Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Follies: Would you Rather?

It's that time of the week again. It's the last day to enter my second week of weekly winners. This week's prizes are all about the ta-tas. Be sure to get your name in. At least once. And then come back tomorrow to see the winner. Yes, I'll really tell you the winner tomorrow. AND I'll launch week three. With a huge fan girl prize pack. And maybe some mini packs too.

And it's that time of the week to do the Friday Follies. And once again, we have a guest inquisitor. This time it's Jennifer P. from The Peterson's Go Public! I "discovered" Jennifer from reading Debbie's and Elena's blog. I would see her comments here and there. And finally went to check her out. And I love how she reciprocated. She told me that after I commented five times on her blog, she would become a regular reader of mine. And that I would have myself a genuine stalker. Wouldn't you love those sweet nothings whispered in your ear? She found my love language. Personal stalker. So be sure to answer Jennifer's questions. And then go stalk her blog.

Hello Friday Follies Ladies! I am ├╝ber excited to be the guest questioner today! I always view these posts as my personal mini-therapy sessions. It is therapeutic to examine yourself a bit—even just to ask “plain or peanut”—right ?! Anyway—here I am with this great opportunity to come up with questions for you…..and I couldn’t come up with anything. UNTIL I turned to my rusty-trusty “Would You Rather” game. I give full credit to the Zobmondo company for helping to guide my questions this week. Keep your arms and legs inside the cart until the ride comes to a complete stop, and thanks for playing!:


Have smart kids OR strikingly beautiful kids (but not both)?

Be a brilliant singer in a bad band OR a mediocre singer in a wildly popular band?

Pick a carpet clean with tweezers OR trim the lawn with nail clippers?

Live in a country run by supermodels OR live in a country run by professional football players?

Be known as a tyrant OR a wimp?

Work for your sibling OR your best friend?

Share your home with six 90-year-old men and six 90-year-old women OR 2 ostriches?

Have your feet replaced by wheels (without brakes) OR your hands replaced by hooks?

**All of Jennifer's font changes in size, boldness, and italics do not translate from word. This was my attempt to duplicate. No one can fontisize like Jennifer.**

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SONG: “Friday” by The Cure, because the song called “Would You Rather” was really annoying!


Elena said...

Ooh-ooh! Am I first?? Or will someone push that publish button before I'm done answering?

1. That's a difficult choice, beautiful kids have an easier time in society but smart kids will probably end up making more money. So I guess smart, so that they can support me later in life.

2. Lawn with nail clippers. Being outside is much more fun than inside.

3. Please don't let either of those things happen. But if I HAD to choose, I'd go with football. All that fluffy looks and stuff model mumbojumbo bugs me.

4. Wimp at least I'd be nice.

5. Uggghhhh...Man Jennifer (I mean Zobmondo) these are TOUGH!! Sibling, it's more unconditional love.

5. 2 ostriches hands down.

6. LOL!! Wheels on the feet, might help me things done faster.

And Kat GREAT song choice today. :)

Shannon said...

smart kids

mediocre singer in a wildly popular band

carpet... 'cause I could still have the TV on. And I don't do yardwork. That's what I have a husband for.

professional football players

I guess wimp...

My sister IS my best friend...

ostriches... they can stay outside, right?

I can't see how having hooks for hands would be a good thing, so I guess I'd go with wheels for feet

Man, these are some funny questions!

Kori said...

My turn.

Smart kids simply because they grow to be smart adults in turn make mucho big bucks and they can always buy themselves beautiful. DUH!

Mediocre singer in wildly popular band. Was there ever any doubt.

I choose to pick a carpet clean with tweezers. I am a tweezer wiz when it come to the eyebrows. So carpet shouldn't be a problem.

Country run by fpootball players of course. I mean who doesn't want to see muscles all contained and rippling through tight spandex. mmm...mmmm

I could handle being known as a tyrant. why not?

I say subling. That whole blood is thicker than water thing. Although I do have some pretty rockin friends.

I would share my home with the elders. I would get to scream all the time to let out my aggresion cause you know that wouldn't be able to hear me otherwise.

I'm digging the hook hands. I never was a graceful roller skater and your talking no breaks. Why yes my other name did used to be Grace. How'd you guess.

