Saturday, January 31, 2009


Hey all, sorry about no update yesterday. We had some illness around here.

I talked to Kat a little while ago. Michael is doing okay. He gets tired pretty easily, and he's still having trouble remembering things. That's hard for Kat, feeling like she keeps having the same conversations. A friend of Michael's stopped by tonight and apparently a nurse told him they expect Michael to fully recover. It's just all about time now... his brain needs to heal basically.

Kat wanted me to say a big thank you to those of you who have sent things to her. They mean the world to her, and she is so thankful for the comments and love everyone is showing.

Keep praying, keep happy thoughts....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Night

Hey all! I talked to Kat a little bit ago. Michael had a good day - a little more low key than yesterday. He slept quite a bit, but they had some nice talks together. At this point the next "thing" up for him is the angioplasty on Wednesday... he'll be in ICU until then and for a while afterwards. That's really hard for everyone.

Tomorrow is a bit of a big deal, Kat has her CAT scan (ha ha KAT Scan). So please be thinking about her, and the girls will be coming home, too. That'll be good for them to be back home with their stuff and their kitties :)

One thing I was thinking about today is how when something like this happens, everyone is all about the praying and the well wishes and the support, but then as time passes and the... drama goes away... people kind of forget that there's still people that need our love and support. Life just gets busy. Just my .02 - I take a dry erase marker and put the names of people I'm praying for on my bathroom mirror.

So all in all things are okay. Keep praying, thinking, commenting, loving!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Night UPdate

Ok... if you're looking for bad news, go someplace else... this is all good here tonight.

I talked to Kat on my way home from church...

#1 - She sounded SOOOO much better. Her voice was strong and we laughed and she giggled. I didn't hear the fear I had the other times.

#2 - The vertigo has gone away, since yesterday afternoon!!!!!! Obviously we want to keep praying/sending thoughts that it stays gone but that's WONDERFUL news.

#3 - Michael was a very naughty boy today. He wants out of his bed BADLY. He's got those things on your legs to keep them from forming blood clots when you're in bed, and he HATES them, using words to describe them that aren't words he normally uses. He's pulled his catheter out, they put these pillow things on his hands so he couldn't grasp things so Mr. Contortionist got his TOES up there trying to get the pillows off! Finally they had to restrain him... so, as Kat said, physically he's doing REALLY well.

#4 - Kat's friend Cindy is there. Cindy is being a big help and I believe is planning on eloping with Dr. Carl before the week is done.

#5 - I didn't get a lot of information about what's coming up next. Kat just sounded so up I didn't want to risk that by delving into what's next.

#6 - She is SO thankful for all your comments and all who have mentioned Michael and her on their blogs. She reads them before she heads to the hospital in the morning.

#7 - The girls are doing pretty well. They thought it was pretty funny that Daddy was being naughty today!

So... there you go. Good stuff hunh?? But keep praying, keep sending those positive thoughts and Karma and whatever else you're sending!!!!!

(dang it - I got eloping wrong... I never was good with when to drop the "e")

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Night Update

Hey all... still Lizzy,

Our friend's Shannon & Angie went down to Atlanta today. They spent quite a bit of time there. Michael recognized them both, and is doing pretty well. He was even about to eat TURKEY when they were leaving. Can you believe how far he's come in the last 48 hours!?

He did have an MRI and it came back negative, so they're still working on what happened. They'll be doing an angiogram on Sunday, and possibly another MRI. Hopefully he'll be in a regular room early next week.

Kat's friend Cindy arrived today so that is a good thing - she can help and be a support.

It's still a long road, and everyone is dealing with that in their own way. Of course it's a lot for Kat to deal with. So please please keep them right in the forefront of your thoughts and prayers.

Father - Oh how you are the great Healer!!! Thank you for your answers to our prayers for Michael & Kat. Please continue to guide the Doctors and staff to figure out what happened. Thank you for the miracles you bring. Help us be patient with Michael's progress and continue to be an encouragement to the whole family. In your name, Amen.

