Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Follies

It is time for our weekly dialogue:

Roller coaster or Merry-go-round?

Have you ever purchased something from a telemarketer? How about from an infomercial?

Are you more likely to avoid conflict or engage in it head on?

What is the most recent compliment you have received?

Do you collect anything? What?

What are you currently reading?

Silence or background noise?

Pick one: hang glide, sky dive, bungee jump, hot air balloon, or fly a kite?

What is your favorite spectator sport?

You just won $50,000. But you have to spend it all in one place. Where are you spending it?

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Elena said...

Roller Coaster- Merry go-rounds make me barf. (Well, so does the roller coaster, but I have more fun before hand.)

No telemarketers, I only hang up on them. But once I bought some alphabet animal videos from an infomercial and we all love them.

Avoid, avoid, avoid! Unless it's something with my kids, then mother bear kicks in.

Jennifer P. told me she liked my comment.

I collect cookie jars and Christmas ornaments.

I just bought it last night and can't remember the title. It's a murder mystery.


In my younger days sky dive, now, fly a kite.

I should probably put it towards debt, but I would probably buy a fun new car.


This comment has nothing to do with your post, but I signed up for your favorite things swap and I have heard nothing. Just checking to see if you were stilling doing it. Thanks!

SKELLER said...

Roller coaster, fer sure.

no. and no.

AVOID with a capital A. I despite conflict.

BATW showered me with all sorts of nice words. Here's one I especially liked: You make your family look like they're always on vacation. ;-)

Umm, my digital negatives files are growing and growing. out of control.

Twilight. Not hooked ... yet.


Fly a kite.

Don't have one.

Easy. Down payment on a shack in Kauai. :-)

Kat said...

roller coaster

Not from a telemarketer. An infomercial? My youngest loves to watch them. And I find 1-800 numbers all over the place. She really wants me to buy Mighty Putty. Way back in college, I bought that Richard Simmons diet plan - Deal a meal. Which I returned for a full refund.

Avoid. run. Hide. Head in the sand.

Last night at book club. I was late - and they were joking that they should check my blog to see where I was. I only knew of one of them that read it. Apparently they think I am rather witty. And that I should write a book. About them. But with different names :-)

Not really. I like Longaberger baskets and have them everywhere. But I am not sure if I would deign them a "collection."

Currently reading "Lost Horizon" and if you are a fan of the series LOST (and if you aren't - why not??) - you need to read this book!

background noise.

Am I too heavy to hang glide? After riding "soarin'" at Epcot, I need to hang glide. OR at least ride Soarin' a few dozen more times...


a travel agency or a car dealership or Haverty's.

Lauren W said...

Roller Coaster, preferably with lots of twists, turns, and loops.
No, Nope
Avoid conflict unless the other party continues to push me into it, then I will turn and face it head-on
I have received some lovely comments on my blog regarding my how-to at Blog Around the World :)
I collect books.
Currently I'm in between books (we're in the process of packing up the house to move)
Background noise
Hang Glide or Sky Dive
Favorite spectator sport? Ummm... the oreo racing league?
Ummm... I would buy the hubby a car. That or go play on :D

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Roller coaster or Merry-go-round?
I used to LOVE Roller Coasters and still do in my mind, but since having The Ladies they do a serious number on me... so I'm gonna go with Merry-Go-Round.

Have you ever purchased something from a telemarketer? How about from an infomercial?
No to both. But we did watch a infomercial for the Big Green Clean Machine once that was holding a bowling ball over the trigger of a dunk tank a guy was sitting in, and being the smart asses we were, we called the 800 number and asked if the machine came with the bowling ball attachment because we had issues with bowling balls becoming imbedded in our carpet... she hung up.
OH and my favorite reponse to telemarketers who would call and ask for my husband was "That jerk, I don't know where he is either. But if you find him tell him I want my money NOW"... they usually hang up.

Are you more likely to avoid conflict or engage in it head on?

What is the most recent compliment you have received?
Gert said I look pretty in red this morning.

Do you collect anything? What?
Spoons from states I visit. Snowmen. Bills.

What are you currently reading?
Captivating by Stasi Elderedge

Silence or background noise?
Background noise most of the time. Unless I'm out walking at night when snow is lightly falling... then silence.

Pick one: hang glide, sky dive, bungee jump, hot air balloon, or fly a kite? Hot air balloon... lasts longer.

What is your favorite spectator sport?

