiot and don't know the right things to say.

Some basketball player (always forget his name) and a couple of book authors. No one really big though.

Britt said...

I think it, then I do it :o)

I used to sing on praise team, and sang solo's in a couple Church skit things. I liked it, because I love to sing. I hated it because I'm convinced I'm not as good as people say I am, and that behind my back they are laughing. I wish I had the confidence to sing around people. Maybe one of these days :o)

No tattoos yet, but I want one.

I don't think I've ever been to one .. I'm not so good at the 'No Touching' thing. I love the Science Center in St. Louis

Yes, I'm good at keeping them. But I tell my hubs everything. If I'm asked to keep something hurtful from someone else it's uncomfortable and I won't do it. It keeps me up at night and gives me stomach trouble. Not worth it.

I used to play piano, in an average way. I would love to play guitar, but my fingers aren't long or strong enough.

I love accents, and listening to my girls and my hubs. I have quite a few voices that irritate me. My hubs hates it when we're watching a movie and I start complaining about some small abnormality in someone's speech patterns. I have a low tolerance, I guess :o)

The right side .. but I roll

I'm stuck up, and outgoing. I'm actually very nice and down to earth and very shy.

Nope :o) I never did get the whole idea of someones name being worth something.

Brian and Staci said...


I sang at my HS lame. I did used to sing in church a lot when I was a Youth. I was nervous EVERY time.

No tattoos...I wanted one when I was about I'm glad I didn't do it :)

Hmmm....we have a really good Children's Museum...haven't been to many museums.

I'm terrible at keeping a secret...what I mean by that is...I generally always tell my husband...but no one else. He is THE BEST at keeping secrets! Makes me sooo maD!

I tried to play the flute and the piano...I don't read music...I just play by ear...We just bought a really cool keyboard (that has weighted keys and sounds JUST like a real piano)...we are hoping to take lessons if I can fit it in between bloggin and all :)

I love Morgan Freeman's voice. Hmmm..irritating...Rosie O'Donnel!


That I'm a goodie two shoes...I'm sooo not! I really love to whistle...and people think you are always in a good mood if you whistle...not so! I am not SNOW WHITE!

My Dad got me Tom Cruise's autograph when he was filming some movie here in OK...Of course I displayed it on my bulletin board (amongst 20,000 other things you thought were important) but to be honest...I've never been in love with Tom I have NOOOO idea where it ended up :) Ahh well!

Good luck with Katie's new brace and have a great weekend!

texcindy said...

yep/okay but not a ton. I don't need to be a rock star.
The Louvre
yes of course. I'm keeping one now about a photograph I found. when someone I know is a kabillionaire then i shall needs a payoff in order to continue keeping aforementioned secret.
piano/I'd love to learn the saxaphone
My dh's voice on the phone is extremely soothing to me after a long day. I'm stealing someone else's entry of Morgan Freeman for soothing voice. Joy Behr and Bill Paxton's voices keep me from watching anything that has to do with either one of them.
right side, left side of the bed
I'm nuts. I'm actually very sane it's everyone else that's whacko.

Kat said...

How is it that I am so bad at responding to my own questions? Well...we just got back and Katie has her new brace. She's been crying for 2 hours now, I think. I know she is in pain - but a big part of me just thinks she needs her Oscar so we can move on.

Thinker. Big ideas, no follow through. But I have some really good ideas. I have learned to keep them to myself. Don't want anyone to think I am criticizing - or that I actually want to DO anything.

Dance when I was very young. No singing here. No musical abilities at all. Didn't you read my post yesterday? No sense of rhythm. You should see me try to keep up with an aerobics instructor. Speeches? Yes. Many. I used to be terrified. Until somehow in high school my English teacher convinced me that I should be on the debate team. Next thing you know I am arguing my way to state championships. And then another teacher convinced me to try out for extemporaneous speaking.

Extemp is when you are given a topic, you have 30 minutes to put together a speech. I call it the art of BS. I am the queen.

In adult life, I teach - for small groups with homeschoolers - and larger in college. That's kinda like giving a speech. And when I was a Creative Memories consultant - I spoke in front of a crowd of 9000.

And I loved every minute of it.

Nope - and yes. But...I have no idea as to what I would want.

American History museum at the Smithsonian. First Ladies exhibit was my favorite part.

I am a horrid secret keeper. Not that I would blab - but it makes me insane to know I know something - and can't tell anyone. I love it when you guys share secrets with me - because who I tell won't matter to you.

