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Week in review: May 19-25

I have just realized that I haven’t actually written a blog entry in about a week. Have ya’ll missed me? Joye says I’m slacking. Rhea has emailed me to make sure that we are all safe and sound. I must admit it’s nice to be missed. But this week has just flown by in a flurry of activity. None of it exciting…or blog worthy…but a flurry nonetheless.

So…what have I been up to? Let’s see. Tuesday night, we hid out in the basement because of tornado warnings. What was that line from that movie “Twister?” It’s something like: “we have hail. We have debris. Cow!” Well…we had hail:

Then on Wednesday, we officially entered summer with Madalyn’s last day of school. Poor Katie still has six more days.

On Wednesday night, we went to our usual hangout…Summit’s tavern for trivia. We were actually in first place when we got the final question: In which comedy series have all of the main characters received Emmy awards? There are three correct answers…and we just had to come up with one. Wow…there was a lot of hashing out to do! I said “Will and Grace.” Someone else said “Seinfeld.” Another, “Fraser.” Then we started digging deep. We ruled out “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” because there were just too many actors to contend with. We discussed “All in the Family” and then thought that Sally Struthers probably never won an Emmy. Then Michael had the brilliant idea that it must be “The Odd Couple.” And especially with only two main characters, it had to be a winner.

We turned in our answer…and then listened to hear the correct answers: “Will and Grace” (ahhh…I was right!); “All in the Family” (we live in a world where Sally Struthers won an Emmy?!); and “The Golden Girls” (cannot believe we didn’t think of that one!). But no “Odd Couple.” We lost. Michael was sure they were wrong. So, naturally, first thing when we get home, he looks it up. We were robbed! Jack Klugman won twice, and Tony Randall won once…but they were each nominated in every year that the show was on! Robbed!

On Thursday, I taught my last Latin class of the school year…and then the girls had friends over to play in the afternoon. In the late afternoon we discovered that our neighborhood pool had opened…so we went over to check it out. I am hoping that the girls will meet more kids in the neighborhood and not be so dependent on the kids next door for their entertainment. But they can actually make their own entertainment. They feel the need to do a dramatic scene every time the camera comes out. Every. Time. Woe is me...
Friday morning, I took the girls to get hair cuts…and Katie’s was finally long enough to donate:

Friday was also Michael’s birthday. When he got home from work…he opened his cards. Here is the card I got him:
And after you all read on Thursday about his favorite things – you know how much he likes the band, Rush. When tickets went on sale for their concert here this summer he decided not to go because the tickets were too expensive. So, I naturally bought one for him! He was quite surprised. After reading about all his penny pinching ways, you all can imagine how he gets when I head out to my happy place.

Anyway…Madalyn had been invited to a slumber party…so we dropped her off and then Michael, Katie and I went to Ted’s Montana Grill for dinner (yummy!) and then to see Iron Man. What a great movie! Very fun…and Robert Downey Jr is so underrated. And if you haven’t seen it yet, go see it…and be sure you stay until ALL the credits are completed.

On Saturday we went to pick strawberries again. Well, first we picked up Madalyn from her party – and she brought her friend Kari with us to pick berries. Why is it that my child feels the need to show off her tonsils every time the camera comes out? This was the last of the season. We picked four buckets full…but they were the tiniest berries I have ever seen. I actually got it in my head that we might freeze some of them to make smoothies when they are not in season. We’ll see how that goes.

After we got home, the girls were invited to a pool party and to spend the night with their friends Diana and Shannon. So…what exciting things do Michael and I have planned? Why to go to the grocery store of course. I can see my husband the coupon man in action. We got $300 worth of groceries for $200. See…this is why I don’t grocery shop. I go and get $70 worth of junk. Because I was hungry. Then he did take me out to dinner. Because he had a coupon. Don’t tell me you didn’t see that one coming.

And then Sunday brought our neighborhood Memorial Day pool party. Because nothing says “remember those that have died for their country” like a hot dog and a good game of Marco Polo.

See?! Flurry of activity. And somehow in all that…we DID manage to homeschool:

MATH: We finished the section on percent. And Katie learned about interest rates. I had to explain to her why the bank would give their customers money in the form of interest. And explain that if you are earning 1% interest on 500…you would have 505 at the end of one year…but if you want to find out how much money you would have in the bank after two years, you cannot just multiply that interest amount times two…but that the interest would be on the $505, not the $500. She finished the chapter with multi part word problems and then a review. We will go back to 5B in the fall…and the plan will be to completely finish Singapore by the end of next school year.

