Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Follies: Twilight edition

It's here. The day that so many have been waiting for! So, who went to see it at midnight?? Katie and I are having a field trip to see it at 10 am. I can count that as school work right? A literature class? Film class? Psychology?

Who will be this week's Weekend Winner?? Today is the last day to enter my Twilight give-away. I know that ya'll have marked off the place in your bedroom to put the poster. Found the perfect spot for your new calendar. And arranged for some "me" time to shop. Read. And eat Godiva chocolate. The winner will be announced tomorrow - along with a whole new set of prizes as we move to week four of the extravaganza.

And I so appreciate the continued indulgences in being guest inquisitors! The queue is still open if you are interested! We've had questions from Debbie at Finding Normal. From Rhea at Texas Word Tangle. From Jennifer P at The Peterson's Go Public. And who should ask the Friday Follies - on this particular Friday? It is the ultimate fan girl herself - Lula!

I first met Lula through Debbie - at This is the Life. Where I seem to meet so many of the friends who live inside my computer. Lula came out of lurking on her site. And can ya'll imagine? Lula. Lurking? And Lula and I. Well, I think it was kismet. We had an instant connection. Over LOST. All things Georgia. Having two little girls. Our love of reading. And most especially peanut m&ms. So...let's see what Lula has for us today:

It’s the day we Twilight-lovers have waited for…Edward and Bella, on the big screen! Be still my beating heart. Let’s roll with some Twilight Friday Follies love…and for those of you who haven’t yet read these books (and why not, may I ask?), I will throw in a few non-Twilighty questions. Because I love y’all that much.

Let’s just get this one out of the way:

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Favorite Cullen?

Would you rather control emotions, see the future, or read minds?

If you had to choose, would you rather go on a date with Tyler, Eric, or Mike?

Shiny silver Volvo or an antique truck?

Who were you more like in high school? Bella, Angela, or Jessica?

Which appeals more to you? Forks or Arizona?

With whom would you rather hunt? Edward, Emmett, or Alice? OR...James, Laurent, or Victoria?

And since Edward and Bella are the love story for our generation, I'm gonna ask a few love honor of them:

Favorite love story, fiction:

Favorite love story, non-fiction:

If you could be in love during any period of time, which era would you choose?

Favorite big screen romance:

Favorite TV romance:

Favorite song about love:

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Theme song: "Closer," by Kings of Leon. It's the one song I would've put on the soundtrack, were I given the opportunity. It's a sexy song...but also full of angst...longing...frustration...and desperate love. In my head I always hear it playing in the scene where Edward saves Bella from the dudes in Port Angeles...


jennifersusan said...

Yay! I'm the first to post today! No, I'm not up this late because I've been out to see Edward and Bella (I wish!). You're so lucky you get to go tomorrow! I have to wait til Saturday or Sunday. wah! Have you heard the Twilight soundtrack??? Even Edward sings a little, and I LOVE Bella's lullaby.
Okay, onto the questions.
Team Edward, of course. I was absolutely shattered at the end of book3 with her little scene with Jacob.
I know I should say that Edward is my favorite Cullen, and after reading what Meyer has of Midnight Sun on her website I love her and her character even more, but with all that aside I really love Alice.
I think I'd like to see the future, and use that to know winning lottery numbers. ;p
Can I have the antique truck but with the volvo's shiny engine?
Gosh, I think I'd pick Phoenix but then the Pacific Northwest does sound nice, and maybe there'll be some nice vampires for my kids to play with.
I was more like Bella, I think.
I think it'd be fun to hunt with Alice.
You're actually asking NON Twilight questions? Okay, Okay...
Of course my favorite love story fiction is Twilight. Hubby just doesn't get it, he couldn't get past Bella's whining to make it far enough to understand.
Favorite love story, non parents.
Favorite big screen romance, right now is Sophie and Howl from Howl's Moving Castle, but I'm really hoping I love Twilight better (we'll see after I actually see it). Favorite TV romance would have to be all those years of Buffy and Angel/Spike.
Favorite love song is LoveSong by the Cure, and then Dream A Little Dream of Me by the Mamas and the Papas.