Ooo these were fun. Loved them all.

Rachel Ann said...

1. Smart kids! As everyone has pointed kids means money when they are adults running the world!

2. Mediocre singer...because we all know that mixing in studio helps all those singers out there right now!

3. Carpet and tweezers...I hate, HATE, yard work and inside has the bonus of TV.

4. Well football players of course! Big huge men in

5. Tyrant! They get things done!

6. Well, I already work for my sibling and have worked for her in the I know we work good together so I'll stay with her (and my brother-in-law who I work for as well).

7. 2 ostriches...I've taken care of old people and it ain't pretty.

8. Hooks definitely...wheels just means crashing all around.

Fun, Fun, Fun questions!

KimmyDarling said...

Have smart kids-- hopefully smart enough to know how important their inner beauty is. :)

Mediocre singer in a wildly popular band. I'd at least be better than the truly bad singers in popular bands!

I'd rather pick a carpet clean with tweezers. At least I could be in the AC. And could watch tv while doing it!

I'd rather live in a country run by supermodels. Yeah, somehow I don't think football players have ever cared too much about me and my needs. ;)

I'd rather be known as a tyrant. In fact, some people already think of me that way, unfortunately. I can't even imagine being a wimp.

I would work for my best friend-- she is smart as hell, and is the only person I know who can boss me around at all.

I'd share my home with six 90-year-old men and six 90-year-old women. Oh, yeah. I think the good days with that crew would be a million times better than the good days with the ostriches!

Have my feet replaced by wheels (without brakes). That sounds fun to this roller-skater! Can the wheels be purple?

Gina said...

1. Smart. Beauty is fleeting and subjective.

2.Pick the carpet- especially since I don't have any.

3. I think I'd rather be wildly popular and out of my mom's garage.

4. Hm, tough choice...Against the law to eat and have bad hair days, or against the law to NOT slap someone's but if you like 'em or tackle 'em if you don't...

5. Tyrant all the way! People may not like me, but they would respect me.

6. Ostritches, I think.

7. Wheels. As an ametuer (very ametuer) skater, I did manage to learn a T stop.

What in the heck is up with these freak questions?!?!

Gina said...

I missed one! I would rather work for my sibling. We all think sorta the same.

Trish said...

I cannot answer these questions because I wet myself while laughing at the last sentence of this post:

"no one can fontisize like Jennifer"

Wow, I have a whole new vision of Ms. Peterson now.

Please excuse me while I regain my composure

MsTypo said...

Great questions! LOL Let's see..

1. smart

2. popular band - Have you heard most of the lead singers of top 10 groups lately - they're good but not great. I could do that! :p

3. I'm going with the carpet so i don't get sunburned. :)

4. Supermodels! There are some incredibly smart models out there. And i don't like football all that much. :p

5. Tyrant. I'm already a wimp and want to know how the other half lives. LOL

6. Sibling. Because if he's mean to me i can cry to mummy! LOL

7. Ostriches! As soon as they get annoying i get dinner! YUM!!

Wheels. Hooks would make so many things difficult but i think that the wheels would come in handy. :p

larkswing said...

1. Smart, but I know that means the striking beautiful will probably give them a hard times, but just for awhile - smart will rule!

2.Wildly popular of course - wouldn't wantto know people thought the band was bad!

3. Well since my luck they would want the grass done between March and November, I would choose the carpet where the temp is controlled - It's hot here after all!

larkswing said...

ooops- hit the wrong button as kid starts telling all about his detention and what he has not done at school . .. grrr.


4. Football players
5. Tyrant or a wimp?? geeez, I guess a tyrant, I am already closer to the wimpy side, so lets try something different!

6. Work for sibling, would hate to lose the friend. Family is family!

7. 2 Ostriches -old men become dirty old men and old woman can be so, so mean, snappy. Yep, ostriches.

Finding Normal said...


mediocre would be a huge improvement on my current skillz, so I'll go with popular band!

carpet with tweezers because I'm not a fan of anything to do with the stupid yard.

I'm going with football players. I think they'd be more fun, more apt to give us days off, and maybe no one would have to work on Mondays in honor of football.

tyrant. Already am, most of my day.

