Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Follies

It's time again for the Friday Follies. And this just might be our last installment. Unless I can think of another title for another day. With alliteration. Like Saturday Salutations? Because we start back to school on Monday...and Fridays are reserved for my week in review.

My big news this week - besides the miracle of raising my computer back from the dead - is that my husband - after all this time - finally commented on my blog. And he commented on yesterday's post. Not on his own birthday post. Or on mine. When I was away. Not even to wish me a happy birthday. Or on our anniversary when I told the world how he made me play softball. Because it was in our wedding vows. Nope. Those events did not warrant a comment. But yesterday's google search. Comment worthy.

I hope this edition of the follies is comment worthy for you:

How old were you when you went on your first diet? What was it?

morning person or night owl?

Is the glass half full or half empty?

Do you make your bed each day?

Favorite kind of cheese?

What CD would your friends be surprised to see that you own (or what's on your ipod that would give someone pause)?

paper or plastic?

When do you start Christmas shopping?

Favorite book you read this summer?

What is your nationality/heritage?

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GBK Gwyneth said...

Is it Friday there? it feels like Thursday here still....

How old were you when you went on your first diet? What was it? No "real" diets until WW on and off -- not doing so great, but that's a LONG story. Come over for coffee so I can sob on your shoulder.

morning person or night owl? morning person, but the rest of the family are night owls, thus I am still awake.

Is the glass half full or half empty?
3/4 full.

Do you make your bed each day? Yup, but that's another story, dating back years. As a kid, I'd sleep under the bed fully clothed to reduce my work for the next day.

Favorite kind of cheese? gorgonzola

What CD would your friends be surprised to see that you own (or what's on your ipod that would give someone pause)?
i doubt anything. we are kindie rock people, me and my girls, through and through, what with our radio station, ertc. Some Bad Examples lyrics are questionable, i guess.

paper or plastic? ugh, for what? paying? plastic. see my miles. see my miles get me and my kids to japan. bagging? canvas, thank you very much.

When do you start Christmas shopping?

february, for the christmas past.

Favorite book you read this summer?
Tough. Maybe the fablehaven series or the percy jackson series. or or or DON'T make me pick one!

What is your nationality/heritage?

I was born in Brooklyn, to parents from Ohio (born in Oregon though) and Mass. It drive Rob nuts when I write that my birth city was Brooklyn, since TECHNICALLY I was born in NYC.

Shannon said...

I tried doing WW about a year ago (I didn't officially sign-up but my sister had and she gave me all the info)... prior to that I never really tried a "diet", just tried eating healthier and smaller portions

I am most definitely a night owl

half full

yes, sort of... mostly just pull the covers straight

feta cheese in a salad; just to eat by itself would be colby/jack

I dont think I would surprise anyone with my music choices, 'cause my taste in music is very eclectic

plastic... but I do try to reuse/recycle the bags!

Dec 26th... for the next year (yep, I like to get an early start)

All of the books in the Twilight series

I am Irish, French, German and Welsh

Kelly said...

How old were you when you went on your first diet? What was it? Nothing really official until WW in my late 20's

morning person or night owl? Night Owl most definitely

Is the glass half full or half empty? full

Do you make your bed each day? No way, I'm lucky if I make it out of the house each day!

Favorite kind of cheese? drum roll please...white american. How dull, right?!

What CD would your friends be surprised to see that you own (or what's on your ipod that would give someone pause)? The Partridge Family's Greatest Hits

paper or plastic? plastic...I know bad...but I am redeeming myself...we are now using the cloth bags

When do you start Christmas shopping? December

Favorite book you read this summer? all of the "Harry Potter" books

What is your nationality/heritage? My relatives came over from Ireland in 1732...when I was in Ireland, I was asked this question to which I proudly responded, "Irish". Then upon realizing that there hadn't been family for CENTURIES in Ireland, I was given a disgusted look and told, "You're not Irish". But I am...just ask my Irish American relatives!

KimmyDarling said...

How old were you when you went on your first diet? What was it?
I was 26, and was going to be a bridesmaid in my roommate's wedding. I don't know what I was thinking-- I weighed about 130 pounds, and was perfectly comfortable in my body, but somehow felt like I was *supposed* to diet-- for the bride. Strange-- I've never thought about that until now.

morning person or night owl?
night owl

Is the glass half full or half empty?
as full as possible

Do you make your bed each day?

Favorite kind of cheese?

What CD would your friends be surprised to see that you own (or what's on your ipod that would give someone pause)?
Mariah Carey's "#1s"

paper or plastic?

When do you start Christmas shopping?
as soon as I find something good. Typically around this time of year.