Nope - and I would love to know how to play piano.

Soothing - Morgan Freeman
Irritating - whiny children, Gilbert Gottfried, and Al Sharpton.


that I know what I am doing. And not flying by the seat of my pants. It's all those big ideas and the art of BS.

I have a book of Disney autographs. But those are the kids. I am thinking about another contest with Disney stuff - what do ya'll think? Other autographs - Carl Hiassen.

Urban School Teacher said...


Only drunken karaoke. Yes, drunken karaoke is *always* fun.

Yes, I have a tatto on each arm and I plan to get more.

The Louvre, where I have spent almost hundreds of hours wandering, spending as much time looking at the people as at the art.

I am very good at keeping secrets and consider myself to be someone who can be trusted.

I honestly cannot think of any soothing/irritating voices at the moment.

Left side of the bed, swtching between both sides of my body.


In a drawer somewhere, I have the autographs of former players of my favourite football team. Also, I have a couple of signed books.

Susie said...

Here are mine:


I was president of the forensics club in high school so, I performed a lot.

No tattoos.

Art museum.

I am awful at keeping secrets!!

I used to play the piano but not anymore. I wish I did.

I find my husband's voice soothing and my mother's annoying.

I sleep on my stomach.

Most people think I am pretty reality, I am a huge mess:-)

I don't have any autographs. Is that sad?

KimmyDarling said...

I'm a thinker who wishes she was a doer.

I was a stage actor up here in DC for a few years, but haven't done it in a while. I loved it-- acting is one of my favorite things in the world to do. I sang a lot in college with a girlfriend (onstage and behind a mike several times), and it's fun, too, but I'm a better actor than singer.

I don't have any ink, but admire other people's. If I could think of a place on my body that might age well with a tattoo on it, I would consider it. I just don't know what that spot would be.

MoMA (NY) is my favorite museum in the States, though I also love the Hirshhorn (DC). Centre Pompidou is my other favorite, but it's in Paris, so I don't get to go there very often.

I am okay at secrets, but I don't usually appreciate being burdened with them.

I can play piano, sax, drums, and guitar. Or, rather, I've been trained to play them-- haven't played anything at all since I graduated from college in `92.

Singing- Tracy Chapman
Speaking- Morgan Freeman, Andrew Weil

I sleep on the left, if you're facing the bed.

Other people's biggest misconception about me is that I'm more "together" than the mess I really am.

I have several books inscribed by their authors, but no autographs on paper or anything like that.

Brandy said...

75% thinker, 25% doer

Countless speeches over the years but never singing or dancing...thank goodness.

I currently have four-ankh, Stevie's name, chinese birth sign & two dragons w/ chinese symbol for good luck; On the 23rd I'm getting my 5th one.

Our local science museum

I'm pretty good at it and the only time I'm uncomfortable if it's meant to deceive someone

No; a piano

James Earl Jones
Anyone that talks through their nose


We "have money".

Jessica Simpson's [:

Finding Normal said...

Doer! Married to a thinker. Slowly going insane with the thinking!

I was in dance when I was 5. I cheered all through high school. I teach26 kids all day. I don't really like being in front of adults, but I'm okay with the kids. Loved the cheering and dance. Would never ever sing in public. Not a good idea!

No tattoos and no desire for tattoos

I don't do many museums. I like the children's museums these days, since I have the children to take.

I'm an excellent secret keeper, and I rather enjoy knowing them.

I'd like to play piano. I knew the flute, once upon a time. No more.

Some books on tapes' voices are soothing. 4th graders' voices are annoying!

If you're standing at the foot of the bed looking at it, I'm on the left.

Other people's biggest misconception about me is that I want to hear all of their problems.

I went through a phase where I wrote to a bunch of famous people in 3rd grade, requesting autographs. The only one I still have is Jim Henson (great pic of him surrounded by the Muppets!). I also have a random one I got after writing a letter to Bill Clinton.

Leslie said...

Wow, this is neat!
I'd say I'm a doer. Definitely.
Have given speeches and also played the clarinet in concerts and in the marching band in high school.
Do not have any tattoos but would like to get one.
Museum of Science and industry in Tampa, Fl. I always had fun there, it's very interactive.
Yes I am pretty good at secret keeping. Since I can read music, I think I would like to learn how to play the piano.
And honestly at this moment I can't think of one person's voice that is soothing to me. I sleep on the left.
I think most people might think I am shy.
And I have Mickey Gilley's autograph.

