Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Parade

Every year Michael and the girls carve a pumpkin. It's a craft. I don't partake. I just take the pictures. It started out as a traditional pumpkin face. And over the years, it has gotten more elaborate. We have bought the kits to carve our pumpkin...and then Michael realized that he had the mad skills to do it without the kit. One year, Katie said she did not want a scary pumpkin. At the time, she was obsessed with the PBS show, Sagwa, The Chinese, Siamese cat. And Sagwa's best friend is Fu-Fu the bat. Everytime I have mentioned this show, people look at me strangely. If your kids haven't seen it...find it. It's great. And the stories are written by Amy Tan (who wrote "The Joy Luck Club" - "The Kitchen God's Wife" - "The Bonesetter's Daughter" amongst others).

So...Katie asked for a Fu-Fu pumpkin. And Michael did it. I don't know how. But he did.

I love the detail he did for it. Fu-Fu has a notch in his glasses - and so do the glasses on the pumpkin!

And this year, in honor of our two new kittens, Michael drew (free hand no less) a two headed kitty monster. Here is the free hand - it was hard to capture - there was a reflection no matter what I did. And here it is all carved and lit up. Pretty cool, no?

I don't know about your children...but mine have been planning their Halloween costumes for months. And it takes that long to plan because they change their minds weekly.

For the past month, Madalyn was planning to be a genie. And then she discovered an old diva outfit of Katie's. And decided that it would just be easier to wear that - mostly because it would keep her warm. So...we spiced up her outfit by making her an American idol contestant.Katie has been pretty steadfast in her decision to be Edward from Twilight. I love that she was going to be Edward. And not Bella. We decided that it would be fun for her to be Edward in the sunshine - and make her all sparkly and glittery. And then someone told me that you could order Forks High School t-shirts from the Forks Chamber of Commerce - so we got her a t-shirt.

(Ya'll must check out the chamber of commerce. They have lots of different t-shirts and hoodies. And my favorite is the bumper sticker that says "Vampires love forks." With our order we got a window cling that proclaims us members of the "Forks Chamber of Commerce." AND we got a map of the town. And it has all the sites - including notations of where you can buy a Bella Burger - and other Twilight nostolgia.)

We decided to make a mask, too...just in case no one recognized her. And well, no one did recognize her. Except one mother. Obviously Lula has not gotten to the people in this neighborhood.

Everyone needed a turn posing with Edward.

Sharing Edward.

And fighting over Edward.

After the girls got home...and took showers...and were sent to bed...I moved Katie's candy out of her bag and into a basket. And when I dumped it in, I noticed the candy that landed on the top of the basket and immediately thought - I am getting rid of that. She doesn't need straight sugar...and it will make such a mess.

And then, I looked a little closer, because there was writing on the package.

It's personalized! And not to my child.

And then, I looked even closer.It's VALENTINE candy. Someone regifted Valentine candy for Halloween! Regifted. Candy!

So...what about you? Any artistic carving skills at your house? Do you re-gift? Did your kids come home with anything strange in their candy bags? And, please tell me your approach to the candy! Do you let them have what they want till it's gone? Do you ration and still have some at Easter? What do you do? Is that too many questions??

OH...and have you entered my contest? It's a great one! Just scroll back to Saturday's post and get your name in the pot!

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Theme song: B-52's - Love Shack. Why? For Valentine's. Duh.


Elena said...

HA!!! LOVE the costumes. So creative. And the Valentine candy...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! Weird! That's kind of gross. No mad pumpkin carving skills for me. I do triangles, that's it. No, no, no on regifting. The strangest thing in the candy bag this year was apples. Real live apples. I thought people stopped giving those out years ago with the razorblade scares and such. And I just let my kids eat til they puke and then they don't want anymore candy. Already happened to one kid here. I win mother of the year, I know.

Shannon said...

Love the song choice. Awesome.

Michael does have some mad pumpkin carving skillz. Impressive.

Shane does the pumpkin carving around here. That falls into the "reasons I have a husband" category (along with yardwork, bug squashing and toilet plunging)... last year he did a ghost. But this year we did not carve pumpkins.

We didn't get anything weird in our candy this year... just a LOT. Even if I don't ration the stash, its gonna last until Easter.

And... eeewwwww! on the Valentine's candy. But it is very funny!

Shelley said...

I am rolling on the floor laughing about the regifting of Valentine candy for Halloween. Guess they get an "A" for creativity, huh?

