Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday Follies

Let's begin with a short week in review:

Today's the last day to vote in our poll for the most random, purposeless, drivelish blog entry. Make sure that your voice is heard in this matter of utmost importance.

My Pampered Chef party turned out okay. It was not just me and the consultant! I am channeling my mercenary side to find someone to spend $40 so that my hostess dollars roll from $60 to the next level - which is $140.

And yes...those hooligans kitties in yesterdays post do now reside at my house. I have convinced myself that I did not cave. I am not a "sucka" as you all so eloquently named me. It is my mother who is said "sucka" in that she got them for the girls. Including filling out the 10 page rescue adoption form. Yep, that's what I keep telling myself.

The girls named them Ella and Jessica (that was Ella in front in the picture) - we like people names for our animals. I tried to convince the girls to name them Agnes and Myrtle (thank you Angie!)...but they rolled their eyes and said "when pigs fly." So, there's still hope. (Oh, and Jennifer P - Todd- my mom's cat - was named by Katie. Who had a boy named Todd in her preschool class. And she liked him.)

And my computer. It deserves another moment of silence. And a prayer of Thanksgiving in that my computer guru rescued all of my pictures (all 30 gig of them!) before calling the time of death. Now it's time to work on that warranty for the hard drive that was only 2 months old...

Moving right along...It's now time for your weekly fix of random questions:

Lead or follow?

smooth or crunchy?

What language do you wish you knew?

How many houses have you lived in?

Do you know how to change a tire? Change your oil?

Were you named after anyone? Who?

Country or city?

How long have you been online? (Not today...but when you first started...and why not? long have you been on today, too?)

First concert you went to?

First job?

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GBK Gwyneth said...

Lead or follow? Depends, of course.

smooth or crunchy? Cruchy.

What language do you wish you knew? French and Japanese.

How many houses have you lived in? Houses (not including apartments): 10. and more if you count apartments and dorms, or course.

Do you know how to change a tire? Change your oil?
I guess I could change a tire if I could get the lug nuts off. No on the oil change.

Were you named after anyone? Who?
Yeah, the piano tuner's daughter.

Country or city?
For what? Give me a nice balanced mix.

How long have you been online? (Not today...but when you first started...and why not? long have you been on today, too?)
Sending email in 1989, I guess. Web surfing and designing in 1994, I think. Today? most of the day -- between work and fun, it is what I do.

First concert you went to? ZZTop, I think.

First job? Ever? I worked as an aide in an elementary afterschool program while in high school. First "real" job was for the company I still work for now, 11 years later.

Shannon said...

Most of the time, I follow


I've always wanted to learn Russian; I think it sounds beautiful

6, if you just count houses

I can check the oil, but not change it... negative on the tire, as well

No, I was not named after anyone... but my mom was sure I'd be a boy so she named me Michael Shawn... when I came out a girl, they just named me Shannon Michelle

I don't want to be out in the boonies, but I don't want to be smack in the middle of downtown, either

I guess I've been online since 1996 or so??? As for today, pretty much off & on all day

My first concert was NKOTB (that's New Kids on the Block for anyone not a die-hard fan)

1st job was grocery store cashier

Kelly said...

Lead or follow? Both

smooth or crunchy? Crunchy

What language do you wish you knew? Any second language

How many houses have you lived in? 5

Do you know how to change a tire? Nope Change your oil? Nope

Were you named after anyone? Nope Who?

Country or city? Suburbs

How long have you been online? (Not today...but when you first started...and why not? long have you been on today, too?) 1 month posting, 3 months stalking, I don't even want to calculate that!

First concert you went to? Jackson Family Victory Tour

First job? Babysitter

Kelly said...

Okay, looking back over the other commentors, I misinterpreted the online question...Online in general would be 1993...the answers listed above are regarding blogging.

Rosemary Q said...

How about Following the Leader:-)




No and No

My mom and Virgin Mary, my birthday is the day after my mom's.


6 years, and today...way too long!

The Jackson Five

The Broadway Department Story

Trish said...

Lead in circles

smooth usually, but crunchy on ritz crackers with jelly

pig latin.....i just don't get it

too many to dad was part gypsy

Yes and Yes.

My aunt, who fell over Snoqualmie Falls (in Washington state) and died the year before I was born


since 1992, I remember having to pay for internet by the hour and having to make sure that I was logged off as soon as I was done...
today? 2 hours

BJ thomas at the Evergreen state fair

picking strawberries......i wasn't very good at it and always got in trouble for throwing them. we had a row boss that we used to make fun of because was vietnamese and would always yell at us "don't frow bewwies"
I was very young and immature!

