Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Follies

Well, last week I started my new tradition of Friday Follies. I suppose if it's a tradition, I need to do it more than once. And I am still loving the definition of follies (things that are purely decorative, with no function or purpose)...

Here are the getting to know you questions for this week:

Mac or PC?

Pink, yellow, or blue packets - or the real thing?

Favorite reality TV show?

shoes or barefoot?

Leno or Letterman?

Favorite scent?

Favorite salad dressing?

Desktop or laptop?

How long have you been blogging?

Favorite fast food restaurant?

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Keys to the Magic Travel said...

My computer life started with a Mac. And when I bought a business about 10 years ago, the database was not compatible with my Mac. So, I had to make the dreaded change. I think I curse my PC daily.

I like pink packets in my un-sweet tea. Blue packets taste really good over strawberries. Otherwise, the real thing when I cook.

I confess to watching each and every season of Survivor. And I was almost ready to abandon ship...until last year. Last season was the best since the first one!

Shoes. I have horrid heel spurs and I would be in pain if I did not have shoes on. I have to leave them right by my bed so that in the morning when my feet hit the ground, they are already in shoes.

Letterman, absolutely Letterman

Baking smells - like cookies, cinnamon, or vanilla. Or citrus smells like grapefruit, orange, or melon. I cannot tolerate florals.

Ranch - we use Marie's light Ranch. Yummola.

I use a laptop. But when I want to waste a lot of time and play games, I like the mouse better on my desktop. (Great time waster - google "Hot Dog Bush" and download it. It's fun and addictive. Make your kids play.)

Since the end of February.

Sonic. I am addicted to pellet ice. I have no idea why. But Sonic has great fountain diet coke...and sublime Cherry Limeades.

Rhea said...

Kat, I started life with a Mac also! But eventually switched to PC.

I used to be soley a pink packet gal, but now use more yellow. My tongue prefers pink though. Real thing is best when cooking, for sure.

My favorite reality show is Amazing Race. Love it, want to be ON it. If I could leave my kids for that long...maybe I could bring them along? That would make some GREAT TV. hehe

I prefer shoes when I'm out, but barefoot mostly at home. However, when I'm working in the kitchen for a long time, I need shoes, because my feet start to hurt. Someties I just feel braver and stronger with shoes on. Now, a good pair of boots...that's when I"m feeling KICK ASS!!

I don't watch Leno or Letterman these days, but I used to watch Letterman.

Favorite scent...clean children! A clean house! Oh, cooking bread, cinnamon, freshly baked cookies, you know, the usual. Dog barf...ok, just checking to see if you're still reading. hehe

SASS Sesame garlic is the BEST dressing ever...and ranch dressing always rocks.

I'm on a desktop, always have been...but lately have been desiring a laptop so I can blog when I travel.

I've been blogging as long as you Kat! Since the end of January. Very cool, you're blog-born sisters.

I've been really into Steak N Shake lately. Their grilled cheese sandwiches are awesome and I love their milkshakes. Otherwise I avoid drive through...

Fun Friday Follies!!

Teri said...

Hey Kat, I figured I would try to join in today before I head to the beach.
PC - only because I don't have a Mac yet (I hate Vista).

What color is Splenda?

I don't like reality shows. But I guess Flip This House is a reality show of sorts. I hate to admit that I like to see when they spend too much money flipping a dump.

Barefoot - I hate shoes and should wear them because of my flat feet. But who cares.

Letterman - 100%

Lemony stuff



Blogging only since the beginning of June


Sissy said...

We are both Mac and PC. I have PC and hubby has a Mac. Love them both.

Real sugar, thanks. I hate fake sugar and they put it in EVERYTHING!

Amazing Race. Enough Said.


Letterman. So Letterman. Grew up with a dad who would tape it and then watch it with me over breakfast.

Anything citrus scented.

Creamy Caesar or Ranch. The full fat version that is not good for my diet.


Blogging since January of this year.

Fast food is a toughy because I love them all. Really. I love anything fried, which is bad. But, I worked at the golden arches in high school, so I will claim McDonald's.

scargosun said...

