Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordy Wednesday: You went where? To meet who?

I have waxed rasphodic about Gregory Maguire's Wicked. It is my favorite book. I love the musical. I love the message. I love the symbolism. I love that I GET the symbolism. I even had a necklace made that was inspired by it.

So about a month ago my friend Jeanine told me that he had a new book coming out. And I realized that he was coming to Atlanta. I knew that I had to go and meet him. It was a little tricky to coordinate because Katie has choir practice on Tuesday nights. But suddenly the stars were in alignment and Katie and Madalyn were invited to a girl scout skating party. So, I had childcare all sewn up.

Until last night. When just as quickly as they came into alignment...they fell out. So, I did what any rising mother of the year would do. I left my children home. Alone. To fend for themselves. So I could leave early. And get a great seat.**

Jeanine and I decided to carpool down together. Because one does not go to the wilds of downtown Atlanta. To the gay bookstore. Alone.We arrived about an hour and half early. We found out that we had to get a ticket to get an autograph. And to get a ticket, we had to buy a book. So...I bought the book. And got a ticket. Lucky number 107. But. We were really early. And because we were so early, we were able to nab one of the lucky 25 seats. Yep. Only 25 seats. And my tush was in one of them.

The bookstore itself is very small. There were so many kitschy things that just made me happy. But with so many people, it was difficult to get pictures. I do love their CD case. Does this just not prove I am at a gay bookstore?

Kathy Griffin. Patti LaBelle. And Cher. Where's Liza Minelli when you need her?

And I love the book selection. Well...besides the lesbian book...the Philippa Gregory one sent me into fits of giggles. Sorry Jeanine. I know. You can't take me anywhere.

After we entertained ourselves for a while. And watched the crowd grow exponentially. Gregory Maguire finally arrived.

He told us a story about how he seems to follow David Sedaris on book tours - and how he finally met him. And then he read a selection from his newest novel, A Lion Among Men. He is incredibly animated when he reads.

And funny.

And very entertaining.

He spent about an hour answering questions.

And then it was time for autographs. And because we were early. We dindn't have to wait for lucky number 107 to be called. We were first, bay-be!

I showed him my defy gravity necklace -so he was inspired to write this in my very well worn, well read, sort of falling apart copy of Wicked.

And then he graciously posed for pictures.And posed again with Jeanine and me.My boobs look huge in this picture. (Did I just write that?) about you? What authors would you love to meet? Have you ever met anyone famous? Gotten an autograph? Left your children home alone?

**No children were harmed due to the activities mentioned in this post. They locked the doors. Played nicely. And waited for their dear sweet grandmother to come home and cook microwave dinner.

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Theme song: Popular and Defying Gravity from the Wicked soundtrack.


Jennifer P. said...

Posing with famous authors--wowie wow ;)!

Man! Is it Wednesday already?! I need to get to bed!

I Love Purple More Than You said...

You love the book selection!? "Lesbian Sex?" Is there something you need to tell us? LOL.

Very cool evening!!!

jori-o said...

Yay for you that you got to meet him...and what an AWESOME inscription, just for you!

Ruskin said...

I love the photos of him. He really is very animated, perhaps he should be on tv too.
Soemtimes I think I would love to meet Paul Theroux, but I would be scared about what he might write about me. Nobody comes over very well in his books!

Suzann said...

oh my goodness you are a hoot. You can't take me anywhere either - I find the goofiest things hysterical and once I get started, it's hard for me to stop.

What a fun time!!! If I had the opportunity I would love to meet Stephen King. He's a nutty guy and rather twisted to write what he writes and since I've read a lot of it, I guess I'm not so normal either.

Becky W said...

WOW!! I love love love Wicked!!! I would want to meet Laura Ingalls Wilder, Jane Austen or Louisa May Alcott.

Unknown said...

Love it! My dd will be so jealous! We need to find a way to have a Atl get-together.

Shannon said...

Before I scrolled down past the CD pic... I was thinking:

Cher? Check.

LaBelle? Check.

Kathy Griffin? Check.

Yup, gay bookstore! ;)

(not that there's anything wrong with that)

Authors I would like to meet would include Stephenie Meyer, Sue Grafton and Laura Ingalls Wilder...

