Monday, March 10, 2008

Who are you people??

When I started my blog…I loved finding widgets to add to my sidebars. I have the very cool Shakespearean insults; lists of my books; the fun name in the sand; ads that are bringing me a veritable fountain of cash. My favorite is my cluster map. I have to check it on a daily basis. It updates each morning…and I am fascinated with the results. I mean really…who are you people?

Most days there are 25-30 visits to my page. I think that most of them must be me. I like to listen to my own music. And I can use my page as a launching pad to visit my favorite websites or those blogs that I stalk. Then one day last week there were almost 50 visits. What happened? Who are you people? Why would anyone other than my mom read this drivel? (Well other than those of you that I personally call and say "hey...have you read my blog today???")

In the beginning, I hired Darcy over at Graphically designing to make my site pretty. She asked me what blogs I liked the look of – so if you go to the top of any blog on blogger, there is a place where you can click “next blog.” I searched that way. Not that I found anything. Except blogs in languages I could not figure out. Then if I went to my own profile page…I could click on my own interests and find other people who like LOST or reading or any other similiar things. Did you know that I am the only one on blogger who admits to liking smutty books? Anyway, it was another good way to look at blogs. Actually, on Saturday, Rhea from Texas commented on my blog…she found me via LOST. The magnetic fields are that powerful.

But again…who are you people? My cluster map shows visits from South Africa, Indonesia, England, France, Mexico…who are you people? I had to send my kids to the basement to bring up the globe so that we could try and decipher which country those dots are on. Does that count as a homeschooling geography lesson? When you are visiting, why don’t you comment? How did you stumble into my little patch of the internet?

Come on now…and say “hello!” You’ll feel better. And then I’ll know who you are. And I’ll be able to sleep at night. My husband will thank you.

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GBK Gwyneth said...

This is Gwyneth -- and I may show up on the map as being in Paris for the next 12 days :)

I like using sitememter because I can tell what search terms people used to read my blog.

Firefly Mom said...

OK,I confess! I've been jetting all over the world and reading your blog just to see how many dots I could add to your map!

Not buying it? OK, would you believe I'm from a little town outside Portland, OR (that I doubt is on your globe ;) I found you by clicking on one of my own interests (homeschooling).

wordwarrior said...

At first I left you a long newsy post. Somehow, in the process of logging in, it went of into digital never never land. Oh, well.
The colors are the same for my website, although I have a lot ofv yellow. I also have way more drivel.:-)
You know where I am, but you don't yet know who I am.
Shall, I leave you in suspense? Well, it's tempting. Nah. I know you need your beautyrest. I will see you tomorrow at GYS. (heh,heh)

Rhea said...

Hey, Kat! I'm flattered to be mentioned in your blog! lol

I use site meter on my blog to see who shows up also, and I swear most of the time I just see ME over and over again. Pathetically sad! But, I've been trying to visit other people's blogs and commenting to increase my traffic. I really like your blog though and check it regularly.

Cute post! I can't wait to see who all you hear from.

I love the idea of that other comment from the person who flies all over the world just to add dots to your blog. lol


Hi, Kat! I live near a friend of yours in the Lone Star State who sent me your link. I am also a homeschooler. Thanks for sharing your life and musings!

Skeller said...

Hi Kat!
I visited your site a LOT the last couple weeks - it was your site that first made me drool over Darcy's designs :-)
And we're reading Animal Farm right now, too. I'm pleasantly surprised how much my boys (11, 8) are enjoying it (and me, too).
I can't help you out with those int'l dots, but at least I've explained some of those CA ones ;-) Hope it'll help you sleep better...

Kim said...

I love checking this site because I et to see a different side of you. Thanks for always being my inspiration not to be stagnant in my homeschooling.

Love, Kim

Unknown said...

So, are you feeling the comment love yet???

Unknown said...

Are you pulling your hair out in clumps at all these silly, competitive twits?? :-) (said in the most loving way, of course)

Tiffany said...

So did anyone from South Africa, Indonesia, England, France or Mexico ever come clean? Did they continue to visit?