Mac or PC? PC

Pink, yellow, or blue packets - or the real thing? Blue for tea real for baking

Favorite reality TV show? Deadliest Catch

shoes or barefoot? barefoot

Leno or Letterman? Letterman

Favorite scent? vanilla

Favorite salad dressing? Balsamic and oil

Desktop or laptop? Desktop

How long have you been blogging? about 6 months

Favorite fast food restaurant? Mickey D's

Firefly Mom said...

When we purchased our laptop I desperately wanted a Mac, but was outvoted, so it's a PC. Maybe next time...

Well, I don't actually drink anything that I would put anything in. I don't do coffee or iced tea, and when I drink hot tea it tends to be peppermint. But if I did, it would be the real thing.

None - I hate reality TV (I know, that's so un-American, it's like saying I hate baseball ;)



Anything baking in the oven.

Green Goddess dressing

laptop - it's the only way to go!

Since January of this year.

There's only one fast food place who's food doesn't make me ill, so I guess I'll have to say Burgerville. Love their veggie burgers!

Unknown said...


I drink unsweetened tea and coffee. Use the real thing when baking. But do buy diet stuff that is sweetened with Splenda and other stuff.

The Biggest Loser

I'm more comfortable barefoot. But wear shoes when I go out of the house..

I like both of them ..

I like musky scents and citrus ones.

I like those dressing sprays. I like to taste my salad.

I have a desktop, but will shortly be adding a laptop to the family.

I started in 2007, but really didn't get into it until the beginning of this year (2008). However, I have been posting to internet newsgroups, which were sort of a precursor to blogging, since 1991.

One Stop Burger Shop. They have really meaty burgers and lovely big, thick, crunchy on the outside, fries

-Bridget said...

I'd prefer a mac, but stuck with PCs for now


design star



cucumber melon

blue cheese


four months- i wish i had started a lot sooner


Jennifer P. said...

First I have to say THANK YOU to Mr. Kat for all the computer advice. I had to read through it about 50 times before it finally stopped sounding like martian talk--but I think I'm getting things squared away for now. and NOW I would love to answer these questions ;)....

*PC though Mac's are prettier.

*I don't drink anything that needs sweetened, so I guess the real thing (and lots of it!)

*So You Think YOu Can Dance!--it's the only show I actually talk to--out loud!


*Craig Fergeson. He cracks me up!

*That one is too hard to pick! I just love things that smell good or fresh or sweet or exotic. As long as it doesn't smell like poop or fish, I like it!

*A maple-dijon vinegarette that I make myself.


*Reading Elena's for a year and a half, but only doing my own since September.

*probably Arby's--I'm a sucker for their cheese sticks! But McDonald's southwest chicken salad is tasty too. And Sonic for their ice.

KimmyJ said...

Mac or PC? PC

Pink, yellow, or blue packets - or the real thing? Yellow

Favorite reality TV show? Too many I love, SYTYCD, Design Star, NFNS, Top Chef, Survivor, Nashville Star, American Idol

shoes or barefoot? Shoes - at least flip flops - I have dirty feet phobia.

Leno or Letterman? Letterman

Favorite scent? Clean linen or cotton

Favorite salad dressing? Italian

Desktop or laptop? Both

How long have you been blogging? 2 months and I an hooked!

Favorite fast food restaurant?

Skeller said...

1 of each - keeps me feeling stupid 100% of the time.
Real thing.
The Mole. Survivor. Idol.
Neither. SLippers.
Neither. Jimmy Kimmel.
Anything citrus. Or Lake/Ocean.
I like most of them ... except Blue Cheese.
Again, one of each.
Half year.
In n Out Burger. Baja Fish Taqueria.

mary said...

don't watch
raspberry vinagrette
desk top
I don't

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Rhea--Can you believe I have never watched "The Amazing Race?" I might have to check it out next time. And I have to agree with clean children. Doesn't it just make you so happy to smell them right after their baths? Mine have been coming home from VBS this week really ripe!