(and the Mojo continues... how DOES she do that???)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Update - Monday Night

Hey all, Lizzy again. I just got an e-mail from Kat's best friend, Cindy, and I just wanted to update you all.

At this point Michael is awake and off any support machines. He's a little confused about what happened to him but that's pretty typical. At this point they are still trying to figure out what course to plot. There may be some surgery next week, but they're not yet sure. At this point it looks like he'll be in the hospital for a while.

Right now I’d say our dear friend is afraid to be relieved yet, and not able to wrap her brain around the possibilities of what comes after this, but is taking baby steps and is remarkable courageous.

So keep praying, keep loving, keep supporting. I know Kat was just amazed at how many people have posted about her and Michael, and I know when she gets a chance she's reading the comments and I'm sure they mean so much to her.

Father - Thank you so much for all you have done... thank you for bringing Michael this far. We know the road is long and we're not sure what curves and turns it will take, but we know that you will be with Kat & Michael every step of the way. Please continue to touch him and heal him, and continue to bring comfort to Kat & the girls. Thank you... Amen.

(I just need to add a note that there must be some serious mojo in Kat's blog because the two times I've posted here I've hit the spell-check button and it says "No Misspellings Found." That NEVER happens on my blog)

Update on Life

Hey all, it's Lizzy. Kat trusted me with her log-on so I could put a little update here. Many of you know that Kat's husband, Michael, had an aneurysm this weekend. I just got home from Atlanta, where I spent some of the day with Kat. Michael did have surgery, he's stable now, and will be having quite a load of tests this week to see what's what.

Kat is exhausted and of course still dealing with her own recent health issues... when I left her she was going home to finally get some rest. I'm hopeful she was able to do that.

I know that Kat & Michael & the girls and their whole family appreciate your thoughts and prayers. If you want further information, you can e-mail me at

Father - please continue to be with Michael and the doctors and nursing taking care of them, guide them and their decisions. Be with Kat & her Mom, and the girls. Give them peace and comfort in this time. Be with their family and friends. Give us the words that will comfort and the actions that will soothe. In your name - Amen

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Anyone home?

Thanks so much for your emails. Manic comments. And phone call. It really is nice to be missed.

Let's see...this is what is going on ovah here...

Last weekend Lizzy came to visit. And while she was here, I just did not feel like myself. I cannot even think to describe how I was except "off." Or maybe just in a fog would be a better word. But it's truly hard to describe. And then on Sunday night I was in bed. And went to turn over to get more comfortable. And when I opened my eyes, the room was spinning. Around and around. Ugh. Get me off of this ride!

I have never had motion sickness of any kind...nor drunken binges, so the spinning was quite a new sensation for me. And not a nice one. I had Michael leave work early on Monday and take me to the doctor. Where they did ever test known to man. All of which turn up negative. There is nothing to pin this on. Nothing to say when it will leave. Or if this is a permanent thing. But my diagnosis - vertigo.

I was given a prescription for the dizziness. It's an antihistamine. So, most of this week I have spent sleeping. The spinning has stopped. But the fog. Well, it's still here. And I am not sure if it's a vertigo fog. Or an antihistamine fog.'s still a fog. So, when the clouds clear, I'll be back. Until then...maybe you could send me a flashlight.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Follies: Knock, Knock! Who's there?

We have come to the end of yet another week. Are your weeks flying by like mine are? Although somedays I think that my mornings trickle by...until the kiddos are out the door...or on task for the one who is at home...and then they fly.

So, once again, I have outsourced my Follies. And Rhea of Texas Word Tangle has stepped up to the plate. Again. Such a good friend to answer my cry for help. Assist me in my time of need. Rescue all of us from "routine" follies. Because it would certainly not be a normal Friday with Rhea asking the questions. And it wouldn't be a Rhea post if it didn't have pictures. So...let's get to know each other. And find out what we all think about doors...

