Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Follies

I have been wracking my brain trying to think about what to blog about today. I thought about copying Mrs. R and her Friday's Fab Five. Which I'll probably do at some point. And then I thought about joining Carrie and her Friday Photo Fiesta. Which I'll probably do at some point, too. And then Debbie over at This is the Life did a "getting to know you game" yesterday that would be very easy to copy. Hey, Debbie...whatever happened to those "Are you Smarter than a Fifth grader" Fridays?

Anyway...I got to thinking about what to title this post. Because I am so positive that you are curious as to how I come up with these things. And all the above themed posts have alliteration in them. So...I came up with "follies." Which means something that is strictly decorative with no purpose. Kinda like my blog. Works for me. Oh, wait...that's a Wednesday theme.

So, we are going to play Debbie's game. Sort of. It’s just a few questions. A way for me to know a little more about you. Maybe even a non-threatening way to bring some lurkers out of the woodwork. Come on…you know you want to play! Or as my kids say…Pretty Please with Camel Fleas…

Cats or dogs?

Are you going on a vacation this summer?

Disney or Universal?

Sweet or salty?

White walls or lots of color?

Introvert or extrovert?

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Favorite season?

Glasses or contacts?

Last movie you saw in the theatre?

I'll put my answer in the comments...and I'm looking forward to getting to know you...

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Keys to the Magic Travel said...


We are actually on vacation right San Antonio, Texas. We go home tomorrow. And then in two weeks we are going to St. George Island for two weeks.

Disney, Hands down.

Salty...then sweet...then salty again. Repeat.

Lots and lots of color. We have some pretty dark colors in our house - including our dining room that is an orangy red.


Blue Bell's Tin Roof sundae...which is vanilla ice cream with fudge ripples and chocolate covered peanuts.



Iron Man for my hubby's birthday

Skeller said...

Yes. (1st alone vacation with dh since kiddos born!)
INTROVERT (yes, all caps)
really good vanilla
both (but contacts more)
so long ago, I can't remember.

Finding Normal said...


Yes, we're going somewhere at some point in July. That's as far as the planning has gotten!


Sweet, but I also like them together--M&Ms + pretzels = YUM!

Builder beige

Extrovert most of the time, although I do enjoy being alone

Something with chocolate and/or brownies

Summer--no school!


Hannibal. Yeah, I know. That's been years ago. I do not enjoy the movie theater!

Anonymous said...

1.I like dogs but cats are easier.

2. I drive a Suburban.I am not a rich woman. Does that answer your question?


4.Sweet or salty?YES!

5. Yellow, orange, green, red...shall I go on?

6. Oh yes, I am a shy and timid flower. Right.

7. Tillamook Chocolate PB Swirl.

8. Today

9. Nope. 20/20

10. Prince Caspian

Debbie said...

HI Kat! I am going to start the Fifth Grader thing up again. I got caught up in my mommy blogging posts so I put it aside for just a bit.

Yes, the beach.
Ummm...not sure
Salty, always.
Lots and lots of color.
I am an extrovert, but I do enjoy doing things by myself the older I get.
Maggie Moo's Better Batter
Neither (although I might need reading glasses soon)
Kung Fu Panda last Sunday. Saw lots of it through my eyelids.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Susan--Where are you and dh going sans kiddos? Michael and I took a cruise by ourselves 4 years ago. We need to do that again!

Debbie--builder beige...too funny. My friend that I am visiting her in Texas is looking for a new one of the things we have been doing is looking at model homes. There is not much builder beige anymore. I've seen lots of dark beiges, neutral greens and blues...

Tiffany--I have never heard of that ice cream it a brand you can get at the grocery or is it from a shop? I am all about chocolate and peanut butter!

Debbie--I've never heard of that ice cream flavor either. I'm thinking that we are missing some things in my Publix! I have not taken the girls to the movies this summer. We haven't seen Prince Caspian or Kung Fu Panda. I wonder if Get Smart will be an option (I know I want to see it...)

Dancing Queen said...

hey kat!
got your message about being tagged, but don't understand what to do!! we've been vbs'n all this week, so bloggin' has taken to the backburner...hope to catch up this weekend!
have a good weekend!
are the kiddos back from camp??