You just won $50,000. But you have to spend it all in one place. Where are you spending it?
Honda Dealer - buying a Pilot.

Kim said...

1. merry go round
2. no
3. avoid or hide under the rug are those the same??
4. that our family is fscinating enough to have a woman observing to write a book on homeschooling ( again fascinating has been used to describe serial killers too so I am not sure what that says about us)
5. not really used to collect elephants as a child
6. Animal Vegetable , Miracle and I love it!
7. background noise ( I do have 5 people with me at all times so I guess I don't really know if I would like silence)
8. hot air balloon seems glamorous and old fashion at the same time
9. Soccer-good thing since I spend countless hours on the fields
10. an RV delaership couldn't I lease one for a year for that?

Mama Dawg said...

Roller Coaster

Nope to telemarketer and yes to infomercial. Got the Turbo Cooker

AVOID, big time.

Hmmmm....that my daughter was made for TV.

Yep, debt. Seriously, Coke memorbilia, DVD's and photos.

Anna Karenina


sky dive

High school football

With my recently crafy mood, I'd have to say Michael's.

Shannon said...

Roller coaster

No from a telemarketer... yes to a infomercial (proactiv)

I avoid conflict... or try to, anyway

A friend said to me that reading my blog is as if we were just talking face-to-face

No... and I never have been a collector, even as a kid

Mrs. Kimble by Jennifer Haigh (just started it)


fly a kite


Home Depot to get stuff for the house (I'd love to get new appliances! Can we say "stainless steel"?)... or to buy myself one awesome luxury car!

THE Stephanie said...

Rollercoasters - all the way.

OMG, I'm a infomercial junkie!!!

Ohhh, I'm bad, I'll take on a conflict anyday.

For the gorgeous watch I received the morning from my hubby for my bday.

Nope, not a collector.

Not a reader.

Noise... music all the time.

Hang glide.

FOOTBALL - Go Cowboys!!!

Old Navy.

Lula! said...

Roller coaster, as long as it doesn't go upside down. Then I have to save it 'til the very final thing I do before leaving the park. Vertigo. Bad vertigo. But if it's a regular coaster (like Six Flag's "Scream Machine") then I'll ride all day long.

I first bought Bare Minerals off an infomercial. A year later I was interviewed to be in their new informercial. They didn't pick me, though!

I hate conflict and confrontations.

"Your hair looks good!" (Got 4 inches off and darker color on Monday.)

I collect Christmas ornaments from our travels--pick up one on every trip we take. I also collect movie soundtracks--for 21 years now.

Mary Modern, by Camile DeAngelis, which was recommened to me by Insane Mama. (Go read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, y'all!)

Background noise. Always.

Hang glide.

Georgia Bulldogs Football, of course!

I'd put $50K towards the down payment for buying the rights to my favorite book of all adapt it into a screenplay,which will in turn become an Oscar winner and put me on Ellen's couch. And a friendship with Jason Statham, where we'll laugh and joke about how I used to drool over his gloriousness. OK, about how I still drool over his gloriousness, just not in front of my husband!

Britt said...

Roller Coaster! The wilder the better .. it's no fun if I'm not screaming, "This was a mistake! I'm sorry I asked to come!" :o)

Nope .. often tempted, never tried.

Ooh, I would rather face it, but I'm afraid of the fall-out. So I usually avoid as long as possible, then meet it head on.

My husband telling me he thinks I'm hot .. lol

I used to collect stamps. When I got done collecting them, I decoupaged them onto an old chair. Kelly loves showing it off :o)

She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb. I'm about 3/4s the way through, and losing interest fast.

Depends on what I'm doing, but I usually prefer the quiet. My husband's fan and I have a love/hate relationship :o)

Give me the kite! All the rest of those give me the heebie-jeebies. Roller coasters are really enough adventure for me. I had an absolute melt-down on a ferris wheel recently, and I finally had to admit that me and heights just don't get along :o)

I enjoy watching tennis

House updates!

Heather said...

Merry-go-round. I don't like the out of controllness of roller coasters.

Never purchased anything from a telemarketer or infomercial.

I hate conflict.

"Cute outfit."

I don't collect anything. I have no place to store a collection.

The Mark of the Lion series (Lula recommended it)

Background noise.

Hot air balloon.


I'm spending it all on a beach rental for a summer.

KimmyDarling said...

Merry-Go-Round, if I can wear earplugs. I cannot STAND that awful music they play on it.

I bought some microfiber towels off an infomercial, and I still love them! (But I love my Pampered Chef ones even more.)