1. What kind of front door do you have? (color? glass insert? doorbell or knocker?)

2. What color front door would you like to have?

3. If you had a sunroom in your home, would you want french doors or sliding glass doors leading from the sun room into the backyard?4. Do you like screen doors? Would you use them?

5. If you could have anyone walk through your front door right now, who would you want?

6. What/where is your favorite door ever?7. Are there any secret or hidden doors in your life?

8. Do you have any door art in your house? Have you seen door art? Would you put up door art in your home?

9. Do you keep your front door locked during the day? Your back door?10. When one door shuts, another is supposed to open. Is this true? Have you experienced it? How?

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Theme song - The Doors - Rhea is People are Strange.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cry me a River

I don't think that I would ever categorize myself as sentimental. I am not one to hold on to things. And I am quite guilty of throwing things away. Only to realize too late that I really needed something.

Along with not being sentimental...I might have even...Once upon a time, called myself stoic. And said that I don't cry.

Except. Really. I do. I was just good at hiding it. At pretending that I had an eyelash in my eye while watching "Charlotte's Web." Or biting my lips to ebb the tears over the finale of M*A*S*H or St. Elsewhere.

Until I had children. And now. The tears just flow. Over anything. Over nothing. And not a thing can ebb their flow.

I think it started when Katie was about two weeks old. Michael and I left her with my parents and went for our first afternoon alone. Guess what we did. We saw a movie. Just imagine it. A new mom. A hormonal new mom. Watching "Titanic." It was not pretty. And after that. Well, for just about any movie, the flood gates are open. Steel Magnolias. Four Weddings and a Funeral - when they read the Auden poem. Terms of Endearment. "Give my daughter the shot!" Field of Dreams "hey dad...wanna have a catch?" Oh, I could go on.

I can cry over Publix grocery store commercials. That sweet one at Christmas time where the intern thinks that he will be celebrating alone, only to find his whole family cooking dinner in his apartment. Or that hallmark commercial with the older lady. Who never gets any mail. And she's always checking. So a sweet neighborhood sends her a card.

And then there is music. Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven." Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings." Or, most uncomfortable of all is to be in church when they sing "On Eagle's Wings."

And then there are books/movies like "Marley and Me." Well...we all know how that one ends. And because I know what will happen. I just don't go there. I haven't read it. I won't go see it. I have to "protect" my youngest from movies with any sort of violence. She just can't handle it. Just like I would not be able to handle Marley. And I could never read my kids "Love you Forever" by Robert Munsch.

And then I started blogging. And tears have become part of my day. Sad tears. Tears of comfort. Happy tears. All from things that you guys have written. It's amazing that my laptop hasn't shorted out. I don't think that any of my posts have brought anyone to tears. Except from tears of wasted time. And chest beatings about "I'll never get that 2 minutes back!"

I suppose that because I am a crier. Who does not want to be a crier. I really like it when the catharsis is cut short by a joke. I need the light heartedness. And the silly. To balance out the sap. Or maybe the answer is that I should just surrender. And buy stock in Kleenex.

So...what about you? Are you a crier? Or do you have a steely resolve? Is there something that will get you every time?

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Theme song: Justin Timberlake - Cry me a River. Because it actually does not make me cry.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Of cabbages and kings*

After my ebola was cured. We decided to spend the rest of our weekend drenched in cultural activities.

On Saturday, we went to see the King Tutankhamun exhibit. I remember hearing about King Tut when I was in elementary school. There was a museum tour. And of course. Steve Martin sang his infamous King Tut song. But the museum tour did not come anywhere close to where we lived. And then another tour began a few years ago. And I hoped that it would come to Atlanta.

My hopes were high because Atlanta had an in. See, the Michael C Carlos museum out of Emory had a mummy. That they realized was actually Ramses I. And when they returned it to Egypt...we found a new best friend. And that connection is probably what got Atlanta a date on the Tut tour.

