Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Follies

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Spending time with people you love. And remembering all the blessings that we do have.

And now. It's time to settle into our tryptophan addled minds. And get back to the business of the Friday Follies:

Did you stay home for Thanksgiving or travel?

Were you a host or a guest?

Favorite food you had yesterday?

Was there an item served that you didn't even put on your plate?

Did you make any recipe that you found on a blog?

Shop on Black Friday or not?

When do you put up your Christmas decorations?

Most outlandish request from your kids for Christmas this year?

What is one item from your wish list?

What is one thing you are getting for your spouse this year? (maybe you'll give someone an idea!)

Don't forget that today is the last day to enter the contest. Be sure to come back tomorrow for our next round of weekend winners!

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Theme song: Dido - Thank-you - for all our blessings. And Pearl Jam - Black. As the retailers would like to thank YOU in advance for doing your part to help the economy...


Rhea said...

I was home for Thanksgiving (at my mom's house in the same town) but now I'm having to drive to a different state for a family funeral.

I was a guest.

I loved the Sweet potatoes with crispy marshmellows on top.

cranberries didn't touch my plate.

NO, NO, NO shopping on Black Friday for me.

I want an iPod Touch for Christmas, my children want a puppy (WTF?), decorations may go up in a week or so.

Kori said...

Awww I hope you had an Awesome Thanksgiving too.

I went to my MIL's. She only lives 2 miles up the road.

I was a guest.

My Mac N Cheese.

I did not put Giblet Gravy on my plate. YUCK!

I did Kat's Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle. And it was Num Yummy.

I would shop on Black Friday if I could. I usually do every year. But not this one.

Gonna try to get decorations up over the weekend.

Jacob wants a Guitar. And Calob wants the Star Wars Ship thing.

A new Camera.

Probably just a Hug and a Kiss. It's all about the kids.

Shelley said...

Hey Kat,

I traveled to my husband's work place. He is firefighter, so we took dinner to them and had a great afternoon at the station.

We were guests, but we had to bring the food.

My favorite food was my mom's dressing.

There were several items that didn't touch my plate.

I made a "better than sex" cake,that I found on a blog. trust me, it wasn't.

No shopping on Black Friday for me, maybe Cyber Monday.

We put up decorations next week.

My middle child wants a PSP for Christmas.

I would like to have new car seat covers for my van.

I am getting DH a lined work jacket to wear as he is helping on the farm.

I hope you and yours had a fantastic day.

Jennifer said...

I just traveled to my Grandparents!(15 mins. away)
I was a guest

My favorite food was probably the ham and mashed potatos!(I love my Meme's tators!)

I didn't put Dressing(i know, i know, I'm probably the only person who doesn't like dressing!!) or cranberry sauce on my plate.

I didn't have to make anything..I was lucky!

No Black Friday shopping for me! My mom does it faithfully though!

My tree is already up!

My kids don't have any outlandish requests this year! (yet anyway!)

One of my wish list items is a Vaccuum cleaner!

I'm not married, but I don't know what I'll get my boyfriend yet.

KimmyDarling said...

We stayed home.

We were a guest... at Maggiano's!

Dessert: Warm Apple Crostada

No, I put everything on my plate at least once.

Didn't make a single thing!

I only shop online on Black Friday (or any other time, for the most part). I am a bargain expert, so I've got all the info on the sales, what time they go live, etc.

It varies-- whenever I feel well enough to take on the task. I'm thinking it won't be in the next week or so, but I'm hopeful for the following week.

The most outlandish thing would be if I ended up with kids this year. As of this moment, I have no kids.

I already got it-- a Kindle.

A photobook I made on Snapfish-- with nothing but pictures of our 11 year-old dog in it. Kindof written from the dog's point of view, telling his Daddy (my husband) how much he loves him and how great his life is. I can't wait for it to arrive!

jori-o said...

Traveled--were guests at my SIL's about an hour away.

Didn't but the canned greeen beans/bacon/onions on my plate. Yuk.

PLanning on getting up early, but I'm not 100% committed...

Tree goes up tomorrow, lights this weekend. Thanksgiving was late this year, let's get to it!!

NO IDEA what to get hubby. Help!

Aubrey said...

Stayed home. We were the hosts.

Definitely the homemade tortillas from my mama!

Nope. I put every. single. item on my plate!

My mama did all the cookin'!

We'll probably venture out the stores but later in the day.

Decorations will go up this weekend or early next week.

Mmmm...they didn't really ask for anything outlandish this year. LOL

A new Coach handbag is on my wish list!

