Friday, September 5, 2008

Weekend Whimsies or is it Friday Follies?

When I considered discontinuing this - under its previous life as the "Friday Follies" - there were signs of revolution. Pleas. Bargains. Negotiations. Gnashing of teeth. And a new formula was discovered. I found a new day and an new alliterative title. Is alliterative a word?

The Follies were moved to the Whimsies so that I could do my week in review. Which I know that you find extremely tantalizing. But it takes me forever to write a post. And we haven't finished with our week. And we are going to be gone all morning getting Katie's new brace fitted. So, perhaps I should do my week in review on Saturdays. Or a procrastination till Monday might be a better option.

So the Follies have returned. At least for this week.

Spender or saver?

What is your favorite type of ethnic food? Which dish?

Guest or host?

Are you still friends with anyone from high school? Elementary school?

Have you ever been in the audience for the taping of a TV show? What show would you like to see live?

Do you save cards and letters from your spouse? What about from friends or old boyfriends?

What is your favorite fall activity?

When you were growing up, did your family eat dinner together or whenever you had time? What do you do with your family now?

You have just inherited a vacation home. Where do you want it to be?

"Brevity is the soul of lingerie." ~ Dorothy Parker Do you like to wear sexy lingerie?

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Keys to the Magic Travel said...


I am so boring. And whimpy. I like Chinese (well, the American version) and Mexican (I am sure that I eat the American version of that too). Which dish? I love fried wontons and "house special" fried rice; and I could eat my weight in chips, salsa, and cheese dip. Oh, perhaps I did...


Sort of. I exchange Christmas cards with a few friends from high school (and one that I went to elementary school with as well)- but we don't get together or anything.

Never. I would love to see Letterman or Ellen or Craig Ferguson. Or Stephen Colbert.

I am such a purger. But I have recently discovered letters that Cindy and I exchanged shortly after college and before she was getting married. And at the same time I found letters from a guy that was not exactly a boy friend. He liked me as a friend. While I pined.

I love all the festivals that arrive here in the fall. From the Yellow Daisy festival, to JapanFest, to the Chili cook off,Oktoberfest, the Greek festival...not sure how we'll fit it all in!

We did eat together. But by the time I got into high school, we didn't usually eat at the table, but in our rooms or in front of the TV. And now, we do eat as a family. Michael doesn't eat with us that much though because he doesn't get home until 8ish.

St. George Island

I prefer my holey cotton t-shirts with my baggy pants. Sexy, no? But I do own lingerie. Lots. I just rarely wear it. Because I get cold :-)

Anonymous said...

you are not purging our letters, are you?????

Teri said...

I love most any type of ethnic food. The more exotic, the better.

I love to host.

I have a friend from 3rd grade that I exchange Christmas cards with. And, of course, I have my friends Kim & Mary from high school.

YES!!! I saw David Letterman in July.

I save all the cards from Doug. I happily pitched everything from the moronic ex-.

My favorite fall activity is getting kids to rake the leaves. Oh, and I take pictures while they are slaving away.

We ate together while growing up. Not much fun. Someone would always get in trouble. We eat together now. We try not to duplicate my childhood "issues." :-)

My vacation home would be in Aruba, right on the beach.

I was just thinking about purchasing something girly this weekend. It would look better than my Stones t-shirt and lounge pants.

Teri said...

Oh, and I am a saver. I hate shopping.

Heather said...

I'm a spender AND a saver. It ebbs and flows with me.

Oooo...I like alot of different ethnic foods. Hmmm...I'm not sure I can pick a favorite because I have favorite dishes from each of them.

I'm a guest and a host. I like to do both. (Ooookay, we're having decision making issues today)

I am not friends with anyone from high school or elementary school.

I haven't been in the audience for a show. I would've loved to go see Friends.

I do save some cards from PB. Not really from friends and definitely not old boyfriends.

My favorite fall activity is going to the pumpkin patch.

We ate together every night as a family. We do now too.

The beach...I don't care where.

I hate to wear sexy lingerie, but I do like to wear cute pajamas.

Anonymous said...


I LOVE Indian food.

I enjoy being a guest more than a host, but I am pretty good at both,

My best friend is more like a sister to me. We have been buddies since 8th grade... 23 long years.

Never been at a live taping, don't have a huge desire to do so. Hubby did see Saturday Night Live years ago when Kate Hudson was the guest host and she was in a bikini. He still reminisces about it.

I save all cards given to me, but do not have any old guy ones. Not intentionally, I just don't think I hung on to them.

