Friday, May 9, 2008

Week in Review

Another week of ordinary. And I am quite happy with ordinary. Boring. Mundane. All those are good words here at casa Sunshine and Lemonade. Because they don’t involve drama. Now, we did start our week off with a little excitement.

Last Friday, Madalyn finally got to celebrate her birthday (because, you know, celebrating on a cruise ship is just not enough.) with her friends. With a slumber party. How is it possible for four little girls to be so loud? Or so messy? Is there a genetic advantage for the decibel level that girls can attain? They played. They ate pizza. They opened presents. They had cupcakes. There was a smidge of angst regarding missing mommies…and headaches about said decibel levels…but they were over it rather quickly. Somehow, they managed to tuck themselves into bed and fall asleep around midnight. And then on Saturday morning, we were ordered to wake up and fix them donuts. Ahhh…round two of sugar. And then we sent them home. And took a nap. Aren’t they cuties?

And here they are showing off their ability to make armpit farts. And the same noise with their legs. Let me now destroy the myth that only boys are fascinated with bodily functions. A mother's pride and joy.

This week was Teacher Appreciation week at Madalyn’s school. The room mom’s arranged for some pretty nice things. They did a fruit basket on Monday – every student was to bring in a piece of fruit for the basket. I wonder if they needed more than one. Then on Tuesday, Madalyn and I each wrote a note of thanks to her teacher. I got the cards at Target. They cost $500. I almost couldn’t fit the kids in the car after that trip. Yeah, don't ask. But, Mrs. Murphy, you are worth it! She also got a pen bouquet, lunch from her favorite restaurant…and then tonight a bunch of us moms made her dinner. I was in charge of dessert. And for some reason, I forgot to take pictures of making the ├ęclair cake. I had to make two, you know. I would not win mother of the year if I didn’t have one for us as well. Not that I’ll even be considered for mother of the year. I might be my children’s favorite mother though if I make it again for my blog. For my readers. All three of you. Oh, the sacrifices.

Oh, yeah…the point of this? Our homeschool week in review:

Math: It was all review this week. Kind of a math holiday for mom. I didn’t have to remind myself on how to do math. And constantly remind myself that I am not smarter than a 5th grader.

History: Katie finished Chapter 36 from last week. She read the Kids Discover Magazine on the Civil Rights movement and she read Cobblestone’s “Get on the Bus” issue. Then we did part of chapter 37 (yep, we skipped a section) on the Vietnam War. And then moved onto chapter 38 covering the Soviet invasions of Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan.

Grammar: Katie is still in chapter 7, covering prepositional phrases, conjunctions, and interjections. She is still not a fan of grammar…but she obviously tries to have fun with it as evidenced by some of the sentences she creates. For example, one of her assignments gives her a base sentence and she is to add a prepositional phrase to give it more detail. For example: The boy raked leaves. When you add the phrase, it could read: The boy with brown hair raked leaves or The boy raked leaves into a pile. So…what did Katie create?

Base: Kerry and I sat. Katie’s addition: Kerry and I sat near your yak.

Base: Children play. Katie’s addition: Children play in a volcano.

Base: The street was filled. Katie’s addition: The street was filled with many ostriches.

Base: Birds fly. Katie’s addition: Birds fly to their death.

The mind of a ten year old.

Report writing workbook/Research project: Katie chose her first lady: Jacqueline Kennedy and has begun her research. We got a little waylaid as the books haven’t arrived at the library yet…so some things have been postponed until next week. (Ahhh…the disappointment) Katie learned how to make a bibliography, how to take notes using note cards…and did the first part of her research using the internet. In her search, she found this fun site (no help with the project…but fun) where you can dress paper dolls from history including Jackie O, Hillary Clinton, Mr. Darcy and even Alexander the Great (did you know he wore underwear?).

Piano—Again, I have no idea. I don’t play. I don’t sing. I don’t read music. So…I have to ask Katie what she did. And here is what she said: She is learning how to stop boinging. Is that the technical term? It means that she needs to stop playing staccato when she is supposed to play legato. Uh-huh. And to make it more difficult, she has a piece this week where she is supposed to boing. Okey dokey.

There you have it. I hope you all had a great week. Full of mundane and boring. Sans drama.

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Debbie said...

I love boring. I love mundane. I hate drama. And I loved this post! Oh and yes, girls love potty humor. My daughter discovered arm toots last summer when one of her friends with an older brother taught it to her. She has now taught my 5 year old son. And yes, we have symphony of arm toots during bath time. Lovely.

Debbie said...

Oh and one more thing. Can you post your recipes that you have on your menu each week? Because, I am seriously going to rip off your weekly menu so I don't have to think about one for my family. I am always hungry when I read your blog and then I leave starving after I look at what your menu is. Right now, my mouth is watering.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Debbie--I am so glad that I am not the only one with a household of girls masquerading as teenage boys. I keep telling my girls that girls don't do those things. And they just roll their eyes and laugh...and say "girls do those things." Ack! I keep threatening to send them to manners camp.