Anonymous said...

Love it Kat! Friday Follies...I'm trying to figure out a schedule for my blog to help get content organized...glad I'm not alone!


Not sure yet

Disney (haven't been to Universal yet)

Depends on my mood

lots of color

extrovert - most of the time

Rocky Road

Summers in Alaska

Neither - had lasik and love it!

Indiana Jones

Thanks Kat - that was fun!!!

GBK Gwyneth said...


Yes, we are in Japan now.

Disney, I guess.


Lots of color.


Turtle tracks.



The Water Horse, I think.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

DQ--The meme is on this post:
Just make a list of 6 things about you...and tag some other people if you choose. I love memes. It's a great way to deal with my constant blog block issues. There is no way I could actually write for a living!

We head home from Texas tomorrow...and then the girls are in VBS next week...and I'll have my mornings free.

Julie--How do you like the lasik? I have a few friends that had it...and say their night vision is now horrid. But they still don't regret for a moment that they had it done.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Gwyneth--We have still not seen "The Water Horse." I have it in my netflix queue...

Unknown said...

Dogs... have two loveable imps.

Vacationing at home, but have fun things planned.


Salty, I guess as I like savoury stuff. But I'm a sucker for chocolate and I love pavlova


I'm an introvert with unexpected depths :-)

Hokey Pokey icecream hands down. However Breyers Double Churn FF Chocolate Fudge Brownie comes a close second..



The last Harry Potter movie

Debbie said...

Kat...that ice cream is from an ice cream shop called Maggie Moo's. Do you have them? It is like Coldstone Creamery if you have one of those. Their ice cream is so very yummy! I'm comment padding for you ;)

John Deere Mom said...

Dogs and cats!
No vacation.
Disney or Universal? Good question. I've never been.
Sweet and salty.
Color on my walls.
Introvert or extrovert? Yes. :)
Fav ice cream-All of them? But especially peppermint stick in the winter and Phish Food.
Fav season-Fall
Last movie? Let's just say it was in 2002. :(

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Karen--All these ice cream flavors that I have *never* heard of. Explain Hokey Pokey, please!

Debbie--No, we don't have Maggie Moos. Not around me anyway. We do have Coldstone Creamery...and another similar one that I cannot think of the name of right now. Do you all have Bruster's Ice cream?

And is this comment padding?! I am always answering in the comment section. I love when people talk back to me. Well...except the little people in my life. They talk back, momma ain't happy...

Angie--We play trivia weekly...and one week, we were given a list of ice cream flavors and we had to tell which were made up and which were Ben and Jerry's. Hardest question ever! And what's in Phish Food? You know, I don't think I've ever actually eaten Ben and Jerry's ice cream...

Rhea said...

Are you givin' us homework?! Oh, ok. I'll just warn you, I'm wordy.

I love all animals, but I prefer dogs over cats. hubby's allergic to cats or I'd have a few of those, I'm sure. He didn't want a dog but I made him get one and now he LOVES her.

Yes, vacation, yes. We're going to the Houston area to visit family, family reunion in the Texas Hill Country and anything else I can work in.

I prefer salty. But sometimes I gotta have sweets too.

I have beige walls right now but I prefer lots of color. I painted our last place with sort of sunflower golden walls.

I'm kind of shy and definitely more of an introvert. (nice big SAT word, Kat!)

I love Cookies N Cream by Blue Bell as well as just plain homemade vanilla.

My favorite season is fall, with all those holidays lined up, the cool weather starting and it's a season so filled with excitement. Spring is a close second fav with flowers blooming, trees growing leaves, gorgeous time with lots of thunderstorms and my birthday.

I wear glasses at night, contacts during the day.

I just saw Sex and The City TODAY in the theater. It was GREAT!! I laughed out loud and cried and laughed some more. It was awesome.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Rhea--Oh, I like wordy. Big surprise there! I think I just left 41 comments on your site. I thought you guys were going to California this summer - is that still on? How fun to see a chick movie! I netflixed the first season...will I be shunned if I said "eh?" I am thinking that I don't need to watch them all to like the movie. I need to have a girls night...

