Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Follies

It's time for our weekly getting to know you session. And this week is extra special because today is my birthday. So, let's get on our party hats and answer some questions:

When is your birthday?

What state were you born in?

Plain or with peanuts?

How many purses do you own?

Where did you meet your spouse? Best friend?

What magazines do you subscribe to?

ketchup or mustard?

Favorite Disney movie?

pen or pencil?

Most interesting class in college (or high school) that you had?

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Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Happy Birthday to me...


peanuts. Big handfuls of them. And what's funny is Madalyn despises them. My fav ice cream is Tin Roof. And it has chocolate covered peanuts in it. And so she eats my ice cream. And I find little piles of peanuts around the house. Lovely.

John Deere Mom will cringe...but it's just one. I even blogged about it - my Brighton backpack purse. I love it. And when it dies, I'll mourn.

Met Michael in a bar. And CindySue was my college room mate at UGA.

I subscribe to one. It's called Bookmarks - and it has great reviews of books I would have never heard of. We get several for homeschooling - but those are more for Katie.

neither. I like things plain.

Ooo. Why did I ask this. It's sooo hard to pick one. Animated I think I would choose Mulan. Non-animated Enchanted. Pixar: Toy Story.

Pen if it's gel ink. I don't like ball point pens. If that's my only option, I'd like a very sharp pencil.

Another why did I pick a difficult one?! I really liked my intro to Philosophy class. And a Russian History Class. Or my Medieval History class where I gave an oral presentation on the medieval views on sex. Or I suppose my intro to Anthropology class that made me change my major. Ack...there's too many to pick...

Rhea said...

My birthday is April 21st, 1977.

I was born in Texas.


Maybe three purses, but lots of tote bags and backpacks.

I met my husband in 6th grade.

I don't subscribe to any magazines right now, but in the past I have gotten National Geographic and Scientific American and People.


Shrek? Was that Disney?

pens with clickers

Most interesting class in college was medical terminology or a Texas history class...or maybe the linguistics class...or maybe the 17th century british literature class...there were so many fascinating classes!!

Rhea said...

Happy Birthday, Kat!!! I had no idea it was today. Did you do anything special to celebrate?

Insane Mama said...

Happy Birthday Kat
I don't have any purses, I'm weird
At a "hospital"
The little Mermaid
In college I took a Health class that was taught by a trans-sexual Whos name used to be peter and then changed it to patricia. She/he was cool and opened my eyes up to a lot of neat thoughts

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday!!!




too many to even take a guess!!!

hubby & I met @ college... my sis is my best friend, so I guess we met when she came home from the hospital

Entertainment Weekly, Family Circle, Parents


Sleeping Beauty (if Pixar films count, then it would be The Incredibles)



Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Kat,
Happy Birthday to you...

And may there be many, many returns :-)

December 13th

Wanganui, New Zealand (Wanganui is a city)


About 5, I think. But I only usually use one - a backpack purse. I like to have my hands free.

I originally met Jay online. We then reconnected after I moved over to the US and had a rather bad experience. he helped me through it and it grew from there. I met my BF Lori through my daughter.

Bon Apetit and Woman's Day

Neither most of the time.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 1,2,3. Not only does it have Johnny Depp in it ... but also Orlando Bloom...

Definitely pen... I have become addicted to gel pens. I have many..

I used to really enjoy my sociology and anthropology classes at University...

NicciN said...

Happy Birthday! Count me in. I just posted it on my blog.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!
Columbus Ohio
15 purses... only carry 2. (I know I am bad)
Met my hubby on a cruise Ship ; )
Poly Sci Nuclear Weapons.

Debbie said...

Hey I just came over to say Happy Birthday! I remember it from my Getting to Know you post.

October 17
Landstuhl, Germany
with peanuts
about 7
Good Housekeeping and Family Fun
Too many to pick really
pen but I usually only have a crayon to write with when I need one;)
Money and Banking

GBK Gwyneth said...

Happy Birthday!

When is your birthday? Jan 19

What state were you born in? NY

Plain or with peanuts? plain

How many purses do you own? 0

Where did you meet your spouse? TX
Best friend? he is my best friend

What magazines do you subscribe to?
National Geographic

ketchup or mustard?