Looking at my menu for the week...I have done the recipe for the chicken cordon bleu...and a few others. I haven't done one this week. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow...easy peasy. Any requests?! You have found my one domestic ability.

I'll have a new menu posted over the me if you want a particular recipe.

The Joye of Teaching said...

I love girly sleepy overs! Any makeovers, scary movies, hair dos?? looks like plenty of silliness--the #1 ingredient.
As for Teacher Appreciation week... I wish I could see a pen bouquet! What an idea.

John Deere Mom said...

Excuse me. You must move to my school please. Thank you note? Lunch? Dinner? Fruit basket? Pen bouquet? (More details on that one please.) I am jealous! Our PTO was pretty good to use this week, but the parents? Teacher Appreciation Week? When? Where?

John Deere Mom said...

And by the way...adorable girls. I am saddened by the armpit farts though. I thought once I got a girl it would be all sugar and spice and everything nice.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Joye--I am a big fan of unplanning parties. As you know, I don't do crafts...and I would lump nails and hair in with that. If the girls want to do's up to them to initiate. They just played in our basement. We set up a Hello Kitty tent for them to sleep in. They played games...and just had general girly mayhem.

Angie--We have an amazing school. We have just celebrated 29 years...and for EACH AND EVERY YEAR of its existence, we have had 100% participation in the PTA. 100%! Rather amazing. They do teacher appreciation for a week...and the room moms come up with themes for each day. So...I just had to send in the requirement for the day.

Sorry to burst your bubble about girls. And yours has a older brother. Mine don't even have that influence...and it's still insane. You should hear Madalyn burp. It comes from her toes. It's scary.

Angie and Joye--I did not actually see the pen bouquet. The room moms are the crafty I am sure it was really cute. I just emailed one to see if she took a picture. I'll post it if she has one.

Rhea said...

Those little munchkins are adorable! Cute photos. I love that little girls make bodily noises also...I did think just little boys were obsessed with it. lol

We had teacher appreciation week here also, and I've spent all week going crazy trying to keep up with the daily themes are room mother set up. But, I LOVE Remy's teacher and was more than willing to do my share.

I didn't have to do anything for Donny's teacher. He's a male, and I guess they don't get into this as much? Our room mother made him a gift basket with gift certificates or something. lol

Great week in review! I enjoyed it as always!!

John Deere Mom said...

Wow! I can't imagine 100% participation in PTO. We were begging people to join a couple years ago. This year there have been some changes and it is much better, but I love all the ideas your room moms came up with. Cute, cute!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Rhea--The girlies are cute...from afar :-) They can be just as gross and nasty as any boy. Is Donny in middle school? I don't think they do as much for teacher appreciation moms and the PTA have a somewhat different perspective then. I think.

Angie--I know, it's pretty amazing. And that 100% includes staff, too. Our school doesn't even have to do fundraisers. My dad used to be a librarian in a title one school...and they had basically no participation. Even on PTA nights...where the second grade might perform...they might only get 3 or 4 parents to actually come.

I don't know how the room moms come up with all these creative ideas. Some of them were talking about what their classes were doing for this week at our last PTA brain just does not go there! I'm hoping that I'll get that picture of the pen bouquet...

Rhea said...

Donny's in 5th grade, next year is middle school. But I agree, the older grades tend to react to teacher appreciation a little different...and with male teachers too (Donny's teacher is a male).

When I came to your blog this morning I got the scary heiroglyphics on the LOST countdown clock widget!!! YIKES!!

BTW, what did you think of this newest episode? How about that last line of the show? That was a doosie.

Skeller said...

I'm pretty sure you get crowns in heaven for girly slumber parties. And I LOVE Katie's sentences :-) Happy Weekend....

Sissy said...

"Boinging" on the piano! That made me crack up! I know nothing about playing the piano, but that sounds like a technical term to me.

Um, you know I love a good recipe. Post away.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Rhea--I love your new avatar! You are the queen of changing it up. I posted some of my thoughts on the last LOST on your blog. It was a great episode...that seemed to finally...sorta...answer some questions. Do you think Claire is dead? Was she dead when Sawyer found her?

Susan--I am going to have a mighty large crown in heaven then for all the girly slumber parties I have endured. Katie's sentences are so funny. I'll have to post some of her sentences that she has done for spelling. She makes me crack up.

Sissy--Yep...boinging. I am sure that is what all piano teachers call it. And, I will get cracking on that recipe...or some sort of recipe...maybe even for today.

GBK Gwyneth said...

Those are some sweet kids at the sleepover :) How fun is that!

I can't believe you continue to skip chapters...don't let Camille in on that secret. We are still stuck at Chapter 33.

Sad thing I read today. The 1000 paper cranes made by Sadako in Hiroshima were burned by an angry grad student. Pathetic. I have a photo of them from when I went 20 years ago, but Camille won't get to se them when we go. I understand making a point, but....

Rhea said...

Kat, sorry for not responding to this sooner. I saved it but forgot about it.

Thanks for noticing my new Avatar! It will probably change again soon.

You know, it never occurred to me that Claire might be dead...that's a real possibility! You're brilliant...good idea...although I hope it's not true.