Joye said...

as a kid I did church plays, musicals-and I liked it!
no tattoos. Don't want one. I'm too fickle
favorite museum Smithsonian
good at keeping secrets- no I just love knowing. hehe
Can't musical instruments. would like to be able to play Christmas carols on the piano--like in movies
my husband's voice soothes me most times. whiney students are most Irritating
right side of the bed and I flip on my sides all night
Other people's biggest misconception about me is That I am super organized bc I can get so many things done.
have no one's autograph

Romi said...

Yes, and not really when I was younger. I sort of perform every day at work when I do storytime for the kids. I really enjoy that and have no problem with it for some reason but I prefer not to be the center of attention elsewhere.

Nope...and nope:-)

Huntington Museum in Pasadena

Yes and Yes.

I played the piano for 7 agonizing years. I enjoy other peoples musical talents.

Soothing: don't know and Irritating: Fran Drescher


That I am incredibly outgoing and not shy at all when it's the opposite...and I fake it really well.

Yes, Donny Osmonds. My sister got it for me. Martha Stewarts, she signed a book. Diana Gabaldon, signed a book.

Cristin said...

Thinker. Philosophy major and all.

Was in the acapella choir in high school. We performed all the time. My favorite was going to Boston at Christmastime and singing in Faneuil Hall.

5 tattoos and counting.

My current fave has to be the Children's museum in Boston... the kids FREAK over that place.

Are you good at keeping secrets? I suck at it. If you know me well enough, you won't tell me one.

I played clarinet when I was very young. I tried to learn piano in high school... I wish I'd learned it when I was younger.

Johnny Depp.. or is it his Face I find soothing.. either way..

My whining children... most irritating sound ever.

I sleep on my stomach, I think the name of the position is 'The Falling Man'

Other people's biggest misconception about me is I'm a 'good girl'... so not the case.

I've met a few famous people but didn't have them sign anything to prove it.

Brian and Staci said...

I'm cracking up...I took the question about where you sleep...right or left meaning....Which side of your BODY...not which side of the when I said both...I don't sleep on top of my husband...I always sleep on the side that is closest to the wall...ALWAYS...or whichever side is farther from the if anyone should ever break in (God forbid) husband could protect me :) answer your question...the right side. Now, I should probably make the next answer...people's biggest misconception of me to be....a little ditzy...and NO I am not blonde!

Swirl Girl said...

-think about doing...a lot

-I have been in plays, dance recitals (most recently a few years ago) and skits. I have even jumped on stages and sang with bands. loved it.

-no tattoos. not my thing at all

-Smithsonian for sure

-great secret keeper.

-i can play a mean marraccas

-the voices in my head

-left side of the bed, right side of my body

-that I am extroverted

-tons of autographs!

Firefly mom said...


Yes. I performed in a parade in 5th grade and did several piano recitals (all of which I hated). In high school I regularly spoke in front of the school board on behalf of the charter school that I attended. I really enjoyed that, and even ended up in the paper.

I have 2 tattoos. The first one I got when I was 15 and the second one when I was 18. I'd love to get them tattooed over (and fortunately they're small enough that it should be pretty easy).

Hmmm, off the top of my head I'd have to say Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. To be fair, though, we love museums and can find stuff we like in all of them. My favorite exhibit was a traveling Egyptian on in Phoenix.

To be honest, I tell my hubby everything, but am quite clear about that fact when someone asks me to keep a secret.

I used to play piano, but I would love to play the cello, acoustic guitar, and violin.

Soothing? my hubby. Irritating? anyone whining.


biggest misconception? I asked hubby and he said it was that I was sweet. So I smacked him (giggle) Over the course of my history, I would have to say that people (usually men) always seem surprised that I'm smart. Apparently the blonde throws them ;D


Kelly said...

Thinker or doer? Neither?! I've really never thought of this (really, no pun intended), but I don't necessarily think I'm a doer either...what a conundrum!

Have you ever performed in public (like music, dance, singing, speeches, etc)? Did you like it? Yes, and NO!!!!

Do you have any tattoos? Do you want one? No, I have nothing that I would want on my body forever...

What is your favorite museum? Smithsonian

Are you good at keeping secrets? Does it make you uncomfortable to be asked to keep a secret? I can keep a secret, but it is hard...