I don't find it healthy for me to avoid conflict. I have to resolve it as soon as possible and move on.

My husband said something I designed turned out "really great." He's not very complimentary, really, so this was very nice to hear.

I don't collect anything intentionally, I don't think. My stepmother used to give me snowglobes every year at Christmas, because she assumed I wanted to start a collection like hers. She was mistaken. They went to Goodwill every year.

I'm reading a new book called "The Migraine Brain," by Carolyn Bernstein, MD.

I'm very comfortable with silence, and particular about background noise-- I don't want to hear any applause, yelling, air horns, or hard rock. Sometimes it's just easier to turn everything off. :)

Fly a KITE. I fear heights.

I love to watch Curling on TV. Really. Or Fancy Dancing competitions. (The real ones, on PBS-- not Dancing With the Stars!)

I'd spend it at Toyota, and put it towards "his & hers" Priuses. (Okay, Latin Girl-- what's the plural, Prii?) Mine'd be light green. :)

Rhea said...

My kids want that mighty putty too. lol

Rhea said...

Can I just watch both from the sidelines and take pictures? Ok, I'd pick the roller coaster.

I've never purchased from a telemarketer or an infomercial but I have bought something in Bed Bathh & Beyond before that I HAD seen on an infomercial at one point. Those magnetic bracelets or something a ways back...

I usually avoid conflict.

I can't think of a recent compliment except online from my bloggy friends.

I don't really collect things.

I am reading Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning, and it's awesome.

I like silence a lot but sometimes I need background it depends on my mood. If I'm going to bed...I want silence.

Hot air balloon!! I could take photos while I did it. I've actually been thinking about doing this soon...

I love watching my children play sports..any sports.

You just won $50,000. But you have to spend it all in one place. I'm spending it at Amazon or Best Buy or Target...I want a laptop, some new TV's, a camcorder, more digital crap. :o)

Swirl Girl said...

1) merry go round
2) Bare Minerals...and LOVE my makeup!

3) I engage in conflict under my breath, and then avoid it when I think I am all tough as nails.

4) someone commented that my nails look pretty

5)I don''t collect anything officially.

6) currently reading blogs.

7) white noise....

8) i'd love to hot air balloon

9) superbowl commercials

10) $50K all in one place? A Mercedes dealership ....that would get me my dream car , without the tires and seats...but it would be a start.

Tiffany said...

Oooh, I'm definitely a roller-coaster kind of girl.

Yes, I've purchased from both a telemarketer and an infomercial although I cannot, for the life of me, remember what any of it was. I've only done it a few times though.

As I've grown older (and much wiser, I might add), I've avoided many a conflict that I would have confronted head-on years back. I'm still not afraid of it but have learned that it's not usually worth the high blood pressure. I do tend to hold a grudge though (which I know is not at all healthy) so I sometimes wonder if I should confront those nasty conflicts as I once did. Hmmmmm.

I was told yesterday that I looked as if I had lost some weight. YAY!

Over the years, I have collected arrowheads, rocks, and buttons. I used to collect stickers as a teen also. Now I just tend to collect clutter. I still have my arrowheads and my rock collection.

I am currently reading over The Well-Trained Mind. And I'm hoping to read some Twilight if I'm lucky enough to win them from Debbie at This Is The Life.

I adore silence, especially late at night. Being an only child, I grew up with quite a bit of silence. But I also adore the background noise of my girls playing and chattering.

I've bungee jumped more than once and absolutely loved it. Of course, that was before the girls and I don't know that I would be willing to do it anymore. So, I have always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon so I'll go with that.

My favorite spectator sport is my girls soccer teams, college basketball (go IU) or NFL Football (Go Colts!)

I would pay off all of our debt, build our tiny savings account up and rest much easier.

Tiffany said...

Oh, I meant to tell you Kat- Have a wonderful weekend!

Aleta said...

Merry-go-round ~ don't have the stomach for roller coasters

Yes, from an infomercial

Depends. If it's during PMS - head on!

Compliment on a fall poem that I wrote

Where do I start? Stuff to make jewelry.. that's the most current thing

Waiting for a book to come in from Amazon, otherwise, mostly blogs

Silence. Background noise is like listening to line noise.

I've been on a hot air balloon ride twice already. I'd like to hang glide


Mortgage! Wait, right now - I'd get a vehicle for Greg, since he was in a car accident and he needs one. But if he had one- it would go on the mortgage.

