Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pieces of Eight

Are you wondering when I am going to announce the winner of the Paula Deen cookbook? With the autograph? Would now be a good time? I can always do it later if you are too busy today. Okay, okay...if you insist. Drum roll please...

After counting the entries. And submitting them to the random number site place thing...our winner is...

Michelle at
Honest and Truly!

And now, can I get another drum roll?! Because I have not one...but TWO autographed books.

And the second winner is: Jane from
Jumpin' in the Jungle!

Congrats ladies. Just email me with your addresses and I'll get your books right out to you.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

I have seen this meme in several places. Most recently at Brandy's - and so I decided to crash the meme party and do it myself. But. I changed one of the categories. Because that is how I roll. So here are all my lists of eights. Minus the fruits.

8 things I'm looking forward to:

1. Both girls going to sleep away camp next week.

2. Sleeping in while the girls are gone and a weeks vacation from those 8am swim team practices.

3. August 10th

4. Going to Disney in September

5. Going to Vegas in October

6. Estrogen weekend in November

7. The next Harry Potter movie.

8. January. 2010. And the final season of LOST.

8 things I did yesterday:

1. Took the girls to swim team practice. At 8am.

2. Went back to the pool for the afternoon.

3. Read a guide book about Las Vegas. Tried to decide what all we would have time to do.

4. Tried to come up with new and inventive ways for Shannon and Brandy to convince their husbands to go to Vegas.

5. Shopped for new car insurance. Because for the first time, Michael has a newer car than me.

6. Cooked dinner

7. Read blogs.

8. Watched the movie "Seven Pounds."

8 things I wish I could do:

1. Lose weight. Easily.

2. Have all Michael's medical bills disappear.

3. Make the girls' scoliosis disappear.

4. Travel more.

5. Speak another language. That is not dead.

6. Sew.

7. Learn photoshop. By osmosis.

8. Exercise. Happily.

8 shows I watch:

1. LOST.

2. The Tudors

3. Weeds

4. Big Love

5. True Blood

6. Survivor

7. Millionaire Matchmaker

8. Fringe

8 books in my to be read pile:

1. Shanghai Girls by Lisa See

2. Wings by Aprilynne Pike

3. Lover Avenged by JR Ward

4. One second after by William Forstchen

5. The Titan's Curse by Rick Riordan

6. The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas by Bob Sehlinger

7. Book of a thousand Days by Shannon Hale

8. Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay

8 places I'd like to travel to:

1. India

2. Tahiti

3. New York

4. Ireland

5. Scotland

6. Moscow

7. Cairo

8. Las Vegas

8 places I've lived:

1. Winter Park, Florida

2. Charlotte, North Carolina

3. Coral Springs, Florida

4. Atlanta, Georgia

5. Stone Mountain, Georgia

6. Athens, Georgia

7. Roswell, Georgia

8. Fayetteville, Georgia

So...if you haven't played yet...play along...and change one of the categories.

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MsTypo said...

Congrats Michelle and Jane!! :)

What's on August 10th?

I want to lose weight easily too! Or better yet, just be magically thin. :)

LOVE love, big love! Margene is my favourite. :) And Hubby wants me to say he thinks she's hot. LOL

Come visit Cairo adn you guys can stay with me!! :) We just had the a/c fixed so you won't melt too much. :)

Heather said...

Love the list. Can't wait for Estrogen extravaganza.

Sad I didn't win.

Oh, well.

Glad you're having contests again, even if I never win.

Kori said...

That was NOT the deal Katrina. It was me that was supposed to win.

Oh fiddle sticks!

Congratulations Michelle and Janey!

Swirl Girl said...

You can actually visit alot of places when you go to Vegas -
Paris, New York New York, Italy etc...

me? I visit casinos and (hopefully) cashiers windows.

Brandy said...

Hey I'm working on the Vegas thing. I had hoped that nagging would have worked by now but no such luck.

The 4th season of Weeds is on it's way to me right now. This makes me very happy.

And I like the new lists...it gives me ideas on what books to pick up!

Trish said...

Congrats to the winner!!

I am so curious about August 10th and Estrogen Weekend?

Ohh, and next week sounds fabulous with both girls gone to camp! Enjoy, but try not to miss them to much!

Michelle said...

Kat, have I mentioned that I love you? I am SO excited, thank you! Email to you with my address is on its way. Yayyyyy!

And when you go to Vegas, eat at Yellowtail in Bellagio. Trust me. And see Le Reve. Of all the Cirque type shows there right now, this is by far the best. Even jaded me loved it. And ummm if you need any other Vegas tips or want any info or me to look into anything when I'm there a week from Friday, let me know ;)

Aleta said...

Congrats to the lucky winners!

Ohhh, another True Blood fan! Only I don't have HBO. I just watched the first season, because it's out on DVD. I've read all the books, except for the last one and I picked that up at the store yesterday - oh yeah!

Shannon said...

This reminds me... I have yet to order tickets to see Paula! Gah! I better get on that tonight...

And whatever you're doing... keep doing it, 'cause I think I've almost got him convinced!

I can't wait for EE '09, either. November is going to be a good month!

What's August 10th?

LadyStyx said...

Congrats to the winners!!!

Teri said...

I can help you with the Photoshop thing. Okay, the lite version...trust me, that's all you need.

And as for exercise, this chick is now up to 7 miles walking. Me. Believe it. Just put on those walking shoes and hit the pavement. One step at a time. I LOVE this time all by myself.

Jeanine said...

Congrats to the winners- Katrina read this one next. It is really really good!

3. Lover Avenged by JR Ward



sassy stephanie said...

Way to go ladies! Congrats on stealing my cookbook! No, really, really, congrats!

What, no wanna visit Houston on the list? Ah, the humidity, the mosquitoes. Don't know what you're missing!

Claremont First Ward said...

You had TWO autographed Paula Dean cookbooks? Those lucky ducks. I really enjoyed reading your lists.

Jane In The Jungle said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I actually just jumped in my seat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WOO-HOO For ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

texcindy said...

yay! I love lists--I'll do this over the weekend when i have time to ponder.

texcindy said...

I"m guessing August 10th is when the kids go back to school. or when swim practice ends. but in GA, it's probably the former...
you have a lot of travel coming up--yay!

shortmama said...

Great list! I also wish I could lose weight easily, preferrably overnight!

Carrie said...

Boooooo! I should have won! DANGIT!

I'm such a sore loser.

I got tagged and have no idea when I'll do it. One of these days, I guess!

Lula! said...

ESTROGEN IN NOVEMBER, baby! Woooooooo! We are so going to Hard Rock. And joshing with all the radical people who word there. Ain't a plain Jane in that bunch. They will so love us.

Oh..and hello...Vegas in October. Good times. We're gonna have good times.

Let's not discuss Season 3 of The Tudors. Eh. It was just "eh." With the exception of more screentime for Henry Cavill. Whom I adore. Amen.

Aubrey said...

NO! Don't talk Shannon into that! LOL We are talking about ditching our menfolk and being Vegas roomies! LOL

My friend tagged me for this and I'm working on it now! Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Yes, August 10 cannot get here soon enough. LOL Sounds like you have some fabulous trips planned. YAY

Did I read that right that both girls have scoliosis? I'm sorry to hear that. :o(