Teri--I think hating Vista is a universal. There was something on the news not too long ago about stores selling out of the previous running system as people took Vista off. But now, Microsoft won't allow that to happen anymore. Oh, and Splenda is yellow...

Sissy--I have a few friends that are like that - with a desktop that is a PC and a laptop that is a Mac. I think I would just be confused.

Scargosun--Love vanilla, too. I wish that some of the scents would be a little stronger with the vanilla.

FM--Really? You don't even watch "American Idol?" For that show, I wasn't really into it...but I like that it's something that the girls and I can watch together. And, for us, even Survivor is something we can all watch. I love how they quickly attach themselves to a player and root for them the whole time.

Karen--I totally forgot about newsgroups. I used to belong to some when we first got internet. Oh...and that gives me a good idea for a question for next week.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Bridget--Cucumber Melon is one of my favorite scents for my bath and body works soap. I also like their Fresh Cucumber. It just smells so clean. Oh--and from my post yesterday--living here is fun. It truly is a city of contradictions - and so many things that happen here just make me laugh...or sigh and shake my head :-)

Jennifer--I don't watch Craig Ferguson that much...but he is really funny. We first saw him when he was on "Drew Carey." And I love to find out that I am not the only one obsessed with Sonic's ice. I have a bag of it in my freezer right now!

I hope that Michael's computer advice helps - and the crux of it is that he doesn't think anyone is hacking into your email. Either it's your own url...or maybe someone clicked from your email to go to your blog...

Kimmy--Isn't it addictive?! Who knew?

Susan--Yay...someone else who likes Survivor! We like the Mole, too. Love when Anderson Cooper was the host! And Jimmy Kimmel. Remember when he was on Ben Stein's Money? And that thing he did with Ben Affleck...too funny.

Mary--It truly never occured to me that there are people that read blogs that don't have blogs. How cool. Gotta did you find me?

Angie's Spot said...

I'll try to be more concise this week. :-)

1. PC (Mac's hate me and the feeling is mutual)
2. Pink packets in my unsweet tea, but otherwise, the real stuff only.
3. Amazing Race (my brother & I are hoping to make it onto the next season!)
4. Shoes (flip flops primarily)
5. Leno
6. The kids just after bathtime. I think they put some kind of hormone in the scent to suck in mommys to continually buy the stuff!)
7. I don't use any kind of salad dressing. I know, I'm weird.
8. I'm equally addicted to both my laptop and desktop. They're both Sony VAIO's and AWESOME.
9. I started blogging in April...and haven't stopped for a minute ever since.
10. Wendy's. I love their chocolate frostys and french fries. Yummy!

Kaza said...

Oooo, goody, these are fun! (I seem to be channeling a 50s teenager today, my comments are all way too earnest, not my saucy self at all... oh well, I'll roll with it!)

1. PC (my first was a Mac but had to transition to PC in college)

2. Definitely the real thing, but I'm trying to do less sugar, and the only artificial one I can stand is yellow. Just not in coffee. (Tea okay, but not coffee, must have sugar in my coffee!)

3. I have to choose? Aaaagh! This could take forever! There are so many good ones on right now. I think the one I enjoyed the most this week was Tori & Dean, so I'll go with that.

4. Shoes. Preferably strappy sandals!

5. Letterman for sure, can't stomach Leno.

6. Jasmine

7. Caesar

8. Laptop (a new convert!)

9. Really for a year, but seriously since May.

10. Del Taco (oh how I miss it!)

Thanks Kat, these are a blast.

The Joye of Teaching said...

Mac & PC- I have a MAc laptop for work and love using it wirelessly, PC desktop that my husband has taken over

Yellow packets- Splenda is my friend.

Favorite reality TV show- Big Brother

Shoes- I am such a tenderfoot

Letterman- He is so quirky, reminds me of my husband- the goof

Favorite scent- roses

Favorite salad dressing- Italian

Desktop or laptop- see 1st. Laptop. I love actually sitting on my couch with it on my lap!