KimmyJ said...

Both make me barf!

Bought exercise videos from infomercial...where are those things?

Avoid, but don't mess with my hubby or my babies or I'll get a little testy.

I was told that I am so "crafty" and creative. Thanks!

4th book of the Twilight series, it is taking me forever.

Silence when I can get it.

I will be reading, while my family participates in any number of those events.

Does Dancing with the Starts count?

No doubt about it, that money would open me a bakery.

Finding Normal said...

Roller coaster

No, but I have bought bare Minerals from QVC. And some Emeril cookware.


Several kids told me they liked my hair yesterday. From an adult? Dunno!

I have a collection of hippos at school and Precious Moments at home. I haven't actively collected either, but get them for gifts.

Barefoot by Ellin Hilderbrand

Silence please

Hot air balloon would be cool


A car dealership!

Rhea said...

You have 22 follwers? Wow!

Jenny said...

Roller coaster or Merry-go-round?
Have you ever purchased something from a telemarketer? How about from an infomercial?
Are you more likely to avoid conflict or engage in it head on?
What is the most recent compliment you have received?
Do you collect anything? What?
What are you currently reading?
Silence or background noise?
Pick one: hang glide, sky dive, bungee jump, hot air balloon, or fly a kite?
What is your favorite spectator sport?
You just won $50,000. But you have to spend it all in one place. Where are you spending it?

Tiffany said...

OMG! I'm in third place for commmenters! Woo Hoo! How's 'bout that? :)

Joye said...

-Roller coaster
- no purchases via telemarketer nor infomercial
-I normally engage in it head on bc I can't stand awkwardness or fakeness when things going unsaid
-the most recent compliment you have received was from my hubbie saying I was beautiful with flowers :)
- collect anything angels and thimbles
- I am currently reading Penedragon
- fly a kite
-college basketball is my favorite spectator sport- -YEAH! I just won $50,000. I'm spending it online

sassy stephanie said...

Rolla coasta, whew whew whew!


Hmm...depends I guess. If someone is being taken advantage of or mistreated, I will go at it full force.

My girls tell me I am pretty.

Money..ha!!!! No, maybe shoes. Or jeans! That's it...def jeans.


Silence in the morning when the dawn is breaking with a cup of coffee. Other than than, doesn't matter too much.

BUNGEEEEEEE...never have, but prolly would.

ick. Maybe football, b/c it usually revolves around parties and drinking.

Shoes, bags, jewelry...all at your neighborhood Neimans.

Jen said...

Wow this is sure interesting. This is my first time here it goes...
Roller coaster
what beautiful children you have and I like your hair.
Willow Tree figures
Still reading Breaking Dawn
Background noise
the 1st three, I have done the others.
figure skating.
I have no idea. I would still be in shock over winning 50K

texcindy said...

five minutes ago somebody told me I'm her new bff
oh yeah. i collect southern living stuff
silence is golden
pick one: snow plowing
buying property for future house

Susie said...

I love this game!!

Roller coaster

I don't buy from telemarketers or infomercials.


Someone complimented my youngest.

I collect bakeware.

I read blogs.

I need background noise.

Hot air balloon.

We are NASCAR fans.

I would remodel my kitchen with my $50,000 so...Home Depot:-)

Karen said...

Merry-go-round. But I might try a Roller coaster if it was fairly tame. Sort of break me in gently!

Never purchased from a telemarketer. They don't call here as we are on the no call list ! No infomercial buys either..

Depends on the circumstances. I will often try to avoid conflict, but if it's something that's really frosted my butt, then I'm a bit like a pitbull..

Today at school. Someone told me that my new haircut looked 'sassy' :-)

Dragons, Roosters and Christmas Village pieces old fashioned Santas and Chistmas angels..

New Moon, The Sleeping Doll and The Bourne Betrayal .

Depends on the circumstances. I liked living in the country for the peace and quiet. Living in the city, I prefer background noise as it drowns out a lot of the racket outside.

I've already dome the sky dive thing. so ... hot air balloon..

NASCAR and Rugby ...

I'd spend it in NZ. At the current exchange rate, my US$50,000 would become just under NZ$74,000 ...

Kathi said...

Nice Picture!

Kathi said...

Ha! Just kidding! Saw your comment over at Darcy's. I totally agree with u!!

Here we go...
Roller Coaster

Telemarketer - No Infomercial - Yes

Avoid conflict big time.

Someone told me that their daughter loves it when I substitute teach.