Let's go with best friend. My brother is very intense and we'd probably kill each other.

Old folks. They'd sleep a lot and entertain me with thier stories. As long as there aren't any senile screamers. I don't like it when they think you're someone else, then start screaming at you.

Feet with wheels. I need my hands to blog!!!!!!!!!!!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Hey ya'll! I am here to answer my own questions. Unlike last week when I was out of town and didn't answer Rhea's questions. And actually she didn't answer her own until I reminded her three days later. Why I didn't tell myself to go and answer at the same time, I have no idea.

And yippee to Trish for being amused by my "fontisize" notion. I amused myself writing it.

On with the questions...

1. smart kids. Who can make a lot of money. And support me in my retirement.
2. either would be okay with me. Since I don't sing at all.
3. Tweezers for sure. Because I don't do outside.
4. Football players. A lot of them are edumcated.
5. tyrant. I think I've been called that already. Should be a smooth transition.
6. Best friend. My sibling speaks a language I don't understand.
7. 2 Ostriches. Yum...
8. hook hands. Otherwise I'd spend my whole life in traction.

Oh...and the song choice was completely Jennifer's. That is one of the perks to being an inquisitor. The queue is still open!

Mama Dawg said...

Mine is already both, so I'll have to decline. No, in all seriousness, I'll take smart.

mediocre singer

Pick a carpet clean with tweezers

live in a country run by professional football players


your best friend

2 ostriches

Have your feet replaced by wheels (without brakes) That would be AWESOME!

Heather said...

Please, don't judge...

beautiful kids
mediocre in a wildly popular band
pick a carpet clean with tweezers
live in a country run by football players
a tyrant
work for my best friend
2 ostriches
my hands replaced by hooks

EXCELLENT questions Jennifer P.!!

jen said...

i would RATHER...
-- have smart kids
-- be a brilliant singer in a bad band
-- pick a carpet clean with tweezers
-- live in a country run by supermodels
-- be known as a wimp
-- work for my best friend
-- share my home with 2 ostriches?
-- have my feet replaced with wheels (without brakes)

but, damn, i would be tired.

Laura Paxton said...

1. smart kids

2.Be a brilliant singer in a bad band

3. Pick a carpet clean with tweezers

4. professional football players

5. a wimp

6. Work for my sibling

7. 2 ostriches

8. wheels (without brakes)

Jen said...

Oh I have to answer this week;
I would rather have
smart kids
clean carpet with tweezers
a country run by super models
a tyrant
work for my siblings
share my house with 2 ostriches
feet replaced with wheels.

Brandy said...






Best Friend



These are the strangest questions...

Brandy said...
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Tam said...

Smart and I loved Kori's answer on this one!


Carpet with tweezers!






sassy stephanie said...


Brilliant singer.

ha ha. Funny one. Carpet I guess.

Sheesh. Football I guess.



Oldies. Ever entertaining.

Wheels I supposed. I can adapt and overcome the no brakes thing.


Unknown said...

Smart... I'm a firm believer that what's on the inside shows greatly on the outside.

Mediocre singer... pays more

Lawn... a really small california size lawn

Pro football players... no one in their right mind is gonna mess with a 350 pound defensive lineman.

A twimp

Best friend

Give me the old people... I love em

Hook hook, give us the hook

Debbie said...

I'd rather have smart kids..hands down...

Brilliant singer in a bad band because you can always move on to a solo career...

Tweezers in the bugs or dirt or snakes. I think.

I'd rather live in a country run by football players. Supermodels would be too catty and laugh at my clothes and tell me to get my eybrows waxed more often.

Tyrant. I don't like wimpy.

I have worked for my brother and that was fine.

AH old people or ostriches. Ummm, two old people would be okay...a dozen not so much...but ostriches...I honestly don't know.

Hooks...that way I could scratch my back.

Leave it to JP to come up with these...oh and I do take all the credit for "finding" all the fabulous bloggers you are friends with now :) Lula owes me as well...I'll take a diet coke with a fresh lemon wedge as a reward :)

Debbie said...

Oh and I started "following" people just so I could help YOU get over a 100!

Debbie said...

