Friday, October 30, 2009

Event Chasing Again

In the south, football is a big deal. In Georgia, rivalries are a big deal. And one of the biggest is between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. I went to the University of Georgia. And Michael went to Tech. We are a house divided. Well. Not really. Because I really don't care. And Michael always roots for Georgia. Unless they are playing Tech.

We have Tech "stuff" everywhere. It's on our welcome mat. On our grill cover. On Michael's reusable grocery bags. It's on lots of ornaments on our Christmas tree. If we ever put it up again. We all have t-shirts. Sweatshirts. Even button down shirts with Tech emboridery. Katie has even gotten to the point where she refuses to wear the Georgia Bulldog shirt I got her. Or even anything in a red and black combo. It is disloyal to her dad. And she ingnores my cries of "hey...what about me?!"

And Madalyn learned the hard way to never wear her Bulldog colors. One day we were at the tennis courts and she was stung three times by a yellow jacket. And after she was soothed and loved. We pointed out that she had a Bulldog t-shirt on. And that the yellow jacket was just not going to take that from her.

So, when I was contacted by Event Chasers earlier in the week to see if there were any events in November we would like to chase for them. I naturally HAD to ask if we could get tickets to the Georiga/Georgia Tech game. We made a list of several events we'd like to cover with that game as the number one option. I was not surprised by the email that said we could have tickets to any of the events except that one.

But then. I got another email saying that they could give us ONE ticket to the Georgia/Georgia Tech game. I think that Michael actually squealed like a little girl. He hasn't been to this big event since he was at Tech. I am so excited for him to go. And major thank yous to Event Chasers for making it all possible!

So...what about you? Is there a big game you would like to attend? Is football big in your area? If sports are not your there a show or concert you would like to see? Are you an event chaser??

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Monday, October 26, 2009

The further misadventures of Hooligan kitties

I think I should write a book series. Maybe it will be a children's book. On the misadventures of sister kitties. Perhaps it will be a sweet compelling tale of humor and triumph ala "Marley and Me." More than likely. If I were to write a book. It would be of a self-help type. Explaining why you don't really want a cat. And especially why you don't want a pair of kitties.

I could start with the fact that you could end up with clever cats who turn on the faucets because fresh water is much better than the swill in the bowl.

Or clever might not be the word for kitties who get trapped behind bookcases.

I could also mention the possibility of ending up with chewers. Who could destroy your blinds.

Be attracted to the smell of crocs...which demand to be eaten.

Or really the scent of any foam. Which leads to things like intestinal blockages.

One would not want to end up with clever cats who like to chew. Because they might open your bathroom drawers. And feel the need to eat all the hairtyes in said drawer. Yielding yet another high vet bill.

I could also wax rhapsodic about those chewing kitties. Who insist on chewing. Climbing. And sleeping in your Christmas tree. Forcing you to put it away. And changing the face of your celebration forevah and evah.

And then. I could mention this day. Which started with an email. And a query. "Is there something wrong with your phone? I tried to call you this morning. It rang once and then nothing." After much investigation. Calling my own house. Having other people call. Calling the phone company. But being perplexed because the internet works just fine. We discovered the problem.

Every. Single. Phone cord. Has been chewed on. Every. Single. One. When your phone cords have been used for lunch. The phones no longer work. I am quotable. Just like Confucius. I am quite sure I have the makings of a best seller. If only the kitties would stop prying the keys off of the keyboard.

So. If you are trying to reach me. Don't call.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where HAVE you been?

Has it really been a month since I have written? I haven't completely fallen off the face of the earth. Just a slight slide into oblivion. I keep trying to put on the brakes. But more and more seems to fall into my lap.

There was the kindney stone drama. Remember that stone that hit over fourth of July weekend? Well. It wasn't gone. I thought it was gone. Because it didn't hurt anymore. And then at the end of August I had what I thought was a bladder infection. That two rounds of antibiotics did not cure. Apparently it was my kidney stone. Knocking on the door of my bladder.

So my urologist decided to go in and get it. Yeah. Quite the visual. And just to make you squirm a little more. I had to have a stent put in to keep the tube open between my kidney and my bladder. And when did all this happen? The same weekend as our flood. The. Same. Weekend.

On Monday morning when we woke up to the floodwaters. And flooded basement. I had to get to the doctor to remove that stent. But most roads in the area were blocked. Including the ones that would have led me to the doctor's office. After many go rounds on the phone. The powers that be finally agreed to let me see a nurse at a different office. Thank goodness they did. Because within an hour of me coming home...the road was under water. So the stone is gone. And now we just have to wonder about the two other stones that are hanging out in my other kidney. Hopefully they'll agree to just hang out. And not try to move the party to a different location.

What else happened the week of the flood? Well. Four days later, we went to Disney World. Leaving behind a damp basement. With it's cement floors instead of carpet. And Lizzy. To stay and babysit the kitties. And breathe the nasty air. We brought her back a t-shirt.

And then. The week after Disney. What did I do? Michael and I took yet another vacation. This time to Las Vegas.

OH. And I almost forgot. In between the surgery. And vacations. I have been diagnosed with skin cancer. And if you have seen my pasty white skin. And my industrial size jug of 50 spf sunscreen. And my lack of time in the sun. It's almost comical. So. I get the area removed tomorrow. It's just a little spot on my back near my shoulder. But let me tell ya. I am so over doctors. And especially their bills.

So. I am up to my ears in insurance claims. School work. And readjusting to the Eastern time zone. Hopefully. Sooner rather than later. I'll be back to regale you with stories of Disney and Vegas. Rebuilding. Homeschooling. And whatever other nonsense I move from my brain to the computer screen.

So...what about you? Have you ever taken a big break from blogging? Disney or Vegas?

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