Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Follies

About a year ago, I started this Friday tradition. Of me asking you questions. You answering. Us getting to know each other better. I was inspired by a post of Debbie's over at This is the Life. But apparently Debbie has dropped off the face of the planet. Anyone heard from Debbie? And then another Debbie asked me to bring the Follies back. As they had fallen by the wayside with hospital adventures at the beginning of the year. Ask and you shall receive:

Facebook or Twitter?

Favorite berry?

Favorite salad dressing?

Pizza or chinese?

aerobics or water aerobics?

gold or silver?

shoes or barefoot?

Book on the top of your to be read pile

How long have you been texting?

Have you started back to school shopping?

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Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I'll go first.

Facebook. I like twitter...but it seems that people tweet the same stuff they put on their updates.

Strawberries. Lots of them.

Naturally Fresh lite Ranch. Delish.

Chinese. I might have a different answer tomorrow.

Water aerobics.

Silver. But my wedding ring is gold from when that was what I liked. Is it awful that I want to change it?

Shoes. I have heel spurs and to go without shoes is to invite more pain into my life. I can do without pain.

Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. I loved her other book "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan." If you haven't read needs to be on the top of your pile!

Just a few weeks. I am such a novice. But I could not do it without the qwerty.

I have. Katie has a new messenger bag. And I have been buying curriculum. Clothes I haven't done anything yet...

~Michelle~ said...

Facebook. On it when you had to have a .edu email to join. Yep, an elitist.

Raspberry. Especially in bulk from Costco for super cheap.

Dorothy Lynch - Nebraska original (sweeter version of French)

Pizza. Specifically pineapple & sausage.

aerobics or water aerobics? neither?? I don't really do either, but I should.

gold - silver is done too much.

shoes outside, barefoot inside.

Shelter Me by Juliette Fay - saw it @ Target, but got it thru Paper Back Swap.

A couple of years of texting? But I have a traditional celly phone, so I don't use it often...

n/a on the school shopping - no kiddos

Habbala said...

Facebook. Totally Facebook.


Balsamic Vinaigrette

PIZZA! Oh! Chinese Pizza!

Aerobic. I feel like an old lady doing water aerobics.

Silver. Or white gold?

Barefoot. Oh I <3 You Summer.

Love in the Time of Cholera.

Texting started, probably intensely in college. Circa 2003.

Back to school shopping? Sad! This is the first fall I wont be starting school again.

Carrie said...

FRICK! I typed all of the answers out and Blogger ate them! STUPID BLOGGER!

Guess I'll do it again.

Facebook, but Twitter is fun too.

Blue. Definitely. I could eat a pint at every meal and still want more.

Homemade Buttermilk Ranch. I could drink that stuff! BUT these days, I use red wine vinegar and garlic salt. No more fatty dressings for this shrinking violet!

Both, but I'm in the mood for pizza more often.

Aerobics. I wouldn't have put my fat arse in a swimsuit and go work out. Plus, I like the challenge of learning new moves all the time.

Yellow Gold, but I like both.

Flip-flops please.

I have a Patricia Cornwell novel that I bought in Denver and haven't even started it yet.

I've never been a big texter, but now that I don't have a data plan, it just pisses me off when I get them. "Helloooooo people! Your stupid picture just cost me $4.71!!!" True story.

Midget's too little for school, so nope!

Swirl Girl said...

straw or blue
oil and vinegar (i don't do ranch)
chinese ON pizza!
water aerobics (oddly enough only when on vacation and it is offered)
Wicked (when my 9 year old finishes)
I still don't text.

glad these are back and I haven't heard from Debby in months!!

texcindy said...

Facebook or Twitter? fb 4 sho

Favorite berry? fresh ones

Favorite salad dressing? homemade anything

Pizza or chinese? chinese

aerobics or water aerobics? water

gold or silver? silver

shoes or barefoot? flip-flops

Book on the top of your to be read pile Founding Fathers, Jefferson, The Shack (again)

How long have you been texting? i dont no what u mean

Have you started back to school shopping? no!!!

Heather said...

Oh, she's baacckkk!

Yay for Friday follies!

'kay, here goes:


Strawberry and blackberry, can't decide between the two.

Outback's "Tangy Tomato".

Pizza, every single day.


Silver (my wedding set is gold, too; I'd love to change the setting, but probably never will; gold will be back in style someday).

Shoes. I hate my ugly toes.

The Westing Game. With peer pressure from Lula and my own daughter.

Still don't yet. Soon, very soon.

Bought some Sketchers for Gabe, and a few clothes here and there. Still have a month and a half, you know.

There you have it.