Favorite book you read this summer?
I re-read "Prince of Lost Places," by Kathy Hepinstall while at the beach. It's a great Beach Book.

What is your nationality/heritage?
Southern. ;)
Otherwise, I've heard we come from Scots.

Unknown said...

I was about 27 and it was WW. I'm still struggling with losing weight. I'm sort of being semi successful at the moment.

Night owl

Half full. Actually, I'd say it was pretty full these day :-)

Ummm .. No. It's just going to get messed up when I get into bed at night !!

A good, tasty, imported chedder

Bag pipe music :-)

I usually use cloth shopping bags..

Around July. But I have a couple of things tucked away that I bought in January..

I've read a lot of books I liked this summer. It's hard to picj a favourite.

New Zealander. I have Scottish, English,Irish and Greek heritage on my maternal side. Still trying to trace my paternal side. Think it's mainly Scottish.

Skeller said...

Hmmm, 19ish. I wanted to get rid of those nasty Freshman 15. I think it was essentially a starvation diet.


I'm afraid I must admit, I'm kinda more a half-empty kinda gal. But I fight hard against it.


Anything not vein-y. Sharp Cheddar, Swiss, Havarti, Jack, Asiago, Parmesan, Vincent ... I love 'em all....

(whispering ... I have some Abba and some Backstreet Boys singles ... don't tell anyone, 'k?)

both - and I reuse both at home.

all year long. I'm so behind this year.

just re-read Pigs In Heaven by Barbara Kingsolver. A tremendously good book.

I'm a total mutt. A little bit of a whole bunch.

Gina said...

1st date: I was 17- a double with my best friend. Didn't date again until I was 18 and back in WA. A couple of dates with a friend. No chemistry. First boy friend at 20 years old. Broke up when he enlisted- didn't want to wait around. Decided breaking up hurts too much so I married the next one. I know you didn't ask all of that.

Night Owl. It is 1:02 a.m. as I type this.

Is someone drinking outr of my glass? That is gross. Now I need a new one.

Why make the bed when you are only going to get back into it later? Besides, I'm very Euro. We have a fitted bottom sheet and a down comforter in a duvet that gets changed when I change the sheet.

Expensive. Brie. Extra sharp white cheddar. Sheep's cheddar from the Cheese Monger in Leavenworth, WA- actually anything from the Cheese Monger.

Romanian preachers on CD.

Plastic if it's just a couple of things. Paper if I am loading the trunk. Paper stands nicely and keeps stuff from rolling around.

I don't celebrate Christmas by giving gifts.

A Thousand Slendid Suns, and currently reading Created To Be His Help Meet.

Heinz 57. English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, American Indian(?). I guess that makes me American.

Gina said...

Oh, DIET! Not date? Sorry I misread that. Maybe because I don't diet. I should....
Now I know that you REALLY didn't ask for all that info.

John Deere Mom said...

First diet-Probably high school. Probably starvation.

Morning person but not neccesarily by choice.

Half full, of course.

Make my bed? Ahahahahahahhaaha.

Fave cheese? I love smoked gouda.

ipod-I have a lot of random stuff on there. Probably surprising would be the amount of R-rated 90s rap I have on there.

Plastic, but I am trying to be better.

Start shopping in October. Get the Christmas club check in November so that's when I get serious.

Fave book from this summer? So far Mercy by Picoult. But I am still reading Twilight...

Heritage-Born and raised in USA, ancestors are German and I have a(both maiden and married) strong German last name.

PS-You have to continue the Follies...don't care which day of the week but they're too fun to give up!

Angie's Spot said...

I like Saturday Salutations. Or Saturday Silliness. Or Six Question Saturday. Just some thoughts. :-) Now, for the real news.

My first diet was probably in high school. I'm sure it consisted of water, croutons and shells n'cheese.


Half full

I don't make my bed ANY day.

Gruyere (not sure of spelling)

I don't really have anything surprising on there. My friends know how diverse my musical tastes are. And they know I have kids, hence the large library of kindermusik tunes.



Bitter is the New Black

My mom's side is ultimately from Wales (back 5 generations). My father is from Nicaraugua. His side is still there and in Italy.

Debbie said...

First diet was 16 and it was the Scarsdale diet. I wish I weighed what I weighed when I went on the diet!

More of a morning person. That's when I am my most productive.

The glass is always full.

I try to make my bed everyday. It makes me feel better. But somedays I get lazy.

I like all cheeses except Swiss.

