Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Follies: Knock, Knock! Who's there?

We have come to the end of yet another week. Are your weeks flying by like mine are? Although somedays I think that my mornings trickle by...until the kiddos are out the door...or on task for the one who is at home...and then they fly.

So, once again, I have outsourced my Follies. And Rhea of Texas Word Tangle has stepped up to the plate. Again. Such a good friend to answer my cry for help. Assist me in my time of need. Rescue all of us from "routine" follies. Because it would certainly not be a normal Friday with Rhea asking the questions. And it wouldn't be a Rhea post if it didn't have pictures. So...let's get to know each other. And find out what we all think about doors...

1. What kind of front door do you have? (color? glass insert? doorbell or knocker?)

2. What color front door would you like to have?

3. If you had a sunroom in your home, would you want french doors or sliding glass doors leading from the sun room into the backyard?4. Do you like screen doors? Would you use them?

5. If you could have anyone walk through your front door right now, who would you want?

6. What/where is your favorite door ever?7. Are there any secret or hidden doors in your life?

8. Do you have any door art in your house? Have you seen door art? Would you put up door art in your home?

9. Do you keep your front door locked during the day? Your back door?10. When one door shuts, another is supposed to open. Is this true? Have you experienced it? How?

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Shannon said...

1. My front door is maroon with an oval glass insert. I don't really like it.

2. I think I'd rather just have a door that is stained instead of painted any color... a dark stain like walnut.

3. french doors.

4. Yes, I like screen doors and use them.

9. The front door is kept locked... we hardly ever use it. The back door is kept unlocked while I'm home during the day.

The other questions are too deep for me at this hour... I will have to come back to answers those in the morning!

evitafjord said...

I love, love, love this one.
1. 6-panel metal.
2. I love the color of my door. It was ugly, dirty white when we bought the house and I painted it Polished Maple and I LOVE it!
3. I have 2 sets of french doors leading out to my deck/porch and I don't like them as much as I always thought I would. They are kind of a pain, but sliding would look wrong on the house we have, so I guess they stay.
4. Yes, but again, a screen door would look wrong on our house. Too formal, wouldn't go with the wrap-around porch.
5. I don't know.
6. As above, on my house.
7. Literally, there's a door to under the stairs. Other than that, not really.
8. No, I think so, probably not.
9. Yes, all are locked whenever I am home, to keep people out and kids in
10. Seems to be true, because doors are always opening and shutting and life keeps going on.

Aubrey said...

1. It's a deep plum color, matches the shutters on our house.
2. I'd like one with lots of little windows.
3. Definitely French
4. I don't like them but they keep the mosquitoes out in the summer!
5. My Fat Granny. She passed away 5 years ago, this March.
6. Our very first new home. We purchased brand new and I lovey a lotty!
7. Umm. Nope.
8. No. Yes. Yes!
9. Doors are locked at all times. Alarm set at night. LOL
10. I would like to keep believing that it is true!

Swirl Girl said...

1) ugly metal double doors.
2)I would like any of a wooden door, like the one's in the photos...but the house is not that style and the HOA would nix the idea.
3) glass french doors , paned
4) I have double retracting screen doors on the front and back. And I love them and use them all the time.
5)my dad
6)in Venice, on our honeymoon...Hubby and I saw these huge metal doors with huge knockers in the shapes of mens' heads. One of the knockers had a bandana tied around it like the guy was hot or something. A surreal photo.

7) I am a glass half empty person I have my doubts about this one.

Rhea is NOT strange!!

Darcy @ m3b said...

Rhea is everywhere these days. Like a supah-stah!

doors... ummm...

I barely notice them.

I have some though, on my house.

Placed, incidentally, at my entries and exits. ;)

Firefly Mom said...

1. My front door is red with a door knocker.

2. I love my red door. I painted the door on our last house red, and when we found this house, the door was already red.

3. Sliding, simply because French doors take up too much floor space when opening and closing.

4. Yep - if only I could get my guys to remember to close them!

5. Somebody from Publisher's Clearning House with a 10 million dollar check! ;D

6. I love the traditional doors in Greece and Spain

7. Maybe ;D

8. Nope

9. Both - it's more of a habit from when we lived in California than a real necessity here.

10. If not a door, than at least a window big enough to climb through. Most people miss it because they're too busy trying to get back through the closed door.

Jenny said...