I collect anything handwritten...notes, letters, cards...they are soo rare these days. It means so much to me. I have 2 hat boxes in my room where I keep them.

Eclipse...thank you.


I did the Hot Air Balloon Ride this Summer...what a crazy adventure...I still want to sky dive...I'm crazy like that.


My church....building fund!

Jennifer P. said...

Yay! I'm on time this week :)!

Merry-go-Round. I'm no thrill seeker.

I own something called a Sweepa bought from an infomercial. It doesn't work. ALso have the George Foreman grill---but I love that ;)!

Unless it's concerning a matter that's going to hurt myself or someone I love, I avoid conflict like a plague.

That I'm hot. Said the creepy, drunk, Wal-Mart guy.

Things with the letter P. Vintage children's book art.

Fablehave 3 with my kids. A Marvelous Work and a Wonder (by myself).

Calming background noise.

Fly a kite. Again---just not a thrill seeker---though I talk a good game :)

college football

fully restored 1964 Aston-Martin DB5 baby! Though I don't know that even $50,000 will be enough. In that case a 1967 Austin=Healey Mark III 3000 BJ8, black with red interior please. Wait.....should I have said give it to charity or start a scholarship fund? Do I sound shallow? Should I just blow it all on shoes instead?.....

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

Nice Picture.


Life With My 3 Boybarians said...


Roller coaster or Merry-go-round?
Neither, I have the worst case of motion sickness of anyone I know.

Have you ever purchased something from a telemarketer? How about from an infomercial?
No, yes.

Are you more likely to avoid conflict or engage in it head on?
Avoid, fer sure.

What is the most recent compliment you have received?
"I love your blog." Unless you include the crude "You look hot in those pj pants." said sarcastically (I think!) by my hubby.

Do you collect anything? What?
Camera lenses.

What are you currently reading?
Journey to the Centre of the Earth,
the Twilight series (again!)
Real Simple
One of Scott Kelby's photography books

Silence or background noise?
background noise

Pick one: hang glide, sky dive, bungee jump, hot air balloon, or fly a kite?
Fly a kite. Feet must stay on the ground. Lest I yak.

What is your favorite spectator sport?

You just won $50,000. But you have to spend it all in one place. Where are you spending it?

You know I love your blog. And not just 'cause it's pretty.

Shannon said...

I swear... does Rhea just find random things to comment about on your blog????

Rhea said...

Moi?! A random commenter?

Anonymous said...

New commenter ...

Roller Coaster!!

Never have purchased from a telemarketer or informercial (I want the aqua globes though!)

I 100% engage in conflict

That I am a powerhouse.

Do you collect anything? What?

Reading a football story by John Grisham

Background noise

Hot air balloon

College football

$50,000 @ Ikea!

John Deere Mom said...

I'm usual. But I like to play.

Roller coaster!
No...hate them!
Avoid conflict, please.
"You're one of the best teachers I have ever worked with."
Currently reading Best Friends...a horrible book I picked up from the book swap at school. Will be returning it without finishing it which is RARE for me.
Background noise.
Fly a kite!
Football...Go Colts! has everything I need!

Shannon said...

I'm on to you, Rhea!

Debbie said...

Roller Coaster

Yes, bought a bojillion dollars worth of magazines because I couldn't say no...Infomercial? Yes stupid me bought some exercise DVD's that are still sitting in my closet.

Avoid at all costs. I hate conflict.

Compliment? Yes several people told me this week how funny my personal blog is and how much they like BATW.

I collect magnets from places I visit It's cheaper than t-shirts and less storage issues.

The Twilight books

Are you kidding me? I constantly have background noise with my kids around. It's so rare that I have silence that when I can have it, I RELISH in it.

Hot Air Balloon--romantic

I AM a HUGE HUGE HUGE, College/NFL Football fan. This weekend with Georgia going down, and USC going down, my Nittany Lions are sitting pretty.

I would go to the nearest pool company and put a down payment on an inground pool for our back yard. I say "down payment" because the going rate for a pool around here is $70K. Can I have more money in our pretend survey to cover the whole thing?

Debbie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Firefly mom said...

Definitely merry-go-round.

Nope. Never.

Depends on who it's with and what it's about.

Hubby said I was beautiful :D

What do I collect? You mean besides books? ;D Nothing, really, but I do still have my collection of Star Wars stuff from when I was a kid.