KimmyDarling said...

Team Edward, so far. (I've only read Twilight, so that could change)

So far, Edward is my favorite Cullen, but I want to know more about the rest of the clan.

I'd rather see the future.

Mike, I guess.

Shiny silver Volvo

Bella. I was skinny and physically awkward, and the worst athlete in the world.

Arizona. I can't stand too much rain.

With whom would you rather hunt? Edward

Favorite love story, fiction: Pride & Prejudice

Favorite love story, non-fiction:

If you could be in love during any period of time, which era would you choose? The 80s!

Favorite big screen romance:
Lost in Translation

Favorite TV romance:
Bromance:Denny Crane & Alan Shore on Boston Legal
Heteromance: Maddy & David, pre-kiss, on Moonlighting.

Favorite song about love:
Endless Love

KimmyDarling said...

I forgot non-fiction, because I'm having trouble with it. Posh & Becks? Angelina & Brad?

Trish said...

My tickets are for 10:45am on Friday morning!!! I'm going to the movies while my kids are in school. I sounds kind of scandolous to me!

Okay, here we go Lula:

Do I have to pick a team? I like them both. Really. But I guess if I had to pick, Edward.

The good Dr. I just love his presence.

read minds.

Mike. He seemed normal.

Shiny Volvo


Arizona. Although Forks is gorgeous. It just rains to much here in the PNW.

definitely Edward, Emmett and Alice

Scarlett & Rhett

My own

The roaring 20' seems so liberating

Sam Baldwin (Tom Hanks) & Annie Reed (Meg Ryan) in Sleepless in Seattle

Heathcliff and Claire Huxtible (The Cosby Show) they were so much in love, and always showed it!

Glenn Meideiros "Nothings gonna change my love for you"
Yep, he was a one hit wonder, but I used to sing that song at the top of my lungs when I was in 8th grade

~Michelle~ said...

*Team Edward
*Alice is my fav
*Read minds - I'm nosy
*Shiny silver Volvo
*Totally Angela
*Forks - AZ is way to hot & dry
*Hunt with Emmett - gotta be entertaining

*Favorite love story, fiction: Well, probably...Twilight
*Favorite love story, non-fiction: UM???
*Civil War era love stories are the best
*Favorite big screen romance: Love Actually
*Favorite TV romance: Ross & Rachel from Friends - he's her lobster! Bromance is Barney & Ted in How I Met Your Mother
*Favorite song about love: We Danced by Brad Paisley (my wedding song)

evitafjord said...

I haven't read them, but my husband has, and from his descriptions I'd pick Jacob, but would be allergic to him, so would end up with Edward.

Favorite Cullen?
Um, crazy Aunt Geraldine.

See the future (selectively).



I've been to Forks. We played them in basketball in HS. So, Forks.

Favorite love story, fiction:
The Hunt for Red October

Favorite love story, non-fiction:

I'd choose Now

Somewhere in Time

I'm addicted to Gray's

Somebody, Depeche Mode

Gina said...

Oh, man! I forgot to read the summer eading list. Can I have an extension?

MsTypo said...

Um. I've never read Twilight. *shame spiral* But i promise to buy the books when i get back to the States!!

Bramblemoon Farm said...

So many questions--
I'm Team Switzerland. Yea really. Alice is hands down my favorite Cullen. I'd rather control emotions like Jasper. I can't choose one of those guys, COME ON. If you forced me to it would be Mike; he's sweetest. I'd go with an antique truck, especially since I was MUCH like Bella in High School. I would be a Forks gal and I'd hunt with the Cullens of course!

I can't answer any of the other questions because I have way too many favorites. Seriously.

Sigh. I have to wait til Sunday to go see Twilight.

Unknown said...

We are off to see it this afternoon. Poor Mac has to wait till after my class. I even flirted with going last night, but I'm just too old to be up till 3 am and then go to jewelry class the next day. No sleep and playing with fire don't mix.