I love to watch my football team (Ga Bulldogs) each and every Fall. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fall weather.

My family always ate together. We will do so when daughter is old enough to stay awake for a family dinnertime.

I would love a lake house in the mountains. Sigh.

I am not a big lingerie wearer. I always feel too chubby.

Anonymous said...

Those look fun. I posted my responses here

Elena said...

YAY! I love these! I haven't had time to do the last few though.

I can nickel and dime myself to death, but when it comes to big lump sums, I just can't do it.

I just love to eat. (I think it's a problem I have.) LOVE American Chinese Sweet and Sour, Mexican of all kinds, and Indian curry (the real stuff though, not prepackaged.)

Love both, although, I've been a bit intimidated to host in my new neighborhood. Got to get over that.

I have a handful of friends from both that I try to see at least once a year. And I've found a couple more through blogging.

No, but would love to.

I used to save everything. But as of late, I only save the very most special.

Going to a corn maze and eating cider, donuts, and apples with carmel after. I love trick-or-treating too.

Yes, we ate together more than not. It is the same for my own family now. I enjoy that time together.


I'm not a fan. I feel so dumb that it's hard to feel sexy. But the hubby likes it. ;)

Insane Mama said...

Saver, I hope...

Indian, don't know what my fav dish is called, but it's super spicy

Guest, I don't want to clean my house

Friends with many from elementary

Yes, it was boring. I would like to go to Jerry Springer, just so I can rip my shirt off and act like white trash for a day.

Yes, I save everything.I recently went through a box of letters from middle school.


Yes, we ALWAYS ate together. We eat dinner together and we attend many family functions together. with extended family.

Belize would be nice

Yes... I love sexy undies. They make me feel special

Shannon said...

Spender (much to Shane's dismay)

Italian food is my fave... Chicken Parmesan is probably my fave dish

I really like to be the hostess!

Unfortunately no... I did keep in touch with my closest high school friend for a long time after we graduated... but we have drifted apart in the last few years.

No but I would love to see Ellen, Oprah or Jon Stewart. Too bad Lost doesn't tape in from t of a live audience, huh? That would be so AWESOME!

Cards, yes... hubby doesn't write letters anymore. I used to get notes from him when we were in college (he would leave them on my windshield) but I'm pretty sure I've tossed them.

Visiting a local apple orchard in a nearby county... its about a 45 min drive away, up through the mountains... makes a pretty drive when the leaves are changing color

Yes, we ate together growing up... and my family eats together now.

I'd love a vacation home to be in Hawaii but I probably wouldn't get much use out of one there, seeing as how I don't like to fly and all!

Um, no. I'd rather wear my comfy elastic waist pj's thank you very much!

Rhea said...

I'm a spender and a saver. I go back and forth. How's that for an answer?

My favorite ethnic food is Tex-Mex. I love tacos and enchiladas and queso...

I haven't hosted much. I'm a good guest...

I'm still friends with lots of high school chums and some elemetary ones. My hubby was an elementary friend...

I've never been in the audience of a TV show. I was once in a commercial though. For the local TV station in tiny small town Texas.

I sometimes save cards from the hubby. I have a little box somewhere with some childhood love notes in it, but I can't seem to find it right now.

Watching my kids play sports is my favorite fall activitiy. So is enjoying the cooler air, picking out halloween costumes, preparing to spend time with family, buying gifts for everyone...I LOVE the fall.

We always ate dinner together when I was younger. And usually breakfast. Nowdays my family doesn't always eat together but we try to.

I want a vacation home in the hill country in Texas, a beach in the Caribbean or a home in the mountains somewhere.

Rhea said...

oops, I missed the lingerie question. I rarely wear it. I like sleeveless t-shirts and cotton short-shorts to sleep in.

Swirl Girl said...

Open saver, secret coveter.

Love mid eastern humus and what not.

host - control freak here..

BFF from waaaay back and I re-friended after 20 years. Like we never missed a minute.

I saw the Ellen show this past year.

I save really significant cards and a poem written about me by a guy some years back.

Fall back = more sleep

My family always ate dinner together when dad got home from work. It was our hour together despite what ever else was going on. I continue that tradition now. You put aside your 'stuff' and share a meal.

My vacation home would be on a beach somewhere.. doesn't have to be big, just as long as I could hear the water.

Lingerie, do they make that in my size?

KimmyDarling said...

I'd have to say I'm a spender, though I try to save as much as possible on whatever I'm buying. I'm an expert at a bargain, but I don't save what I save.