And I have not left my kids home alone. Yet. But I have threatened to do so on many occasions.

Unknown said...

#1 - I leave my kids home alone. So far so good.

#2 - I'm SUPER jealous you got to meet him. I re-read Wicked last weekend and it REALLY is such a good book.

#3 - I think your boobs look perfectly lovely.

#4 - I had to say #3 to make people wonder about you and a gay bookstore...

Anonymous said...

That's so cool! I may have to just get my hands on this Wicked book now to see what everyone is talking about.
Leaving kids home alone - not yet (they are 2 and 6 so..) first opportunity I can do that and they don't kill each other or burn down the house - I'm there!

Angie's Spot said...

That's very exciting! I get star struck very easily, but the only famous person I've ever met is River Phoenix. And gotten his autograph. I'm sure you read that post of mine.

I would love to meet Jen Lancaster. Her books make me cry with laughter.

And no, I've not left my kids home alone. Although, at one point this past weekend, after having dealt with them by myself for several days straight, I seriously considered going out for ice cream after they were in bed.

Mama Dawg said...


I love Wicked. I want to see it on Broadway.

I haven't read the second one yet, but I want to. I just haven't bought it yet.

Now I gotta go get this one.

You're so lucky.

I did get the autograph of some author, but it was his first book and I don't even remember it. I did e-mail him a couple of times and he responded very nicely each time but then I ran out of things to e-mail him about, so I stopped.

But, I still got his autograph in his book.

sassy stephanie said...

Way to go. How cool!

Did this photographer follow your pic taking "rules"? I can just see you giving the directions now!

Anonymous said...

your boobs looks really huge and really perky! congratulations! If going to a gay bookstore is what does it for those gals of yours, then go for it!
how great that you got to meet him in real life! I'm sure K and M didn't burn den the house. now please excuse me while i go read my own, unautographed copy...

Anonymous said...

So cool that you got to meet him!! As for your boobs... I wish I had them. Now get you boobs over to my blog and pick up your "BOO" sign!!

You've been Bloggy Boo-ed!!

Go and pick up your Boo sign from my blog then go and boo more blog friends!!

Boo... Baby Boo!!!!!!!!

~Jill :)

Rhea said...

Awesome post, Kat!

I'm so glad you got to meet Gregory Maguire. How cool!!

I love meeting favorite authors...not that I have done it before. Wait, I did go to a book reading by the Percy Jackson series author. He was awesome.

I'd love to meet Jodi Picoult, J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyers...and many more.

Rhea said...

The site of The Other Queen on the book shelf had me laughing.

Skeller said...

Wow - what a total treat for you to meet an author whom you hold in such high regard!! I'm so glad you got one of the 25 seats. Soooo.... what were your questions to him?!?

I think perhaps I'd love to meet Harper Lee.

Jen said...

this is SO cool for you. I have tried to meet one of my favorite chefs but failed. What an awesome night.

jennifersusan said...

My mother called me and told me I had to come and comment about this and let you know that she is GREEN with envy! How exciting! I'm pretty envious too! You're so lucky!

Anonymous said...

That's so cool that you got to meet him and get pictures and everything! I'd love to meet Stephenie Meyer or Janet Evanovich or Libba Bray... They are probably my top 3 but I could go on :P

Aubrey said...

Ok...I giggled when I saw The Other Queen. What a great experience! Wicked is on my list of TO READ books. I just gotta get my hand on a copy from our library!

KimmyJ said...

I cannot believe that I have not read any of these books. I will be doing so pronto!! It looks so fun and like my kinda night!!

Lula! said...

I have not read Wicked. Why didn't you buy me a copy and have it autographed? Dude.

But this was AWESOME! Your boobs, Mr. Gregory and his animated self, and the gay bookstore. I so want to go a gay bookstore in Atlanta. I'd fare better than than in a gay bar.

Authors I want to meet...Francine Rivers and Stephenie Meyer, of course. And Stephen King, to discuss pop culture with him. And Herschel Walker...yes, he's written a book, and he's my hero.

I have Paula Deen's autograph--and her husband's. Woooooooooooo!

Elena said...