My honey is the toughest person to shop for. I still don't know what I am getting him!

MsTypo said...

Hope you had a great thanksgiving. :) We went out to dinner last night to a local restaurant with some friends and will have turkey tonight at a friend's house. I'm kinda bummed i haven't had pumpkin pie yet. :(

A new ipod is on my wish list because my shuffle is first generation and full. And for Hubby - a new japanese santuku knife. :)

Swirl Girl said...

We were home.
Hostess with the Mostess to 14.
An awesome celery salad from Food and Wine Magazine.
Pumpkin pie (ick)
Not blog recipes, but F&W Mag
No shopping here.
No Christmas decorations here either.
Most outlandish request? To 'be CHristmas not Hanukah"
Ipod touch
Hubby and I don't exchange gifts to ourselves, only to others.
(do we suck for that?)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I deleted my comment because I thought you said what is Hubby getting you. Sigh, need more coffee!

Attended Boy Scouts Thanksgiving Dinner

Guest and kinda host since dh is CubMaster but it wasn't at our house

Hmm, Mashed potatoes

Curry thing that a mom made (although very authentic since she's from India)


Nope, no Black Friday in Germany, just regular work/school day

My snowmen figures have been out all year on the bookshelf. That's as far as I go.

Another baby. Good luck with that one Boo! It ain't happening.

A nanny (and I am NOT kidding)

No idea. It's kinda hard to buy him the 3,000€ bicycle he dreams about. But it has to totally rock because for me - he's giving me a two day trip to Paris -without my kids! (taking my mom cause she's visiting)

Unknown said...

Um... traveled... really more than necessary.

Guest but I felt more like family.


Heck no!

Um... I HELPED make a recipe someone else found on a blog...

No shop... must work.

After Essie's Birthday

They really haven't asked for anything crazy.

Mr. B

I got him an ornament from Indiana Jones because that was our first Christmas together. Beyond that I'm kind of struggling.. I might have to get creative.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Stayed home


Ummm...either mashed potatoes or mac & cheese.

corn casserole and 7 layer salad. And I despise dressing. But got guilted into making it. All from scratch. And it wasn't so horrible.

Yep. Dressing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin cake.

Online shopping. MAYBE brave the crowds.

Usually we put up the decorations today. BUT since two hooligan kitties have invaded our house...I am thinking they might eat the tree. Anyone know where I can get an electric fence to put around a tree?

Madalyn actually put a pony on her list. Katie put Edward Cullen on hers.

a small camera to put in my purse. So that I don't have to schlep my big camera around all the time.

My husband is very green. And he does all the grocery shopping. So I am on a quest to find 20 different re-usable grocery bags - manly ones. And unique.

S Club Mama said...

Did you stay home for Thanksgiving or travel? traveled...sort of

Were you a host or a guest? guest

Favorite food you had yesterday? mashed potatoes!

Was there an item served that you didn't even put on your plate? sweet potatoes and cranberries - ick

Did you make any recipe that you found on a blog? pumpkin crisp from lula

Shop on Black Friday or not? nope

When do you put up your Christmas decorations? tomorrow

Most outlandish request from your kids for Christmas this year? nothing, he doesn't know what Christmas is yet

What is one item from your wish list? printed pictures of my kiddo

What is one thing you are getting for your spouse this year? a homemade cookbook, hopefully

jennifersusan said...

We usually stay home (that goes back to when I was pregnant with Rose and it was too close for me to drive the 7+hours to my parents).
I was the host - the inlaws came.
sweet potatos
the best thing about being the host is that everything served is everything i want to eat.
if i can help it I won't leave the hosue today.
Todd wants them up today, but I think we'll do a little everyday til the main event.
Todd wants a robot
tickets to see Wicked before it leaves Chicago is on my list.
i have no idea what I'll get hubby

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!

Robin said...

Hi Kat!! I'm Robin. This sounds like fun.

I stayed home and traveled.

I was a guest both times. My in-laws hosted here in my town, and then at my sister's about an hour away.

I love stuffing. But I did like the pumpkin roll at my in-laws too.

cranberry sauce or gravy will not be put on my plate.

I didn't make anything. I had to bring the paper products! :)

No shopping at 4am for me!!

Maybe this weekend the tree will get up.

Oddly enough, they've not asked for anything outlandish this year.

I would love an i-phone.

We aren't exchanging presents this year. We do that sometimes. We are going to go to Biltmore though for the Christmas Celebration there. I told him that was enough.

Thanks again!! Come visit me.

Unknown said...