Oh, and I already have a Volvo (though not silver), so I'm half way there. :-)

Kathi Roach said...

I saw it last night at midnight with my home at 3AM...just put my boys on the bus and I am going BACK to sleep!!!

*Team Edward..can't stand Jacob...almost ruined book #3 for me.
*Edward, Carlisle, Alice
*See the future
*Shiny silver Volvo
*AZ...I used to live in Seattle...I KNOW how much it really rains there!!! A LOT!

Fav Love Story Fiction: Romeo & Juliet!!!
Non-Fiction: My own!
I'd love to have lived in Little House on the Prarie tmes.
Big Screen Romance: Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, The Notebook.
TV Romance: ???? Can't think of any....toooo tired!
Song: The Sweetest Thing by U2
Hope you like the movie!!! I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks.

S Club Mama said...

Team Edward or Team Jacob? EDWARD

Favorite Cullen? Emmett (he reminds me of my husband)

Would you rather control emotions, see the future, or read minds? Read minds - that would be fun, I think

If you had to choose, would you rather go on a date with Tyler, Eric, or Mike? Mike, he'd have the most to say

Shiny silver Volvo or an antique truck? Volvo

Who were you more like in high school? Bella, Angela, or Jessica?
Which appeals more to you? Forks or Arizona? Forks, Arizona is hot...

With whom would you rather hunt? Edward, Emmett, or Alice? OR...James, Laurent, or Victoria? I think Edward; he'd keep me safe and be really patient

And since Edward and Bella are the love story for our generation, I'm gonna ask a few love honor of them:

Favorite love story, fiction: Spring Came on Forever by Bess Streeter Aldrich

Favorite love story, non-fiction: my own!

If you could be in love during any period of time, which era would you choose? I think the 1950s has a sort of romanticism about it

Favorite big screen romance: Legends of the Fall

Favorite TV romance: Ross & Rachel

Favorite song about love: right now, it's Love Story by Taylor Swift BUT Little Moments by Brad Paisley is my favorite.

AND I must add, I really hope I win your giveaway. I'm probably the only person NOT able to go see the movie in the theater and the movie guide & all the other goodies would be as close as I'll get until it's in the $5 bin at Walmart.

Jen said...

-Definately Edward!
-read minds
-shiny silver volvo

I am going to need there. I am too sick and tired to be all lovey dovey. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Great questions! I posted my answers on my blog:

Elena said...

Team Edward or Team Jacob? Edward, although I feel sorry for Jacob

Favorite Cullen? Edward

Would you rather control emotions, see the future, or read minds? Emotions, I hate confrontations

If you had to choose, would you rather go on a date with Tyler, Eric, or Mike? Mike

Shiny silver Volvo or an antique truck? shiny silver volvo

Who were you more like in high school? Bella, Angela, or Jessica? Bella, all the vampires were hot on my trail.

Which appeals more to you? Forks or Arizona? Forks, Arizona is too hot.

With whom would you rather hunt? Edward, Emmett, or Alice? Ugghh... I hate the hunt scenes, so none. OR...James, Laurent, or Victoria?

Favorite love story, fiction: I really do love Twilight. Makes me giddy.

Favorite love story, non-fiction: My own of course.

If you could be in love during any period of time, which era would you choose? Now

Favorite big screen romance: Gone With the Wind

Favorite TV romance: Sydney Bristow and Vaughan in Alias

Favorite song about love: I am so bad with songs and titles, can't even tell you.

Brandy said...

Only 8.5 more hours...

Team Edward (but I love the older Jacob too!)

Besides Edward (duh!) Alice

Read minds


Shiny volvo

I'd like to say Bella, but I was a bit catty like Jessica

Hard one...rain or hot. Dang! I'll go with Forks





The Notebook

IDK - I'm stuck on this if I don't watch TV. Yeah. Right.