1. What kind of front door do you have?
A blue wooden door.
2. What color front door would you like to have?
3. If you had a sunroom in your home, would you want french doors or sliding glass doors leading from the sun room into the backyard?
French doors.
4. Do you like screen doors? Would you use them?
Yep. We need them - too many insects.
5. If you could have anyone walk through your front door right now, who would you want?
Can't answer that
6. What/where is your favorite door ever?
The bathroom door - it has a lock.
7. Are there any secret or hidden doors in your life?
Yes, doesn't everyone.
8. Do you have any door art in your house? Have you seen door art? Would you put up door art in your home?
Yes. I have a print of Picasso's - the doves at Cannes (maybe it is more of a window piece of art), and some photos of doors I took in Scotland, and an old wrought iron door frame that I am thinking of puting a mirror behind one day.
9. Do you keep your front door locked during the day? Your back door?
10. When one door shuts, another is supposed to open. Is this true? Have you experienced it? How?
Yes. Yes. And too long to explain.

Unknown said...

1. Wood with glass, brown or black I think. Doorbell and knocker.
2. Green, we used to have a really nice green door. One that's attached once again to home I own would be fine :)
3. French Doors. Love.Them
4. Screen doors, there ok. I wouldn't use one on a front door where the main room by the door were ones we didn't often use (I get creeped out/freaked out about intruders easily.)
5. A maid.
6. Italy. Beautiful. (Though I currently long for any door connected to home.. sigh)
7. Always, but you don't think I'm going to tell you do you?
8. No door art but I would if I could.
9. Our door is always locked. You literally can't leave the door unlocked. It just works that way here for some reason. So if I ever take out the trash I take my keys, get something from the mail, take my keys... you get the idea.
Back door - we have several. The playroom is locked. The side back door (house used to have a basement apartment) is always locked.
10. I think so. The day before I gave up my apartment (which I shared with an ex-fiance) and moved back home to Seattle to start again, I met my hubby. And stayed in Philly. The rest they say is history.

Unknown said...

Excuse my typos or mistakes, I'm either really tired or need new glasses. Or both.

lynette355 said...

My door facts. Random order.
I like screen doors and use them. Not the glass screen ones I have because they block the air flow.
I have french doors in between my dining and living rooms. love em
I wish my front door was painted a beautiful jewel color. Just too many to pick. LOL I would end up with a Mary Englebright door.
I would love to see you and Rhea walking through my door for a good ol visit!

Great post!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

1. The front door is red. Which I like. But I don't like the glass on either side of the door.

2. I like the red. But I don't like the trim or the shutters. But the door...I like it.

3. Sliding. I am not a fan of french doors. They take up too much space. Actually I wish all the doors to the rooms in the house were sliding or pocket doors. But no one asked me...

4. I do like them. We have a screen door to our deck (with the sliding door). I have it open when the weather is nice. And there is no pollen in the air.

5. Ed McMahon. With my check.

6. I used to be a personal assistant. And she had these GORGEOUS carved doors set up as the headboard of her bed. The detail work on them was just amazing.

7. Not that I am aware of

8. I have no door art. But I have seen some - and I love the idea of using a door as a headboard. And Sissy over at Out on a Limb did a cool post once about taking an inexpensive hollow door and turning it sideways to decorate and use as art. But I am so not creative...I just like the idea of it.

9. The front door is locked. Mostly because we never use it. The other doors are locked when we are gone. And locked when I am here if I remember to do it.

10. I think that this happens. I think all the time about opportunities that did not work out when I was younger. But if they had, there is no way that I would be where I am. I think that we change directions all the time...and there is always another way to go, another door to go through.

Runner Girl said...

ooooooooooooh, I love this! At first I thought "Doors?" What's so intriguing about doors, and then I read question #7 and came undone! Y-I-K-E-S!! Such a personal and intense question--rising up from a subject like doors!!!

I have a secret--a hidden door--and I'm not telling!

Thanks for the jolt, Rhea and Kat!

Mama Dawg said...

1. I have a wooden door with a paned glass window. Just average.

2. Bright red. I will have it soon. Like in the spring when I finally get around to painting it.

3. French doors, by far. I love French doors.

4. I don't like them but they are a necessity in the South

5. My friend Mimi.

6. The door to my daughter's mind. It's gotta be the most precious door EVER.

7. Oh, yeah. And they're massive.

8. A couple of photographs I've taken, but that's it.

9. I only keep them locked bacause if I don't, they'll crack open.

10. Oh, yeah. When I shut my front door w/out locking it and then I shut the screen door, the front door swings open. Wait, that's not what you were talking about, is it? LOL!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

1. It's a typical door, black, no windows. Standard Apartment Issue

2. Red

3. Well... I like the idea of the sliding glass, but I would want REALLY REALLY REALLY high end ones because the cheap ones become a pain in the arse. French doors are nice but they DO take up room.