HISTORY: Katie completed both chapters 39 and 40 this week (hey, Gwyneth, no skipping this time!). She learned about the conflict between Iran and Iraq (I remembered their long war…but I had no idea what it was all about), Chernobyl, Gorbachev, Glasnost, and the end of the Cold War.

GRAMMAR: We are about to wrap up grammar…and the last chapter of the book focuses on troublesome words – like the differences between rise and raise; let and leave; lend and borrow; and teach and learn. You know what? I am actually contemplating not doing grammar at all next year. She has such a good basis (she actually scored in the 99th percentile on her Iowa tests in the grammar section) – and will get reinforcement from both Latin and her writing program. I am also thinking of leaving off spelling as well. Someone is welcome to convince me otherwise. It seems so wrong…but there it is

WRITING: Katie continued to work on her first lady paper this week. After a first draft without even a mention of the words “first lady” she was back to the drawing board. The second draft was much improved…but I had her actually hand write it…and even with doing it first on the computer…her spelling skills leave little to be desired. (Again…convince me to keep a spelling program. On second thought…what can I get that will actually teach her to spell…she has a huge vocabulary…but spelling…ack!) And, she actually forgot to do her bibliography. So, after a brief speech about plagiarism…she’ll do what will hopefully be the final draft next week…and include that bibliography.

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Acrimony said...

Looks like a good week! Congrats to your daughter for donating her hair! That's such a wonderful thing to do!

The pool opened here today and, of course, it's supposed to be a high of whopping 58 degrees tomorrow so I'm not sure when we will be going, but it won't be tomorrow. LOL!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

She donated her hair a few years ago, too. I wasn't sure that she would have enough...but she really needed it cut...we got about 10 inches and will put them in the mail tomorrow.

58 degrees?! It's upper 80's here...but it's been the pool water is really cold. Not as cold as yours!

Heather said...

What a week!! The girls look ADORABLE with their hair cut. I'm only midly jealous that you live in a place warm enough to go swimming and wear shorts. *sigh* I need to move.

GBK Gwyneth said...

Yes, of course you were missed...

Glad to hear there was no skipping. I think Camille is still on The Space Race, and there will be no skipping here. I am such a meanie! She will do history and math until her work is done. Hey, it isn't my fault that she didn't work while I was in France, etc!

Love the haircuts. So nice and cool for summer.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Heather--It needs to stay cold where you are so that you will work constantly on your saga and not stop to soak up the sun :-)

Gwyneth--So glad I was missed! We didn't skip in the beginning...but I wanted to get done in a reasonable of time. We are going to skip one more section ;-)

The hair cuts really are cute. Madalyn actually got hers done right before we went on our cruise...and we just cleaned it up this time. Katie has *never* had her hair this short!

The Joye of Teaching said...

Hey you're back! Glad to hear all is safe from the weather! I am going for that hair cut too this week. I agree that grammar and spelling can be taught through writing. I never give out a list and test. I just preach about using the dictionary. hahaha
I finished me first scrapbook! Thanks for the inspiration.

Keys to the Magic Travel said... more slacking :-) I can't wait to see your'll have to post pictures. And yes, you need to do a post about your new scrapbook - I'm honored to have inspired you! And thanks for the support on the grammar/spelling. I haven't made up my mind yet...but that is what I think we'll end up doing (err...not doing!).

Debbie said...

I love this post! I loved hearing about everything...and Madalyn's haircut is darling, but you didn't show Katie's after picture. And my two cents would be to teach spelling next year. Here's why. You need to keep at the things you don't like or aren't good at. Or else you never get better and it's easy to blow off. For me it's not about the spelling itself, it's teaching her about the perserverance and pushing through things. But then again, I don't need to tell you that Dr. Kat, now do I ;)

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Debbie--yes, you are right. We ought to keep up with spelling. And I really ought to add handwriting because that is equally as bad. But the grammar she really does have down pat...and it's become busy work. I just need to find a spelling problem that is not busy work, but might actually work on reinforcing some skills. I just don't know what that might be.

And here I was thinking that the picture of Katie admiring herself in the mirror was the "after" picture. The only other "after" one I took didn't look right...but maybe I can play with it in photoshop and add it to the post. :-)

Skeller said...