My favorite is Italian. I love pasta. My favorite dish is angel hair with huge scallops in a pink sauce (tomato cream)

Guest. I very rarely have fun at my own parties.

I'm still friends with people from high school and elementary school, especially my boys. (I was friends with more guys than girls.) Not as close as we all intend to be, but close enough to be able to pick up where we left off within about two seconds of seeing/talking to each other.

I've never been in a live studio audience, but I'd love to see Oprah, Ellen, or The Daily Show. (If Letterman's studio wasn't so notoriously cold, I'd want to see him, but I hate being cold, so it's not an option.)

I save everything my husband has written for me. I've not saved anything from any other boyfriends, to my knowledge. I did save a hilarious note my friend Brandon wrote me in Mr. Long's math class, just because it makes me laugh myself to tears every time I read it.

When the weather is nice, walking the dog with my husband.

When my Mom & Dad were married, we ate dinner together every night. After they split up, we ate when my Dad came home, but never at the table. When he remarried, we all ate at the table together once or twice a month, and on special occasions. My husband and I eat dinner together every night, but never at the table.

On the gulf at Seagrove Beach, Florida. (My favorite place on the planet.)

I like to wear it, but I haven't bought any in about 8 years or so. I'm a Jockey for Her girl, underwear-wise, and I sleep in Nick & Nora flannel pajamas every night.

Gina said...

Spender, trying to become a reformed spender. But there are just too many cool things to buy.

Romanian Mamaliga is a big hit at our house. It's just corn meal mush served with shredded cheddar and sour cream.



Yes, Just recently I was at a taping of Northwest Afternoon.

Yes. No. Since he was my 2nd boyfriend, the purge was easy.

Hiking. Drinking pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks.

When we were young it was everynight. And that slowly dissintegrated as we all grew up. My family eats together nearly every night. I will mourn that when it starts going away.

Leavenworth, Washington. And big.

Not if sexy is synonomous with uncomfortable. If it is sexy and comfy, then yes.

Leslie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! To answer your question, we should be here for 2 years. Not too bad, right? I will def. be happy to come home. Love that aquatic center too btw.... ;)

Brian and Staci said...

Your totally gonna crack up at this one!! WHY do I tell on myself? I learned how to move the comment box out of the stinkin' way so I could read all the questions! Yay me! Baby steps...remember!
Probably it!
Host...but I'm a really great guest because I always stay and help clean up! Hey...maybe THAT'S why I'm always invited to parties :)
YES! My very best friend in the world...she was born in in March...were neighbors since the beginning and still best friends today :) My HS class was always very close...all our friends usually get together a couple of times a year! Some I enjoy seeing more than others...
Would love to be a part of the "Nation"!!!!
I save important ones...I used to save them all but realized it was a little much! I don't think I have anything saved from old boyfriends.
LOVE FALL! Decorating my house and carving pumpkins with the boys!
No...we never ate together..very sad huh. When I moved in with my grandparents at age 12...they always ate with me :) I eat with the boys...but Brian doesn't get home until we try to eat on the weekends together :)
Right here! I love our property! (Well...if we are dreaming here...Scotland!)
Um...NOT very often...I'm more comfy in cute pjs!

Susie said...

I'll play:-)

Host...always host:-)
Most of my best friends were those I made in high school.
Never in the audience but I was on our local news recently (during the whole lead in the toys thing)
I save everything sentimental.
I love baking apple pies (don't forget to come back on Monday for my recipe).
My family always did and always does eat dinner together.
I would want a vacation home either in the Wisconsin Dells or someplace tropical.
I like to wear sexy lingerie but that doesn't mean that I should:-) Hee,hee, hee.

Debbie said...


Ummm...does the chick pea dish from the local Indian restaurant count? No? What about Basil Chicken from the local Thai place?

Love hosting.

I have one friend I keep in touch with from high school and run into others every now and then. None from elementary school as we lived everywhere.

Does the local kids show when we lived in Hawaii count? I'd love to see Letterman.

I save cards from my hubby. Everything else is GONE.

We love going to our local pumpkin patch with hay rides, slides, etc.

We always ate dinner together and we always eat dinner together now. I think it is very important to do that.

Beach house in Corolla NC or Lahaina, Hawaii.

No. They aren't comfy. Just being honest.

Love it Kat!

Lula! said...

LIVE from Richmond, Virginia--it's MY ANSWERS!!!!

Both...I save lots, and then spend on what I want.

Mexican, please. I heart it.

Always the host. It's almost another job for me, but I love it.

