Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tagged Again! And Again! And Again! And Again...

Well…it’s my 100th post. And according to tradition, I am supposed to do a 100 things about me post. I have started it. But I only have thirty something things on that list. And it’s not too interesting. And I am a big fan of avoidance behavior. There could not be a better avoidance technique than doing a meme.

Now the first meme I did was about what was on my desk. I was tagged by my own daughter. Who was tagged before me. (Hey…she needs that “I tagged Jill” badge!) Then, Rhea tagged me for a list of 6 random things and a book meme. I was sure that the book meme sealed the deal on never being tagged again.

I have seen this particular meme played out on several blogs. And I even commented on Mrs. Romero’s blog that it looked like fun. I guess I crashed the party, because she then added me to the list. And then, I was tagged again for the same one by Heather, Lula, and Joye. Four tags for the same meme! I’m feelin’ the love! So…here we go:

What was I doing 10 years ago?

Let me think. End of May, 1998? Ummm…I had just bought a nanny placement agency, and I was trying to balance working that with having a 5 month old baby girl. Who was so happy…except when I paused in my adoration of her to take a business phone call. And she began to scream like a banshee. Phone call ends, smiles and giggles all around.

Five Snacks I enjoy:

Peanut butter crackers
Lazy apples (you know…the ones that are already cut up)
Do desserts count as snacks? Snickerdoodle cookies
Peanut M&Ms

Five Things On My To-Do List Today:

Pack the girls for camp
Finish cutting up strawberries to freeze
Take a shower (I’ve been informed that I must add get dressed as well. Who knew?)
Pick up my car from its check-up
Finished the dreaded “Little Women”

Things I Would Do If I Were A Billionaire:

Buy a house in Hawaii so I could stalk visit the cast of Lost with my other stalkers friends: Lula, Heather, Rhea, Tali, and whoever else wants to join us in our quest for restraining orders. (Thanks for the idea, Lula!)
Travel the world.
Give money to charity
Add three bathrooms to my house
New cars…
OH, the list goes on and on…I already have it spent. Now, who’s going to give me a billion dollars?

Five Jobs I Have Had:

Sales at Macys in high school and college
Personal Assistant
Estate manager
Owned my own company
High school Latin teacher

Five of My Bad Habits:

  1. Impulse shopping
  2. Proscrastinating (ummm…how long have I had this on my to do list? Am I working on the 100 list? Yep…procrastination is also a talent of mine)
  3. Gossiping (my favorite quote is from “Steel Magnolias” – “If you don’t have anything nice to say about anybody, come sit by me.”)
  4. Taking things too personally
  5. impatience

Five Places I've Lived:

Winter Park, Florida
Coral Springs, Florida
Charlotte, North Carolina
Athens, Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia

6 People I Want To Get To Know Better (yes, this means you are tagged!)
Sugar at I Like Pi
Rhea at Word Tangle
Jill at One Wired Woman
Firefly Mom at Pack of Hungry Snails
Nissa at Nissa’s Niceties
Angie at Angie’s Spot

Five Random Things:

  1. Today we finished watching the Indy trilogy with Katie to prep her for the new movie.
  2. We canceled our “subscription” to HBO when the writers went on strike. The whole reason we had HBO was for the show “Big Love.” And now season three has been postponed until the fall instead of starting now for the summer. We will probably start HBO again when “Big Love” returns. Because as you read in my habits…I am not patient. I don’t think I could wait for it to come out on DVD. “Big Love” is my other obsession. Next to LOST.
  3. I cannot dance. At all. I have absolutely no sense of rhythm. I can’t even follow an aerobics class or video. By the time I have sorta figured out what they are doing, they have moved on.
  4. I switched my major in college from Political Science to Anthropology because the subject was fascinating. And because my professor looked just like Harrison Ford. I took all the classes he offered. By the end of my freshman year, I had accumulated a number of 400 level classes by following him around.
  5. I met my husband in a bar. I wasn’t interested in him at all. I was actually dating someone else. But we did exchange numbers. And I did not return his calls. Until a week later when I had an argument with my boyfriend. And, the rest, as they say, is history.