Unknown said...

Depends on the circumstances !!

Crunchy, absoloutly crunchy...

Spanish. Then I could have understood what the kindy kid was saying to me today in between gulping sobs. His, not mine. But believe me, by the end of the day I was almost sobbing. Twenty-eight kids!!

Too many to count !!!

Yes, I know how to change a tyre (tire) and the oil. I can also clean and change spark plugs and other stuff..

My middle name , Elizabeth , has been passed down through the family on my maternal side.

Country through and through ..

I've been online since 1991. Though that is just as far as posting to internet newsgroups goes. My first internet post was in Jan or Feb 1991. If you count BBS's and Fidonet, it was probably about 1989. So I'll say, 1989
Today, on breifly this morning. Short time after dinner. brief time now ;-)

The Beatles, during their NZ tour. Sometime in the 60's, I believe. I remember being really upset, because all these stupid girls were screaming their heads off and I couldn't hear the music.

Worked in a coffee lounge while I was still at school.

Trooper Thorn said...

The kitties are sure cute, even if the girls may forget their promises to do EVERYTHING for them.

My best attempt at the questions:

Lead or follow? Lead, but mark the path with chalk so we can all find out way back

smooth or crunchy? Smooth on toast, crunchy in sandwiches. I'm a double-fisting kind of PB guy.

What language do you wish you knew? Hebrew - I bet it has the best swears.

How many houses have you lived in? Far too many to count.

Do you know how to change a tire? Yes Change your oil? Yes. Change my mind? Not very well.

Were you named after anyone? Nope Who?

Country or city? Country

How long have you been online? (Not today...but when you first started...and why not? long have you been on today, too?) 1996, but all there was was email.

First concert you went to? Still waiting for a good one.

First job? Sporting goods. My dad came once a week to buy something.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the party went well! Did you get yourself something pretty? I've been eyeing their chopper for some time now...
Here are my follies!

Lead! I don't mind following, but I really like leading.

Smooth, of course. We're talking about men, right?

I've been trying to teach myself Italian for almost 10 years now because I think it is so beautiful and romantic. When we lived in Switzerland we go to travel to Italy several times and I was enchanted with the way the words just roll off their tongues.

16 houses! And soon to be 17!

Yes and yes.

I was named after my aunt, who my mother no longer speaks to. I'm sure mom's kickin' herself now!

Can I go in between? I'm a suburban girl. I like having the city close enough to zip into when I get bored, but I love being far enough out that there isn't a 7-11 on every corner. I like tree-lined neighborhoods and local bakeries and stuff like that.

I've been casually blogging since last Nov., got serious in Feb. and was a full-on addict by May.

I'm thinking it was REM. They were cool, but I haven't been back.

First job was at a dry cleaners drop-off and to this day I still have nightmares about it!

John Deere Mom said...

Um, no. Um, no. That's why God made boys.
Not that I know of.
Online, online? Since high school. Blogging? Since January.
NKOTB, baby!
Drive-thru at Burger King. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

A little of both-just depends
Spanish-after 4 yrs you would think I would remember something
2 houses
NOPE=Hubby handles those chores
Not that I am aware
A little of both
Since 1987
GoGo Girls at Jones Beach Theatre
Lamp Factory in Copiague

Angie's Spot said...

So glad that your pics were rescued! I spent an hour backing up my hard drive last night before I take it to the geeks for work today. I'm sweating it! Anyway, on to the follies.

1. Follower
2. Crunchy
3. I've always wanted to speak French fluenty.
4. 8
5. Yes on the tire. No on the oil.
6. My first name was for my maternal grandmother and my middle name was for my mom's twin sister.
7. City
8. I've been online since 1996. Today, about 15 minutes.
9. First "real" concert was Pearl Jam.
10. First job was program staff/nanny at a church camp when I was 15. That was a great summer.

The Joye of Teaching said...

-Lead my little ducks (students) everywhere
-crunchy peanut butter
- wish I knew Spanish
-lived in 2 houses! My parents' and mine
-I can NOT change a tire or my oil- help dad!
-named after a sweet lady my dad knew as a kid. Hence the screwy spelling
-Country accent and city living
-been online since late 90's in HS ( been on today for 30 minutes)
-First concert you went to Bush at MudIsland
-First job Little Casear's Pizz

Finding Normal said...

Depends. Lead the kids at school. Follow out in the Real World.



6 houses, 3 apartments, 3 dorm rooms

no and no

not named after anyone


online since 1994 and since I woke up at 8:30

Billy Joel and Elton John. Still my favorite!