Ok I am following the comment ahead of me because I can't toggle back to the questions. I think you asked the Ipod question. I don't have anything on my IPOD since I haven't loaded anything yet, but I have loads of CD's including Nirvana and Madonna. Oh and the Indigo Girls that I love.

Plastic, I don't even pretend.

I start Christmas shopping after Thanksgiving. Not good.

Fav book this summer? Umm it wasn't Atonement...And summer isn't over yet. I'll get back when I finish the books on my nightstand because I think one of them is going to be it.

My Dad is Italian with parents off the boat, and my Mom is everything. So I don't know.

Fun fun stuff sista!

Susan said...

First diet: young, about 11. i had been staying with a friend's family for a few weeks and they ate such delish food, i gained a bunch of weight. i lost it by eating healthier, again. 11 is young, right?

sometimes morning person, sometimes night owl

glass is right in the middle. just "half"

i do not make my bed everyday and i think it's horrible that i don't. it's one of the things i would like to change

all things FETA!

i have some barry manilow cd's. my friends would laugh their hineys off

both paper and plastic. trying to do more paper

usually start Christmas shopping in late fall. i am better about it than i used to be. i used to wait until a week ahead of time. not a good idea, i discovered

what is this thing you call book? i have not been able to read a book in months, but the last one i did manage to get to was The Kite Runner. loved it

I am German/English/Scottish

Mama Dawg said...

How old were you when you went on your first diet? What was it? What's that? Oh, yeah, that think I never do...cause I'm too lazy.

morning person or night owl? by choice...night-by necessity...morning.

Is the glass half full or half empty? half full

Do you make your bed each day? yep

Favorite kind of cheese? none

What CD would your friends be surprised to see that you own (or what's on your ipod that would give someone pause)? a gospel song (but it's by that explains it to most of my friends).

paper or plastic? reusable bags.

When do you start Christmas shopping? The day after Christmas

Favorite book you read this summer? She's Not There

What is your nationality/heritage? American Mutt....part Norweigen, part English, part native american (very, very, very little of this, but it's there, way, way, way, way, way, back) and part other European countries I don't know about. I'm mostly Norweigen, though.

Teri said...

How old were you when you went on your first diet? What was it? High school - it was the no eat diet

morning person or night owl? Both, believe it or not

Is the glass half full or half empty? Always half full. I have been called PollyAnna for years.

Do you make your bed each day? Heck yeah (I'm serious)

Favorite kind of cheese? I love any kind of bleu cheese, the stinkier the better

What CD would your friends be surprised to see that you own (or what's on your ipod that would give someone pause)? My most recent "questionable" purchase was Donna Summer's Greatest Hits. hehe (she rocks)

paper or plastic? I prefer paper but the re-use the plastic when I get it

When do you start Christmas shopping? I USED to do this thing really early. These days, it seems to fall sometime in the two weeks before Christmas. I hate shopping.

Favorite book you read this summer? The Widow of the South. Still reading about 5 others, though.

What is your nationality/heritage? I am a purebred mutt. Scotch/Irish, English, Cherokee and Blackfoot Indian

Brian and Staci said...

-I guess I would've It was after I had Jake and I just COULD NOT get the baby weight off. Ab Works was the book and more than anything...I think it was the whole eating every 2-3 hours and exercising combo that did it!
-Night Owl definitely! NOT a morning person!
-Well, I hate to admit this...but I am half empty...I'm always thinking about the worst thing that MIGHT happen :( I'm really not a downer to be around ...I'm just a worrier! ugghhh!
-I USED to make it every day...technically it is made...the sheets and blanket are pulled up nicely...but the comforter and pillows rarely make it on unless the housekeeper is here!
-I like provolone alot!
Ohhh, and fresh mozzorella too!
-um...George Thorogood (sp?) My husband LOVES him and it's rubbed off on me :) WHO DO YA LOVE?!!?
-Plastic...terrible, I know :( Actually, I just take whatever they put them in :)
-Usually November...but this year, I've vowed to start earlier :)
-Um...Oh yea, I did read Eat Pray and was good.
-I was born in Oklahoma and still live here. Lived in Philly while husband went through his residency...loved the North East! As far as heritage goes...I think I have a little French, German and Welsh goin on??? Maybe I should see what King Google says!
This was fun Kat...have a super weekend!

Lula! said...

Do NOT take my Follies away, please. Just move it to another day, PUH-lease.
OK, here we go:

Always a night person. Always.

Sometimes the glass is just both--in the middle--not empty, not full, must at the midway point.

I do make my bed every single day. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment, especially when I stay in my pj's all day.

All kinds of cheese. Thank you, and Amen.

