Sunday, July 27, 2008

Contest Entries are closed

The contest is full! We have 16 entries - and yes, Teri you can play. Apparently I am susceptible to the power of the whine. I am so glad that you all decided to participate so that I didn't have to party by myself. Like I am going to do on Tuesday when I have my Pampered Chef party. And explain to the consultant that I am a loser and have no friends. Anyone want any Pampered Chef stuff?

I digress. Tomorrow I will have a list of all the entries posted along with a poll on the sidebar. Come back and vote and we'll declare a winner on Friday.

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KimmyDarling said...

Somehow my feed-reader missed the contest blog on Friday! I will be sure to enter the next one-- I've got lots of blog driveliciousness from which to choose an entry. Love the award-- I happen to be a huge fan of any sort of Queendom.

Have a great time at your Pampered Chef party! Have you seen the list of stuff that's being discontinued? (Like the ENTIRE Chillzanne line?) If your consultant doesn't have a list made up that you can email to your friends/family (or anyone who eats), just let me know, and I'll send you one. (It could help you get some outside orders!) The guest special this month is ADORABLE, too.

Hope you have a blast, and that she fixes something delicious! Oh, and get your PC Lady to bring the Grill Basket-- it's my latest personal favorite, and is really popular.


Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Kim--so sorry that you missed the contest! But I thought you weren't blogging anymore. And yep, it's always good to be the queen.

Thanks for all the Pampered Chef tips. I picked this month because I wanted to get in on the hostess bonuses this month. We'll see what happens on Tuesday :-)

Rhea said...

I hope the pampered chef party goes well! I've never been to one, isn't that weird?!

Probably a good thing, because I know I'd spend too much money.

Glad you had fun at the Homeschool expo! You got a good response for you contest too. :o)

Sydney said...

i'm so jealous! I loved my Pampered Chef party (i got so much stuff it wasn't even funny. just ask my husband. the boxes arrived and i think he nearly blew a gasket!) and it's been several years since anyone I know had one. hope you got some good stuff!

Tiffany said...

I LOVE Pampered Chef!