Saturday, March 1, 2008

Signs of Spring

Katie and Madalyn are always trying to earn money. This doesn’t make them especially helpful. If I ask them to do something, sometimes I am met with “will you pay me a dollar?” Sometimes I will give in…sometimes I remind them that they just need to be helpful…that they need to be good citizens of our own family.

My mother gets emails from “American Girl” which she forwards to Katie. This week she sent one to Katie…and Katie responded with “I need 26 dollars!” She told me that she needed to earn $56 by the end of March. Why? So that she can buy her American Girl doll a new outfit and so that she can renew her Club Penguin membership. Also, both girls are trying to earn spending money for the cruise we are going on in April. At least Katie is not asking for the money and is trying to earn it. I have started a log of money that she has earned—I never manage to have small bills on me, so we keep track that way. We have to keep track of allowance money too as I never have that cash on me either!

We are going to the American Girl store on March 10th to celebrate Madalyn’s birthday a little early. My mom is buying her her first American Girl doll…so she is quite excited about picking it out. We are also eating lunch at the bistro…we had to make our reservations a while ago. While we are there, Katie wants to be sure that she has enough money to buy that outfit for Kirsten.

So…today….the girls were to help Michael pull crab grass from the front yard to earn some money. Katie was quite helpful…but Madalyn got a bit distracted from her job when she found a toad. And yes…first day of March seems to be an appropriate day to wear your Halloween themed clothing.

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GBK Gwyneth said...

Camille and Madalyn would be the best of friends. Naturalists in Halloween clothing. What a pair they would be! Chloe wore her Halloween leggings all day as we delivered GS cookies and she collected samples of leaves, berries, rocks and more.

Next year I will go to Target the day after Halloween and buy all the sale clothes, as Halloween shirts, pants, socks, etc. are my girls' favorites.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Madalyn really enjoys wearing what she knows I will roll my eyes at! Today she said that when it gets a little cooler, she'll start wearing her Christmas stuff again! Thanks for the reminder about Girl Scout cookies. I need to get some cash...and I need to figure out how to work them into my Weight Watcher plan so that I don't crash and burn!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...
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my5wolfcubs said...

Cute pictures! Or should I say sweet!
About the math problem -- I didn't click on the comment box for the longest time, because I was sure someone would have posted the answer. Then I got frustrated and answer. I'm glad I kept at at and got the right answer! Satisfying end to all my hard work. LOL

Lisa~ said...

How cute is she? I love the last picture of her sitting w/ the frog... seems to take a liking to her....

RyLee has Josephina (gift from grama) and Felicity (I bought from goodwill online)she still loves them.... I know getting to go to the actual bistro shop would be a highlight!

Happy Birthday to your dd!


Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures! My little girl would have screamed and run into the house upon meeting a frog! ;)

Unknown said...

Grat photos !! Especially that ones of Madalyn and the toad.
We went on a nature walk with 2nd grade classes last Friday. The kids were fascinated to see baby frogs jumping through the grass.

Tiffany said...

American Girl! How we LOVE American Girl! We stood in line for the longest time (probably 2 hours although I forgot about that one when I answered your post the other day about waiting in lines) on the day the AG store here opened. We have yet to eat at the bistro but the girls do adore American Girl. I co-led an AG club last year and we studied Felicity. I am leading one this year as well and we are studying Kaya. And the photos are great!