Favorite Disney movie? does pixar count? Ratatouille maybe

pen or pencil? nice pen

Most interesting class in college (or high school) that you had? graph theory

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Thanks for all the birthday greetings!

Rhea--We are sort of celebrating today by going snorkeling. Then when we get home I want to go see Mama Mia. And Shrek is soooo not Disney :-) But I love how they make fun of Disney. I didn't know you met your husband in 6th grade! How cool.

IM--If you don't use a purse - how do you carry around your stuff? A backpack? No stuff?

Shannon--Thanks so much for the birthday greetings! I loved my geology classes in college. In fact next year for science with Katie we are going to do geology with DVDs from The Teaching Company.

Karen--We have much in common! I need my hands free too - hence the back pack purse. And my shoulders will never keep a purse up. I can't believe my mind blanked on Pirates being a Disney movie...

Yertle-I'll be coming by to check it out...

Tressa--So, you collect purses? :-) And that college course sounds interesting! Were you a Poly Sci major?

Debbie--I know...there are too many Disney movies to pick. I was thinking animated when I wrote the question. And then when I went to answer I thought of all the other possibilites.

Gwyneth--I haven't seen Ratatouille. It's in my queue - but keeps getting pushed to the bottom as we are watching more movies. But I need to move it to the top!

Lula! said...

Let's remind everyone who got their birthday wishes in 12 minutes early. Just sayin'.

Here we go:
December 4, 1974

GEORGIA! (There are other states?)

Duh...with peanuts, please

I refuse to answer this question the the grounds that gluttony is a sin.

I met my spouse on the internet. YES, I did. My BFF? I have several...some I met in elementary, some in high school, some in college. And then my real BFF is internet boy.

In Style, People, Entertainment Weekly, Southern Living, TV Guide...

Both, please.

Sleeping Beauty if we're going animated, Summer Magic if live action. And every other Hayley Mills flick, too.

Youth Ministry 201--with Dr. Doug Randlett teaching & my college BFF sitting next to me. Good times.

Have a FABULOUS birthday, Katrina!!! Yeah, I used your full name. It's your full b-day, so why not?

Angie's Spot said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAT!!! How great that you get to spend it at the beach!

My bday is 8/19/75.

I was born in Tennessee.

I prefer plain, but will splurge on the peanut kind every once in a while.

I only own 2 purses. My black Ralph Lauren (tj maxx mega-deal) and a handmade one a friend made me.

I met hubby at a local dept store while I was working and he was shopping. I met my bff when we were in kindergarten together.

A few of the MANY that i subscribe to are: Cooks Illustrated, Down East, Portland Magazine, Redbook, & Parenting.

Ketchup. I hate mustard.

Sleeping Beauty hands down. Always has been and always will be!


In high school, I loved my 20th Century Music Class. The teacher was way cool and my final project was a history of the band Pink Floyd. It was awesome!

Lula! said...

Oops--forgot one--always a pen. I despise pencils. They are boring. And ordinary. And have to be sharpened. What's fun about that?

Skeller said...

Happy Bday!!!! Hope it's a super terrific day in paradise for you :-D

I'm a Dec. baby. And I'm, cough cough, older than most of your visitors...


Plain. The whole bag please. There's a reason I rarely buy these little troublemakers.

Just one. And it's the size of a wallet. I like to travel lite.

Church. College.



??? Maybe the original Hayley Mills Parent Trap?

Rollerball, gel-type pens.

My general ed req'd Communications class. Ben Stein (yes, THE Ben Stein ... "Buehler? Buehler?) was the teacher.

Anonymous said...

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a fantastic day!

When is your birthday? June 7th

What state were you born in? Michigan

Plain or with peanuts? Plain

How many purses do you own? 2

Where did you meet your spouse? Best friend? Spouse - School, BF - Same

What magazines do you subscribe to? None. I just don't have the time to keep up with them. I do subscribe to a monthly newspaper though--Freethought Today.

ketchup or mustard? Neither! YUCK! I'm a plain Jane.