Yes...3 of them are on my blogroll!

Yes...the 700 Club! Ha! I want to be on Ellen, though...especially if the Twilight cast does a huge media blitz/tour before the movie comes out in November.

No...I save nothing of this kind!

Favorite fall activity? I'll give you a involves saying, "Gooooooooooooooooo DAWGS! Sic 'em, woof-woof-woof!" a lot.

Yes...we always ate supper together. We do now, too, as much as possible...usually 4 nights a week.

My vacation home is a pink beach house in Hilton Head, SC. And you are all invited. One day...

Lula! said...

Left one out--the most important one!

Yes...I have a closet full of sexy lingerie. And costumes. And wigs. And split-crotch stuff.

JUST SAYIN'! Keepin' it real!

Unknown said...

I'm sort of both. rerally trying to save at the moment.

Does Southern or Texan style BBQ count as an ethnic food?? Thinking about it, to me it does!!! :-) I also really like Asian cooking ... and Italian...


I recently caught up with an old friend from High School (Matamata College) online..

Yes. NZ had it's own version of the 'Price Is Right'. I went to a couple of tapings of that as a good friend of mine was a contestant. I'd like to go and see 'Jay Leno'.

I save cards and letters from my hubby and other family and friends. Have a couple of nasty letters that my ex-hubby's soon to be ex-wife sent me.... oh and come to think of it, some even nastier ones from my now hubby's ex-wife. No, we weren't the cause of the breakup of each other's marriages, just in case anybody was wondering :-)

Walking and biking. Carving pumpkins. Baking :-)

When growing up we ate dinner together, except for the night that I went to Girl Guides. My hubby and I eat dinner together most nights.

The Swiss Alps....

Yep. But none of it fits me to well at the moment. I am more comfortable though, in flannel or fleece PJ's.

Angie's Spot said...


I love chicken enchiladas. A lot.


My best friend & I have known each other since Kindergarten. I'm still friends with a couple from elementary and many from high school.

I've never been to a TV show taping, but I would LOVE to see The Daily Show in person. I heart Jon Stewart.

I've saved a few cards/letters from hubby. I have nothing left from old boyfriends. I finally threw all that stuff out a few years ago.

I love going to the pumpkin patch, going on hayrides, and going through corn mazes in the Fall.

We only had dinner together once a week at my grandparents house every Friday night. My family now eats dinner together 5 out of 7 nights a week. It's so nice!

My vacation home is in MAINE!!! Right on the coast.

And I think sexy lingerie is a staple of life. :-)

Britt said...

Total saver

Americanize Taco's .. I like my food boring ;o)

Guest .. but I'd rather be neither

Yes, but my official gradution year (if I hadn't finished early) was '05.

Nope, and I really wouldn't. I enjoy my couch :o)

Yes from my husband. Only had one other boyfriend, and I think I have one from him taped in a journal somewhere.

Eating Thanksgiving meals!

We always ate together. My family now eats in the same room, but hubs and I don't always eat when the girls do. But we stay with them and talk over their eating noises ;o)


Yeah, but I don't own much. Seems silly to spend so much money on something that stays on so short a time lol.

Tiffany said...

Depending on the item, I can be a spender or a saver. I tend to overspend at Christmas but normally, I'm pretty good about keeping my spending in check.

I'm all about Mexican food. But I also love Thai and Chinese and Sushi and Hibachi. And I love Greek too. hee hee

I love to host.

No, haven't maintained one single friendship from school. Our 20 year reunion was last month and I did run into a few classmates in the cyberworld of but lost touch with them during and after college.

Never been in the audience but would love to see Oprah or Ellen.

I've saved every card and letter from my spouse. In the basement, I still have every card and letter from my boyfriend of 8 years (through high school and college). Really need to do something with those letters and cards in the basement, come to think of it.

I'm all about fall. Being from the midwest, I've always looked forward to the beautiful colors. Although the colors aren't as vibrant down here, I do still enjoy the change. I enjoy opening the windows, decorating for fall and Halloween, making the girls Halloween costumes, apple picking, pumpkin patch trips, hay rides and the always fun trick or treating.

Growing up, I ate in one room by myself while my parents ate in another room. Now, the girls eat at the table, I usually sit and talk with them or talk with them while cleaning up and hubby eats later when he gets home from work.

Anywhere on the beach.

I used to enjoy it although I don't know where it is anymore! LOL Now it's cutoff sweatpants and one of hubby's tees.

@TiffanyRom said...

SPENDER... as in BIG.

Sushi. Salmon Sushi.