Oh and one more I was blow drying my hair just now I realized that not only did I introduce you to a slew of fabulous bloggy friends, Friday follies was conceived out of my "Getting to Know you posts." So, I will take TWO diet cokes with a fresh lemon wedge thankyouverymuch.

Oh wow...I just made it on the restraining order list! yahoo...

Jo-Jo said...

* I already have kids that are smart AND strikingly beautiful (snicker) so I don't think it is fair for me to answer this question. But if I could pick one it would be smart.

**I sing so what I would love to do is be brilliant at it!

*** I only have an area rug so it would be MUCH fast to pick it clean with tweezers than to trim the lawn with nail clippers!

**** I would rather live in a country ran by professional football players

***** My hubby thinks I am a tyrant...I really am a wimp.

****** I would rather work for my sibling...they have to love me no matter what!

******* I would pass on the old people, they scare me. Bring on the ostriches!

******** I would want wheels on my feet. I could run into walls like you do with skates that doesn't have tow stoppers!

Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

These are hard.

Smart kids of course

Mediocre singer. Anything would be better than the tone deaf singer I am right now.

Carpet for sure. I could aways stop to take a nap or get a snack.

I'd say supermodels. I'm so tired of football players in my familyroom all day long every Saturday.

Can I be a nice tyrant?

I'd say my sibling.

I'd pick the old people. I get a kick out of them. Ostriches are scary.


Fun! Fun!

Anonymous said...

1. Smart kids -- otherwise they might grow up to be supermodels.

2. Brilliant singer in a bad band (I could go a capella or use minimal instrumentation from the bad band).

3. Lawn w/ nail clippers (so I can be outside).

4. Football players. Some pro football players have gone on to become doctors, leaders, successful businessmen, politicians, etc. They would let the smart ones do the leading. Supermodels sometimes learn how to boil water and dress themselves. Are there any smart ones???

5. Be known as a tyrant (a smart one, not a beautiful one). People would trust me to get things done and I could earn some respect.

6. Best friend. A business run by any of my siblings would soon go under anyway.

7. 2 ostriches OF THE SAME GENDER!!! (I do not want two ostriches of opposite sex in my home during mating season. The owls mating outside our house are bad enough)... plus ostrich is yummy! In fact, make my ostriches both female so I would always have a good supply of really big eggs. The kids would have fun riding them too:

8. Wheels w/o brakes. I would then design special shoes for my brakeless wheel-feet for those times I don't want to roll around so fast. (Kat can tell you I like to find ways to get around the rules).

Ashley said...

1 - Smart Kids... looks only get you so far.... and maybe not the so far where I'd want my kids to be.

2 - Definitely mediocre singer in a wildly popular band... you're only as good as people think you are

3 - Geez, neither sound appealing. I'll take the carpet though since I just have carpet upstairs.

4 - I'll take supermodels - less violence - I think

5 - Tyrant... self-preservation

6 - sibling (but I don't have any so I guess I don't really know enough to make a wise decision here)

7 - Can the ostriches live outside?? That's a lot of old people. Plus side, the 90 year olds probably wouldn't last too long in our home

8 - Feet with wheels. How would I blog with hooks??

Ashley said...

Oh - and great questions Jenn!

namaste said...

Have smart kids

Be a brilliant singer in a bad band

Pick a carpet clean with tweezers

A country run by professional football players

Be known as a wimp

Work for your your best friend

Share your home with 2 ostriches

Have your feet replaced by wheels (without brakes)

Susie said...

I love these things and I love Jennifer:-)

I would rather have smart kids.

Aren't all wildly poplar bands mediocre singers?

Pick a carpet clean with tweezers:-)

Love in a country round by supermodels. Don't they all want world peace?


Work for my best friend (my husband:-)

6 90-year-old women.

Wheels witout brakes. (That's how I roll:-) Hee, hee, hee.

Miki said...

Oh I dare step out here and answer on Kat's blog? Kat, I've been hearing about you from Elena for a while now. You are so friendly and nice to her. I'm so protective of her (for absolutely no reason...she needs no protecting....I'm just SUPER loyal), so it's nice to hear how much she likes making bloggy pals with you! And Jennifer....who can resist?