Favorite Disney movie? Toy Story, Finding Nemo

pen or pencil? Pen

Most interesting class in college (or high school) that you had? Marine Biology, World Religions

The Joye of Teaching said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...
March 16- Pisces
born in TN
Plain or with peanuts-- M&Ms? peanut butter
purses do you own- a few but right now love my small Target brown one :)
meet your spouse- from my restaurant's (HS job) manager introduced us/ Best friend- she lived across the street
magazines- Weight Watchers
ketchup or mustard- both please
Favorite Disney movie- ???I had to research this one! I don't have kids yet, so Little Mermaid or Pirates of the Caribbean
pen or pencil- I'm with you, gel medium pen or thick mechanical pencil
Most interesting class- student teaching

Debbie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Mine is next week!!!
I posted my answers on my blog.
Enjoy YOUR day!!!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Lula--Thanks so much for my late night wishes! And I had thought that you might have met Scott online from his birthday post. You need to write about that!

Angie--What is Down East? And what started your love affair with Maine?

Susan--I'm the oldest so far - of those who said years. How was Ben Stein as a teacher? I loved that game show he did "Win Ben Stein's money." Wasn't Jimmy Kimmel his sidekick?

Evelyn--Thanks! And it's nice to know that I am not the only adult who likes things plain...

Joye--You don't have to have kids to see Disney Movies! I remember going with Cindy to see Lion King in the theatre way before kids. And I think Little Mermaid came out when we were in college. I had poo-pooed it...thinking that she gave up everything for a man...but I went and loved it...

Elena said...

YAY! It's Kat's big day! Happy birthday to you!

January 15
Too many, My MIL sales Vera Bradley
Jr. High
Taste of Home
Little Mermaid
anatomy The human body AMAZES me.

Rosemary Q said...

August 9




Spouse: At a college party
Best Friend: First day of High School

Entertainment Weekly, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Shape, Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour, People,and many more:-)

Both of them



In high school, it was "Woman in the Arts" and our teacher was way ahead of her time. I still think about her and the class from time to time and still have 2 journals I wrote in that class.

"Word" verification...ughhhh...I wouldn't have it if I hadn't been bombarded with spam one day.

Rosemary Q said...



If you're in need of candles I'm sure my daughter might be able to cough some up:-)

What will you be doing this fine day?

I hope you have a wonderful and special day celebrating.

KimmyDarling said...

Happy birthday to you!!!

January 26th



about a dozen purses-- all bargains

Brian and I worked together at Learning Tree International. My BFF and I met when I was trading stocks-- she was a Broker Trainee at our firm.

Everyday Food, Entertainment Weekly


The Lion King

Pen-- especially the Retro 51 Tornado!

Abnormal Psych, Psychology of Men, Southern Lit, African American Lit, Art History

mary said...

7/26/61 Happy Birthday to a fellow July baby!
Atlanta, GA
two very small purses
party, work
Newsweek, Cooking Light, Sunset
Both, they go hand in hand
Cinderella (as a kid)
Physical Geography

Teri said...

Happy happy happy Birthday!!!!!

Mine is 2-16

Born in FL

Peanuts, everytime baby

I think I own maybe 3 purses, but I really only use just one - that is small enough to only hold my wallet (perfect size!)

Met Doug on Love @ AOL (I swear!)

Magazines - a few scrapbook mags, Popular Photography, Studio Photography, Rolling Stone

Mustard only

Fav Disney movie - Hmm. Not sure. I don't think I've seen many in years.


Contrary to what I thought previous to taking the class, I thoroughly LOVED American History from the beginning of time to now. Great stuff. Also, I'm digging all the Phil history stuff. Okay, I'm just geeking out all over.

Swirl Girl said...

Boston Mass
salted - the nuts and the m & ms.
about 13
hubby was 1st customer in 1991. he was a complete ass at the time.
Travel Leisure, Food and Wine and
Wine Spectator magazines
classic or current? so many to choose from
pen= bic medium point, hate the rolling writer kinds....


Swirl Girl said...

Oh yeah and favorite class was
a 20th Century American Lit class in college...I thought the most in my whole that semester.

Kelly said...