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Nissa said...

Aww.. I feel special!

And I really needed some blog fodder, so this is a big help!

Congrats on your 100th post!

We cancelled our HBO after they cancelled Deadwood. Now we just download Big Love. :)

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Nissa--Always glad to help with blog fodder! And it's exciting to find someone else that loves "Big Love" too! I'll have to come and check out your meme when you are done...

The Joye of Teaching said...

Happy 100th! I watch Big Love too. I just rent it from Blockbuster. Same story with dancing. hahah It never topped me from trying. Neat randomness.

Rhea said...

Awww, Kat, thanks for tagging me! Goodness knows I've tagged you enough. lol I deserve a little payback. I'll do this by Monday probably.

I liked learning more about you! I like Big Love a lot! It's a great show!! Fascinating to see how a multiple wived family lives, you know?

I love your plan to buy a house in Hawaii so we can go stalk the LOST crew and actors. I'm all for it. I'll even learn how to SCUBA dive so we can sneak up by sea. Or get a pilot's license so we can fly overhead...Ok, I'll stop now.

Rhea said...

What kind of camp are the girls going to? Sounds like an overnight camp...

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Look at all the "Big Love" fans! I'm so addicted.

Joye--you try? Ummm...not me. I'd be worse than Elaine on Seinfeld.

Rhea--Big Love is fascinating. Wonder if what happened in TX with the FLDS will give them additional fodder for the show. And I'm so glad you are going to join me at the compound in Hawaii. I wanted to get my SCUBA certification anyway :-)

The girls are going to an overnight camp in North Carolina. They leave tomorrow morning and come back next Saturday.

Angie's Spot said...

Great entry! I still don't quite understand all this tagging business. Someone will have to explain it to me someday. :-) I have Big Love coming on Netflix. I can't convince hubby to do anything more than basic cable. Poor me, huh?!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Angie--I hereby tag you! All you have to do is copy this post...and then put in your own information. Or you can google "meme" and go from there! I'm not sure if what we have would be defined as basic cable or not. We don't have any of the premium channels...but with netflix, you really don't need them. I am planning to watch "Weeds" this week - and that one is on Showtime...

Angie's Spot said...

Oh, this sounds fun!! I was just wondering what I was going to blog about tomorrow while waiting for my flight in the morning. Thanks for tagging me!

Rhea said...

I bet that's going to be really weird not having them around for a week! Any fun plans?

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Rhea--nope, nothing really. I suppose I'll do what I normally do...and this week it will be without interruptions :-) Oh...wait...I have the whole first season of Sex and the City from netflix to watch...

Insane Mama said...

Oh shoot! I was tagged by heather AWHILE ago and I was supposed to think of cool new questions... my mistake, hopefully I can do that tomorrow... This whole blogging business is new to me

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

insane mama- I'm new to the whole blogging thing, too. Just since February. And...see...I was tagged by Heather at the same has been a while. I'll be sure to see what new questions you come up with!

Skeller said...

Kat -
you never fail to make me laugh (or snort). :-D I would never have guessed that you've only been blogging since February!!! You just seem ever so much more *sophisticated* (hehe) than a mere beginner blogger. I look forward to your next 100+ posts...

John Deere Mom said...

Sex and the City, Lost, Big Love, Weeds...never seen any of them! I feel so alone...

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Susan--Sophisticated? Moi? Now, that makes me laugh. Or snort. What gave you those delusions? No...wait don't tell me. I like the aura of mystery ;-)

Lula! said...

Have you started your SATC marathon yet? I am knee-deep in season 2 of Battlestar Galactica. (NERD!) One of my blogger buddies that I've known "in real life" since we were 7 traveled to Oahu back in April and went on the "Lost Tour." She posted pics of several sites they got to see and I told her that the Lost stuff impressed me FAR more than any of the other beauty Hawaii had to offer. And that, my friend, is OBSESSION.

