Sunday, November 1, 2009


We forgot. Ran out of time. Or ignored it. One of those. Or all of those. But there was no pumpkin in our house this year. No orange canvas for Michael to practice his mad skills. Last year he did the two-head kitty monster. Which showed the scariest thing to happen to us last year. Carving doctor bills on the pumpkin for this year might have been an interesting challenge.

And what did the girls choose for their costumes this year? Madalyn went through a long list of possibilities. Renaissance princess. Grecian princess. Egyptian princess. My mother took her to Target to pick something out. And she decided to be a skeleton. Princess? I think we should have given her a tiara.

Katie decided to make her own costume. So that she could be her absolute favorite thing. A pie. She had it all planned out. She would wear silver pants. For the pie tin. And a tan-ish shirt. Her words. So she would have the pie crust down. And then she wanted to make slits in the shirt to show the fruit in the pie. And then have a hat that looked like she was ala mode. Uh-huh. Have I mentioned that I am not creative? This was a project that firmly rested in her hands.

She knew. And I knew. That this project was a go when I found the silver leggings. The store clerk gave me an odd look when I told her the leggings were for a Halloween costume. I would like to know what occasion calls for silver leggings. Where would you wear silver leggings? The rest of the costume came rather easily. The brown hoodie was found in her sister's closet. She made the apple slices and slits for her shirt. And glued a hundred cotton balls on a hat. Refused to have a cherry on top. Because she doesn't like cherries. Marischino cherries actually. "Real" cherries are yum.So here they are. In all their independent glory.

Did you know that sometimes skeleton. Princesses? Like to snack on pies?

Do any of you remember what we found in Katie's bag last year? Someone had put in some fun dip. That was personalized. From Valentine's. Yep. Regifted candy.Shockingly. It happened again. This time to Madalyn. She got a peanut butter bunny. Yep. An Easter bunny. For Halloween. Now that is scary.

So...what about you? How did your kids dress up for Halloween? Did you dress up? What is your favorite candy to steal from your kids? What candy did you hand out?

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Rhea said...

Your children are unique. I've never seen apple pie with silver leggings or a skeleton princess.

Love it.

My boys were a 1930's gansta and Jango Fett from Star Wars.

I was a black and white striped jailbird.

I love chocolate. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

Cheryl Lage said...

What personality your kids have! We were a devil and the grim reaper.
(Apparently 8 is the entryway to the "Scary" costumes!)

What candy DON'T I steal from their bags? ;)

Susie said...

What a great Halloween you had:-)

Michelle said...

Love the costumes -- that's so much fun!

And umm I'll admit that I recycle some candy. But only the stuff that doesn't go bad like Jolly Ranchers and such. And I make sure to take out all my Easter stuff so that it doesn't freak anyone out ;)

Those are some great skillz too -- a friend of mine can carve like that, and I'm always amazed. We did no carving, but that was a choice the wee ones made. I sorta missed it.

And the candy? Well, you'll have to come look for the details. But suffice it to say, I ended up with my own pile of Snickers :)

Jen said...

Wow now that is one creative kid. I love the pie costume.

Finding Normal said...

You need to try a less cheap neighborhood to TorT in!
My kids were Lightning McQueen and a kitty. I'm far too lazy to make their costumes, but I did rig Lightning's fenders with empty paper towel rolls and duct tape so they'd stay up and not flop all over.
My favorite candy? Reese's PB cups. My husband handed out the candy... all good stuff. All chocolate. I don't hand out anything that I wouldn't eat.
I didn't dress up. I merely tolerate Halloween. Thanksgiving is more my thing!

Unknown said...

I can't believe you got more easter candy. I totally remember last year and thought about it but I can't believe again... someone in your neighborhood is HELLA cheap.

Wendy said...

Eeek! Pie-eating skeleton! Run for your pie-life! Heh.

Oh, the recycled-Easter (or Christmas) candy ALWAYS throws me. I think, "Eew, yuck!" Heh.