Birthday: 09/08/71
State: Delaware
Plain or Pnuts: Pnuts - hands down
Purses: 6?
Spouse & Best friend: Germany Best "girl" Friend(s): High school, Tacoma WA, Maitland, FL
Magazine: "Real Simple"
Ketchup or Mustard: Mustard
Disney Movie: so many to choose from...Little Mermaid?
Pen or Pencil: Pen (bold at least 1.6 mm - I'm a little pen obsessed)
Most interesting Class: Developmental Psychology

Firefly Mom said...

Happy Birthday!!

1. September 15
2. California
3. peanuts
4. 3, but I really only use 1
5. Met hubby when my starter hubby brought him home from college. Best thing hubby #1 ever gave me ;D
My best friend I met through my mom.
6. National Geographic, Simple Scrapbooks, Better Homes and Gardens, Sunset, Home Education Magazine.
7. ketchup
8. Our favorite animated movies aren't Disney, but if I had to pick a Disney one I'd have to say The Incredibles. That's a Disney/Pixar one, right?
9. mechanical pencil
10. Hmm, in college that would be Psychology of Human Relations.

Anonymous said...

9/21/70=100 % me
Martha Stewart Living, of course:)
ketchup on most things, mustard only for hotdogs
Peter Pan
pen all the way, baby!
Pol Sci with Danny, of course!!!!!!

Love ya lots BFF!!!! HAppy Bday to my fav!

Sorry I didn't get to cal you today while i was in airports--we'll talk when you get back from heaven! I was thinkin' about ya! thanks for the laughs this week on the blog-- I didn't have access, but after the week I had you put me right back into my normal mindset--which i desperately-- i mean...desperately!!! needed.
you ROCK!!!!! next year we're al jumping in the pool in our Hanna Montana pajamas!

Unknown said...

I have the same problem...ordinary purse just ten to slide right off my shoulders, hence the backpack purse. And of course, the hands free thing.

The only strap type purse that are any good, are the big hobo style bags with the long soft strap...but those I load up with too much stuff and end up walking around lop-sided...

I can't believe you spaced on the Pirates movies ..especially considering the amount of times you've snuck captain jack into your posts!!!

Hope your special day is going well !!!

Jennifer P. said...


June 10

Idaho---I never did get out of this place :)!

Peanuts somehow make everything seem slightly healthy....

Only one! I always buy one fabulous one, then wear it out before I buy another. I hate the idea of transferring all my stuff!

Met (ex-)spouse at college---lived across the street. Met my best friend when we were on dance team together.

Just about ever decorating and design mag. out there---Cottage LIving is my current fave. (they're all for my business!), and also Family Fun. Someone got me a gift subscription to US Weekly that I thought was dumb---and now I actually read it (or at least look at the pictures :)!) I'll read anything!

I like stuff plain. No ketchup and mustard only in dressings and marinades!

Pen--blue ink.

Humanities---I loved learning about the history of the world! Also, my clogging class!

Insane Mama said...

I don't carry anything, just my cell which fits in my pocket. I don't wear makeup and I usually don't brush my hair, so I don't need to carry anything. Plus, I use only cash and thatfits in my pocket also. Happy Birthday!!

Brian and Staci said...

Happiest of birthdays to ya girl!

Born in OK
Both---probably plain...but right now our M&M jar (yes we have a special jar JUST for them!) is full of peanut!
12-- I'm really bad about getting rid of them :(
He was my instructor in dental hygiene school! I know, VERRRY scandalous huh? Best friend--we were neighbors from birth! :)
Real Simple and Clean Eating
Mustard but only a little
Hmmm...this IS hard...Love Little Mermaid...but Toy Story is great too!
pen--medium tip!!
Dental anatomy---YOU have NOOOO idea how much teeth differ. We'd have to pick a tooth (I know...yuck) from a jar and tell if it was upper, lower, right or left....difficult to do actually!

Rhea said...

Did you see Mama Mia? Was it great?

Rhea said...

BTW, I used to love Ben Stein's Money also. Fun when Jimmy Kimmel was there. :o)

Dancing Queen said...

happy, happy day!! another fellow crab...mine was july 1st!! are you 29???

july 1, 1972



3, but lots of "bags"

met my hubby in high school, although our paths crossed in 3rd grade too! my best friend i met when we were teaching at the same elementary school

magazines...i love, love!! actually have had to cut back because i wasn't reading them all...i do get rachael ray, wondertime, family fun, vogue...


beauty & the beast


hmmmm...i'd have to say marketing was really interesting, even though it ended up not being in my field!

did anyone get you bluebell for your birthday???

and many more on channel 4
with scooby doo on channel 2
and frankenstein on channel 9!!!