I'm always a different commenter than most, and yet again, I'm going to plow my own field and say that I can't get off of the question "Tyrant or wimp?" Seriously, I JUST can't decide....I can't. I hate both....HATE BOTH!!! So, the game has officially ended for me, because I'm stuck on deciding just THAT ONE! I'm going to be thinking about it all day....

Wendy said...

Kat -- hello fellow Darcy makeover girl! :-) This is a quick pop in to say thanks for participating in the giveaway. I appreciated your comments. Thanks for sharing what was important to you and the fun you have at Thanksgiving. It's never boring at your house!

And, boy, we are so there with you on being thankful for the basics -- like having a job! Especially in this economy!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Miki said...

Oh Kat, I'm so rude. It's nice to meet you (I should have introduced myself appropriately the first time!)...I'm Miki.

Anonymous said...

1. Smart kids - only because it would be easier to homeschool them. I have limited brain capability as it is.
2. Brilliant singer - I'd rather be the best, even if no one notices.
3. Pick carpet with tweezers - so the neighbors can't spy on me
4. Country run by football players - they would have to be smarter than supermodels, right?
5. Be known as a wimp - no one likes a tyrant.
6. Work for a sibling - blood is thicker than water.
7. 2 ostriches - I could cage them up at some point and put them in a separate room.
8. Hands replaced by hooks - I'm a klutz as it is without adding wheels to the whole equation.

Awesome questions! :)

Jennifer P. said...

Here I am on my vacation up in the mountains----purchasing a wifi hotspot 2 day account JUST so I can come answer my own Follie questions....and for some other reasons too, but...

Now my fontisizing secret is out. Hope you can still look at me in the same way.... ;-).

Beautiful kids. I can always pimp them out to the kiddie modeling adds and line my pockets...and hire them some smart people to help them out if life ;).

The brilliant singer. OR the mediocre one. Either way, I just want a band t-shirt with my face on it to wear around.

Trim the lawn. Maybe I'd get a tan doing it.

The football players. At least we'd be safe.....although not as 'fierce'. (can you hear Tyra Banks saying that?)

My sibling. I'm with Elena on the unconditional love thing.

Two ostritches. And only because Mr. Kat made such a wonderful point--never thought about my kids being able to RIDE them!!!

Oh--I so want BOTH. Can you imagine me rolling your direction flailing my hook hands trying to stop. Oh. my. goodness. I would be soooo popular :). I think I would then be bizarre enough to go elope with Edward Scissorhands.

*Thanks for the fun opportunity Kat! I needed that big belly laugh today!

*And thanks fellow bloggy friends for the sweet compliments!

Swirl Girl said...

I'd rather have smart kids - they will be smart forever, but beauty fades.

Brilliant singer in a bad band...I could always get another gig, 'cuz I am smart.

trim lawn with scissors, 'cuz I don't know why

football players - I'd rather look at their asses and protuding muscles than supermodel asses and protuding ribcages.

tyrant all the way

work for sibling 'cuz blood is thicker than water

Ostriches - 'cuz when they die, I'd have a fabulous purse and boa..

Wheels - I've always wondered why we didn't come that way in the first place!

ps- lovin' some Little Feat's Dixie Chicken!

Anonymous said...

1. I'd rather have smart kids.
2. I'd rather be the mediocre singer in the popular band (might as well make some cash)
3. Pick the carpet clean with tweezers (that's not a half-bad idea)
4. Live in a country run by pro-football players. At least, we could eat fattening foods and wear sweats!
5. Hmm...a wimp. I think...
6. Work for the best friend (sibling baggage could make for a hostile work environment)
7. Oh...I'll take the two ostriches and stick them in the basement.
8. OMG--these are hard. I guess I want the wheels w/no brakes.

Anonymous said...

smart kids :)

a mediocre singer in a wildly popular band, of course

trim the lawn with nail clippers?

Live in a country run by supermodels, it should be fun! LOL ;)

Be known as a tyrant :)


Share my home with 2 ostriches?


greetings from Italy :)

Teri said...

Smart kinds (although Aristotle said it is necessary to also have beauty if you are going to have a good life - go figure)

Mediocre singer - it would just be fun

Carpet with tweezers - we have lots of hardwood floors

Football players


Best Friend

Ostriches - I wouldn't have to constantly change their diapers.