I am still husband said my voice sounds like a 40+ year, 5-pack a day smoker. I could do a mean version of "Bette Davis Eyes," but all I really want is a big ol' bag of peanut M&Ms. Sigh.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Angie--that is what netflix is for! I am going to have a "sex-fest" (that sounds oh, so wrong...but in that good kinda way) this week...and Weeds is great. You gotta netflix "Big Love" - there aren't that many episodes of that one.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Lula--I have not started the sex fest...probably tomorrow morning after water aerobics. I am still trying to finish the dreaded "Little Women" that I procrastinated from my to-do list yesterday. I'll need SATC after the sugar sweetness.

Glad you are feeling better. Email me your address...and I'll hook ya up with some peanut m&ms...I just got a big bag yesterday...cause with the kiddos gone, I don't have to share :-)

Rhea said...

I meant to add, after seeing Susan's comment, that I thought you'd been blogging longer than just February also. I'm impressed.

Keys to the Magic Travel said... I gotta know...what is there to be impressed with?! Doncha love a fishin' for compliments question? :-) You should go back and read my first post. I mulled over the name of this blog for the longest time. And...I was in Darcy's queue ( was nothing like it is today) before the blog was even created...

Hey...did you see that new widget I found (found at Heather's blog)? With my top commenters? Pretty cool!

Madeline Rains said...

Kat, What a big smile you have put on my face from reading here for the first time! I love your music, love that someone else (from your comments it seems there are many of us)LOVES "Big Love" (I discovered it on a plane and netflixed all that existed of it, which was not enough). My kids just finished the second Indiana movie last night. Harrison is indeed hot. But he kind of looks like my dad so no, he is not.

I actually finished my day's word count. So much easier than I thought it would be. Woo Hoo! Your kids are going into camp. You should write a bunch while they are gone. You're clearly a writer.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Madeline--Congrats on your word count. So...did you reward yourself with some chocolate? I am amazed by all the "Big Love" lovers. I had no idea :-) Do you do LOST, too?

Rhea said...

I didn't notice the new widget...I'm sorry! I'll go look in just a sec.

I was impressed by your blog layout, how you have links to books you've read, how you had music playing that themed with your posts, how you had such nice posts that seemed fun and effortless. I liked how you layed out your homeschooling lessons for the week and completed them, etc. It just seemed like a blog of someone who knew what they were doing and had been doing this for a while. I was impressed. :o) I also liked the name. Original.

Rhea said...

OK, went and looked at the widget. Love it! I'm the top commentor by that a good thing or a bad thing?!! lol Either I give good chat or I have no life....or both?

I may have to steal this widget...I've seen it on other blogs and coveted it...but not enough to do anything about it. lol

Tiffany said...

KAt- Your finally played! Yeah! I know these things are such a pain sometimes, but I love getting to know about everyone.

Thanks for commenting on the SITS site! Hey, number 1 could get picked... you never know!

Anonymous said...

I am surprised there are so many closet "BIG LOVE" fans. I love your blog.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Rhea--I'm an information hound. I want to know everything (hence my penchant for gossip). So, when I finally got the blog going...I sort of knew what I was doing. Sort of.

Go and get that widget. It's fun. But not accurate. I have two Angies that post - and they are both lumped together. And Sissy had 10 posts when I started...and somehow she lost now be at 9.

Mrs. R--I love the SITS. And that leopard print in the design is so fun. You and Heather are geniuses.

Slacker Mom--Thanks so much for commenting and visiting! I try and make this a fun place :-)

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if this is the forum that I should answer your questions you left for me but here goes:
I think I found your blog through
We live in Fayette County.


Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Slacker Mom--very cool! After all those cruise posts, it's great to hear I might have found a reader :-)

jennifersusan said...

I had no idea you watched "Big Love"! I love that show...I hate how long they have been taking between seasons. I wish they'd hurry up and not make us wait so long.

Unknown said...

I forgot to look out for my 100th post ... that moment passed me by about 17 posts ago, I think...

Rhea said...

Tent Camper never gave you this hard a run for top commenter spot. What's up with your fans?!

Kori said...

You were a nanny? Really?

I mean I so never would have guessed that/ That's pretty cool.