Weekend cleaner at a vet's office--cleaned offices and did kennel work hungover at the buttcrack of dawn both weekend mornings with my best friend!

Lula! said...

I would order something from your party, but...I already did. As if that's not enough, you KNOW I'll be mailing Breaking Dawn to you next week. You will not wait for the library. No, you won't. I refuse to allow you to do that.

OK, here we go with the fun:

Depends on the situation, so I can't answer this one!

I like both! Peanut Butter and I are best friends.

French--but I'm working on it via Rosetta Stone.

5 houses, 2 apartments (in college)

Change a tire and oil? That's what mechanics are for!

Yes, kind of. My mom had a friend at Mississippi State named "Leigh Anne" and Mama fell in love with the name. So I wasn't named for her, but that's where mine came from.

COUNTRY, of course!

I have no idea how long I've been online. But today? About an hour or so.

Sandi Patty, with Mama. It was precious and holy. And sooooo long ago.

Babysitting! OK, working at Express. I hated it.

Anonymous said...

6 nope/nope
grad school--1991ish at the office, not at home; first email account
umm. Amy Grant, I think
waiting tables at Po'Folks

Anonymous said...

Lead or follow? Depends on the circumstances. Mostly a leader though.

smooth or crunchy? Definitely smooooth.

What language do you wish you knew? Spanish. Been studying it for a while. Give me another year or so and I should be fluent.

How many houses have you lived in? Eight.

Do you know how to change a tire? Change your oil? Nope and nope. And I have no desire to learn either. I've got people--the good men and women at Uncle Ed's and at AAA Roadside Assistance. (Disclaimer: If I lived in a remote area where it would take years for someone from roadside assistance to reach me, I'd give in and learn how to change a flat!)

Were you named after anyone? Who? Unfortunately, yes. I was named after my mother's mother. I realize most women would consider being named after a grandma an honor, and if I had been named after my father's mother, I would have considered that to be the highest honor in the world. However, I was named after the wrong grandma. She was a true witch of a woman, filled with nothing but venom and hate. Fortunately, my mother was NOTHING like her!

Country or city? Living in the city ('burbs), but would much prefer to live in the country. Someday . . .

How long have you been online? (Not today...but when you first started...and why not? long have you been on today, too?) 10 or 11 years

First concert you went to? This is always such an embarrassing question. Oh well, here goes: I have never, ever been to a concert. And I'm 42 years old!

First job? An assistant to an endodontist. I passed out the very first time I had to assist him chair side. Needless to say, I quit soon after the incident.

Brandy said...

Lead, unless you say otherwise. :)




In an emergency I might be able to change a tire, but that's a big hell no on the oil change. That's why I got married.

My middle name is the same as my mother.


Just started my blog in May but I've been online forever...and today I've been on sporadically since 7:30.

New Kids on the Block!! I loved me some Donnie Wahlberg

Burger King

Rick said...

Lead or follow? - Lead walking backwards

smooth or crunchy? - I'm assuming we're talking peanut butter here?

What language do you wish you knew? - My own

How many houses have you lived in? One at a time

Do you know how to change a tire? Change your oil? - Yes, but I don't

Were you named after anyone? Who? - Some time after my older brother.

Country or city? I'm a little bit country and a little bit city.

How long have you been online? Two long.

First concert you went to? The shower singing fool.

First job? A grave year - seriously.

Brian and Staci said...

I'm hoping to come back and play Friday Follies...but for now I'm off to take my kiddoes to Super Summer and I get to run around kidless for the day and then date night tonight!!!! Have a great day!

mary said...

Seven (not counting apts. and such)
I had my dad show me how to do both as a teen
Great Grandmother and Great Uncle
Late 90's
Fleetwood Mac with my mom
Pizza Hut for 4 days

Mama Dawg said...

Sorry for the "sucka" comment. I'm one myself. I find it hard to say no to pets.

Mama Dawg said...

Lead for my daughter but too lazy to lead anyone else.

Smooth...wait, we're talking about peanut butter, right?

Spanish (other than the cuss words...thanks ex-Puerto Rican roommate).

9 (houses and apartments)

Yep and yep.

Not my first name. But my middle name is named after an Australian romance novel heroine.


Since 1999 and today...since I got to work.

Lionel Richie and Sheena E

Seating hostess at Tony's Town Square Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom.

scargosun said...

Lead or follow? Depends on the view;)

smooth or crunchy? Smooth

What language do you wish you knew? English

How many houses have you lived in? Actual houses? 2, places? many

Do you know how to change a tire? Change your oil? Yes and I did on 2 of my cars but not this one.