Don't Take the Girl - Tim McGraw; it's not your everyday love song but by the end you know he loves this girl

Brandy said...

HOLY COW!!! I just noticed I am the #1 stalker, ummmm I mean commenter!

Hell yeah! I'm #1, it's Friday, Twilight premieres today - can it get any better than this?!

Skeller said...

Team Edward, fer sure.
Alice, hands down.
Hmmm, don't think I want any of those talents.
None of the above. I've never been much of a dater.
Volvo. I have a truck. It's hard to drive.
Bella ... except the boys weren't interested in me. ;-)
Either - I think I'd like both places.
No hunting. I'm such a picky eater. I'd probably starve.
Favorite love story fiction: perhaps Anne of Green Gables * Gilbert.
non-fiction: perhaps my own :-)
Era?: Now is good.
Movie Romance: don't have one.
TV: ditto.
Song: ditto.

Lula! said...

Here's my own little answers for y'all:

TEAM EDWARD. Forever. Amen.

My fave Cullen is Alice, of course. I want to be her friend.

I would love to have Jasper's gift--controlling emotions. It would be helpful in so many situations.

Antique truck!

In high school I was a cross between Angela and Jessica. And that makes me wanna puke.

Rain is a benediction from I'd pick Forks. I think.

I'd wanna hunt with Emmett--'cause he'd go for the big kill and that's just sexy.

My favorite fictional love story? Um...hello...Edward and Bella! Also Rhett & Scarlett.

Non-fiction love story: Hosea and Gomer, in the Old Testament.

I would've loved to have lived in England in the 1800's...wearing corsets, big skirts, and long gloves, while being called on by handsome gentlemen who smell of cigars and whiskey. That's just dang sexy.

Favorite big screen romance: Gone With the Wind, duh. And Buttercup and Westley in The Princess Bride.

TV Romance: Buffy and Spike. David and Maddie (Moonlighting).

Favorite song about love: In Your Eyes, by Peter Gabriel.

Shannon said...

CRAP! I've been thinking of my answers all day... now it's gonna look like I've copied Lula.
But I guess if there's one person I want to be like...

OK, so here are my answers:

Team Edward all the way, baby.

I've got a bit of a soft spot for Jasper...

I think I would choose to control emotions... I think if I were able to see into the future, I would just worry and fret over things that were going to happen.


Shiny silver Volvo



Hunting party would have to be Edward, Emmett and Alice... Emmett if I'd have to choose just one, 'cause of his strength.

Favorite love story, fiction: Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth, Mr. Knightley & Emma, Mr. Ferrars & Elinor, Colonel Brandon & Marianne.... need I go on?

Favorite love story, non-fiction: ???

If you could be in love during any period of time, which era would you choose? The Regency Period (again with Jane Austen!)

Favorite big screen romance:Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan in "Sleepless in Seattle"

Favorite TV romance: Jim and Pam from “The Office”

Favorite song about love: Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”

Swirl Girl said...

Since I am like the only person on the planet who has not read Twilight (all the more reason I should win this week's contest)...I can't answer the top questions from Lula.

fiction love story = Rhett and Scarlett for sure

non-fiction = JFK and Jackie O

I would love to be in love in the days of Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire a la Funny Face. The clothes, the suave and debonair gentleman, the breaking into song and dance...wonderful

Big Screen Romance = Richard Gere and just about anyone - he's the hottest buddhist I know.

TV Romance = i have to think about that one for a moment...

Song about love = Al reen's "Let's Stay Together"

Crystal Rae said...

I'm so excited to see Twilight, if i didn't have to work this morning early and all day I so would have gone at midnight to see it!
I can't wait to see who is the winner, I have my fingers crossed!!!!!

annaliese said...

*sleepy, slow typing--from having been up half the night at Twilight movie* happy sigh*

Team Edward
Edward, but I like Rosalie (someone has to, right?)
control emotions--mainly mine!
Eric--geeks are fun
shiny and new :)
the Cullens, of course.

too sleepy to do the rest of the questions--besides they change all the time :)
thanks for the fun!

