Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: What do I need?

I love this. It's a meme within a meme. Over at Firefly Mom's site...she did this meme where you google your name followed by the word "needs." So...I googled Katrina needs. And let me tell you, there are still a million and one sites out there so that you can help victims of hurricane Katrina. So...moving right along...I went back to what you all know me by anyway...and googled "Kat needs" and this is what I discovered:

1. Kat needs a rest. Well, isn't that the truth. Especially since today is the first day I have to get up with an alarm clock since I don't know when. And I have to work registration for PTA at the open house today. Rest will be calling my name this afternoon. Cause google says I need it.

2. Kat needs YOU! I do. You are my self-esteem. Leave me some comment luv.

3. Kat needs Cookies. Oh, man. I started my carb free "plan" this week. And I am waiting for the cookies to stop calling my name.

4. Kat needs a hershey kiss. I think that I am the only one on the planet that started a diet after the high school reunion.

5. Kat needs help. Who read my files?

6. Kat needs dirty laundry. Hmmm...what kind of laundry? Certainly not the dirty laundry that goes into a washing machine. Cause I am a princess. And don't do laundry. Now, if we are talking the lovely Clairee says in Steel Magnolias: "if you don't have anything nice to say about anybody, come sit by me!"

7. Kat needs your body to ink for world record. I think not. Isn't tattooing a craft?

8. Kat needs to not be tempted. Who told google I was dieting?

9. Kat needs some constructive criticism. Nah. Me and Mary Poppins. Practically perfect in every way.

10. Kat needs to purr. Honey...I think this one has your name all over it.

11. Kat needs a break on trademark registration. Huh? Perhaps I should start before I take a break.

12. Kat needs a new catchphrase. If you have gmail, you can have a catchphrase under your name. That everyone else on gmail can read. My current one is: "silence is golden. Duct tape is silver." I'm open to a new phrase. Suggestions?

13. Kat needs subtitles. For you guys, no. For my husband. Most likely. He doesn't seem to speak female. And my non-linear explanations. Pointing. And general thought processes don't compute.

So...what does google say that you 'need?'

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Shannon said...

Here are a few of mine:

Shannon needs to be more vigorously investigated by the Irish Government .... more vigorously investigated?!?!? Holy crap, you mean they’re already watching me?!??!

Shannon needs much prompting to continue exploring her chosen field ...I wasn't aware that I had chosen a field.

Shannon needs no more treatment apparently there is no cure for my level of insanity.

And my favorite one:
Shannon needs information on responsible sexual behavior ...I'm not even sure how to respond to that one!

Unknown said...

Okay, I'll play :-)

'Karen needs help - Gay Marriage in California' (honestly, I don't live in CA !!!)

'Karen needs some gin' ( I'd prefer a Kahlua & Cream if you don't mind)

'Karen needs to start carrying a flask' (There appears to be a pattern developing here)

'Karen needs a lobotomy fund' (I'm getting the feeling that there is a karen out there who is not well liked!)

'Karen needs to nicely tell Tyra to get out of Neil's apartment (Okay, will add that to my to do list)

'Karen needs to wear her school uniform when she attacks, and throw that “maroon yucky thing” in the cotton recycling bin. ...' (I'm speechless!!)

Jennifer P. said...

Hmmmmm.....I have blog stall and might just have to go take a look at what King Google (all hail!) says I need....

Jennifer P. said...

post is all done. come see what I need. And please don't ever, ever change your catch phrase. That one is hilarious :)!

Anonymous said...

Cindy needs a tall, cold glass of STFU. hmm. I think Cindy neds to google STFU...
Cindy needs to be accessorized, please. oh yes, I couldn't agree more! finally someone understands!
Cindy needs your shoes. Actually, I like to keep mine own.
Cindy needs directions on f*&!# torrent. Who?
Cindy [Sheehan] needs your help. oh boy.

but the one that did not show up on google...
Cindy needs get a full nights' sleep!

great topic--LOVED IT!!!

Anonymous said...

don't google STFU. I should have kept my mouth shut:(

The Joye of Teaching said...

hahahaha Texcindy that was hilarious!!!!
Kat, this is a funny meme. I am posting it on my blog.
My fav one that you found was purr. It is early and you already had me laughing

Rhea said...

I think I laughed the whole way through this. Hilarious, Kat!

Tattooing a craft. hehe

I love your catchphrase on gmail. That's a good one.

Subtitles. This is awesome. I could use those...for every conversation I have, I swear.

I may steal this meme. HILARIOUS.

Teri said...

Teri needs saving - Yeah, like this one was news

Teri needs the toilet - They must have read my post about remodeling our bathroom. And yes, I DO need a toilet. One that actually works every single time.

TERI needs to seriously look at its current strength and capacity to meet the challenges of the future - I couldn't agree more

Teri needs to layoff the Botox - They take away my only fun

Teri needs to not be blinded by the dollar sign - Yeah, I would like to buy something without looking at the tag.