Freaky weather!!! Oh my goodness, the girls' haircuts are to-die-for, soooo perfect. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! Look at that weather!! Haircuts are adorable. You've had a busy week. :) ~Jill

Lula! said...

Love their new 'dos. They are definitely a "do," too.

But here's what depressed me about this post...I didn't sit through all the credits at the end of Iron Man. Because I saw it on Mother's Day and felt all guilty for leaving my girls, who were already asleep by the time the movie ended ('cause, you know, I live in the country and have to drive 40 minutes to the nearest theater), so as soon as he announced, "I am IRON MAN!" my friend and I bolted. So...what did I miss? I love RDJ...was not delightful in this flick?
p.s. LOVE me some REM (wooo, Georgia boys!). Love me some Orange Crush. Ninth grade, I hear ya calling...oh, the memomries.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Susan and Jill--yes, freaky, but normal spring weather for Georgia. We managed to not have anything happen other than the hail...lots of other areas near us were not so fortunate. The haircuts are so cute. And now I won't have to fret about them being at camp next week and never once brushing their hairs...

Lula--I'll email you with the Iron Man ending...just in case someone might not want to know yet...

Angie's Spot said...

Wow, you guys were busy! Great pics and that berry picking looks like fun. I'm planning to make my 2nd hair donation to Locks of Love in a few months (after I lose a bit more weight). So cool that she donated her hair! The new "do" is adorable!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Angie--That's awesome that you donate as well. It was Katie's second donation...her hair grows sooo fast. I have tons of hair...but am much too chicken to get that much cut off.

Firefly Mom said...

I've been wondering where you were! Glad you're back.

That's so great that your daughter donated her hair. I love to see kids get involved with charity work! They always love it.

My mom called me from SoCal the other day to say there was a tornado that had touched down near her and was knocking over rail cars and trucks. Not your usual California weather!

John Deere Mom said...

What a busy week! I guess you are excused for not posting. :) Your daughters are too adorable. I love your youngest daughter's surprised scream pose. Too cute!

Rhea said...

What a wonderful, long catch-up post! Yay, Kat!

I love that you and your hubby do trivia contests regularly. That sounds like so much fun. And, yes, you were robbed! Cheated! So wrong!

The girls' new haircuts are adorable, and I love their dramatic poses in the pool. lol Looks like y'all have gotten in some good swimming, berry pickin' and socializing. Real life, that's important. hehe

I'm so impressed with Michael's penny pinching and coupon habits. Truly impressive. Can he please come do my shopping? PLEASE!!

Rhea said...

I forgot to add, we haven't seen Ironman yet, but it looks good.

Also, sounds like Katie is doing so well with the home schooling and learning so much. I'm impressed. I'm also a horrible speller, don't know why. I always made good grades and such, but spelling just didn't come naturally to me. Invest in a good dictionary for the poor girl. hehe

Anonymous said...

umm. isn't 5% of $500 actually $25? so after 1 year you would have $525?

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

FM--I've been here...but it's May. That's my excuse for the moment anyway :-) I had not heard about a tornado in SoCal...quite atypical.

Angie--That "surprised scream" is the typical pose. I'd like for them to ignore my camera sometimes. They ignore me...why not the camera?! And...I've spent so much time on that crock pot blog lately...have you found anything to try there?!

Rhea--I am happy to loan out my penny pinching husband. It's like he gets a rush from saving money. I guess he does it with the way I can spend it :-)

CindySue--Ummm...I meant 1% :-) Really...I don't think the girls even earn that on their savings account...which is why we moved it to AAL...or whatever they are calling themselves these days. Can't believe no one else caught that. I can't believe Michael didn't catch it.

Dancing Queen said...

What generous, compassionate children you are raising! Very neat!

Glad you survived the storms ok...we could use some rain here DESPERATELY!!

Teri said...

We had tornadoes passing through last week, also. Madison had been picked up already for his Boy Scout meeting when we started getting hail - which means he was in the car!! Yikes! Mackenzie and I got our safe closet spot ready while we kept watching the skies, internet weather alert and TV. Madison finally came home after all the tornados passed by. Scary.

Nissa said...

Katie looks great with short hair. It's awesome that you're teaching your girls to give & donate. :)

My Michael loves Rush too, and decided not to buy tickets for the same reason. One of our friends has connections, though, so we might go volunteer at the concessions to get to the concert for free. (I've got my fingers crossed!)

You're allowed to take a week off blogging- you know I do! :)