Friday, February 19, 2010

In the kitchen with Kat: Chicken Tacos

Recipes used to be a regular feature here at casa Sunshine and Lemonade. In fact, it was almost a year ago when I last posted a recipe. A yummy chicken and rice casserole. The perfect thing to offer to your family. Or someone in need of a meal. Much better than some of the more interesting offerings that we received while on braincation. Like pot roast pasta. Or carrot jello. Or boiled cabbage. Or lasagna with peas and corn. Not that I am complaining. Dinner made by someone else is always a good thing. Unless it's pot roast pasta. I am now the proud owner of a rather large hole.

One of the kitchen tools that I have never been a huge fan of is the crockpot. I have used mine occasionally. Never with much success. It seems like everything that I have tried ends up tasting the same. Or swimming in its own grease. Appetizing not. However. I do have a few crockpot recipes that I like. And I thought I'd share them with you.  Starting with the very easiest one. Easy. And most importantly - yummy.

This recipe is so easy that it only calls for three ingredients. Three. 3. T.H.R.E.E. That's it. Bonelesss chicken breasts. Salsa. And taco seasoning.

Just dump them all in your crockpot.

Maybe swirl it a bit with a spoon. And ignore it the rest of the day.

When it's cooked, that chicken will just fall apart. It might need a smidge of help from you and a fork. But it's rather effortless.

And voila! Chicken tacos.

What is interesting about this is that chicken you started with. Well. It's like it multiplies. After you eat your tacos. You will still have LOTS of chicken left. You can freeze some. You can make chicken nachos. You can make enchiladas. Taco salad. Tortilla soup. Or just keep noshing on it as you do the dishes. And wonder about the mystery of your disappearing leftovers.

Here is my simple recipe:
6 boneless chicken breast (frozen or thawed)
16oz jar of salsa spiced to your taste
1 envelope of taco seasoning

Put all the ingredients in the crockpot and cook for 4 hours on high or 8 hours on low. Enjoy!

So...what about you? Do you like your crockpot? Have a favorite crockpot recipe? Do you use those crockpot liners?

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texcindy said...

sounds yummy and super easy! I'll have to put it on my list for next week!

Shannon said...

I love my crockpot, though I don't use it very often.

And I've never used those plastic liners. Maybe I should.

KimmyDarling said...

I need to make this, because I JUST found Taco Seasoning at Trader Joe's, and bought a few packs! (Tried it last night for Taco Night, and it was great.)

I just did a TWO Ingredient Chicken Thing a couple of weeks ago. A frozen pound of chicken (love that it doesn't even have to thaw) with a bottle of Frank's Hot Buffalo Sauce. If you like buffalo wings, it's worth a try.

I have never seen those bags, but I MUST HAVE THEM! Thanks for the recipe and the new product to try!


CaraBee said...

I love my crockpot, although I only use it a couple of times a month. I use the recipe book that came with it and have found some okay recipes, but I have not experimented much. I will definitely try this one! I love easy and I love chicken tacos. Win/win!

Tiffany said...

I love the idea of the crockpot although many of my recipes taste the same as well. I did make some yummy chicken noodle soup last weekend which was a hit.

I am currently OUT of liners but definitely need to get some soon as I want to make chicken tacos now! :)

And pot roast pasta? Seriously?

Gina said...

LOVE my (mom's) crock pot. I make a lot of stuff. Like BBQ ribs, throw a whole chicken in there in the am, I make my own beans instead of buying them canned...
But, this looks good, too.

Brandy said...

I use my crockpot about once a month b/c I'm one of those freaks that will only use it when someone is home. No accidental fires for me! As if.

I have to ask...did you really get "Like pot roast pasta. Or carrot jello. Or boiled cabbage. Or lasagna with peas and corn."? And if so what the heck is pot roast pasta, or carrot jello?

Gramma 2 Many said...

I have made a similar recipe using Rol Tel canned tomatoes instead of salsa. I think I would like the salsa better.
Now I have a problem, my old crock pot that I have been using since I gave my big one to Gina has a crack in the crock. Should I buy a new one or ask Gina for my other one back? Think I will probably buy a new one because the one Gina is using is to big for just the two of us.

Samantha said...

I make a very similar recipe to this one. I agree - the chicken DOES multiply. My sweet sister-in-law (the same one who gave me the awesome cabinet in our school room) bought a box of those crockpot liners for me. Love them!


Susie said...


Tam said...

I love MY Crockpot! Pulled pork in a crock pot is my fave!

Michelle said...

Oh, I love my crock pot. Issues being what they have been here lately, I haven't used mine much lately, but I will have to change this.

What's the bag lining your crock pot? I'm intrigued (then again, my husband does the dishes, so it isn't THAT big a deal for me) ;)

Jenny said...

I use both my crockpot and my pressure cooker fairly frequently. I've done something similar with a pork loin and BBQ sauce. It looks delicious. And I think I need to try those liners. I keep forgetting they are out there.

Michelle said...

I hope you know that I bought chicken today JUST so I could make these on Tuesday :)

Aleta said...

I haven't used my crockpot in a while, but I REALLY like this idea. Only 3 ingredients and it sounds yummy.

But ok, I have a stupid question, what do you have going around the crockpot? Is that some type of plastic??

Michelle said...

Guess what *I* had for dinner! Even the wee ones ate it (although I took it out before shredding it for them since they don't "do" sauce. Yum!

Turning the Clock Back said...

Hi, just stopping by to check out the blog, couldn't remember if I'd given you one of these but stop by my blog when you have a chance, I have something for you! Have a great day!


Sarah Lou said...

I love any recipe that goes dump it all in a crock pot. but I have to say Im very jealous! crockpot liners???? I have never seen them in australia!! what a perfect idea!! the ease of crock pots is sometimes undone by the sooking of the kids when I make them clean the bloomin things!!

Becky P said...

I love my crock pot and use it once or twice a week. I make EVERYTHING in there. Tonight we are having beans. Put them on this morning with a couple ham hocks and we'll be set when I get home. I make a mean taco soup that really doesn't need to be cooked in there but leave it on all day and it makes the house smell yummy.

I put a whole chicken in there and cook all day...I make ribs in there. I put a pork roast in there with a packet of dry onion soup mix and a BIG can of mushroom soup and cook all day.

My crock pot is close to being my best friend. LOL I will definitely have to try your chicken tacos. They look yummy.

Teri said...

This is so funny...I just decided this week to start using my crockpot more often. Like at least two times a week. The other day, I threw in three really large, bone-in chicken breasts. Nothing else. Those things were absolutely falling off the bone when they were ready. We made chicken burritos. I used some for chicken salad the next day. I'll have some more for lunch tomorrow. Yes, it expands!

A favorite - get a bag of 16 bean soup, pour in about 4 or 5 cans of chicken broth, and turn it on all day. About 30 minutes before dinner, I throw in cut up already-cooked turkey sausage links (you know, that long kind?). I let it heat on high for 15-30 minutes. Everyone loves it.

I find those liners at Target and Kroger. Mess saver.

Carrot jello? Carrot jello???

mommy nurse said...

surfing blogs and found your receipe. Had all of the ingredients so I through it together before I left for work. Came home to yuummmmy! Now the left overs are wiped into an mexican burrito special for dinner tonight, another fix it and forget! Thanks

AMIT said...

Your recipe seems to be really yummy.

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