Monday, February 15, 2010

Southern Snow

I must admit to being a bit jealous of all the snow everyone was having. Feet and feet of snow. I wasn't quite so jealous of that. I just wanted pretty snow. Pictures of my girls making snowballs. Snowmen. Snowangels. Pictures of the snow in the trees.

I didn't want snowpocalypse. Or snowmageddon. Just snow. No ice. Pretty. Not scary.

And that is what our Southern snow was on Friday. It started lightly. Just dusting the surface.

Starting in the early afternoon. So the kids didn't even lose a day of school.

But it kept snowing.

And snowing. Enough that there were snowballs.



Please note. This is a Southern snow. With Southern children. Which means that we don't have the equipment. No snow jackets. We used our rain coats.

No snow pants. Wet jeans and wet leggings make for a cold child. No sleds. We used garbage bags.

Does that make it a redneck snow?

We even had a kitty escape because she needed to check out the snow.

And when we woke up on Saturday. It was like a fairy land. With the gorgeous blue skies.

And the sun reflecting off all the snow.


Then. Less than 24 hours after it started. It was practically gone.

So...what about you? How much snow have you had this year? Do you like the snow or are you pining for summer?

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CaraBee said...

Oh girl, we've had some snow.

I honestly never thought about you guys not having snow pants and sleds and such. I just figured that everyone everywhere had them. Silly me.

Glad you got a day of winter fun!

Shannon said...

Seeing as how school has been canceled tomorrow due to "inclement weather"...


GBK Gwyneth said...

Having gone to Steamboat for Christmas, we were fully prepared. And we loved it. Bring on the snow!!!!

Cristin said...

I live in the Northeast so my appreciation for the prettiness of the snow is very fleeting.. as in it is gone 5 minutes after the first snowfall.

Nice to hear a Southerner's perspective on the white stuff.

KimmyDarling said...

Well, we have had a record-setting 59 inches of snow this year in DC-- yes, as in just shy of FIVE FEET of it-- and I simply could not be more over it. This Southern Girl is just not made for this kinda mess. I cannot take it!

But I'm glad y'all got to enjoy it down there. I would give ANYTHING for ours to be gone within days. I will be surprised if it's gone a month from now, actually. I am so sick of looking at 10 ft mountains of filthy snow everywhere.

To sum up, this is how I'm feeling about snow right now:


Kimmy =)

Firefly Mom said...

"Redneck snow"?? *snort*

We've had about 1" of snow all winter, and it lasted about a day. We've had unseasonably warm weather, especially here in northwestern Oregon (it's supposed to be near 60 by mid-week). We actually have flowers blooming!

Firefly Mom said...

BTW, you have an award over on my blog, just sitting there waiting for you ;)

John Deere Mom said...

Love your pics, Kat! Just beautiful. Your rain coats and garbage bags cracked me up! We have snow...more than a foot of snow with big ol' drifts. And? It's still snowing. I am going to try to get a pic of one of the kids next to one of the drifts today...unless they fall in! :)

Samantha said...

We have so much snow that my cocker spaniel disappears when she goes out to pee! We have tons of snow here in NE Ohio!


Elena said...

I'm pining. Pining, pining, pining. Honestly though, this has been a fairly gentle winter for us. We've still got snow, but not feet and feet. I think I've only had to shovel the walks a few times and that makes things a little more bearable.

Gina said...

I think I mentioned that I did not own a coat the 4 ears I lived there...
That said, when I returned after 5 years, I could hardly find a new swim suit. I got down there and the stores were PACKED with them. I shoulda' known.
I just got my girls new coats for next year off the clearance rack.

Susie said...

We have had feet and feet of snow and I can't wait for spring:-)

Gramma 2 Many said...

No snow, just rain, rain and more rain! Stan, Gina and I were living in Marietta when the Blizzard of 92 hit the east coast, including the Atlanta Marietta area. Beautiful to say the least.
Yesterday when I was out driving, I saw two rhododendron bushes in full bloom. I had to stop and take pictures of them. Unusual even for up here, but we have truly had an el nino winter.

Susan said...

As much as I love to see it snow here, your last pic was my fave because the BEST thing about snow in Georgia is that it's here today and gone tomorrow! Great blog!

Jen said...

That is awesome that you got some snow but to be honest, that's nothing. ;)

Gorgeous pictures.

texcindy said...

San Antonians have been pining for snow since 1983. No joy this year. We are very jealous, but happy that Summer isn't here yet.

Trish said...

We've had a little snow......

who am I kidding? It's still snowing here. Forecast shows snow for the next TEN days.

I do love it, but five months is a loooooonnnnngggg winter and it's still not over.

I've heard that spring does come.
In April.

Michelle said...


*giggle* *giggle*

You're funny. I like the Southern snow. We've had ummmm a few feet. I have no idea how much because it just doesn't matter after awhile.