I think I may have to copy your list of questions for my blog. Do you mind?? BTW--I loved doing the letter favorites the other day. So much fun!

I stayed home for Thanksgiving this year. We had a house-full. First time in 7 years.

I was THE host.

Favorite food: my apple pie

We forgot to serve the rice. Nobody had it (it was to much!)

I put all of my favorite recipes on MY blog last year and I copied one of the recipes from there. Does that count?

No Black Friday shopping

We'll do Christmas decorations in the next week or so.

Just about every year, my son (now almost 8) asks for some kind of kid-sized airplane or car. Ha!

My wish list: Lightroom 2 (I already got the lens I want!)

For my hubby: I have no clue. Yikes! He really needs some new clothes, but he is so picky it's not worth it to shop for him.

Happy day after Thanksgiving!

Michelle said...

Traveled to Heather's house of course. I am Heathersister.

Guest, I guess, am I a guest in my sister's house, I don't think so.

Heather's homemade stuffing. It was delish.

Cranberry sauce. Yuk

No, not from a blog.


We will put up our Christmas decorations tomorrow. Hubby had to work today.

My son asked for a Gears of War 2 replica gun with a chainsaw on the end of it. It cost like
$2hundredandsomeshitdollars. I don't think so boy.

A Kindle from but it costs $395shitdollars so I won't be getting that.

He will be getting nothing for the rest of his life. He purchared a big($$) motorcycle this summer. That covers his birthday and Christmas forever.

~Michelle~ said...

We stayed home & hosted yesterday.

Favorite food yesterday was candied yams...and turkey...and sangria (is that food??)

I don't touch the stuffing - just don't like it that much

No blog recipes - they were from Martha, BHG cookbook, and the back of the can of puree sweet potatoes

I'm not shopping this morning...maybe later today...

Hoping to get the Christmas decs up this weekend (I'm not allowed to do it until Thanksgiving is done)

No kids = no outlandish wish lists

I really want a bread maker this year

For hubby, the one thing I'm getting him that's a surprise is a blu-ray set of Discovery's "When We Left Earth" series - yep, he's a space nerd! ;)

Finding Normal said...

stayed home! LOVE IT!

host to our little fam of 4

mashed potatoes


PW's potatoes and apple dumplings

online--amazon and jcpenney

probably this weekend, although with Addison sitting up and grabbing everything in sight, it may be an issue. One I'm SO glad to have!

Noah wants everything. Unless it's "for girls".

black socks

House seasons 2-4 DVDs (already has season 1)

Shannon said...

Stayed here... went to Shane's grandparents @1 to eat there and then over to my aunt's @ 5 to eat with my family


mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, stuffing... I can't choose between carbs, woman!

Sweet potato casserole (I even made it, but I don't eat it) and dressing... I'm a Yankee, I like STUFFING. Dressing is a Southern thing and I don't like it

No... I was tempted to make Jill (Scary Mommy)'s homemade stuffing she posted about recently but I didn't have time and just went with Stove Top

This was the 1st time I've gone out shopping on Black Friday... mom and I hit the outlets that opened at midnight. And I can now say it can be crossed off this list...

usually the 1st weekend of Dec

Little Miss wants a kid-sized piano and kid-sized drum set... Drama wants a new iPod, a TV for her room, and a Nintendo DS
(and I love that Katie out Edward on her Christmas list!)

I really really really want a laptop... so I've asked for Best Buy gift cards to aid in my laptop purchasing :)

I bought Shane a new pair of really nice sunglasses

Elena said...

I so should be mopping my floors and cleaning my house, gearing up for a party later tonight. But quite frankly, I'd rather be blogging. So here I go wasting more time and enjoying myself by answering Kat's questions. :)

We stay in town and ate at my mom's this year.

I was a guest, but made a lot of food.

Deep fried turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy.

Pumpkin pie, but only because I was too full to eat any.

My own blog, I made the apple cider pumpkin cake and it was nummy.

I normally shop, but I'm sick this year. So I chose to sleep in and it was lovely!

The 1st Mon. after Thanksgiving.

Nothing too outlandish, but oldest wants an Nintendo DS. Gone are the days of cheap toys for X-mas.

Vinyl dandelions for my foyer. Sounds strange, but oh so pretty.

He wants an air compressor. He's sick of taking the bike tires to the gas station to refill.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Can't wait to see this week's giveaway!