Can you play any musical instruments? What do you wish you knew how to play? flute, tenor sax, and piano. I wish I could all of them better

Whose voice do you find soothing? Irritating? My husband's is soothing...Fran Drescher's is irritating

Do you sleep on the left or the right? Right

Other people's biggest misconception about me is ________________. I'm patient

Do you have anyone's autograph? Bart Conner...olympic gymnast

Rhea said...

I'm more of a thinker, but since starting a blog...I'm being more of a doer.

I have been in theater plays, musical performances and played sports. Lots of performance. I used to love it. Now I'm more shy.

I don't have any tattoos but I'm oddly compelled to get one at some point.

My favorite museum? I don't know how to answer this one. I don't know...

I'm not the best at keeping secrets, but I'm working on getting better at it.

I took piano lessons for years, but wished I hadn't quit. I tried guitar lessons once but it hurt my fingers. lol I wish I played piano still...

The guy who reads the Harry Potter books on tape has a great voice.

I sleep on the left side of the bed...

Other people's biggest misconception about me is ___that I'm too nice and compliant_____.

I don't have anyone's autograph. I'm not into that. SO not into that. I'd never ask anyone for an autograph.

Debbie said...

I am a little of both...BATW is an example of that.

Do ballet recitals in third grade count? Don't like public speaking or performing or anything.

No tats. Don't want one.

Any of the Smithsonians in DC. No fave really.

Yes I am pretty good at keeping secrets. It doesn't make uncomfortable.

I did play the piano as a kid but I can't remember how to anymore. I can't even read the music anymore. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking that.

Soothing? I don't know. Irritating? I don't know. I need to think on that.

Right side of bed.

Misconceptions about me...ummm...I don't know.

I don't have anyone's autograph.

These were hard ones!

Kim said...

I do wait for the weekly review so I can be reminded to stay on task. Loving the new history. How about you?

Gramma 2 Many said...

I am a couple days late, but I wanted to answer this anyway.
#1. I am both.
#2. I sometimes speak in Churches.
I love it.
#3. No tattoos. Used to want butterfly on my chest. It would rally have saggy wings now.
#4. Have not been to one in a long time. Our town has a tiny pioneer one that is fun.
#5. Most of the time. Don't tell my girls, but I sometimes share with my husband. He NEVER talks.
#6. No instrument. Piano
#7. My mother's. Michael Jackon
#8. Using Gina's description of looking at the bed--I sleep on the left side of the bed & the right side (mostly) of my body.
#9. That I am an extrovert. I am a very insecure person. I am most happy (safe) when I am at home. My girls will shake their heads at that one since I seem to be gone all the time, and am planning a major trip soon, but I love my home and being there.
#10. No autographs.

Angie's Spot said...

I'm clearly a thinker. I aspire to be a doer.

I competed in public speaking in high school and have done more recitals to large crowds than I can think of. And, for the most part, I really enjoy it.

I have no tattoos, but I REALLY want one.

My favorite museum is the Newseum in Washington D.C.

I'm great at keeping secrets and I'm very comfy with it. I feel like it's my place in this world. To be a sounding board to others.

I play the piano and have since the age of 8. I have always wanted to play the guitar.

I find Josh Groban's voice incredibly soothing. I cannot stand Fran Dresher's voice.

I sleep on my left side on the left side of the bed.

People's biggest misconception about me is that I'm happy go-lucky all the time.

I have River Phoenix's autograph. Sigh.

Jennifer P. said...

You have been a busy blogger this weekend! I thought I could pop in here Sunday night and still get in on the tail end of FridayWimzieWeekendFollies. You'll still be interested in my answers, right ;)?!

--I have to do a lot of thinking, but then I do.

--Music (cello and piano) and dancing (even clogging!). I kind of like performing if I know I'm good. Hate trying anything i know I'll look stupid doing.

--No. and No. But maybe Yes. I think I'll just draw a picture on myself with markers.

--There's some toy museum in San Fransisco I saw pictures of once. It looked cool!

--Pretty good. I hate being told secrets I know someone else should really know because they're being hurt by it.

--Cello, piano, a bit of guitar, and Oh Sussanah! on the harmonica

--Diana Kralls--soothing. Guy from Prarie Home Companion (Garrison Keeler)--kind of irritating.

--in the middle.

--that i'm not as nice or good or happy as i seem.

--Leif Garrett circa 1979