Crista said...


fresh strawberries!

homemade buttermilk ranch

chinese!! and what's with the chinese on pizza? :)

i think aerobics is exercise, and that is a dirty word around these parts.


i have recently discovered that i can wear flip flops all day and my feet don't hurt! you should see my flip flop tan :)

i'm reading a good ole danielle steel right now. probly more of the same to come. it is summer after all.

a couple of years.

nope. no kids, and nobody else here is in school :)

that was fun. and when did i forget how to use caps? ;)

Kori said...

I love the Follies.

FB & Twitter


Ken's Steakhouse Ceasar


I don't do aerobics but I like to swim.



I have no time to read

Texting for a few years and my new phone makes it so much better.

I have no time to even think about school shopping. I don't know how I am going to get it all done.

LadyStyx said...

Twitter. Not because Im on Tweeting but because it'll show updates from all my other sites in one place.

Strawberries! Especially when they're nice and sweet.

Hidden Valley Ranch Spritzer. Low cals and low fat!

Pizza...hands down

Water aerobics. More resistance and you can cool off after without having to get out!

Gold...yellow gold! Silver looks like crap on me.

Barefoot when I can. I grew up running around that way and I plan on being buried that way.

Book? What's a book? *laffz* Actually its a Digital Photography for Dummies book I just bought.

no clue

no kids, no shopping ;)

Brian and Staci said...

Yea...I was wondering about Debbie too....I think she fell of the blog wagon like me :(


Isn't it funny...I was thinking a phone...not a fruit!!! I do love my Blackberry (phone) but fruit...I'd say strawberries!

Balsamic vinagerette (sp? I'm too lazy to get up and look!)


Never done water ones...don't care for plain aerobics either :(



Magazines! (LOSER that I am)

About 2 months :(


Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Great idea!
1 - Facebook
2 - Strawberry
3 - Italian
4 - Pizza
5 - Aerobics
6 - Silver
7 - Shoes
8 - Something about NZ... I forget the title!
9 - Not long
10 - Nope; we're both done with school, and don't have kids yet ;-)

KimmyDarling said...

Okay, I'm on Facebook a lot, but I am a Twitter JUNKIE. (I am also a marketing freak, though, so I mainly enjoy seeing how people/brands market themselves.) I cannot get enough of it.

Blackberries are my favorite.

Blue Cheese

Pizza, UNLESS the Chinese place makes good egg rolls. I've lived in the DC area for 13 years, and have not had a good egg roll since moving here. It is a travesty.

WATER aerobics, all the way.


Barefoot, preferably.

Hmm... so many piles. #1 is Silent in the Grave, by Deanna Raybourn, because she's a friend of mine, and it is just WRONG that I still haven't read it. Especially because it's the first in a series, and I haven't read the two that followed it, either. AND she'll be here next week. I am the WORST FRIEND! I do own them-- I just haven't read them yet.

Wow, I have been texting for a very long time, when I think back on my cell phones. Probably six years? Could that be right?

A friend of mine said something about Back To School shopping this morning, and that blew my mind. Didn't summer just begin? (Obviously, I don't have kids yet, huh?)

So happy The Follies are back, Kat!


Jen said...

Yeah this is back. I love it.

any vinegrette
water aerobics
none right now
6 months

CaraBee said...


Are cherries a berry? If not, then blueberries.

Blue Cheese.

Pizza. The chinese don't use nearly enough cheese for my tastes.


Um, platinum.


Pride and Prejudice - I've never read any Jane Austen and it is time.

I've been texting for a while, but I am pretty sporadic at it. Never been big into it. Probably because it is a pain with my phone. If...WHEN I get the Iphone I want, I'll probably be a texting fiend.

There's no back to school for me yet, so no.

Shannon said...

Yahoo for Friday Follies!




I can't choose between pizza or chinese

I've never done either aerobics or water aerobics

silver (and I want to change my wedding band, too!)

barefoot (my shoes come off as soon as I walk in the door)

I literally just finished Janet Evanovich's latest (#15) like, an hour ago. I think my next one will be Nora Roberts' new one (I think its called Black Hills)

awhile... maybe a year?

I've bought a few school supplies... but no clothes yet

Finding Normal said...

YAY for FF! Love it!



Blue cheese if I'm indulging; Newman's light raspberry walnut vinaigrette if I'm being good.

I've been craving Chinese something fierce lately. How'd you know that?




reading Shelter Me

I have never ever sent one text. I think I'm the only one under age 60 not texting

SHUSH! We do not speak of back to school until at least August 1. Unless it's school supplies for super cheap. Then you can brag about your finds. Like penny sales. That's a teacher rule. :)

Michelle said...

Facebook. I don't know how to text, so Tweeting is out. And I don't have that much spare time anyway :)


Homemade dijon vinaigrette

Oooo. Both?