4. I LOVE screen doors. I love having the door open with the screen door in the spring when it finally warms up and you can let the funk out.

5. Mr. B!!!!!!!!!!

6. The back porch screen door at the house on my granparents island. It squeek and slammed shut just like a good screen door should do, and it was just a symbol of those wonderful, carefree days spent as a child in the summer.

7. There sure are... some I know about.. some I have only discovered recently, and some I'm sure I will find in the future.

8. I don't have door art... I have SEEN door art... I might like door art..

9. When I'm alone, usually they're both locked. If Mr. B is around... all open.

10. Oh my gosh, I've experienced this a BAJILLION times... I think it's how God makes us see that HIS plan is better for us than OUR plan for us.

Jen said...

Oooo, cool pictures. I have never thought about doors in this way, leave it to Rhea.

Rhea said...

I keep stopping by to listen to my perfect theme music...and enjoy the beautiful photos. lol

Did you really get 300 hits the other day?

Brandy said...

Who knew there was so much to learn about doors?!


White - Boring I know!

French doors; we have the ones with the blinds in between the panes. I love them!

I have screen doors and yes I use them.

My Granny

Ummmmmmmmmmm...I never thought about it, but my neighbors have a sassy red door that I love.


Door art? Does hanging a wreath on it count?

The garage door is only locked when we aren't there and right before we go to bed; all other doors stayed locked pretty much always.

I think it is true.

Michelle said...

1. Plain old white door with a small half moon window up high and a peep hold. Door bell.

2. Brown

3. French

4. Yes. Yes.

5. duh, Robert Pattinson.

6. The door to home.

7. Nope.

8. No. I have seen it, very interesting. If I had some I would.

9. Always locked.

10. Yes, if you can find it.

Unknown said...

1. Front door: ugly brown painted metal door with small window up top. No knocker. Doorbell to the side.

2. I would love to have a natural or stained wood door!

3. I would totally prefer French doors on my sunroom.

4. I like screen doors on my back sliding glass door. I use it a lot in nice weather!

5. I'd want my mom to walk through the door (she's coming in 2 weeks!)

6. My favorite door at the moment is on the side of a local Mexican restaurant.

7. secret doors for me!

8. Does the alphabet written in ball point pen by a 4 year old count as door art? If so, then YES! I have a very artful bedroom door!

9. I typically keep my front and back door locked, but I'm not paranoid about it.

10. I do believe that when one door shuts, another one opens....but sometimes it takes a really long time for that 2nd door to open. Or maybe I'm just not looking in the right places.

Linda said...

1. We have double front doors, which is nice if you're moving things in or out. Otherwise, they are ugly and boring and in need of a paint job. And we have a doorbell, that my 3-year old loves to ring.
2. I would like a RED front door. You may have just inspired me to paint it.
3. Oooo, I wish I had a sunroom. And I would like French doors ... I hate cleaning the tracks on sliders.
4. Love screens when the weather is nice ... wish I had one on my front door.
5. I would love to have one of the designers from HGTV walk through my front door and announce that they're here to rock my world with a home makeover.
6. My favorite door is actually a draw bridge that leads into Sleeping Beauty's castle.
7. There will always be a few hidden, secret doors in my life ... that's what makes me so interesting. LOL
8. I have considered on more than one occasion of hanging a rustic barn door in my family room. Still haven't ruled out the idea.
9. All doors are unlocked during the day ... so family and friends can wander in anytime they wish!
10. I've found when one door shuts that several more usually open! If you're too focused on what was behind the old door you may miss the new ones.

Jo-Jo said...

I hate my front door. It is brown and wooden and peeling. I am in MUCH need of a new one!

I still want a wooden door...but I would paint it ORANGE!

I have sliding glass doors and yes it lets in the cold but oh I love them!

I have a screen door but there is glass in it. The kids try to beat it up.

There is this little house near me and it has the best door. It is wooden and rounded at the top and has stone all around it.

There is. I would be more surprised if there werent.

My doors are hardly ever locked. I am just too trusting.

When one door shuts one is suppose to open. When I wrecked my car, we somehow, despite credit problems were able to get our van!

Rhea said...

I had this song stuck in my head ALL DAY.