I'm letting my friend Sunshine answer this one, as she's standing right here: "You have 'Build Me Up Buttercup' by the Foundations on your pod. Girl, that's old-school." (What's wrong with that song? It's awesome!)

Plastic. Sorry!

July 25th, baby!

You have to ask? BREAKING DAWN!
(You didn't love it, did you, Kat?

Um...German, Irish, Chocotaw Indian, and French. I should be way more beautiful than I am...

mary said...

Love this song!!
Early 30's-soup diet, lost 10 lbs in a week
trying for half full
jack, mozzerella- very mild cheese only
Amy Winehouse
little bit all year then last 2 weeks
Great Gatsby
Euro-American (Irish, Scottish blend)

Insane Mama said...

HOw about Saturday Silliness?

First Diet? Probably Grapefruit when I was 14 or 15


BOTH, depending on the situation

NEVER make my bed


The soundtrack to Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat

Both, but NEVER styrofoam I prefer paper bags.

Too late... Never have money to start early

Sail... Easy beach reading, James Patterson. and 66 days adrift.
I'm new into the twilight series, so I can't comment.

American Indian and Swedish.

Happy Friday!

Elena said...

Yesterday must have been a day for hubbies to comment. Mine commented on my blog too! :)

1st diet- After my 1st baby, WW

Night owl for sure

I say half full, but it empties sometimes too.

If pulling the covers up and throwing the pillows on top count, then yes.


Hmmmm...I don't know. I like all types of music.

plastic, need to be better about going green.

The day after Thanksgiving. predictable.

I've a little bit of everything in me. Everything from German to Indian. I guess I'm a mutt. ;)

Finding Normal said...

How old were you when you went on your first diet? What was it? I didn't eat for much of my high school years. Seriously. My first serious diet as an adult was about 5 years ago when I couldn't get pregnant, so I decided to get skinny. I lost about 20 lb through increased exercise and decreased eating, and have since gained it back. Good times!

morning person or night owl? I've been a night owl all summer nad need to become a morning person in the next 5 days so I can greet 25 10 year olds at 8:00 AM.

Is the glass half full or half empty? half full usually

Do you make your bed each day?
yes. I'm so anal about this. I get so annoyed when the hubby gets up 2nd and doesn't make it.
Favorite kind of cheese?
I heart all cheese!
What CD would your friends be surprised to see that you own (or what's on your ipod that would give someone pause)? I'm pretty predictable. I do enjoy the Miley Cyrus song on the radio, and was shocked that it was a Miley Cyrus song!

paper or plastic? plastic unless I planned ahead with my cloth bags!

When do you start Christmas shopping? after Addison's birthday in October

Favorite book you read this summer?
The Beach House by Jane Green

What is your nationality/heritage?
I'm a mutt--German, Irish, English, a lot of Swedish

Firefly Mom said...

School starts next week?? It doesn't start until September 2 over here. So does this mean we'll be hearing less from you?

Now on to the follies.

I was in my teen's, and it was basically an unhealthy, eat very little diet. When I look at pix of me back then all I can think now is WHY??? I only weighed about 120, but thought I was huge.

Night Owl - most definitely.

Half full!

I make it every night, right before hubby gets in it. 'Cause he's anal retentive about the bed and will re-make it if anyone gets on it after its been made (so, no use making it earlier in the day).

Depends on what I'm eating it with.

Probably my classical CD's.


I prefer to start in September, but sometimes I don't start until December.

"Hungry Planet"


Rosemary Q said...

36 and it was Jenny Craig

Night owl

Half Full


Lactose intollerant...but gouda is a favorite.

Country music


About a month before.

The Mitford Series by Jan Karon

Welsh,Austrian,Dutch,Irish,Scottish and Hungarian. I'm WADISH!

The Joye of Teaching said...

Sorry for my tardiness...

first diet? probably after high school What was it? probably not organized

I'm an early bird

usually glass half full. People named Joye are so stereotyped as happy people. :)

I kinda "make" my bed each day. I throw the sheet and cover over the whole bed. My mother does the sharp corners tucked tight daily.

Favorite kind of cheese- cheddar? Not really adventerous eater.

What CD would your friends be surprised to see that you own? depends on the friend. I am a rocker at heart. Loud rock. I already have tickets to see Stone Temple Piolts and have a secret crush on their lead singer. My teacher friends and students probably wouldn't believe that.

paper or plastic? I recycle both

When do you start Christmas shopping? Day after Thanksgiving I am in the middle of the craziness that starts at like 3AM I have a detailed list and get about 80% done then.

Favorite book you read this summer- kinda dry reading summer. DollPeople

What is your nationality/heritage? I feel stupid saying it. I having idea.