Aerobics. But just barely. Neither, really.



The Constant Princess

0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds -- see the first :)

Ummm are you SERIOUS? I am not thinking about school yet. Stop!

Skeller said...

Yay Follies!

Facebook or Twitter? FB, but just a little.

Favorite berry? Straw & Rasp

Favorite salad dressing? Honey mustard, ranch, poppyseed

Pizza or chinese? pizza!!!!

aerobics or water aerobics? neither. blech. phtooey.

gold or silver? hmmm. not strong feelings for either. not really a jewelry girl.

shoes or barefoot? flip flops

Book on the top of your to be read pile The Maytrees

How long have you been texting? There's no texting in my past and hopefully none in my future.

Have you started back to school shopping? nope.

Debie Napoleon said...

I do both.


I love that orange French that they serve in restaurants, but it's so fattening, that I usually choose an Asian dressing.


Neither - walking/30 day shred


Barefoot most times

I have a pile of summer books to read that will not get read until my cruise in November.

3 years texting

Nope - my son is a senior and now does it himself!

Have a great weekend!

Chandy said...

Hi Kat, thanks again for visiting my blog today. I will have to do a FAQ soon enough and yes, I will have to do pictures of my storage. Great idea, thanks!

John Deere Mom said...

Yay! Glad you brought it back!

What is this aerobics you speak of?
Looking for Salvation at Dairy Queen
A year or so
A little

Anonymous said...

Facebook or Twitter? FACEBOOK

Favorite berry? STRAWBERRY

Favorite salad dressing? RANCH


aerobics or water aerobics? WELL...

gold or silver? GOLD

shoes or barefoot? BAREFOOT

Book on the top of your to be read pile LIFE OF OTTO

How long have you been texting? ABOUT 3 MONTS

Have you started back to school shopping?

Elena said...

I am the worst friend ever! I had NO idea you've been suffering w/kidney stones! You poor thing. I hope you're feeling better now!!!

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook

Favorite berry? Raspberry

Favorite salad dressing? Ranch

Pizza or chinese? Hmmm...that's tough. Tonight Chinese, since I just got home from eating it.

aerobics or water aerobics? Never done water, but looks fun.

gold or silver? Depends on my mood, but the wedding ring is gold.

shoes or barefoot? Barefoot

Book on the top of your to be read pile The Uglies

How long have you been texting? I still don't consider myself a "texter" and I can't beleive you were driving when you sent me that last one! That's talent!

Have you started back to school shopping? ARe you kidding?! Don't make me even think of that yet.

Claremont First Ward said...

I haven't played this game with you before.

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook. Twitter confuses me.

Favorite berry? strawberry

Favorite salad dressing? Champaign by Girards.

Pizza or chinese? Pizza

aerobics or water aerobics? Neither? :)

gold or silver? White gold

shoes or barefoot? BAREFOOT. Hands down.

Book on the top of your to be read pile The Intellectual devotional of American History.....see why it's still on my nightstand? :)

How long have you been texting? NOT LONG. Only like 5 months, max.

Have you started back to school shopping? Nope.

Angie's Spot said...

Yay for the return of the follies!!

Facebook because of one word...FarmTown.

Blackberries, hands down

I don't eat salad dressing.


Water Aerobics. Still looking for a good class in my town.



My Sister's Keeper

I've been texting for about 2 years.

No, but it's on my "to do" list for this week.

Aubrey said...

It's back!

Ok...I'm ready:

Neither. Do I NEED another addiction? I think not!


Creamy Italian


Water Aerobics



A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity (my sister INSISTS I read this)

About a year now.

LOL Ummm...I picked up 2 white uniform polos for my daughter. That's it.

Brandy said...

My Sisters Keeper
2 years
Not yet but need too soon school starts on exactly one month WOOHOO!!!

Brandy said...

FB...I can't seem to remember that twhirl is there.


Balsamic vinaigrette


H2O aerobics

Gold...and some silver

Barefoot only @ home

The Sookie Stackhouse series, currenlty waiting on Club Dead


Yeppers! CVS had some killer ECB deals on supplies during the last two weeks. :)

Anonymous said...

Facebook (I can't seem to get into twitter at all and Facebook lets me keep up with my far away friends and family)

Favorite berry? um... blueberries

Favorite salad dressing? sesame ginger

Pizza or chinese? pizza

aerobics or water aerobics? Zumba (dance-based aerobics)

gold or silver? silver

shoes or barefoot? barefoot

Book on the top of your to be read pile Not sure. I'm between books right now. I just finished The Golden Compass and the other books in that series. Loved them.

How long have you been texting? I haven't been.

Have you started back to school shopping? Nope.