HOST. (The book and the position)

My oldest friend and I have been hanging out since I was 9 months old and she was 13 months.

Saw Growing Pains taped while I was in it. thankyouverymuch. I would love to see Oprah.

Yes on husband no on old flames... they went up in flames.

Not working.

Ate together!

I am going to say Mexico, cause the flight is doable and there are some beautiful places.

I do on occasion.

Jennifer P. said...

oooooh! These questions get more 'sophisticated' and though-probing each week. It's like having a reflective therapy session :)!

*Somewhere in the middle. It feels really good to spend $ you've saved :)

*that Naan bread (did I spell that right?) you get at Indian restaurants. Yummy!


*yes and yes. My bff's are almost all ones I've known all my life!

*No. But I reeeeeally want to go see and episode of Judge Judy or People's Court taped live. I loves me some feisty lady judges :)

*Yes. I do like to save---but in a very organized way. I have actually carried an old letter my boyfriend wrote me around in my planner for 10 years now. He just answered a lot of "past questions" in it for me, and somehow--if I feel bad about myself---I read through it and think "hey! I really did make a difference in someone's life when I thought I meant nothing to them". That's more than you wanted to know I'm sure! ;)

*Kicking and crunching the leaves. And drinking apple cider. And smelling pumpkins. I just love everything about fall!

*We tried. Mostly ate out. I'm a "we're at this table together every night at 6 no matter what" kind of mom!

*The Oregon Coast. But ask me tomorrow and it'll probably be somewhere else :)

*Not anymore!

Rosemary Q said...


Mexican, enchiladas, rice and beans.

Almost always the host...we have a pool.

I am friends with two of my best friends from high school.

Yes, and I'd like to see a talk show live, like Ellen.

I do save them all.

I love baking fall foods like, pumpkin bread and spice cookies, and I really love Halloween.

We ate together growing up and we did the same with our kids.

Costa Rica

Joyce said...

Hi! This is my first time playing. I posted the answers on my blog. Thanks so much for hostessing this fun activity, which I found out about from Storyteller. :)

Anonymous said...

Italian as long as its pasta.
nope/ Martha Stewart or Ellen
yes but I've no idea where they are--nothing from other dudes except James. some letters from some friends along the way. my first diary, too.
buying a pumpkin and letting it rot in the afternoon sun. Texas does not really do fall. I miss fall. sigh.
mostly we are together and still do. it's the cooking part that i don't do so much.
LAke Tahoe
nope--makes me laugh too much. then cry to much. sex is not supposed to be so cathartic.sigh.

Kelly said...

Spender or saver? Spender 'cause I have nothing saved!

What is your favorite type of ethnic food? Which dish? Naked burrito

Guest or host? Would love to host more, but hubby's guest

Are you still friends with anyone from high school? Elementary school? Yes, a still have about 5 friends I'm in contact with.

Have you ever been in the audience for the taping of a TV show? What show would you like to see live? I would love to see the "Daily Show" or "Ellen". I don't watch much "Oprah", but I would love to be an audience member for her favorite things show!

Do you save cards and letters from your spouse? What about from friends or old boyfriends? Yes I do...My old boyfriend's letters are in a box at my Mom's house...don't know why...

What is your favorite fall activity? going to the pumpkin patch

When you were growing up, did your family eat dinner together or whenever you had time? What do you do with your family now? Eat together and eat together

You have just inherited a vacation home. Where do you want it to be? In a beach town somewhere...nowhere specific.

"Brevity is the soul of lingerie." ~ Dorothy Parker Do you like to wear sexy lingerie? Nope, pure comfort at bedtime for poor hubby!!

John Deere Mom said...

Well, I missed it but I want to play anyway.

Just one...friends since 7th grade
Never been to a taping, but I would love to see any game show
I have old cards from friends and old boyfriends, and I usually keep cards from the husband too.
Decorating outside with pumpkins, mums, and straw
We ate together all the time, now kids eat while we watch, we eat when they are in bed
Vacation home-Hawaii
Sexy lingerie-Definitely has its place...but it's been awhile, that's for sure!

Unknown said...

Neither... no moneyer

Mexican - Carne Asada

Both - just love to be around people.

I have elementary friends on my facebook - does that count? I'm friends with one person from high school.

No... hmmm... I think I'd like to see Ellen.

I have a stack from Mr. B... and a select few from past boyfriends...

Going to a pumpkin farm.

We almost always ate together in elementary school. Junior High & high school I was on my own a lot. Now we always eat together.

Canadian Rockies.