Linda said...

OMG, that is hysterical, although incredibly eeeew, about the regifted candy. Wouldn't you just turn off your lights and act like you're not home instead of actually handing out already-been-given candy?

No artistic carving ability here ... I've done the same triangle eyes and nose and goofy mouth with 2 teeth, every single year since I was 6!

Halloween night we dump all the candy and pretty much let the kids eat as much as they want, on that night only. Surprisingly they can only handle about 2 or 3 pieces and they stop. Then we stretch out the rest, a piece or 2 a day.

In years past we had a neighbor that made the kids listen to the Gospel before handing out candy. One neighbor this year gave out biggie-sized Snickers bars. Obviously for the kids to take home to mom!

Trish said...

Love the costumes, and I'm telling you girl, you and Katie can take a trip here to the PNW and I will be your tour guide and take you to FORKS, WA!!

okay, and then I scrolled down to the picture of the candy and was all like "OMG that is fun dip! I love fun dip!! My kids didn't get any fun dip........OMG that is valentime fund ip...gross!!"

as for the pumpkins.........we have NEVER carved pumpkins with our kids. I hate the mess.........they'll hate me later in life when they find out the fun they missed out on.

Your husband has some MAD carving skills. i am impressed!

Anonymous said...

Love the pumpkins!

If I run out of candy then I'll replenish with some of the candy my kids brought home but it's been a few years since I've done that.

We let them have pretty much as much as they want Halloween night but then it definitely slows down after that.

Someone put their Avon card in with the candy bag they gave my kid...desperate much?

MsTypo said...

Someone in your neighbourhood gave out fundips?! I don't care how old they are - they're pure sugary goodness!!! What can i say, i never actually matured after the age of 12. :p

I love the cat pumpkin. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Very cool pumpkins! They don't celebrate halloween here so no candy or pumpkin stories to tell :(
In years past (we had only gone TOT once with our Boo before we moved here,) but we let him pick one or two pieces of candy from the basket after dinner. After a week he'd completely forgotten all about it.

And the contest - Yes siree. Entered, posted about it, and I follow you. Cause I heart Sunshine and Lemonade!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Regifted Valentine! Guess "Will" wasn't diggin on "Alexis", huh??

Great post, as always!


The Joye of Teaching said...

I agree that your husband has mad carving skills! Th costumes are original. :) Good thing you spotted the strange valentine candy! YUCK

Twisted Fencepost said...

Michael is quite talented! No one here not even close. Maybe cause no one has tried free handed.
The girls are adorable, posing for the camera.

larkswing said...

Great pics! So much fun. I am no good at carving pumpkins, so I don't! hehe

Your girls are the cutest!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Love the pumpkins....and fighting over Edward!!! YES!

Rhea said...

I think that's just awful someone put in Valentine's candy! I mean, candy is NOT expensive, just splurge a few dollars for a new pack.

Love the girls' costumes. Too cute.

Michael has some awesome pumpkin carving skills. I'm impressed!!

My boys carve pumpkins with my mom and stepfather each year.

We let the kids eat all the candy they want for a day or two, then it goes up and they only get little bits for a while. If there's a LOT left, I try to give it away. My husband raids their stashes a fair amount as well.

Heather said...

Oh, the picture of them fighting over Edward is perfect, especially with his head kind of floating above his poor little stick of a body. Edward would be honored, I'm sure.

The Valentine candy is cracking me up.

And I heard all about your great weekend. Girl, you rock. And I love Lizzy's idea of a reunion in a cabin in Gatlinburg next year. C'mon, let's do it!

Skeller said...

Michael DOES have mad skill in the pumpkin carving department....

And EWWWWWWW. Regifted candy. I guess it coulda been worse - it could have been opened. Funny musical accompaniment for this little tidbit ;-)

Angie's Spot said...

We don't even carve a pumpkin. Not to mention that now I would feel so inferior after seeing Michael's mad skills. That's amazing!

I re-gift on occasion, but certainly not food. Gross! And the kids did not come home with anything strange. I was really excited about the giant pixy sticks that they received at one house. I claimed those as mind immediately.

We only let them have M&M's and maybe 1 sucker. Everything else is either a toy for them or we (meaning me) eat it. I'm hoping they won't have the same obsession that I have with sugar as they grow up.

sassy stephanie said...

Edward turned out great!