John Deere Mom said...

Good Lord...what the H have I been doing?! I am SO late. Here we go...
January b-day!
So many purses...LOVE them!!!
Husband-BAR! Best friend-Middle school science class
Magazines-Nothing, but I am glad my friends do because I read theirs
Finding Nemo
Biology of Women (there was one poor guy that registed for that class, sat in one class period, and dropped out when it was NOT what he was hoping for!)

Gina said...

May 28th


M&M's? Peanut

Um, 3?

Spouse: At my New Year's Eve Party- invited by a friend
Childhood Best Friend: Under the table on the first day of Kindergarten. I was hiding, she dropped a crayon.
Current Best Friends: Karen was introduced to me by a neighbor with a daycare that babysat for her and then I got to know her through MOPs, Andreena was introduced to me by a person at my church who sold her the house down the street. The three of us are best friends together.

Family Fun, Martha Stewart, Reader's Digest, and since you can't subscribe I pick up every Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication as soon as it arives at the grocery store.


The Little Mermaid- but not for my kids. They don't like Classic Disney. For them I would have to say anything Disney/Pixar.

Pencil, although business must be conducted with a pen.

Psych 101?

KimmyJ said...

Happy B-day, Kat!
When is your birthday?
What state were you born in?
Plain or with peanuts?
All of the above
How many purses do you own?
WAY too many
Where did you meet your spouse?
Bar (country/western - haha)
Best friend?
Middle School
What magazines do you subscribe to?
Again, too many - a few are Cooking Light, Weight Watchers, Martha Stewart Living, Victoria, Woman's Day, Rachel Ray.
ketchup or mustard? both
Favorite Disney movie?
pen or pencil?
Pen- preferably with pink or purple ink
Most interesting class in college (or high school) that you had?
College - Womens Studies

Sydney said...

When is your birthday? July 26

What state were you born in? Indiana

Plain or with peanuts? plain

How many purses do you own? too many to count

Where did you meet your spouse? work

Best friend? kindergarten

What magazines do you subscribe to?
Taste of Home Simple and Delicious

ketchup or mustard? both

Favorite Disney movie? Toss up between Fantasia (I'm weird like that) and The Little Mermaid

pen or pencil? pen

Most interesting class in college (or high school) that you had?
The Journalist in the Movies - a study of Hollywoods portrayal of journalists in movies and how it affected societies view of the media.

Mama Dawg said...

I'm late on this but here we go:

When is your birthday? June 7th, 1977

What state were you born in? MS

Plain or with peanuts? plain

How many purses do you own? about 15

Where did you meet your spouse? at a bar.

Best friend? deceased

What magazines do you subscribe to?

ketchup or mustard? ketchup

Favorite Disney movie? Alice in Wonderland

pen or pencil? pen

Most interesting class in college (or high school) that you had? Arts and Humanities.

Nissa said...

I'm so sorry I didn 't make it over her to wish you a happy birthday, Kat! I really meant to!

I hope you had a lovely day!!!

For the meme:

1. The day before yours! :)

2. California

3. Depends on what it is, but typically with peanuts.

4. Oh gosh, do I have to go & count them?? I'll conservatively say 50.

5. Met my hubby at a boxing night party. My two best friends (besides him): Jenn in the 6th grade, and Tracy in college at the Student Senate.

6. Parents, Lucky

7. mustard all the way..

8. Cinderella, of course! (Plus, it's one of the few without really sad/dying moments. I can't stomach those.)

9. hmmm.. whatever is in reaching distance. I guess I prefer pens, except for when doing crossword puzzles & such.

10. Interesting? That could be taken several ways.. I had no crazy classes, but the one I was most interested in was Environmental Science in high school.

Unknown said...

February 5th, 1972



7 or 8 i think

I met my ex online.. and mr. B online... Best Friend - college

No magazines



Pen - BLUE ink please - hate black

Hmmmm... The History of Minnesota or How To Write a Song