How long have you been blogging- not long

Favorite fast food restaurant- Wendy's

Rhea said...

I just realized that one of the books I sent you is on your 888 Challenge list, Austenland! I don't think you've read it yet...have you? It was just a last minute add-on.

Anonymous said...

whoa-these comments are lllllloooooonnnnggggg!
ok--here we go. some of these may even surprise Kat...
PC--just don't tell my DH...
real thing, baby! no plastic surgery, silicone, or fake sugar in my tea....
American Idol, although the new hospital show that started last night on ABC has promise, if that counts.
Leno--seriously????? i want to date Kevin Eubanks. he laughs at everything!
sea-type scents...I don't know if that makes sense or scents or not.
homemade dressing is always best-green goddess, balsamic vinaigrette, sesame,...homemade rules!
laptop on my desktop:)
negative 5 months. i am so not a blogger
taco cabana

John Deere Mom said...

Deadliest Catch
neither...bedtime at 9:30
6 months
Wendy's, I guess...not a big fan of the fast food

Anonymous said...

PC, but I'd like to switch to MAC

Yellow or real

Amazing Race...hands down.

Barefoot whenever possible


In general...the soft spot on my kids' neck where my nose lands when they give me REALLY big hugs. For me...Vera Wang (my big splurge). For him...Truth by Calvin Klein.

Raspberry vinegarette (did I spell that right?)

Laptop as much as possible

Two big fat months

In n' Out...which only west-coasters will understand

Lula! said...

Fun...I love playing these games.

PC--"Miss Pretty Pink," as I named her when she arrived via Dell last August.

Yellow packets. We love Splenda.


Barefoot, always. If shoes are a must, flops in summer, Uggs in winter.

Letterman, always and forever. I used to have a crush on him and wanted to put my tongue between that gap in his teeth. OH NO--I went too far.


Anything homemade, especially a really good Thousand Island.

Laptop--Miss Pretty Pink, of course.

Since late December of last year.

Does Panera Bread count as fast food?

Kat--I always love your music--Simple Minds--one of my all-time faves. "Alive & Kicking" needs to be played at least once a week, in my opinion...

Anonymous said...


Pink in my tea-real thing for everything else

Big brother

barefoot-I live in GA now


Egyptian Cotton/ Vera Wang

Baci's House

Laptop all the way.....

Stalking-2 years/blogging 8 months


followthatdog said...

1. Mac, always a mac even though I work on both.
2. real thing. I always say that the tumor you'll grow from using the others will outweigh the pound or two you'd lose by using a substitute.
3. Project Runway, closely followed by Top Chef
4. Barefoot, but I still love to buy shoes.
5. Letterman, Leno is a hack.
6. the smell of a clean kid snuggled up on my lap
7. Olive oil, lemon juice and kosher salt. Delicious.
8. Laptop
9. 2 years give or take.
10. Taco bell. More options for a vegetarian than others

Thanks for the fun! I like your blog, I'm going to keep checking in here.

Unknown said...

Mac or PC? PC

Pink, yellow, or blue packets - or the real thing? The real thing

Favorite reality TV show? Hell's Kitchen

shoes or barefoot? Barefoot, always

Leno or Letterman? Letterman

Favorite scent? Gnosh insence #8

Favorite salad dressing? Ranch

Desktop or laptop? Laptop

How long have you been blogging? 2 years

Favorite fast food restaurant? Don't eat fast food.

Acrimony said...

Mac or PC? - PC baby. MAC SUCKS!

Pink, yellow, or blue packets - or the real thing? Real thing. No better living through chemistry on that fake sugar crap.

Favorite reality TV show? Biggest Loser

shoes or barefoot? Shoes. I stepped on glass when I was 5, stitches in the bottom of my foot. Not fun.

Leno or Letterman? Neither. I watch Scrubs at that time. ;)

Favorite scent? Clinique Happy

Favorite salad dressing? Ranch

Desktop or laptop? Laptop

How long have you been blogging? 5 or 6 years now.

Favorite fast food restaurant? Taco Bell.

