Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vegas, baby part V

Do you think that I will ever get to the end of this trip? I mean. We went in October. I first started telling you about it in November. Maybe we'll finish in February. And then I'll have to start telling you about the Disney trip we took last September. Did I see you moving to the edge of your seat? Oh. The anticipation.

So. We left off with our visit to the Mirage. And the tigers. And the volcano. And our trip back to our room on the 13th floor.

I was very excited when we got up Friday morning. Cause today we were movin' on up. Leaving behind the regulation hotel room. The perfume soaked hallway. And the 13th floor. All for the fan-cee digs of the Venetian.

We got packed up. Checked out. And grabbed a cab. Cause I was surely not schlepping my luggage on the deuce. And when we arrived.

Oh my. What a difference. I quickly got through the check-in and we headed up to our new room.

We had a suite. With a very comfy bed. And a step down to a living area. Complete with gold sectional couch. We had a couch just like this in the '70s. Who knew they'd make a come back? And the blinds. We had remote control blinds. Flat screen tvs. Including one in the bathroom.

After we got somewhat situated, I called Elena, and arranged to meet for lunch. Elena and her husband Jarom had flown in for the weekend just to meet me. Sort of. I mean the whole reason we went to Vegas was for the SITS blog conference. Which starts this evening. And Elena came for the party. And mostly to meet me. Maybe.

As we head downstairs, Michael asks me "Did you pack my shirts that were in the closet at the Monte Carlo?" Yep. He really asked me that. Uh. No. I packed my stuff. He packed his stuff. Or most of it anyway. So instead of helping me to find Elena, he heads back to the room to see if the Monte Carlo might still have his shirts.

Elena and I had decided to meet in the lobby. The lobby is gorgeous. There is this amazing domed ceiling.

And this.

Um. Hallway? Between the lobby and the casino. Would you call it a hall? So. I am waiting. And waiting. Then Elena calls. They cannot figure out how to get to the lobby. It truly is a conspiracy. The casinos want you to stay in the casino. Not marking the exits. Or making you go the long way around just keeps you there. May as well have another drink and another quarter in the slots.

Anyway. After a few calls, we finally find each other. And it's like falling back into a regular conversation. In fact, I have felt like that with everyone I have met through blogging. Just picking up where we left off. We had a great afternoon. Eating. Talking. And lots of laughing.

And we finally parted when Jarom had to go satisfy a need for chocolate. And I had to go get ready for the SITS conference...

So...what about you? Have you met people through blogging? Would you go to a blog conference?

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Aleta said...

Nobody, nobody can blog about Vegas in just one blog post. Nope. Can't be done, so write on! Isn't Vegas just amazing?! You can have so much fun and not even gamble!!!

Samantha said...

Your hotel room was so pretty! Hey, was your husband able to find his shirts? That sounds like something that would happen to us on vacation - only my husband would end up shirtless!

Tam said...

You left us hanging...shirts? LOL
HMM blog conference? HMMM IF I probably would only IF YOU would be there! OH and Lizzie!

Susie said...

My favorite "meet on line friend" is Sandy from Iron Cupake: Milwaukee:-) She changed my life for the funner:-)

Elena said...

LOLLL!! Oh that tricky maze of a building. And yes, the whole reason I went was to meet YOU! Loved it and so hope to do it again. I had totally forgotten about Michael's lost shirts. Too funny.

Nina said...

Did Michael ever find his shirts? This is so like him!!

Trish said...

Sooo, Did Michael get his shirts back?

I have met one blogger, that was my friend Cathy in Kotzebue, but maybe she doens't count because I went looking for bloggers when I found out I was moving to Kotzebue. But maybe it does count because I only knew her through her blog......I dunno. Either way, she turned out to be a great friend!!

I want to meet.....
You, Elena, Lizzy, Lula, and Meredith (from life at 7000 feet).

and a few others.

Shannon said...


I thought the reason Elena came was to meet ME.


Shannon said...

hee hee hee ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to say that that couch did not come back "in"

Melissa said...

I've met some amazing people through blogging.....like you...and Lizzy.....and Shannon....and um everyone on that trip to the mountains! I'm sad that I won't be able to go this year.....Which is all the more reason that me you and LIzzy need to just plan a trip.....soon.....very soon!