Tiffany said...

I was a chubby kid, so diet was probably early.. my parents were never crazy about though, as long as I was active.

First date: 15.

NIGHT's 11:15 PM.


No, I don;t make my bed everyday. I love my bed and actually spend a lot of time in it. On my lap top feeding this addiction.

I love all kinds of cheese...but some fresh Buffalo Mozzarella with tomato and a little balsamic vinaigrette can make my day.

Barry Mannilow. Love him.

Paper. It just seems...classier.

All year.

Breaking Dawn. Of course.

I am a big mix of English, German, French and American Indian. Both sides of my family have been in the US for at least 4 generations.

Tam said...

1. 16 and used dexatrim pills...I was young and dumb
2.Night Owl
3. half full
4.No I do not make my beds at all only if company is coming over
5. I love all cheese (my figure is the proof)
6.They all know that I am a music freak and well nothing would suprise them
7. HMMM It is so not green but I prefer Plastic at the grocery store.....I need to get over that!
8.I use to have it all done before September and wrapped (before I had kids) NOW it depends on when we have the money!
9.I read so many good ones this summer...Thirteenth Tale, Rebecca's Tale, Twilight...I can not pick just one. I love books so much!!!!
10. My fathers parents were orphans who history on that Moms side...I have no I just guess american...I need to find that out.. MY HUSBAND is KOREAN..hmmm

Anonymous said...

I was 22. Weight Watchers.

Morning person.

Half full

NOPE< hubby is in all day...

cream cheese

I don't have an IPOD to listen to



14 Forever

German, Polish, English- We are Americans all the way.....

Heather said...

34, after the twins were born. Just plain 'ole diet and exercise with a trainer.

Lately, morning person

Half empty, something I'm always working on.



Kid Rock


Usually the day after Thanksgiving.

Breaking Dawn

Dutch. My grandparents are direct immigrants from Holland.

Rhea said...

I was in my twenties when I went on my first diet. I never had a weight problem until then.

I'm a little of both night owl and morning person...but not both on the same day...

I think most of the time the glass is half-empty but something I get grumpy and the glass is BROKEN.

I try to make my bed every day but my munchkins often have bed wars on MY bed and unmake it.

I'm not a huge cheese person. Mozerrella is yummy...

I have MARTIKA on my iPod, and that would shock lots of people. hehe

I usually get plastic.

I do some Christmas shopping in November, but most in December.

My favorite book this summer was Breaking Dawn. Really great.

I'm Irish/English/Scottish heritage, I think.

That's so cool your husband commented on your blog! Did you know he was going to do it or was it a total surprise?! I'm so jealous.

Jennifer P. said...

Can't believe I almost missed Friday follies!!!:

How old were you when you went on your first diet? What was it? *14. To the movies (I think it was Total Recall).

morning person or night owl? *Whoot! Whoot!

Is the glass half full or half empty?*Half empty, but I reeeeeally want it to be half full

Do you make your bed each day? *Like a person with OCD! Make my bed, say my prayers. It's a routine (except Tues. I wash my sheets every Tuesday, so bed doesn't get made till night!)

Favorite kind of cheese?*baby swiss. Or those fried nuggets from KFC.

What CD would your friends be surprised to see that you own (or what's on your ipod that would give someone pause)?*Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine

paper or plastic?*Plastic. I have 1,000 uses for a plastic bag!

When do you start Christmas shopping?*August. Honestly.

Favorite book you read this summer?*The Holy Secret by James Ferrell

What is your nationality/heritage?*Great-grandparents were immigrants from Denmark on both sides.

Jennifer P. said...

I thought that first question was about my first DATE! Oh!--well strangely enough my first diet was at 14 too. I drank Slim Fast and ate a lot of salads. I wanted to be "cuter" for the New Kids on the Block. Stupid society!

Unknown said...

Hmmm first diet? 9th grade "Don't eat anything" diet.

NIGHT OWL (much to mr.b's chagrin)

Half full

Yes, I do... didn't used to but now.... I do.



Reuseable bag

Christmas eve morning

Alexander & the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

1/4 Danish, then a bunch english, some scottish & german.

Tiffany said...

33 years old after my second daughter was born. No certain diet - just attempting to exercise more.

Night owl

depends on the mood although I tend to be quite a worrier

yes, beds are made every day

Blue or pepperjack

Bach and Beethoven although those who really, really know me probably wouldn't be surprised since music is an addiction for me


I try to start early fall but sometimes not until the day after Thanksgiving

Pride and Prejudice

Irish and native american ancestors - what a combo!