Aunt Julie said...

I don't sweeten my coffee or tea!
The OLD "Survivor," circa Tina
Letterman, all the way!
Lemon and/or Orange
A little bit of Italian, drizzled over a little bit of Ranch
Since last week! Woo-hoo!!
Taco Bell, baby!

BTW, I'm new at this and I'm running a giveaway this week. The deadline was 5 p.m. today, but we'll extend it to neat bloggers like you. The link is -- hope you visit soon!

Brian and Staci said...

Fun, fun, here goes:
PC but I want a Mac because I keep hearing really great things from bloggers, so I think I might need one!
The real thing I guess...I'm trying to drink more water...I know, how boring am I?
I LOVE The Next Food Network Star. But haven't seen ONE episode since it started back up! But loved it last year!
Definitely shoes!
I guess Letterman...but recently we've been into The Colbert Report! Personally, I'm usually blogging at that hour...I've pretty much given up on TV!
I love celery, onions and garlic...reminds me of Thanksgiving but also so many other meals! Then I have to burn a candle and go take a shower because I don't like to smell like that myself :)
I like Newman's balsamic vinaigrette right now
Desktop...are you kidding, I wouldn't know the first thing about laptopping...sounds a little "RISKEE" (Sp?) to me! Of course, I kid :) I like a separate keyboard...and a mouse!
Um, not sure...maybe since November? Hoping one day to sit down and actually learn how to do it like you!
hmmmm...Chick-Fil-A or Taco Bell?
This was fun! Gotta run, gotta pack some stuff...we are headed to the lake (ughhh) for the rest of the weekend.

Rhea said...

I forgot about Taco Cabana. I love that place. The BEST tortillas EVER are made there. Best fajita tacos too. LOVE their food.

Also, I really like Hell's Kitchen. I'm not much of a cook but that Gordon Ramsey is hot.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Angie--you should know that wordy is welcome here! That is so cool about trying out for the Amazing Race. When will you do that?

Kaza--I have never heard of Tori and Dean. Oh, wait is that the one with Tori Spelling?

Rhea--I have not read "Austenland" yet. Nor have I read Jane Austen at all. I bought "Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict" this week. Looks like a fun book. But I am drawn to these titles...but I am not sure if I'll be able to get through the book...meaning the originial.

Joye--I am often found sitting on the sofa with my laptop. But sometimes the heat it generates gets to be a bit much and I need to head back to the table!

Cindy--You are a are just in denial.

Angie--OMG...I just realized it doesn't say Angie, but John Deere Mom. You have no idea how happy this is going to make Rhea as she doesn't have two Angie's to compete with to keep her top commenter spot!

Chubby mom--I think we must be missing out with the In and Out burgers. I have heard of the place, but that's it.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Lula--I hope you have had a great week on your vacation! And thanks for the music pat on the back. I need a "theme" song for my Friday Follies. I haven't figured out what it should be though...

Slacker mom--Love Zaxby's too...because they have pellet ice as well :-) And if you stalked for that long...what compelled you to actually start blogging?

follow that Dog--welcome! and I'm glad to know that you are coming back. I *heart* repeat customers :-) I wonder how big my tumor is considering the volumes of Coke Zero that I consume...

Bobbi--Welcome to you as well! I have just spent a big chunk of time reading your book reviews. I love to find someone who reads as much as (or probably more than) me!

Tali--You have been blogging for a long time -- most of us are such newbies at this!

Veggiemom--Speakin' of newbies...

Staci--Oh, I love the Daily show...followed by the Colbert Report. We had a friend who was interviewed on the show. I think it is so funny to find politicans who still seem to be "had" by him!

Rhea--I haven't watched "hell's kitchen" either. He just seems so mean from the commercials...

Rosemary Q said...

Mac or PC? Both, I started on a Mac and have both at work so I'm computerdexturous.

Pink, yellow, or blue packets - or the real thing? Real thing, baby.

Favorite reality TV show? The one my son is going to be on, The Singing Office on TLC

shoes or barefoot? Shoes, can't stand to be barefoot.

