Thursday, March 4, 2010


I hear that Tuesday is the day that I am supposed to be random.  But since I am usually a day late and a dollar short.  Thursday makes perfect sense to give you the bits and pieces.  Flotsam and jetsam.  List of sundries. 

I had almost thought that I was back in the swing of blogging.  And now it's been almost two weeks since I posted.  I have 9 posts in draft on my dashboard.  But I don't suppose that counts.  However.  My photoblog is current.  Shocking, no?

A post that is currently residing in my head.  And not in the draft section.  Is one on Judy Blume.  But every time I think about it.  I get irate.  And flummoxed.  For what you ask?  Barnes and Noble has a new rating system on their website.  And a group rated "Are you there God, It's me Margaret" as a book that is IFFY for anyone under 14.  IFFY?  Are you kidding me?  I could go on and on.  But what comes out is incoherent babble.  And incoherent babble rarely makes a good blog post.  Unless it's titled Foderol.  So.  Instead.  I decided to get my 8 year old a copy of the illustrious book.  All in the spirit of solidarity.

Speaking of books.  I just finished Edith Wharton's "Ethan Frome."  It was my bookclub reading for the month.  And I had thought I read it in high school.  But after finishing it.  I am not so sure.  I don't recall any of it.  Of course it is always possible that I was supposed to read it.  But didn't.  Anyway...I really liked it.  The writing is amazing.  And picturesque.  But the subject matter.  There is not another way to describe it other than bleak.  Or tragic.  Ethan - the title character - is just trapped in a horrible life.  Where he is just trying to figure out how to survive.  Rather than to live. 

Katie is studying weathering in science.  Specifically  Devil's Tower in Wyoming.  And how it's the neck of the volcano.  But the outside of the volcano eroded away.  Naturally, we watched "Close Encounters" to go along with the lesson.  About weathering.  *Ahem*. 

We end up going to Panera bread every Thursday for lunch. It's an expensive addiction. But yummy.

Madalyn keeps talking about this delicious drink she is getting at school. She wants to know when we can get some ya-hoo milk. And she refuses to believe me when I told her it's called yoo-hoo. Not ya-hoo.

I am just loving LOST this season.  I don't think that there has ever been a show that is that enveloping.  And I love that Katie is watching it with us.  Look at the cool shirt I found for her:

On the other hand.  I don't think that American Idol could be any worse than it is this season. 

So...what about you?  Opinions on Judy Blume?  Did you pretend to read required books in school? 

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Shannon said...

Um, I'm almost afraid to admit this, but...

I, um...

I've never read "Are you there, God? It's me, Margaret".

{ducks and covers}

Shannon said...

Oh, and I've never read "Ethan Frome", either.

Crap. You're going to disown me.

Shannon said...

And you're not the only one I've heard who has said AI is awful this year. I gave up on that show about 6 seasons ago and haven't watched it since.

Elena said...

Yes, "ARe you there God?" is DEFINATLY for girls 8-13. How else do we learn about periods? (And what the heck does IFFY mean?)

AI is AWFUL- and you know me and my AI. I'm so sad.

And I have never heard of Ethan fromwhatever. So obviously I didn't read that one. I just finished Summer of the Monkeys, which I never read in school either, but everyone else on earth seemed to. I loved it though. I think it's my new favorite book right up there with Box Car Children.

And...yes one more..boy I have a lot say today, I did NOT know that Devils Tower is the neck of the volcano!! I even went there last fall. How did I miss that?! You learn something new everyday.

Rosemary Q said...

American Idol...dud.
Judy Blume, not a dud.
Lost, don't know if it's a dud because I haven't watched it, but I'm sure it's not.
Panera, NOT a that place!

The only book I remember reading in school was Catcher in the Rye, all the others must have been the books I pretended I read.

Love this post!

Finding Normal said...

What is wrong with Are You There God? I re-read it a few years ago before putting it out for my 6th graders to read and don't remember a single thing. It's tame compared to what they can see watching The Bachelor or some of the other shows these days!
Tried to get into AI for the first time in several seasons. Failed.
Have never watched Lost. Well, I tried at the very beginning, but didn't like it. Sorry.
Panera is rumored to be opening less than 2 miles from my house. This will be problematic for my butt. Cheddar broccoli soup and a greek salad. YUM!

Tam said...