1. I have a mainly wooden front door with lots of glass.

2. I like wood front doors. I think I'd like a regular wooden color or a really bright fun orange.

3. If I had a sunroom, I'd want french doors.

4. I love screen doors and would totally use them but I don't have any.

5. If anyone could walk through my door right now, I think I'd like o0ne of my sisters or Kat, because I can't wait to meet her...or maybe Jesus, because I have a lot of questions for him.

6. I love Mexican doors. We had awesome, two-story high wooden doors in one of our Austin homes that was incredible.

7. I've seen hidden doors...ones that look like walls but open...and little doors that lead to secret places...and I have lots of hidden doors in my mind that occasionally come flying open...

8. I have no door art, but I plan on rectifying that soon. I just saw a door I want to buy...and put on my wall. Help!

9. I do try to keep our doors locked. Just to be safe. I'm paranoid sometimes.

10. I truly believe we have many doors open to us...and when one shuts, there are other options. Some meant to be.

Thanks for asking me to do this, Kat, I had a lot of fun.

Gina said...

The front door is a solid wood slab woth a little opening window thingy that doesn't fit very tight and bangs back and forth when the wind blows.

If it wouldn't be a sacrelidge, I would paint it red.

We do have a sun room. It has windows. From floor to ceiling. That are meant to open like french doors. And are painted shut.

I would love to have screen doors, but I think they would last about a week here.

Kat, Lula, and Lizzie. Together.

The garage door. I love coming home, and I like tha I have an automatic opener and actually park in my garage.


Huh? What's door art?

Honey, we don't even know where the keys are!

It's supposed to be true. I've never seen it, though.

Maki said...

Wow, very interesting post!!
I believe when one door shuts another will open... It's like when someone loses a job, but he/she will have another chance?

Thanks so much for supporting my big day past Wednesday - your comment meant sooo much to me.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend and stay in touch!!!

Pseudo said...

My front door is boring, but these are awesome. I love the metaphorical aspects of doors.

Ann On and On... said...

Boy...before I answer all the questions... I wanted you to know you received an award on my blog. :D

ChicagoLady said...

My front door is a basic metal door common to many apartment buildings. It has a peephole and a knocker, which I think is way too loud when it gets used.

I would want a front door that matches the outside color(s). Of course, I need a house first.

I would like french doors, I think they look nicer than sliding doors.

I have a screen door now, which I have to use if I want to go out onto my balcony. They're ok, but they freeze too easily when the temps go below zero.

I would want three people to walk through my front door right now, my mom, my dad, and my best friend who was like a sister to me. I miss them all so much.

My favorite door is an open one.

Secret or hidden doors? Hmmm, I don't know since they are hidden.

I have no door art in my home. I guess it depends on the specific door art as to whether I'd put it up.

My front door is always locked, but that's because there are five other apartments in my building, and I don't trust any of them.

I'm sure I've had a new door open after one closed, but I think I wasn't paying enough attention to realize it at the time.

Unknown said...

1 ... I have an absoloutly ghastly front door. It's sort of a tan colour with a glass insert. It is going to go!

2 ... A nice stained wood one ...with a small, etched glass insert.

3 ... French doors, definitely. My mind is made up!

4 ... I hate screen doors. However. leaving a door or a window open, around here, without them, is asking for trouble of the insect variety...

5 ... My kids and my grandkids ... followed by Johnny Depp ..

6 ... This church in NZ. It had the most glorious carved Rimu door..

7 ... Yes .. and maybe, one day when I'm ready to face what is behind them, they will open. Ore they may not, which is okay as well...

8 ... Is door art carvings and paintings?? A neighbour, back home, had roses painted all over her front door. Looked really cool. I'd be open to something like that, depending on the circumstances and style of house..

9 ... I keep my doors locked if I'm home by myself.

10 ... Yes, I think it is very true. I've had a number of doors shut on me, only to find that it has led to other doors opening and a new direction for my life..

Lula! said...

I love The Doors...Jim Morrison was one talented poet.

OK, here goes:

1. Black door. Very plain.

2. The one we have is fine.

3. We have a small has a french door.

4. I hate screen doors. Being real here.

5. George & Laura...because I long to give them bone-crushing hugs for about 3 days straight.

6. Favorite door ever? My Memaw's house in Meridian, MS. 'Cause it led me to her.

7. Secret or hidden doors? Well, if I told then they'd no longer be a secret!

8. No door art.

9. Our doors are always locked--too many druggies in our county.

10. Of course it's true! I experience it every day. There is no such thing as an unanswered's just sometimes the answer is a big fat "NO!"

rebel said...