Unknown said...

Hokey Pokey icecream is a vanilla flavoured ice cream that has chunks of hokey pokey (sea foam candy) mixed through it. Very yummy. An explanation here

mary said...

Most definitely
Don't know
Lots of color
New York Super Fudge Chunk
Cheap but cute reading glasses
There Will Be Blood

John Deere Mom said...

You MUST go get Phish Food right now. It's chocolate ice cream with marshmallow spread throughout with these carmel filled, chocolate covered fish.!

Angie's Spot said...

Oh, I like this Friday Follies thing! Here's my info.

Definitely dogs. I love cats, but my hubby can't stand them, so I've learned to adapt.

I went to Maine a few weeks ago and I'm in Atlanta right now for a girls weekend with my BFF. We might end up going to Myrtle Beach before the end of the summer, but not sure yet. other park exists in my world.

Sweet, definitely sweet.

I love lots of color. My living room color is "Hawaiian Passion".

Introvert until I get comfy with a situation and then I'm an extrovert.

Mayfield's Chocolate Marshmellow. My granddad & I used to eat bowls full when I was a kid.

Fall is the best!

I wear contacts through the day and my really stylish red framed glases at night.

Sex & The City in the theater. Good movie, but not as good as the tv series.

Ok, sorry I got so wordy. Like I said, when I'm comfy with a person, I'm an extrovert. :-)

Insane Mama said...


Yes to Georgia

Neither, I can't do theme parks


Color walls

Introvert about serious stuff
Extrovert in humourous situations

Peanut butter &chocolate



Indiana Jones

Anonymous said...

Friday games are so fun - a great way to get excited for the weekend!
Here's my answers:

- Dogs
- No Vacay but lots of time in the mountains at the family cabin
- Disney Disney DISNEY!
- Oh my gosh Sweet. Way too much Sweet.
- Lots of color
- Extrovert
- Passionfruit Sorbet by Ben and Jerry's (like a party in your mouth)
- Fall - love those crisp cool days
- Contacts
- The new Indiana Jones movie - Harrison Ford could be bald, toothless and hobbling around with his walker and he would still be S.E.X.Y.

PS - Are you lovin' San An? It's my very favorite place to visit - lots of family fun and so romantic!

Apple Joos said...

Oooh, I want to play!

Cats or dogs? cats

Are you going on a vacation this summer? no, but if I did, it would just be a vacation around here. I love touring where you live. Sometimes complacency breeds... Uh... ignorance about where you live? You know what I mean, right?

Disney or Universal? Disney. My girls would mutany if we didn't go.

Sweet or salty? salty

White walls or lots of color? LOTS OF COLOR!!

Introvert or extrovert? introvert

Favorite ice cream flavor? Uh, I don't really have one. I'm not a big fan of ice cream. If I had to pick, though, I'd say birthday cake from Brusters

Favorite season? fall

Glasses or contacts? contacts

Last movie you saw in the theatre? Horton Hears a Who

Rosemary Q said...

Cats or dogs?

Are you going on a vacation this summer?

Disney or Universal?

Sweet or salty?
Both, but mostly sweet. Chocolate is my drug of choice.

White walls or lots of color?
Color all the way.

Introvert or extrovert?

Favorite ice cream flavor?
I'm probably the only person in the whole world who doesn't like ice cream. If only that contained all the calories and nothing else did.

Favorite season?

Glasses or contacts?
Not yet...

Last movie you saw in the theatre
Indiana Jones

KimmyJ said...

Cats or dogs? Love both, have neither

Are you going on a vacation this summer? No - moving to Virginia Beach over the summer though

Disney or Universal? Never been to either

Sweet or salty? All ofthe above

White walls or lots of color? Color

Introvert or extrovert? Extro

Favorite ice cream flavor? Rainbow Sherbert

Favorite season? Fall

Glasses or contacts? Glasses for reading

Last movie you saw in the theatre?
Kung Fu Panda

Heather said...