Were you named after anyone? Who? Not really

Country or city? Country

How long have you been online? (Not today...but when you first started...and why not? long have you been on today, too?) first started with AOL 17 years ago, today all day at work.

First concert you went to? Wham!

First job? Babysitter

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Look at me! 14 hours late to my own Friday Follies! I have spent the morning at the orthopedist getting x-rays of Katie's spine. After waiting an hour and a half for them to call our name. Drives me nuts...


Lead. But pretend to follow. Sometimes.


I wish I could remember my 4 years of Russian from high school. Or know a practical language - like Spanish. Or Hindi so I could go to India...

9 houses, 1 dorm room, 3 apartments.

Absolutely no clue. I don't speak car. Except to know when it's not speaking correctly. Yet it chooses to fake out my husband or the mechanic who swear there is nothing wrong. Only to die on me at a most inconvenient time. Wait, wait...I want to change my language to "car." or maybe to plant.

My mom is Kathy. And when she was young, her mom nicknamed her Trina. So I am sort of named after that nick name. And I have one of those '70s middle names. That I think no thought was put into at all.

I don't know. I love the idea of rural life. To have a lot of land. Peace and quiet. But I'd also be happy to be in the middle of a city with lots of noise and buzz and excitement. And I kinda live in both by being the 'burbs. I have 2 acres. And congestion, traffic, and shopping all around me.

First got on the internet in 93. With that horrid aol plan that charged by the minute. And today - maybe 10 minutes - since I got home from the doctors - and I'm about to head out again.

First concert - 8th grade to see Adam Ant.

Besides babysitting (which I was doing at 10 - what sane parent would leave their 18 month old daughter with a 10 year old all day while they were at work?!) - first job was at Macy's when I was in high school. I worked in the children's department.

Swirl Girl said...

I love to follow but most of the time don't dance with someone who knows how to lead!


Italian is so expressive!

10 houses

yes I know how, no I wouldn't do it

named after dad's uncle william

suburbs , so I can be near both

been on line about 14 years

first concert was Elton John and KeeKee Dee. 1974, I was 10 and it was THE BEST !!

Ice cream parlor waitress.

Firefly Mom said...




Good Lord - since birth?? I'd say at least 15. Since leaving home? 4 (3 owned by me), plus a duplex and 4 apartments.

Nope. Are you kidding? Hubby won't even let me wash the car!

Again, nope.

Country but not too far out from the city.

13 years - and I still have my first e-mail address ;D Today? About an hour.

Poison/Slaughter/Bullet Boys (yep, all 80's hair bands!)

Working for my mom in a real estate office.

Missy said...

Lead at work, follow at home b/c I'm so tired from leading at work.

Smooth (we're talking peanut butter here, right?)


6 total, 2 owned by me. (doesn't include apartments)

Can change the tire, but not well if the last place that tightened it used an air wrench and you can't get the nuts off! Oil - maybe?

Middle name, Irene, is after my grandmother. My mom and daughter also have the same middle name.

Country. But no more than 30 min from Starbucks or Target, thankyouverymuch.

Online today since I got to work at 11am, just checking in and out as I have a minute.

8th grade - Nelson (remember, the 2 blonde twins, I think they were Ricky Nelson's sons?)

Lifeguard and taught swim lessons

Jennifer P. said...

I love Friday's random questions and getting in tune with myself :)!

Lead or follow?--kind of like being the talker or the listener--if people need leading, I'll lead. If there's somebody better than me, I'm a good follower.

Use to be a crunchy girl, and now I've decided I like smooth.


Eleven since I was born---including apartments.

i know how to do those things in theory--but have never actually done it myself. That's what men are for.

I don't think I was named after her, but we did have a poodle named Jenny when I was born. My parents got a lot of guff for that!

I want 25 acres of picturesque country in the heart of a city. That's doable, right?!

since the AOL chat room days of 1995. Probably 90 minutes off and on today. I blog when everyone is happy and playing on their own!

It was either Weird Al Yankovich or the Thompson Twins. Both when I was 7 with my 17 year old sis.

Hello--Nobody Knows Like Dominos--this is Jennifer, how may I help you?! Still can't stand the smell of that place!

Heather said...

I can't answer any questions...I'm too busy freaking out. ONLY SEVEN MORE HOURS!!! Girl, forget the library...just go buy the book!!

Insane Mama said...

Yes and Yes
A dog roaming on the beach
started in May 2008 not long today, but the night is young:)
The police
Pet store,

Debbie said...