I Love Purple More Than You said...

Team Edward all the way!
Edward (with Alice a close second)
Read minds
Shiny silver volvo
I was like Bella in high school
Hunting with Edward, baby!

Favorite love story fiction: Edward and Bella!

Non-fiction: Edward and Bella

I'd love to live in the Medieval times. No actually, I'd like to live now and just dress in Medieval dresses every day.

Favorite big screen romance: Edward and Bella (do you see a pattern emerging?)

Favorite TV romance: Spike and Buffy!

Favorite song about love: I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie...

Debbie said...

I haven't finished reading them yet!!! I will come back when I do...

gotta some is yelling his cottage cheese just spilled...

be back later to catch up..

Brian and Staci said...

I'm such a boring person...I cannot even play along today because I haven't read this series (nor did I sign up...LOSER that I am!) One day I day.
i guess I can answer a few:
I did love Wuthering Heights.
I choose to love my husband in THIS time period. I like having indoor plumbing :)
I love Dr. McDreamy and Meredith
Lots of favorite songs about that pops into my head is "Love Hurts"...I believe by Nazareth?? Good song :)
(I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new puppy....Brian is at "The North Pole" getting him as I type!!!) Hopefully, there will be a new post tomorrow :) YAY!

Anonymous said...

I posted my answers on my blog! Great questions!!

The Joye of Teaching said...

Team Edward!
Favorite Cullen-Rosalie
Would rather read minds
would rather go on a date with Mike
Shiny silver Volvo
more like in high school Bella
Arizona appeals to me more
would you rather hunt with Edward,

Favorite love story, fiction: Wuthering Heights
Favorite love story, non-fiction: Professor Randy Pausch from Last Lecure
If you could be in love during any period of time, which era would you choose? right now
Favorite big screen romance: Notebook
Favorite TV romance: Grey's anatomy Izzy and Denny
Favorite song about love: ???

MommaSuds said...

I so wish I was going to see the movie but I have to read all the books first. I didn't realize how great they were until just recently so I am still on the first book. I know I know its disappointing.

Ok so here are my answers:

Team Edward for sure

Hmmm favorite Cullen I would have to say Edward since I am not far enough into the story to know the other ones that well.

I wouldn't want to be able to do any of those.

I think maybe Eric. I think Mike and Tyler are to whiney.

Sorry antique truck takes this one.

Bella except she is prolly way smarter LOL But I was the new girl in a very small town. Not fun at first.

Don't know if I can pick between Arizona and Forks both have qualities I like.

Edward,Emmet and Alice to hunt with for sure.

Ok now I have to go read some more. Happy friday to everyone

sassy stephanie said...

Team Edward. Although, I would be BFFs with Jacob.

Alice. Cute, spunky. Fab clothes.

Future baby.

Hmm..maybe Tyler?

Volvo fo sho.



Hmm...the Cullens...maybe Emmett, since he likes games and would be fun.

Dunno...maybe EDWARD AND BELLA.

Dunno again...maybe my grandparents.

The 50s would be grand.

Hmm...Love me some Olivia and John in Grease. hard to chose one on these..Grey's McDreamy and Meredith.

Lightening Crashes. Maybe a diff kind of love, but love.

Rhea said...

I was Team Jacob during the third book, I believe. Now I'm back to Edward.

Favorite Cullen is probably Alice.

Out of those three options, I think I'd like to read minds?

Tyler, Eric, or Mike? Who are these people? I only remember

Shiny silver Volvo.

I think I was like Bella...maybe. Not sure.

Forks sounds better than Arizona.

I'd feel safest hunting with Emmett.

Rhea said...

Favorite love story, fiction: Poison Study.

Favorite love story, non-fiction: Maybe Brad and Angelina.

If you could be in love during any period of time, which era would you choose? NOW.

Favorite big screen romance: Ever After.

Favorite TV romance: Alias or Grey's Anatomy (in the beginning)

Favorite song about love: Don't know.