The tour has some items from Tut's tomb. But not the most famous funerary mask that most people think of when they think of pharaohs.But what was there. Was absolutely AMAZING. We saw jewelry. Statues. Canopic jars. And just like Howard Carter reported when he first looked into the tomb "wonderful things." (Many thanks to google images. Because they don't allow photography in the exhibit.)And if you came with us on this tour. About 2/3 through, you might get to experience a 7 year old would finally get on your last nerve. Because her proclamations about being tired. Hungry. Bored. Starving. Legs about to melt into the carpet. And you might offer her for sale to the lowest bidder. Or wonder if you could list her on free-cycle.And so the next day. We decided to enrich ourselves again. Sans 7 year old.

We saw the Terracotta warriors from China at the High Museum of art. It was also, AMAZING.The terracotta warriors are another recent find. This time in the early '70s. The warriors were part of the tomb complex of the first Chinese emperor, Qin. The emperor was surrounded by not only thousands of warriors. But by horses. Towers. Art. "Wonderful things." And in the construction of the tomb, they even made rivers out of mercury. But...most of the tomb remains unexplored as they are trying to preserve the contents until technology can catch up with what they want to do.The soldiers are what people know about. Because there are thousands of soldiers. Most of them larger than life. Some measuring around 6'5."There were about 8 different molds used to form the warriors. But. Each of their faces was unique. They all had different noses. Different shapes to their eyes. Different hair styles. And head dresses. Different uniforms. Armor. The detail is so intricate. It was just fascinating.

But. I must admit that I had slight trepidations. Have any of you read Maarten Troost's "Lost on Planet China?" If not. You must. It is so interesting. AND laugh out loud funny.

Anway. In one of the chapters in the book he talks about being in this small Chinese town. And how everyone seems to be carrying around doors. Making doors. Carving doors. Outfitting doors. So, finally Maarten asks "what is the deal with the doors?" Well. Apparently someone paid big bucks for an antique door. So now. The entire town is entrenched in making "antique" doors.

So. I do admit to wondering. At least for a second. Or two. Is it possible this is the work of an industrious town?

So...what about you? How do your kids do when you have a day of culture? Do you like to go to museums? What is the most interesting exhibit you have seen? (*who said that?)

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In the Kitchen with Kat: Peanut butter Pie

Have ya'll checked out Katie's blog? Did you know it is called "I like Pi?" Well, not only does she have an affinity for mathematical concepts. But she also likes pie. All kinds of pie. And Katie is quite happy to tell you. Or anyone. How much she likes pie.

She says Pi instead of "hi." And when she went to a girl scout lock-in on her actual birthday. She turned down the opportunity to take cake. Or cupcakes. Because they were not pie.

So...naturally for her birthday celebration. We had pie. Peanut butter pie.

A lot of people have peanut butter pie recipes. But this one is a smidge different. Because it adds a layer of chocolate.

Here are our ingredients.

The first thing to do is to add the chocolate shell to the graham cracker crust.And then freeze.

Mix together 2 blocks of softened cream cheese and a box of confectioners sugar.

Add a cup of creamy peanut butter.

And then mix in two containers of cool whip.

Take your frozen shells out of the freezer. And add your peanut butter mixture.Freeze for about an hour, and then put in the fridge.

You can add chocolate shavings. Crushed peanut butter cups. Or you can be a slacker and forget to add toppings serve it plain.


And singing. Are optional.

Here is our simple recipe.

2 graham cracker crusts

2 8oz blocks of cream cheese, softened

1lb box of confectioners sugar

Chocolate - magic shell

1 cup peanut butter (we use creamy - but crunchy would work)

16oz cool whip

Put a layer of magic shell on both of pie crusts. Freeze for about an hour.

Cream together the cream cheese and confectioners sugar.