Oh my!! You got his autograph! I really want to read Wicked. Infact, why don't YOU do a WIcked give away and then secretly pick me to win the book? ;) Now, if you really do have a give away and if by some miracle I won, all your blogger buds would be suspicious. Guess I'll just have to go buy it myself. So cool that you got to meet him and what a great note he wrote you!

Elena said...

Oh, and I leave my kids home alone all the time. Okay not ALL the time, but more often than I should. Don't turn me in. Infact, for kicks and giggles you should read my post "Trauma House" from last December.

Aleta said...

Sounds like you had a blast! What great pictures and how cool that he signed your book. I'm happy for you. You have a beautiful smile, by the way!

Kelly said...

I am so JEALOUS!! I was so excited to see that you were writing about Gregory Maguire today...I am actually reading this book right now...How weird is that?!
Makes me want to go read WICKED again!
I'm also excited that Phillipa Gregory has a new book....I didn't know about that!

Kelly said...

I am so JEALOUS!! I was so excited to see that you were writing about Gregory Maguire today...I am actually reading this book right now...How weird is that?!
Makes me want to go read WICKED again!
I'm also excited that Phillipa Gregory has a new book....I didn't know about that!

Swirl Girl said...

First of all - you are awesome! In all my years of being a mom...okay, all 9 of them - I don't really do things for myself. I am not talking about getting my nails done, or shopping ; I am talking about feeding a passion. That kind of doing for myself.

I think it's amazing that you are still fostering your karma in ways that I only wish I had kept doing.

Secondly- I have met several famous people...and I have left my kids home alone (albeit for a minute or 10)

Brandy said...

Oh how sweet! First you get that gorgeous necklace and now you get to meet a famous writer. Lucky ducky.

I totally get the "other queen" joke; does that make me bad too?

~And of course you got me singing if anyone wants to hear that!~

MsTypo said...

I am so jealous that you got to meet the genius behind "Wicked." I'm a total book addict but have never been able to meet any of the authors. That's tres, tres cool!!

I'm jealous that you get to see the King Tut exhibit!! My mother is currently bemoaning the fact that he is on vacation and may not be here to see her. Very cool!!

Thanks for blog love yesterday on my BAtW day! *blush* I'll defintely be back for regular visits here!!! :)

Susie said...

What a thrill!

Jeanine said...


Your blog of our experience is awesome! I hadn't had a chance to check until this evening. It was so much fun! You are the best Photographer. Oh yeah...Shannon and Reah...Don't hate me, but I have gotten signed copies of books from both Sue Grafton and Jodi Picoult. In the past. They are both great.

Now, as Gregory said in my book

"Best Witches!"


Trish said...

Wow that looks like fun!!

GNO in a gay book store. How ironic is that?

And I did not even notice your boobs until you mentioned them, then I scrolled back to look at them. hhhmmmm. they look fine to me ;-) and i'm straight!

I have never read or seen Wicked. I'll have to pick that up.......unless of course you are giving one away this weekend?!? In which case I know you'd secretly randomly choose me (not Elena!) right.

Oh and I've let my eight year old come home from soccer practice when we weren't home............once he stayed home for 30 minutes before we got home. I did do some research and WA state does not have a "home alone law" meaning there is no set age in which you can start leaving your kids home alone at. It would just be up to the courts to determine neglect............

I guess that leaving my four year old home alone would probably be neglect!

Carrie said...

You should have worn your "I love my huge ta-tas" shirt to the book signing. heehee

That's it! I'm honestly going to start reading it today! I promise! I'm almost caught up on commenting--almost!

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The Joye of Teaching said...

This is so cool! I met and visited with Avi. You make me want to reread Wicked.

Unknown said...

I loved the book, also! What a great day for such a big fan!

Nissa said...

I would love to meet Anne Rice. It's too bad I didn't while I lived in New Orleans. *sigh*

Famous- Yeah, I bumped into (literally) Shaquille O'Neal when I was at my first LSU party. I came up to just past his navel, and I had no idea he was some great basketball star at the time.

I confess- I left Trist alone when there was a meet & greet in 2000 for Wesley Clark. I volunteered on his campaign. I spent the evening worrying incessantly, drinking too much wine, and when I got my picture with General Clark, I was all pink from being tipsy.