Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: It's a mystery

We are continuing our tribute to Rhea this week with another of her traditions: the mystery photo. See if you can guess these images:

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Trish said...

#1 has me stumped....some kind of shell or crustacean??

#2 feathers of a seagull

#3 a tomato

#4 a sand dollar

#5 the crumbs in your computer keyboard

am i right??

The Joye of Teaching said...

Interesting challenge!
1 mysterious sea animal that has not been identified?
2 feathers?
3 tomato
4 tile
5 keyboard on computer

I love being 1st commenter! :)

The Joye of Teaching said...

man when I was typing Trish snuck in. Man, she's quick! hehehe

Unknown said...


1... Is that an eye peering at me?? After peering at this with my head sideways and upside down, I'm a thinkin' that these are crab legs. But it looks as though someone has tied to decorate them with gold fringing. Am I right?

2... First I thought you'd snuck into Mrs4444's closet and photographed her boa, then I remembered that it was blue ! Ummmm. it looks like a bird's wing. One of your seagull friends??

3... That one's easy, a tomato !!

4... Pretty sure it's a Sand Dollar.

5... OI !!! You snuck into my house and photographed my keyboard !! Peers at photo again. Ok, you're off the hook, there are no dog hairs !! However, it still remains ... a keyboard!

Anonymous said...

1--no idea. looks like a cross between fish and chicken skins.
2--feathers of a sea bird
4--sand dollar

that was fun--when can we play again??

Rhea said...

1. I'm going with crab
2. sea gull feathers
3. Tomato
4. sand hollar
5. keyboard - around the spacebar, on the left side.

This was fun! I'm loving my tribute week, thanks!!!!

Rhea said...

oops, sand dollar, not hollar. hehe

Rhea said...

The more I stare at that first picture trying to figure it out...the more creeped out I get!

That's one freaky photo!!

Brian and Staci said...

I love this Kat!!!!
1--Shells covered in some beachy, mossy stuff
2--feathers of a bird...maybe a dove or seagull?
4--sand dollar (just to be funny...kinda looked like a person's belly button and an atrocious hair line:)
5--crumbs in the keyboard---a regular around here...I'm a computer slob :)
About a book...I can do funny, smutty whatever you recommend! I actually checked into a book yesterday...ya know, to help raise your kids right! That's no fun though :( Is the Twilight series scarey? I keep seeing everyone rave about them!!?? BTW...loved your comment on Jennifer P.'s scarey movies post. Jaws is the reason I WILL NOT go into the ocean :) (But I do watch the movie EVERY time I'm channel surfing!) Sorry for the long post everyone!

Swirl Girl said...

1) crab legs
2)whispy forhead and blonde hair of a child with a feather boa
3) tomato
4) sand dollar
5) corner of a keyboard

Shannon said...

I'm with the majority

sand dollar
laptop keyboard

Shannon said...

PS... loved the choice of music for this post :)

Sissy said...

Yeah, what is that weird crabby thing? I hope it is not something we eat because I won't be eating it again!

Debbie said...

The first one has to be some kind of ocean critter

No clue on the second.


Sand dollar


That was fun!

Skeller said...


some feathery girly something that doesn't exist in my household

tomato top

sand dollar


Angie's Spot said...

Well, I'm late in the game here, but I'll play along.
1. Not sure, but I'll say a sea crustacean of some sort.
2. Bird feathers
3. Tomato
4. Sand dollar
5. Keyboard

KimmyDarling said...

How cool! I used to *love* doing these in World magazine when I was a kid!

Trish said...

oh lala I was correct!! and the first one!! is my prize the crumbs out of your keyboard? cuz if it is you can keep them, i have enough of my own!

That was fun, I think Ill have to try my own mystery photo sometime!