LOVE LOVE JUDY BLUME! Are you there God Me Its me Margret is ONE book I would so give to my 8 year old girl if I had ONE!!!!

I do not watch lost and I have not read the book.

Panera...LOVE that place. I am addicted to it but it is expensive!

Heather said...

I can understand "Wifey" being iffy, but "Are you there, God?", really? I think the book censor/rating at B&N needs to be rethinking this one. We have girls having babies at the age of 14 at our hospital, for heavens' sake!

I loved to read in high school, although not always the books they wanted me to be reading. Started reading Stephen King in third grade ("Cujo" was my first). What would B&N have to say about that?!

I love LOST, I love Katie's shirt, and I love Panera. I used to stop by for an asiago cheese bagel and fresh OJ at least two mornings on my home from night shift. Until my butt got two sizes too big, and I was forced to give it up. So sad.

I never have gotten into AI, and I'm glad...

BTW, Cara donated her win to you; I sent you an email. Congrats!

And your word verification for me? "worms"

Must be spring!

Samantha said...

Rating books inappropriately always smacks a bit of a pre-cursor to book burning to me. There has been so much controversy over so many children/young adult books over the past few years. I'm not afraid of controversial books. For example, "The Giver" is a controversial book and my daughter and I are still having excellent conversations about it.

I have all of the Lost episodes on my DVR from this season. I'm looking forward to watching them!

Susie said...

I think rating books leaves out common sense. Judy Blume iffy? Give me a break!

~Michelle~ said...

You know, my parents always let me have free reign at the library, and I always seemed capable of picking appropriate books for myself (until I started sneak reading harlequin romances at the rip ol' age of 14). So I would say let kids read whatever they want to. That was what completely led me down the path as a "reader."

Brandy said...

AI is awful this year. But at least Haeley is GONE! WOOT!

And Judy Blume should be worshipped. That book rules.

Claremont First Ward said...

I learned all the basics from Judy Blume. I agree with you.

Aleta said...

I LOVED Judy Blume!!! I can't believe they called it "IFFY" - oh pulease!!!!!

Totally agree with you about American Idol. Nobody is rocking my socks off this season.

LOST -- OH YEAH!!!! Greg can't stand it. Can't. Stand. It. Me - I'm glued to the TV when it comes on. Lol.

HiHoOhio said...

love Judy, read the cliff notes! Ok, I admitted it, shame on me.

CaraBee said...

I read pretty much every Judy Blume book I could get my hot little hands on when I was 8-10. They were perfectly appropriate for that age. That is when you want to read that stuff. By 14, you're on to much darker and more mature material.

And Lost. Pure awesome. Tonight's episode. Fell in love with Ben a little.

Teri said...

When I worked the Cookie Cart at the middle school over the last few years, the kids were always asking to purchase a Yahoo. I snickered. I remembered hating this drink as a kid. Yoohoo Chocolated Drink = brown chocolate flavored water. Ick.

John Deere Mom said...

LOVE Judy Blume...I can't believe they marked it iffy. I think THEY are iffy!
American Idol is kind of crap this season. I don't love anyone and can barely remember any of their names. That's a bad sign.
Lost? Never watched it. Sorry.

Firefly Mom said...

Love, love, love Judy Blume!! I can't believe that they rated it "iffy".

Melissa said...

I could have sworn I commented on this post.....were you just waiting for me to comment so you could go ahead and post something new. I'm honored, didn't have to wait on me. Yes....I didn't comment. Where did mine go? I said great and wonderful things about Judy Blume.....What Happened?

Melissa said...

Yes, I did comment is what I meant.....:)

Tam said...

HI Kat! Just popped over on your blog to say hello and hope you guys have a Great Easter up in ATL! I also hope spring has sprung and you are out enjoying it!

Michelle said...

Iffy for under 14? Do they provide any sort of logic for this? Wow. I definitely read that long before 14, and it should be read by people before 14. *sigh*

amy said...

That's pretty whack about "Are you there God..." I think I was 11 when I read that, and my mom was SUPER overprotective. That was also the time we were all sneaking around to read VC Andrews books and Sybil. Ah, the deviant nature of youth.

Read Ethan Frome in high school, and hated it. But then, I hate tragedies, particularly when I feel it all could have been easily avoided if people weren't stupid. (Which is my take, fyi, on all the Shakespearean tragedies as well.)

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