Add the peanut butter.

And then the cool whip.

Divide between the pie crusts.

Add any toppings desired (chocolate shavings, cool whip, peanut butter cup crumbles) and then freeeze for an hour. Keep refrigerated.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Hypochondria to the Max

What a weekend. One I am quite ready to forget. Pretend never happened. Except that I am about to commit it here. For posterity. And ridicule.

It all started with a bang on Friday. I have this small rash on my back. And I thought that rather than call a dermatologist. I'd go online and see if I could figure out what it might be. If ever. In the future. You think about self-diagnosis. Don't. Don't do it. Don't be tempted. Just say no. Run far away.

Because when you google skin rashes. All kinds of horrors show up. And you might convince yourself that you have impetigo. Or leporsy. Or MRSA. All of which are rather scary. And you begin to wonder if really it might be ebola. And you keep checking your eyes to see if they have started bleeding yet.

And then. You might have tightening in your chest. And nausea. And light headedness.
And then. If you couple that with a radiating pain from your back down your arm into your hand. You might convince yourself that you are having a heart attack. Or that you have yet another fatal disease. And then people might need to be gathered to talk you down from the ledge.

Have them speak softly. And utter soothing words. Because in actuality. What is wrong with you is a little eczema.

And that pain from your shoulder. Well that is wii arm. Not to be confused with tennis elbow. Because wii arm is from holding the wheel on Mario Kart a little too tightly. And from scrunching your muscles. That is the scientific name you know. That scrunching that tightens you up. As you try to not let your cart go off the cliff.

So...what about you? Do you ever try to look up symptoms on the internet? Have you ever been convinced you had some disease that you did not? Ever given yourself a strange ailment like wii arm? (Let's not go into the time I threw out my neck from blow drying my hair...)

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

And the prize pack goes to...

The weekend winners started on November 1st. I have been giving away prize packs every weekend for the past 10 weeks. And now, we have finally come to the end of the extravaganza. I have felt like Santa Claus. It has been fun to think of new themes for each week. And I actually did not have the whole thing planned out from the beginning.

I have won one blog prize. I won a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble from Angie over at Angie's spot. And I did my part to the help the economy by spending over $100 while I was there.

Now my husband on the other hand. He has that lucky touch. He enters online sweekpstakes. And we have won lots of things. Lots of it is junk. I have more chip clips, hats, and t-shirts than I know what to do with. He won a watch not too long ago. It's really ugly. And we are not sure who we can pawn it off on.

He's also won some really cool things. Like a stainless steel gas grill and a year of steaks from Omaha steaks. A huge Dell flat screen tv. A small flat screen tv. A $500 Visa gift card. Luggage. A hammock.

I keep waiting for his winning mojo to rub off on me. I have made him enter the more recent Pioneer Woman give aways. Like when she gave away a laptop last week.

And I suppose you want to know who won this week.

Who won the Wicked Soundtrack?

The Save the Ta-tas car magnet.

Pink spatuala thingies.

Gift cards to Barnes and Noble, Darden restaurants, and Office Depot.

Warm Delights.

LOST season 1 dvd

Scrapbook stuff

And Blokus.

All of these fantabulous prizes go to....

oh...sorry I didn't post this in the middle of the night.

I fell asleep early last night.

I am such a party animal.

Oh...yes...the winner.

It's Elena from Manwaring Moments. (Email me your address - and I'll get all your goodies out to you!) Congrats!!

I always end my posts with questions for you. But this post really does not suggest many questions to ask. Or at least none that I can think of. about you ask me the questions again. I did a few posts back in October with your questions. And I am here to answer whatever it is that you are just dying to know. Or just curious about. Or whatever. So...what has you wondering?

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Follies

Thank you all so much for your inquiries as to where I have been this week. I am not sick. I am not stuck in a coal mine. Or without internet service. I have been busy having a power struggle with my youngest. And it has taken all of my energy. Which I believe is the ultimate goal. And on top of that...well...I have my typical case of blog block.