Um, weird.

Unknown said...

Debbie frightens me.

Carrie said...

I HATE this game! I am not an OR sort of person, but I'll give it a shot.

Smart kids because beauty can't hide stupidity.

Brilliant singer because I already am. haha Actually because I wouldn't want to deal with the whole famous thing. I like my privacy.

Carpet and tweezers. I already pick my eyebrows all the time and find it quite fun. Plus I'm an AC sort of gal. I get bitchy when I'm hot.

Football players because at least a few of them aren't stupid. If Supermodels ran our country, we'd be toast in about 90 seconds...

A tyrant. In my previous life, I had a few employees who did call me that. I fired them. heh heh heh

Work for my siblings? NEVAH EVAH EVAH! I love my sibs, but there is NO way that would ever happen. Let's just say my four siblings have trouble making decisions and you can refer to the above wimp or tyrant question. Plus, my husband is my best friend, so I kind of already work for him as his housewife. I can always just withhold sex if he pisses me off! Oops, did I say that?

I'll take the ostriches over changing Oops-I-Crapped-My-Pants Adult diapers. They would live outside anyway, so I could ignore them. Plus, have you heard about the huge STD problems in The Villages in Florida? Horney old people who can't get pregnant just say screw it and pass herpes around like it's fixodent! Um, no thanks...

Definitely wheels on my feet. I'd be so fricken fast, I'd be a blur. Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaah boyeeeee!!

Rhea said...

I'd rather smart kids, of course!

Be a brilliant singer in a bad band.

I don't clean carpets or trim lawns, if I don't have to.

live in a country run by professional football players

Be known as a tyrant

Work for my sibling

six 90-year-old women, I think. Maybe the ostriches.

feet replaced by wheels.

Brian and Staci said...

Fun Fun!!

Probably smart...but man, beautiful kids can get away with murder in this society...which is not good, so, smart it is.

Brilliant singer in a bad band...maybe then, someone would get wind of you and you would get your break??? (But then, would I really leave my bad band?? It's a little like Lightning McQueen giving up RustEZ!)

Trim the lawn with nail clippers. I am NOT good with tweezers!

Professional football players FOR SURE!


Probably my best friend?? But that is reallllly tough!

2 ostriches, no doubt!

Definitely feet replaced by wheels!!

That was fun! Thanks Jennifer P. for some fun questions :)

Jeanine said...

Have smart kids=
A mediocre singer in a wildly popular band

Pick a carpet clean with tweezers OR trim the lawn with nail clippers? Neither really....

live in a country run by professional football players?

a wimp?

Best Friend

2 ostriches?

Have your feet replaced by wheels (without brakes)

Anonymous said...

This sounds like fun!!!


1.Smart kids. They need to support me in my old age.

2. Brilliant singer in a bad band because I do not like criticism or bad reviews of myself personally.

3. Pick a carpet clean with tweezers.

4. Live in a country run by pro football players.

5. Known as a tyrant so no one can take advantage of me!!

6. Work for my best friend

7. Share my house with 2 ostriches.

8. Have my feet replaced by wheels. It would be like roller skating.

The Joye of Teaching said...

I have seen these book with horrible questions...hehehe I love to ask them but darn. Ok here goes.
-Have smart kids- I'm a teacher!
-Be a mediocre singer in a wildly popular band- fun
-Pick a carpet clean with tweezers- at least I'm inside
-Live in a country run by professional football players- maybe they'll have some plays?
-Be known as a tyrant
-Work for your sibling
Share your home with 2 ostriches- I could trap them :)
-Have your feet replaced by your hands replaced by hooks- just disturbing

Britt said...

Smart kids .. because beautiful, dumb kids tend to be mean. So grateful I don't really have to chose though.

Brilliant singer .. cause I can always dump the band and go rock the world SoLo!

Ugh .. puke .. I'm going back and forth here. My final answer is pick the carpet .. cause who knows how much pee is coating that grass?

Oy .. Football players. Maybe they would promote healthier lifestyles?

A wimp .. cause wimps have friends. Tyrants have shriveled followers.

Sibling .. those relationships are easier to repair when damaged, in my family anyway.