I wish
Lots of color
A little of both
What Happens in Vegas

Anonymous said...

Yep--just got back from a small vacation, going for another week at the end of July
Disney (read the latest post on my blog)
Color, but neutral
Mint chip--mmmmmmm
No Country for Old Men

Anonymous said...

Both, but hubby is allergic to cats, so we just have a dog.

Just a bunch of family reunions and this fall we'll go to Yellowstone

Disney-but only been once


Love lots of colors, but WAY too afraid to use any

Depends on my mood

Mint chip or swiss chip


Contacts, but glassed early in the morning or late at night

Indiana Jones

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Angie--Hmmm...not sure about the marshmallow part...but the rest of it sounds devine. Might just have to add it to the grocery list I am supposed to be working on.

Other Angie---My top commenter widget does not see the difference between my two Angies :-) What fun things are you doing in Atlanta this weekend? We got home last night. And what color is "Hawaiian Passion?" I love paint names. My dining room is Sasparilla.

Insane Mama--Have a great time at the lake this week! We still have not managed to see Indiana Jones. We need to put that on our schedule.

Lauren--We had a great time in San Antonio. I need to do a blog recap. But I am too busy procrastinating. Not very romantic - left hubby at home :-) I agree completely with you about Harrison Ford. I ended up in my major in college because of a professor that looked like him...

Apple Joos--You are so right. I cannot remember the last time we did stuff that is practically in our own back yard. It seems like it takes having out of town visitors to get us to be local!

Romi--I understand about the ice cream. There are lots of sweets I would choose over it anyday. But I am like that with cheesecake. Don't care for it at all.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

KimmyJ--You are a brave woman! Letting your husband pick out your house in VA Beach. When is moving day?

Heather--How was What happens in Vegas? Is it worth seeing or even netflixing? I love turning product names into verbs...

Chubby--Where do you all like to vacation? I haven't seen No Country either. I didn't see most of the movies nominated for Oscars this year...usually I have seen them all...

Elena--I have never been to's on my list :-) If you are afraid of color...a good way to start is to just do one wall. An accent wall will get you some color but not be too overwhelming...And if you don't like it...paint over it.

Firefly Mom said...

1. I love both, but I hate messing with a litter box, so I'll have to say dogs

2. Nope. Summer is the busiest time of year for hubby, and I *hate* dealing with all of the other tourists. We like to take our trips in the spring and fall.

3. Disney. Land, not World.

4. Depends on the hormone fluctuations ;D

5. Color - white is bo-ring!

6. introvert

7. Cookies and cream & rocky road

8. Fall!

9. neither

10. Indiana Jones

Swirl Girl said...

neither cats nor dogs...a goldfish named Sharkey , that's all the non-human stuff here

no vacation to speak of - cuz my kids will be with me

disney fo shizzle


lots of color

extrovertish introvert

New York Super Fudge Chunk

all four here in California
(not much variation on the theme)

glasses for reading

Kung Fu Panda- cute but violent

Lula! said...

Cats, know!



Lots of color...and one room even has a different shade for each wall!

EXTROVERT, of course

Peanut Butter & Chocolate


Contacts...but glasses at bedtime

Iron Man

Your title is better than "Flashback Friday." Oh win again!

Unknown said...

Cats or dogs? Gosh that used to be an easy pick - Dogs... but we've had a string of bad luck so I'm gonna go with cats.

Are you going on a vacation this summer? Nope

Disney or Universal? Disney

Sweet or salty? Salty

White walls or lots of color? I prefer color but live in an apartment so lots of white at the moment.

Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert who needs time to herself every day.

Favorite ice cream flavor? Oatmeal Cookie Chunk from B&J

Favorite season? Can't ever pick... probably lean towards Fall

Glasses or contacts? Glasses

Last movie you saw in the theatre? SEx in the City

Angie's Spot said...

I strongly suspected that it was combining both of our comments. We might overtake the top spot soon! :-) Atlanta was great. Cocktails, pool lounging, cooking and blogging. A perfect weekend! "Hawaiian Passion" is a bright goldenrod color. It borders on orange with my red ceiling. Yes, I said red ceiling.