Monday, March 24, 2008

The Biggest Easter Egg hunt in the known world (or maybe just the biggest in my backyard)

Easter Sunday...should bring thoughts of Alleluia, the washing away of our sins, the sacrifice of Jesus. Or...perhaps Easter brings thoughts of new life with visions of chicks, bunnies, eggs, and new blooms on plants. At our house...Easter brought angst, tears, and attitude. I had no idea, but I was informed that Katie had absolutely nothing to wear. See...look at her closet:

And look at these cute skirts:

But, no...not a thing to wear. Evidently all hope was destroyed by a Target white cardigan. I had no idea, but it doesn't go with anything! Eventually, Katie decided on something and we were off to church. To be reminded of the real reason for Easter.

After church...we headed back to our pagan roots by having a big family and friends get together. We had an Easter buffet and then the biggest Easter Egg hunt in the world. Our friends bought 20 pounds of candy and stuffed 400 eggs (10 of which had gold dollars!) - which took almost an hour to hide. We lined up the hunters according to size (ranging in age from 3 to 24!) and set them loose. This was some serious competition!

After all the eggs were found (although I am sure that we might continue to find them!)...all the "kids" were given ziplocks to dump out their candy...and then return the plastic eggs to be recycled for next year's hunt. And that is when the negotiations began. Who likes M&Ms? Who wants to trade for some nerds? I'll give you all my candy for your gold dollar...

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Rhea said...

Oh, my gosh. That is a HUGE egg hunt. Wow. Who stuffed and hid all those eggs? That's a massive operation. The big smiles says it all in those pictures. lol

My husband and I was whiney about hiding our 50 or so (for two kids) in our backyard when it was 30 degrees as we dodged piles of dog poop in the dark. It's time for some serious pooper scooping.

I was laughing so hard at your daughter's lack of clothing. Poor child. hehe Great pictures.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Our friends stuffed the eggs...and there was four adults hiding the eggs over the course of an hour (give or take). I was exhausted when all was said and done! We did have a beautiful day - a little on the cool side...but nice and sunny out.

Yeah...serious lack of clothing. It's sad. We are so cruel to not have any clothes for her.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Beautiful shots of an awesome time! It was obviously very much enjoyed!!

Firefly Mom said...

Wow - I don't know if I'm more awed by the massive egg hunt or your daughter's closet ;)

We had a basket and small egg hunt at home, then went to some friends' house for Easter dinner and they had gone all out for the 4 kids in attendance. The egg hunt landed Cody a gallon zip-lock bag stuffed full of candy, and an easter basket of goodies. So much for our attempt to scale back the candy this year!

Skeller said...

wow wow wow. I wanna be a kid at your house!!!
That's an insane amount of work, but it surely looks as if the kiddos had a complete blast (minus that whole clothing debacle ;-))

Unknown said...

Nice photos!!! Looks like the kids all had fun. :-)

Somewhere I have photos of the grandkids hunting for Easter eggs in the snow...