MY FAVORITE: Teri needs to keep eating the cheese - Okay, I'm game.

Brian and Staci said...

Kat this is sooo fun! I'm totally going to do it today...since I haven't posted since my pineapple-limeade drink recipe :( You are way tooooo awesome !!!!

Shannon said...

I think I'm going to post this on my blog, too (we all want to be like you, Kat! Imitation is the best form of flattery, right?) :-)

Tricia said...

Oh, how hilarious, here's one I found...

Tricia needs a job - yep I do, how clever of google to realize that.

This is a fun idea for a 13, maybe I will use it someday when I am stumped.

Unknown said...

Too funny! I may have to post this on my Rants page!

Firefly Mom said...

Hehe, I love that you need to purr. Maybe you should tell hubby about that one (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

And I think all wives need subtitles for their men. On the flip side, there are time when I wouldn't mind subtitles for him, either! Why *do* they do the things they do??

Tracey@Aloha Monkeys said...

That's funny, some of Kat's needs are the same as mine. You have a great blog.


Anonymous said...

I am not even kidding, the first search came up with:

Jennifer needs to be in a mental health facility right now

LOL - ain't that the truth!

This is a really fun list!

Susan said...

Blog stall-y, too. Thanks for the meme. My new word, by the way.

Kimberly said...

Oooh, great idea for a TT, I love it! Spice World

Brian and Staci said...

My post is all up...not as cool as your's but what fun! You rock Kat!

storyteller said...

Ah … Ivanhoe did the same thing this morning with this meme. Good tactic to use Kat instead of Katherine. I enjoyed reading your results and comments about them … isn’t it amazing how many seem ‘relevant’ somehow? I did this meme (using my pseudonym) on Sunday at Small Reflections after being tagged by Mary at Work of the Poet and found the results intriguing too.
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Here are some of mine from the first page of results (and this would be Kat's hubby Michael):

'Michael needs Mum to be present all the time'
Um, I don't think so

'Michael needs a girlfriend'
I think Kat may disagree with this one (and that would be pretty difficult with 'Mum' present all the time anyway)

'Michael needs more photo time'
OK... I think Kat likes to take pictures, though I'm not usually an interesting subject

'Michael needs to be miracle man'
I guess that comes with the extra girlfriend.

'Michael needs a rest'
Being miracle man DOES make me tired...

'Michael needs revenge after Sara's death'
So much for that girlfriend, apparently

'Michael needs toilet paper'
I think I know when I need TP, thank you.

'Michael needs a Light-Razoring'
...and what part of my body does this apply to?

'Michael is still the master, he just needs some help'
I'm sure Kat is ROFL upon reading that one.

Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

So funny! I have seen this on other blogs. I have tried it too, but not much comes up with my name. I do need, however, a hershey kiss and cookies!

Skeller said...

hehe. I always like it when the husband-folk play along.... :-D

Susan needs...

demystification to help her recognize that she's much better at understanding language than she is at using it in school....

a sex support site...

two surgeries ... (a boob job and a nose job?!?)

a place to live & film... (what?!??)

to apologize ... (more often than I care to admit!)

help... (duh)

to be scratched...

penpals ... (no, no I don't. don't make me write stuff)

all your love and money ... (ewwww.)

Just leaving some blog love to accomodate your #2,

Anonymous said...

so glad Mikey weighed in! I'm constantly wondering what he needs!
KAt--does Mikey need silver? or gold?

Unknown said...

I think I might steal your meme and stick it on my blog on Saturday. It really is quite a funny one!!

I'm sort of running around in circles at the moment, chasing my own tail...sighhhh

Anonymous said...

That's such a great meme! I might have to snag the idea next week. Happy TT!

Clara said...

The comments on this are almost as funny as your post! I love the idea. I think I'll steal it one day very soon.

Come on by my place and learn a little about Michigan.

Anonymous said...

You should read my TT rant about winter if you think today's was funny.

Debbie said...

Ooooh this is a good one Kat....I may use this in the very near future...And you are so funny...Laughed the whole way through it.

Angie's Spot said...

Kat, you're such a trendsetter. :-)

I'm totally stealing this idea from you & firefly mom for this weekend. (Since I'll be sunning at Angela's pool this weekend in ATL) Woo hoo!!

Firefly Mom said...

Hehe, love a man with a sense of humor! I'm just wondering: did "Sara's death" come at the hands of Kat, or mum?? ;D

Kelly said...

Kat, you the woman!! What a great post and what great comments. My husband now thinks I'm insane...giggling to myself. I too will be a thief in the very near future and use this on my blog...

Gina said...

Apparently, Gina needs to do a lot of things, but most of them cannot be typed out by my wholesome fingers. Gina needs to wash her eyeballs out with soap now.

Lula! said...

This proves what I've known all are quickly on the road to FAME. F-A-M-E!

Lori said...

I wandered over here from Kelly's blog... This is funny, I'm going to try it!

Tiffany said...

well, the first link listed was......
Tiffany needs bigger breasts

Good lord.