Depends on the situation. If someone is bossy, I follow...if others are sitting around and can't make a decision, I take charge.



only 1 since I've been married. Too many to count prior to that.

No and No

Some actress named Debbie. See my Mom's answer on the Name Cemetery post.

I don't like quiet quiet and I don't like noise, that's why I like the burbs, but if I had to choose it would be city.

I have been on blogger since Feb 2007. Online, online since I don't know when. I have been on today for 10 minutes and will be off as soon as I finish this ;)

Donny and Marie, of course. Wasn't that everyone's first concert?


Rhea said...

I think I do a little of both leading and following.

I like smooth peanut butter, if that's what you were asking...

I wish I knew Spanish better, but I do know it ok. I wish maybe I knew French or German or Russian. Hell, I wish I knew a TON of languages.

I think I've lived in nine houses.

I have changed a tire once. My dad made me do it in our driveway when I got my first car. I've never changed oil.

I was named after family. Both my first and middle names were from my mom's family and my dad's family respectively.

I think I live in the city now, but I grew up in the country. I'd like to return to the country though...

I've been online since the early 1990's.

My first concert was Poison.

My first job was probably babysitting and then I also worked as a volunteer at the Children's Hospital in the summers until my first paying summer job, which was in a law firm.

Teri said...

Lead or follow? You're joking right? Lead, lead, lead...let me show you how. :-)

smooth or crunchy? Depends on what's left in the pantry

What language do you wish you knew? I just finished a second semester of French last fall. It would be great if I could really use a way that people who are French could understand it

How many houses have you lived in? 8 houses

Do you know how to change a tire? Change your oil? Heck no. I once paid a girl to change my tire.

Were you named after anyone? Who? My mom named me after her best friend at the time.

Country or city? Country, as long as I can Internet and cable. And pedicures.

How long have you been online? I first got online in 1996; today, not long so far

First concert you went to? Osmonds, then of course, my second concert was again the Osmonds.

First job? KFC - That's when they had commercials advertising the Colonel's Bigger Pieces. Just guess how many times guys asked me if I was one of the Bigger Pieces when I was walking out to my car after work?

Kim said...

either smooth or crunchy
3 one s a child, 2 married
no, no
my middle name is my mom's name
I would like two houses-one in each
Only a few years
John Cougar Mellencamp? in college
Pasta maker

Madeline Rains said...

I love the Meryl Streep version of Money....Nicolas and I saw this and loved it.

Lead or follow? Follow til I'm called on to lead.

smooth or crunchy? Crunchy

What language do you wish you knew? French, more fluently

How many houses have you lived in? I've lived in 21 different places but only six of these were houses.

Do you know how to change a tire? NO! Change your oil? I know who to bring it to...

Were you named after anyone? Who?
I named my self, at twenty. I did it legally. Madeline was my mother's middle name.
Country or city? Country with frequent visits to the city.

How long have you been online? (Not today...but when you first started...and why not? long have you been on today, too?) I started when I became a mom - so almost eleven years, but much more lately. I've been on over an hour.

First concert you went to?
Jethro Tull
First job?
Ice cream scooper at Bailey's in Boston.

Unknown said...

Oh.. that depends... maybe more follow... let people have their way.



Houses - 12... add apartments and dorms and it's 20

Yes - I take them to a mechanic and they do that for me. (Actually, I do know how to change a tire)

My dad's standard joke is I was named after Queen Elizabeth... LONG after.

Oh... how about suburbs??? But.. if I have to choose, country.

13 years?

First concert ever - Bill & Gloria Gaither the night Elvis died. I was 5. First concert I chose to go to - Michael W Smith - The Big Picture

Besides babysitting? Movie theater concessions.

Tiffany said...

lead or follow? Depends on the situation and who's involved in said situation.

Tiffany said...


Tiffany said...

well, since I took 3 years of French it would be nice to remember some and I don't. But Spanish would come in very handy these days. So I'll go with Spanish.

Tiffany said...

Nine houses. Eight apartments, one dorm room and a partridge in a pear tree.

Tiffany said...

Could change one years ago. Same with the oil. Haven't done it in years.

Tiffany said...

not named after anyone

Tiffany said...

love the country as long as the city is close enough to go shopping and out to eat

Tiffany said...

Been online for 11 years total and online today for 30 minutes

Tiffany said...

Rod Stewart with my parents when I was 8'ish.

Tiffany said...

First job with a real paycheck was at Arby's as a salad bar girl when I was 15. At the time, minimum wage was $3.10 but since I was under 16, they didn't have to pay me minimum wage. I made $2.85 an hour.