Ok, that Valentine's candy is just gross. I regift, but only certain things, and no way old candy.

That pumpkin is WICKED! I wish I had such mad skillz.

We totally ration. I let my kids have one, maybe two pieces each day. I also throw alot of it in a bag for church. We send packages to Mexico.

jennifersusan said...

I love the costumes! Madalyn looks like a great diva, and I love Katie's Edward. I must be the only one on the planet who hasn't read the Twilight series, so I better get a move on and find a copy.
I LOVE your two headed kitty monster--it looks way cool lit up too!
The candy givers in this neighborhood are good--we got a lot of full size candy bars, and unfortuntely they let Rose take as much candy as she wanted (I was cutting her off after the 6th handful being grabbed or given). We let the kids have a few pieces a day but I throw it out by Thanksgiving. I couldn't even imagine regifting candy of any sort. Ew!

S Club Mama said...

I love the Edward costume! But I'd vote for the other on American Idol!

Kathi Roach said...

Love the costumes!!!! Can't believe that cheapskate....regifting their own kid's Valentine's sad is that?????

My kids used to have to keep their candy we all dump and have a communal basket of has actually lasted in past years all the way until EASTER!!

Rachel Ann said...

Your Husand is Amazing! WOW! I don't think I could carve pumpkins like that even with a template.

Re-gifting candy? That is pretty low...creative...but low! Your girls look cute!

Anonymous said...

Regifting personalized Valentine's candy, now I've heard it all. I think that's the lamest of the lame. LOL

Carrie said...

Who gives a honk if that Lik-M-Aid was from Valentine's and it had writing on it? I WORSHIP Fun Dip and I would have eaten it even if there were holes in it!

We didn't carve any pumpkins this year and I'm fine with that. I'll wait until the midget gets older and wants to do it. There are no artistic folk in my household. Although the midget does seem to have some pretty mad finger painting skills...

As for the candy, I ate most of it this year. I can already hear the adipose cell walls stretching--eeerrrrcchhh. Wow that was a great sound effect!

My parents never rationed the candy, so I suppose I won't either. I'll just go drop the midget off at the mall wearing her running shoes. "See you in a few hours, kiddo!" *snort*

Handsome's wife said...

I was looking at the photos and I reconized your Longaberger baskets. I'm a longaberger collector too.

Jane In The Jungle said...

Love the musical choice, makes me homesick for Ga.!
Big Daddy carves with the kids. My 12 yr old did an awesome sick pumpkin this yr, people were taking pictures of it when they came by. I'll post pictures this week.
We did not get anything weird, just not a lot of peanut M&M's which I live for!!

Jo-Jo said...

I love the pumpkins! That is what I call talented!

KimmyJ said...

Wow -dad has mad pc skills - the monster kitties rock! Lvoe the girls' outfit and the info on forks. who knew? besides you. I was cracked up over recycled candy, Ewww, I do not recycle candy! I do ration out some of the bounty and take most of it to work.
I posted about your contest too!

Aubrey said...

WoW! The pumpking is amazing! He's got mad skillz! LOL

Great costumes! Very creative and the girls look great!

Hmmm...regifted candy. That is too much! LOL

Unknown said...

LOVE the costumes! Maybe next year I can be a little more creative.... & so now you see why sometimes my MIL drives me NUTS... no?

Brandy said...

I love their costumes...Ms. American Idol is hamming it up!

Sorry no trick or treating at my house...we were at a football game. Regifting is okay under some very strict circumstances...Valentine candy that has someone's name on it does NOT meet that criteria. Talk about desperate!

Uh, can I have the Edward mask now that you don't need it?

Swirl Girl said...

Love the American Idol costume.

- and the regifting candy is just wrong.

sure, its okay to do with gift bags, but make sure the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

ps- I am totally jealous of your lunch with the girls. (lula's post) ...if they win your contest, I'm gonna cry a foul!

The Happy Mom said...

I forgot about Sagwa! I have a 10 yr. old daughter and she loved that show, too. The Twilight costume was so creative! Love your blog! :)

Ritch in Love said...

OH! I love that they weren't Hannah Montana!! Truly loved the creativity! (That says so much about what a great parent you are!)

Anonymous said...

My new name for your husband is Michael Stewart. I can't believe his designs didn't come straight from the pages of her magazine! ugh.

the girls fighting over Edward is my favorite picture!