You have a great blog and I love this post.
1.Round wooden door with diamond glass insets (old home).
2.What I have now, natural wood finish.
3.I have french doors leadin' out to the sunroom and a glass door leadin' from sunroom to outside.
4.I love screen doors and do use (live on a farm).
5.It's hard to answer this one. Too many people I would like to see walk through.
6.I had a bedroom door to the outside when I was a kid at home. It was a full length embossed glass door from an old drugstore. It made for the best images on the walls at night.
7.If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret.
8.I would put up door art.
9.All three doors in my house are locked all the time.
10.Yes. Yes. So many times in my life something has changed and something new would always happen. By the grace of God, most usually good.

Just Lisa said...

1. My door is just a door. It’s blue. No glass (unless you count the peep hole).
2. I would love to have a red door, but it doesn’t really matter, since we have a security screen door over it. So, maybe I should say I would like a red security door, but that would be silly, since my trim is white (the security door is white, too).
3. I currently have a slider. I would love French doors. It’s on my list of the many improvements I’d like to make.
4. Have screen doors on both the front and back doors. Love them.
5. My husband’s not home right now, so it would be nice if he could walk through the front door. Of course, he would probably say “You were home all day and the house still looks like this? Were you online all day?”
6. Favorite door…. Hmmm…. The door to the mall brings great joy to my heart every time I walk through it…
7. I have no secrets-- my blog is a tell-all… proof of how boring I really am!
8. I have no door art. I have seen someone make a headboard out of an old door that she distressed-- it looked really nice.
9. My front door is always looked. The back slider is always locked. Can’t be too careful.
10. So true. You see this in relationships all the time. You break up with a boyfriend and think you’re never going to find love again. And then the next month, you meet your future husband in front of a bookstore.

Becca Watson said...

1) My front door is white with an oval glass insert.
2) I would love to have a dark wood stained door
3) Depends on what my backyard looks like. If it was paradise, then I would want those glass sliding doors that open the whole room up to the outdoors. If it was a regular backyard, like I have now, then french doors would work fine.
4) I like screen doors because they keep th bugs out, yet let the fresh air in, so yes I would..
5) I would want my hubby to walk throught the door.. He's away at work..
6) I'm not sure I have a favorite door.. But probably I would have to say a door on a huge grand castle..
7) Nope no secret or hidden doors.. I wish there were..
8) Nope, no door art either
9) Front door is locked all the time, unless I know someone is coming over. I don't think the backe door is ever locked though..
10) Yeah I suppose I have experienced that..

Great post!! Please stop on by my blog I have something for you!

Jennifer P. said...

I have missed you and missed this!!!

1. my door is deep red with oval glass

2.I saw a hammered copper door once--that was cool! Love orange front doors too.

3. French doors, please.

4. I know they're useful, but I don't really like the looks of screen doors--they seem forever dented!

5. Sporticus?

6.My own!

7.this is quite complicated for a questionairre :)

8. No--but I do like to take pictures of doors. I may frame one one day!

9. Always my front, sometimes my back.

10.I believe that whole-heartedly. Can't think of anything specific--just little things during my life. Things always work out just like they're suppose to!

Brilliant work Rhea!!!

Elena said...

Kat! Where are you? This is so not like you to go days in between posts. I hope everything is okay at your house. Missing you!

Michelle said...

Kat.........Where are you?

Jen said...

Oh Kat, Oh Kat, I have a question for you. Where oh where are you? I do miss your lovely posts and your gracious comments. I miss you.

jennifersusan said...

Happy Thursday! I hope you're having a great week and haven't fallen on the face of the earth.

Debbie said...

KNOCK KNOCK...Anyone home?? It's so unlike you not to post daily....Am I rubbing off on you??? I hope you are okay ....

Rhea said...

Kat, where are you?!

Unknown said...

1. All our doors are hand forged iron doors with glass. Our house is Spanish-style.
2. Dark blue or black would be apt for an iron door.
3. French doors, hands down.
4. Nah, no screen doors please.
5. My husband. I can't wait for him to see the iron bar stools we ordered.
6. Front door. It's everybody's favorite.
7. Secret doors? Not that I know of.
8. All our iron doors are works of art.
9. Yes, they're locked all the time.
10. It's true, if you relate it to life. At least one door is always open for us while we're still alive.

Good to have you back, Kat!