Gavin had a fabulous time as Indiana Jones and I 'stole' his Fun Dip. LOL

Brimful Curiosities said...

We carved our pumpkin last minute this year. Loved the wanna be princess skeleton and the pie was certainly an original. And by the way, I don't think I want to try trick or treating in your neighborhood with that re-gifting issue!

Swirl Girl said...

the leggings scream Tin Man to me...just sayin!

My kids were a vampiress and Jasmine. I spent about $4 dollars to update old costumes. Got the pumpkin and candy on Saturday morning.

Oh-and there's a bevy of Butterfingers in my freezer in the secret hiding spot!

MsTypo said...

I know it was regifted but how awesome was it to get FunDip!? I loved that stuff as a kid!

Heather said...

Gabe was a dead baseball player. Isabel was a dead ballerina. Elijah was a football player (living, not dead). I spent $2 on zombie makeup. That was awesome!

I wore a cute Halloween shirt from Target. $5. I was barely recovered enough to go T or T'ing, but I stuck it out. I don't really like candy, but I will sneak the occasional Heath bar. And while we still have Easter candy in our snack drawer, I bought new candy to pass out. Gabe picked it out: Dumdum suckers, Hershey bars and bubble gum. Nothing special.

The easter bunny chocolate really is cracking me up.

Tam said...

My Boys were a Robot and Optimus Prime. This is the really the first year that they demanded what they wanted to be and there was NO swaying them around to my ideas. I think that time has now passed.

We gave out bottles of water and bags of pretzels and little activity books with crayons.

My boys came home with lots of goodies even passes for free Bowling. We did not get anything odd in our bags.

WE DID NOT GET A PUMPKIN this year either and NO ONE ON MY ENTIRE STREET had one. IT was strange. Everyone said they waited to late or it was to expensive for pumpkins. Strange huh!

OK and the strangest thing here were the amount of KIDS that KNOCKED ON MY DOOR that were Trick Or Treating BAREFOOT! YES NO SHOES. I started asking some of them WHY. One set of girls said they were hot and their shoes hurt. Then the Next Set were GYPSIES so no shoes. Barefoot trick or treating! Only in Savannah!!!!

texcindy said...

Did Katie get eaten before she could go trick or treating by the evil princess skeleton? i noticed you only mentioned Madalyn's is there pie leftover, or are you now the mother of one creative crazy child? I'm a little worried,

Brandy said...

Those two are definitely original. I would have never thought to be a pie, even though I do love pie.

My kid was in a band uniform and I was in a show shirt with a halo. That's the extent of costuming when you are at a band competition all. day.

We didn't hand out candy (due to above) but I made my granddaughter, niece & nephew trick or treat bags with candy & other goodies in them.

Shannon said...

Oh, that Madalyn...

Great costumes. You already know mine were a hippie and a witch. I wore my Target Halloween tee shirt and Old Navy Halloween socks.

We haven't given out candy the last 3 years... I'm sure our neighborhood kids hate us. But we've done the TorT'ing in my mom's neighborhood or this year in my aunt's, so we're not home!

I dig out mostly the chocolate. The only chocolate Michaela likes are peanut M&Ms and Mr Goodbars. So she's very willing to let Momma paw through her goodies, in search of a Snickers. Or Milk Duds. Or Butterfinger.

Elena said...

That is the most hilarious costume ever! I love that she thought it up all on her own!! And next year, I think you better watch what goes in the bag as it goes in, so that you know which house to skip! So strange...who hands out old HOLIDAY candy. I mean, I can see maybe old generic stuff, but holiday specific??

I steal the Almond Joys and Reeses, and we gave out M&M's from our house and Pixie Sticks at the the churh this year.

Becky said...

Great costumes. Katie's was definitely an original.

We did NOTHING for Halloween. No pumpkin carving, no trick or treating, not handing out candy. I absolutely despise Halloween. UGH