I always read more than one book. Currently it's: A Charlotte Mason Companion (for the 6th time), Leadership Education, Let's Go Hawaii on a Budget, and Death Makes a Holiday.

Depends on my mood and what I'm doing. If I'm sleeping - silence or natural sounds (crickets, frogs, etc.)

None - parasailing


Home Depot!

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I'm always a day late and dollar short. Well I'm gonna play along anyways cuz I love these:

Roller coaster. I'm a bit of a thrill-seeker.

No on the telemarketer, though I have a policy to be nice to the un-pushy ones. We've all worked sucky jobs to pay the bills.

Technically no on the infomercial too, but I do own an Express GT 101 after making my mom watch the promo. It was a Christmas gift.

I definitely stick up for myself and actually enjoy sticking up for others too - again, with the thrill-seeking.

My son's preschool teacher did a double-take when I first met her (about a month ago) and told me I was a beautiful girl. I've been ridin' on that one ever since!

I collect books. Can't get enough of them. And I buy a bracelet every time I travel somewhere new.

"A New Earth", "Tess of the D'ubervilles", "Breaking Dawn", "1968", "The Miracle of Forgiveness", and "It's OK to take a nap".

Background noise for sure. Don't like being too alone with myself.

Sky diving. Have always wanted to do that.

Hubs and I are really into snowboarding and skateboarding events. But I gotta go with Tennis, thanks to all the eye candy out on the court.

I would take everyone I know to Disneyland. It's been a fantasy of mine since I was little.

EmBee said...

Roller coaster or Merry-go-round?
Roller coaster... But I'd have to ride it by myself because my family consists of a bunch of roller coaster wusses... So rather than ride alone, I'll change my mind and go for the merry-go-round.

Have you ever purchased something from a telemarketer? How about from an infomercial?
Telemarketer NO, but I hang my head in shame and admit to 'Richard Simmons, Deal-a-meal'... But please don't tell anybody, 'cause I'll just lie and say, "No I DID NOT!"

Are you more likely to avoid conflict or engage in it head on?
I try to avoid conflict at all costs. And when I stumble upon it, I feel immensely uncomfortable.

What is the most recent compliment you have received?
"You look like you've lost weight." Which is a TOTAL lie because I've done nothing but gain over the past several months.

Do you collect anything? What?
I have a passion for paper crafting supplies... does that count?

What are you currently reading?
Jodi Picoult - Keeping Faith oh, and Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, NOT an easy read.

Silence or background noise?
Used to be background noise but now I find it distracting to the thought process so I LOVE the sound of silence.

Pick one: hang glide, sky dive, bungee jump, hot air balloon, or fly a kite?
How 'bout sit and watch my kids fly a kite.

What is your favorite spectator sport? The Olympics and I guess 'some' football but not a 'lot'

You just won $50,000. But you have to spend it all in one place. Where are you spending it?
I think I could EASILY go through $50 grand at Target.

Insane Mama said...

Roller coaster
Avoid conflict...ALWAYS
MY grandma said I have a pretty smile
Background noise
Sky Dive
Give it to cancer research

Angie's Spot said...

Roller coaster!

Never purchased from either, but I'm real close to purchasing a Cricut or Kodak Easyshare Printer if I see either of those infomercials again.

Avoidance is my motto.

That my smile is infectious. I never tire of hearing that.

Scrapbooking stuff, cross stitch stuff, music, recipes.

Twilight and Lamb.

Background noise.

Hang glide.


Probably Wal-Mart because I could purchase lots of giftcards for groceries and other retailers that I could use in the future. Is that greedy or what?

Rhea said...

I would really like to win $50,000...and soon. Could you please make that happen?

Rhea said...

the sooner the better.

Sugar said...

It is time for our weekly dialogue:

Roller coaster or Merry-go-round?- Rollar Coaster! With no loops...

Have you ever purchased something from a telemarketer? How about from an infomercial?- NO

Are you more likely to avoid conflict or engage in it head on?- uhh... aviod

What is the most recent compliment you have received?- your story is really good or something like that

Do you collect anything? What?- pokemon cards!

What are you currently reading?- Mara daughter of the Nile, New Moon, and life as we knew it

Silence or background noise?- depends. if the noise is music, no silence for me! if it isn't, then the heck with it

Pick one: hang glide, sky dive, bungee jump, hot air balloon, or fly a kite?- hang glide

What is your favorite spectator sport?- hmm... baseball

You just won $50,000. But you have to spend it all in one place. Where are you spending it?- a cruise!