Today is the last day to enter the huge Greatest Hits prize give away. There are 337 entries. Are you one of them? Or two? Or three? is the day for our question and answer session. And I am back to outsourcing. Today's outsourcing comes straight from my own house. With Katie asking you all the questions. You know. Katie has her own blog. She even guest posted for Blog around the world. And loves comments just as much as the rest of us. So, maybe after you answer her questions here, you can stop by and say hello to her. And you might want to get a snack too. Because almost all of her questions are about food.

Fried chicken or marinated chicken?

Cookies or cookie dough?

Hot fudge or caramel on your vanilla ice cream?

What is your favorite kind of pie?

If you could have any male celebrity sign your cast, who would you pick?

What is your favorite piece of chicken?

What is your favorite girl scout cookie? (I'm selling them. Wanna buy some?)

What snacks do you eat at the movies?

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Have you tried my Mom's grits casserole recipe? Have you? Have you?? Have you?

(And would you like to be an out - source? Let me know in the comments and we can pick a Friday for you to have control!)

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Medieval Times

Katie's birthday was New Year's Eve. And I told you a little about our celebration in this post. But...I got a number of questions about what we were doing. So, I thought I'd tell you about the whole evening.

Last year, Katie had a slumber party with 6 of her friends. And I vowed to not do that again. I made lots of suggestions for her for this year. A pool party. A cooking party. I was pretty much open to anything that did not involve a sleep over.

Then a few weeks ago, we saw sale ads for Medieval Times. Normal prices are about $50 a person. I was so not going to do normal. Nor was I going to do the New Year's Eve "special" of $75 a person. So, we made reservations for the 30th. Katie invited two of her friends. And then somehow it all morphed into a spend the night party. I don't know how it happened.

The girls were really excited to go. But we really didn't know what to expect. Except that there would be some sort of show. With knights. And horses. And dinner without silverware. I think that the lack of utensils and manners was what the girls were most excited about.

We entered the hall and found that we would be cheering for the Red Knight. We got banners to wave. And crowns to wear.

We found our seats. (Notice the red glow. Each section had appropriatly colored lights. And we were bathed in red.)

And then the show started. Apparently the king had won a great battle. But his brother was killed by a traitor. So a year after the battle, there was a victory celebration with the valiant knights. And a mystery to solve. Who is the bad seed?

When they first started to come into the arena. Madalyn turned to me and said "they are hot!" Yes. It was Madalyn who started it all. Not the hormonal birthday girl. My 7 year old. I was so not prepared for the girls to spend the entire evening on their feet. Cheering for their Red Knight. Proclaiming their everlasting love. And screaming marriage proposals. I am just impressed that there were no bras thrown onto the arena floor.

We got to see them joust each other. Get ribboned rings. Get flowers from the Princess - which were thrown into the audience. And one was actually caught by Madalyn. Katie was quite sure that it was really meant for her.

There were exhibitions by the Master of Horse.

And a fly over by a hawk.

And then one last battle. When the enemy knight was revealed.

And after it was all over. All the knights came into the great hall with their sharpies. To sign autographs.

Madalyn was all about the autographs. Because they could sign her cast. She had all of them sign her cast. Including the evil knight. Who didn't have many autograph seekers. I think he had fun jeering for his photo.Madalyn wasn't picky. Unlike the older girls. Who only wanted photos with their one man. That they are still working out arrangements to share. Except Diana. Who wisely chose a different knight to love.

So...what about you? Have you ever been to Medieval Times? Or another kind of dinner theatre? Ever thrown your bra on stage? Or engaged in groupie-like behavior?

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Theme Song - ELP - Lucky Man. I think it must be the Red Knight's theme song. I wonder if he has any idea what he is doing to these 11 year old girls. I wonder if his friends tease him.