Leno or Letterman? Letterman, but I really like Craig Ferguson the best.

Favorite scent? Christmas smells.

Favorite salad dressing? Ranch.

Desktop or laptop? Laptop

How long have you been blogging? Since March of this year.

Favorite fast food restaurant? In-n-Out Burgers

Marla said...

Mac or PC? PC - so wanting to go back to a Mac

Pink, yellow, or blue packets - or the real thing? The real thing... They all taste Strange!

shoes or barefoot? Barefoot every day if I coul

Leno or Letterman? Letterman of course

Favorite scent? rain in the summer

Favorite salad dressing? ranch

Desktop or laptop? both x 2

How long have you been blogging? only about 7 moths although I started my blog in 2005 - I just didn't know what to do with it :)

Favorite fast food restaurant? Taco Bell

Firefly Mom said...

Nope, we don't even watch "American Idol". We did watch the first 2 seasons of Survivor, but had no interest in it after that. The only one we did love Eco-Challenge

Anonymous said...

I read a blog that simply put that the history in her blog will be a true journal/gift to her children. So I thought, why not...MY MIL had a journel since she was 13 years old up to the time she died at 57-how cool was that. As she got older, she just entered important events-weddings, births, etc... So that is the story.

Rhea said...

Kat - Gordon Ramsey is a totally sexy way. You really need to check it out.

AND, you need to stop by my blog today...there's a very special post you don't want to miss.

CrystalChick said...

Visiting via Rhea's blog.
Ooh, let me answer these questions:
PC, but hubby says next time we upgrade we go Mac

Real thing! Sugar in the Raw is yummy!

Absolutely barefoot as much as possible.

Letterman, but I haven't watched in years.

Lilac, altho this has many other answers, see last question of last post on my page. LOL

Tie between honey mustard and balsamic vinegar and oil


It will be 1 year in August.

Not so fast, but probably a local pizza shop over fast food. Garlic knots...mmmmm

Johnny Depp is so yummy.
Hey, do you know that he bought the rights to my FAV book, Shantaram, and I think it's in production. Should be released later in year or next. Can't wait!

Fun blog! I'll be back.....

Apple Joos said...

Oooh! You're starting to read the Host! In the picture I posted of me and Pear, that's what he's reading. it's kinda violent, but it's a good one!

Mac or PC? I'm poor. PC.

Pink, yellow, or blue packets - or the real thing? yellow! I love the way it fizzes.

Favorite reality TV show? I don't have one.

shoes or barefoot? barefood

Leno or Letterman? Uh, Jon Steward and Stephen Colbert

Favorite scent? citrus

Favorite salad dressing? parmesan peppercorn

Desktop or laptop? lappy!

How long have you been blogging? 6 years

Favorite fast food restaurant? Taco Bell. It's about the only place I can find something for lil' ol' vegetarian me.

Debbie said...

sometimes the pink sometimes yellow
The Amazing Race
flip flops
Jasmine Vanilla from Bath and Body
Salad dressing is tough because I like different ones with different meals. So I don't really have a fave.
A year and a half
Chick Fil A

I need to come back and catch up on all your posts this week. I have been so busy this week with my kids I haven't had much time to catch up on my "reading." I miss you! Thanks for all your sweet comments. And let me know what you think of Wall-E.

Debbie said...

sometimes the pink sometimes yellow
The Amazing Race
flip flops
Jasmine Vanilla from Bath and Body
Salad dressing is tough because I like different ones with different meals. So I don't really have a fave.
A year and a half
Chick Fil A

I need to come back and catch up on all your posts this week. I have been so busy this week with my kids I haven't had much time to catch up on my "reading." I miss you! Thanks for all your sweet comments. And let me know what you think of Wall-E.

Rhea said...

Omg, look how many comments you have now, Kat!! I'm impressed. I think I've only hit over 40 comments when I had my giveaway and that's it. What's your secret?! Can you rub some of your coolness off on me?

You are going to display your beautiful new award, right?!!

Rhea said...