I'm reading wicked--aren't you proud of me?

Tabitha Blue said...

Haha, that is way too funny.. re-gifting candy!! Love the costumes too!! LOL American Idol costume is priceless. Nice pumpkins, WOW. We didn't even carve this year. :) Oh, well, I'm not too sad about it.

Kori said...

Ok so Michael is the pumpkin carving king.

As far as regifting candy. I don't but the boys got some candy canes in the bags. Um... yeah.

And we have a 3 piece limit here.

Susie said...

Those are some awesome carving skills you got there:-)

We ration our candy for every holiday. This candy will last until the Christmas stockings which will last until Valentines Day which will last until Easter which has to stretch to the 4th of July which goes even farther to Halloween.

Lula! said...

In a perfect world, we would never have to fight over Edward. There'd be enough of him to go around.

And, as I told her on Saturday, it's beyond cool that Katie dressed as Edward for Halloween. I mean, she's practically the perfect kid. And don't even get me started on Madalyn and her GORGEOUS American Idol contestant self. Oh my head, she is photogenic.

Since Angie regifts, I am hoping she's going to share the Godiva with some of us.

p.s. Is there anything Michael cannot do?

Unknown said...

Great costumes- love the pumpkins, too. Kyra had carved a jack skelington but no pics came out. We do have some wonderful halloween pics on the blog though, the girls have fun.
Most of our candy we gave to Ki's mother-in-law to give to a friend who works with inmates- they will really appreciate it.
The rest the littlest diva took to her party and they made quick work of it. :)

Aleta said...

Someone REGIFTED a Valentine's gift? OMG. That's.... that's... I don't know what to say.

Cute pictures. So, can she sing well enough to be an Idol? I used to love to sing when I was younger.

Jen said...

those are some really creative costumes, I love them both!
As for the re-gift of the Valentines candy, OMG Seriously, I can't believe some people.

Debbie said...

I cannot believe that someone re-gifted that candy!!! And that fun dip is the worst thing ever. I think Michael needs to create his own pumpkin templates and sell them to people like me who have to trace my jack o lantern faces because I am a terrible artist. I totally knew who Sagwa was as Amy Tan is one of my favorite authors and my son has watched that show in the past. Your kids costumes are so cleva....LRRH was Sharpay from HSM and my son was Buzz Lightyear...this is the first time that he has worn a costume. He refused to in years past. About regifting candy...nope...unless you consider it going in the trash re-gifting!

Michelle said...

The pumpkin with the cats is cute, the kids are cuter.

Valentine candy for Halloween, daaannng. I thought I was cheap.

We have no candy, my kids didn't trick or treat, getting older, so no candy to tempt me. Yeah.

lynette355 said...

Ok there is something seriously wrong with me. I am getting hooked on blogs--not for what is being written but for the music. Danced my way all the way through Love Shack today!

Your hubby is so creative. What an artist. Two thumbs up!

Candy? Well regifting Valentine candy is really sick. Old candy and no telling from which Valentine. LOL Yeah, you just had to have that imagine I am sure.

So I will sign off while I sing "Popular" (Tap dancing off the screen)

Mama Dawg said...

I love the Edward costume!

Your hubby is a genius at pumpkin carving. Kudos!

When light of my life gets home, she dumps out her bucket and grabs everything she wants to keep.

She then gets to keep half of everything she chose.

I'm involved with Operation Christmas Child and they're allowed to received non-melty candy, so all non-melty candy goes in a bag for that organization.

The rest comes to work for distribution.

I keep ALL Smarties.

Mama Dawg said...

And, yes, I re-gift. Why not? If it's new and I'm never gonna use it, why not pass it on to someone else. If it's used, I give it away to a charity or rummage house or try to sell it on ebay.

Lisa said...

We cleaned our pumpkins out and that was it this year. We were going to carve them, but it was 1 million degrees here and the pumpkins got moldy. For some reason the girls did not want to carve fuzzy pumpkins so they got pitched.

OUr candy was pretty good except for the occasional Charleston Chew. Who eats that crappy candy anyway?

Ginny said...

Loved the costumes! Ew, gross on the vday candy, that is crazy!

Nissa said...

Those are awesome costumes!

Yes, I've regifted before. Tacky, I know.

I always ration, and then we have the different holidays' candy baskets/bags sitting up in the pantry for a year, then I throw them out when that same holiday rolls around again. The cycle continues.