Give me the dozen 90 year olds. At least they would provide entertainment at times. Birds freak me out. The bigger, the freakier.

Wheel feet! Then I could chase around those kids with Heely's that are always bumping into me at Wal-Mart .. now it's on! ;o)

Just Lisa said...

1. gotta go with smart-- beauty fades.

2. I'm cool with mediocre. I'll still have the groupies after me.

3. Hmmm... the lawn with nail clippers. I'd wear a bikini and get a tan while I'm out there.

4. Pro Football. At least most of them still went to college.

5. This one's easy. I'm already a tyrant, it's good times.

6. My sister. I'd get to say, "You think you're all high and mighty, but at the end of the day, you're still my snotty little sister."

7. Ostriches. I have an irrational fear of the the extremely elderly. Plus, I could just lock the birds in a room.

8. Just call me Mama Hot Wheels!

Trish said...

Alright, I'm all better. Just please don't say that word again!!!!

Here are my answers:

I have one of each already. I'll let ya know when I'm done raising them.

Mediocre is good enough for me.

lawn and nail clippers

football players, that way food is never an issue




hook hands

ohh, there't that word again........


annaliese said...

models--hey, they'll be my beautiful children!

truly the strangest questions ever--but really glad you are over here asking them, jennifer, because now I have found another blog addiction :)

John Deere Mom said...

Mediocre singer
My carpet is so dirty it would be a never ending job so I will go with the lawn.
Pro football players fo sho
Best friend
2 ostriches please-I can take spitting over drooling, urine, and feces not to mention 90 year old sex. Yuck.
Wheel feet work for me

Anonymous said...

Super dooper weird! I did a "would you rather" post too on Friday too! I went to Tiffany's and saw that you had one too. Guess blogger's are on the same wavelength huh?

Unknown said...

These were some intereting questoions toget, on my return to the blogaspere!!! :-)

1. Smart ... brains trump beauty anytime !!!

2. Ummm .. I can't sing, but I can drum. So, I guess I'd like to be the mediocre singer, who was also the drummer, in a wildly popular band !! Yep .. that would work ..

3. Pick a carpet clean with tweezers ... that way I wouldn't have to slather myself with sunscreen..

4. Professional football players. I used to coach rugby, so they'd have no problem electing me as their leader and we'd sort of have something in common. I have NOTHING in common with a bunch of supermodels..

5. Well, seeing that I'm about to be elected as a the leader of a bunch of pro footie players, I'd better be a tryant. Mind you, I'd be a nice, fair tryant .... with a sense of humour..

6. Probably a sibling.Though my best friend and I get a long really well...

7. Well, if the 90 year olds were still independant, mobile, possesed all their marbles and weren't incontinent .... them, definitely. If not, I'd prefer the ostritches..

8. If you'd ever seen me try to roller skate, then you'd know that the answer would be ...hooks !!! I figure I could do more with the hooks, than the wheels ... be safer too ...

Mel said...


1. Smart kid, will be able to hold his own in life.

2. Brilliant singer in bad band. I would hate for him to have to get into the world of entertainment.

3. Carpet w/ tweezers especially as the weather is getting colder.

4. Football players. I could never live up to supermodle ideals.

5. Tyrant. I'm not going into why ;)

6. Best friend. I would not want to jepordize family relations. I've seen it done with other families.

7. Ostriches, you can let them loose in a fenced in area. I guess you could do that with old people too!

8. WHEELS!!!! Only becaues I would DIE if I couldn't use my hands to create!

Thanks!! This was fun!

Lula! said...

Jennifer P. has me flummoxed. Imagine that!

OK, here we go...

Beautiful kids. I'm just being honest. Stop hating.

Brilliant singer, bad band--and I'd pray for someone to discover me.

I will not clean a carpet or mow the lawn. The end.

Football players--some of the most intelligent guys I graduated high school with went on to play for UGA, Alabama, Clemson, Liberty. And one played professionally a few years. So there are smart athletes out there!

I pretend to be a tyrant,but deep down I'm a wimp. I'd rather be known as a tyrant, though.

I'd work for my best friend before I'd even dream of working for my brother.

2 ostriches.

WHEELS, baby. I need wheels on these gams.