BTW, have you noticed how many comments I've snuck in on this post alone? Like four at least. hehe

Just making sure I keep my spot of honor on the Queen of Random Drivel's blog. :o)

Swirl Girl said...

So You Think You Can Dance / Top Chef

barefoot on sand


New Baby Head smell

Oil and Vinegar


4 months

Sharky's Woodfire Mexican Grill

GBK Gwyneth said...

Mac or PC? PC for me, but the Mac is on the desk next to me.

Pink, yellow, or blue packets - or the real thing? I take my coffee black.

Favorite reality TV show? No TV.

shoes or barefoot? barefoot.

Leno or Letterman? No TV.

Favorite scent? rosemary or lavender.

Favorite salad dressing? balsamic vinegar

Desktop or laptop? Easy...laptop.

How long have you been blogging? Since 2000.

Favorite fast food restaurant? Moe's.

Anonymous said...

Well, let's see...
I've never used a Mac, so I guess it's PC.
The Real thing for me, I don't think the others are good for you.
American Idol is the only reality I watch. Don't have much time for tv.
Definitely, barefoot. Or flip flops at best.
Don't watch Leno or Letterman. No time for tv. They come on too late anyway, must sleep.
Scent: honeysuckle, fresh bread.
Ranch, most definitely. Although, sometimes I like Italian.
Desktop now, but getting a laptop for travel.
Blogging since April 08.
Fast food: depends on what I want to eat. Sonny's has the best onion rings, Steak and Shake has the best milkshake, Taco Bell.
I'm not sure how I found your sight, but I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Ack! I am always SO LATE! Still, this is such a fun game...mind if I play along?

PC (it's all I've ever known)

The REAL thing (my hips hate me for it, but the rest of my body says "thanks!")

OH AMAZING RACE, KAT, YOU MUST START WATCHING IT! I have zero time for TV and yet I make the world stand still when it comes on.

Letterman. Leno's jokes are just too dumb.

Passionfruit by Bath and Body Works and is anybody feeling a bit abused by the company lately? Every time I turn around they are yanking my favorite scents off the shelves, debuting new ones that get me hooked and then yanking them off. I can't get a "signature scent" going.

Ceasar Dressing by Paul Newman because his picture on the bottle is just so darn cute!

Desktop. It's more reliable.

About 6 mos. But I had no clue what I was doing for 4 of those.

Astro Burger - their bacon cheeseburger is wicked. Heart attack on a plate.

Thanks for the fun! Promise to be on time next Friday!

Tiffany said...

MAC baby.
the real thing.
Biggest Loser
flip flops.
a baby
3 months
In and Out

Rhea said...

I just stopped by to notice there were NO posts this weekend, but instead saw your awesome new layout! It looks FABULOUS!! Very eye popping and cool. Darcy has done a great job, yet again! There is none better.

Sunshine said...

Mac or PC? PC

Pink, yellow, or blue packets - or the real thing? Real Thing or Yellow if I haveta

Favorite reality TV show? Ghost Hunters

shoes or barefoot? barefoot

Leno or Letterman? Leno (neither)

Favorite scent? Right now it's my new perfume Lotus bleu

Favorite salad dressing? Newman's vinegrette

Desktop or laptop? Desktop

How long have you been blogging? Since April

Favorite fast food restaurant? Baja Fresh

Kimberly said...

Mac or PC?
Mac since 1987

Pink, yellow, or blue packets - or the real thing?
Real thing

Favorite reality TV show?

shoes or barefoot?
barefoot or next best thing -Birkenstock

Leno or Letterman?

Favorite scent?

Favorite salad dressing?
Honey mustard

Desktop or laptop?

How long have you been blogging?
4 years

Favorite fast food restaurant?

Unknown said...


Blue packets I guess... sometimes yellow... sometimes just throw caution to the wind and use the real thing.

The Biggest Looser


Letterman.. Leno... Letterman... Leno... okay.. Letterman

CLean little girl hair

My homemade dressing

Laptop (until it gets hot)

4+ years I think?