Anonymous said...

this should be fin and somewhat predictable---i hope you and yours had a turkey filled day! and that there are plenty of leftovers...
--we stayed at home
--and hosted
--and had most wonderful green bean casserole
--and PW's pumpkin cheescake that was to-die-for delish
--no shopping today
--decoration transition scheduled for tonight
--laptop. and another laptop so they're even
--pics of the alamo taken in June of 2008. dunno where i can get them. hmm.
--getting a dual organization system for our golf clubs for the garage. now that's exciting. and a faux down blanket for our bed so that i can breathe at night. and be warm all at the same time for these cold and treacherous san antonio winter nights.

Teri said...

Home - only 3 of us this year

I guess we hosted ourselves

We had a lobster fest instead of turkey!

Nope, ate everything...a lot

No, my hubby the extremely wonderful cook made everything

Oh hell no, I won't shop. Shopping is not my friend.

We are pulling out the stuff tomorrow so that we have the advent calendar out in time for Monday. And want to get everything decorated a little earlier than usual because I have exams coming up. And GRADUATION!!!

Matt keeps asking for Xbox 360. He has a Wii and tons of games plus other systems. Nope. Mackenzie wants world peace. Oh, and a dog. Nope.

The only thing I want is a spy camera - you know, one I can stick in my purse or pocket and always be ready, just in case.

Because I am in school, I don't have much opportunity to earn $ of my own. So I have been saving on the side for the entire year to buy my husband a flat screen tv for our bedroom. I think he'll be pretty surprised.

Mariah said...

I went to my parent's house like 5 miles away so not really travel

guest I guess

cucumber salad

yes, some jello mess



This weekend Saturday and Sunday it takes two days because some people in this house insist on making it look like Santa Clause blew up...EVERYWHERE

A dolphin

Video Camera

Massage :)

Hope your Thanksgiving was fantastic

ChicagoLady said...

I traveled sorta. I went to my aunt's house about 40 miles away from me.

The traveling part made me the guest.

Favorite food was the stuffing.

I did not eat the cornbread casserole. Yuck! That's why I got stuffing, lol.

No, I did not take anything to eat.

I considered it, but there were nothing I really needed to get that made it worthwhile to go out at that ungodly hour.

Christmas decorations? Nope, I'm not home enough to really appreciate them, including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so it's too much work to not be home to enjoy them.

No kids.

An LCD panel for my computer.

No spouse.

The Joye of Teaching said...

stay home for Thanksgiving
a guest
Favorite food- stuffing
Was there an item served that you didn't even put on your plate- cranberry sauce
Did you make any recipe that you found on a blog- me cook???
Shop on Black Friday
When do you put up your Christmas decorations- the weekend after Thanksgving
Most outlandish request from your kids for Christmas this year- I wish I had some
What is one item from your wish list- baby
What is one thing you are getting for your spouse this year- cologne Daddy Yankee

Handsome's wife said...

Stayed home being the host.

Yams.. Yummm

No shopping for me... no way!

Starting the decorations today, Hubby is putting up the outside lights.

Jo-Jo said...

I went to my moms for Thanksgiving which is only about 45 mins away.

I will be hosting my Thanksgiving tomorrow.

My moms turkey was awesome!

I didn't eat any of my uncles oster dressing...oster.yuck.

Nope...I was going to but I am LAZY

I would shop on black friday, had I any money.

I put my decorations up as soon as I can get my hubby to get them out of the basement.

The kids are too young to ask for much of I am still cool on that one.

I would love to have a IPOD...I don't think it is going to happen though

If I can get my moms help I want to get him a laptop. He is dying for one!

Gina said...

Did you stay home for Thanksgiving or travel?
Went to my sister's not too far away.

Were you a host or a guest?
Went to my sister's not too far away. ;p

Favorite food you had yesterday?
Garlic mashed potatoes and turkey gravy.

Was there an item served that you didn't even put on your plate?
Turkey and stuffing. I had ham instead.

Did you make any recipe that you found on a blog?

Shop on Black Friday or not?
Go read my blog. Enough said.

When do you put up your Christmas decorations?
I decorate for winter in December.

The rest don't apply to us....

LadyStyx said...

Stayed home.

Both. I cooked for most of it but hubby whipped up a couple dishes too. It was just the 2 of us.

Cranberry Sauce!!

Nope, helps when ya cook the whole meal. Just knowing you'd have the dont cook anything you dont like!


Hell NO! LOL

Generally the day after Thanksgiving or at the latest on December 1st....that is unless I decide to bah humbug it.

No kids :)

A Bamboo fun :D

Slippers. The poor guy is constantly wearing holes in his.

Linda said...

We hosted Thanksgiving, but only had my parents and hubby's dad here. Small, but nice. The best thing on the table yesterday was the stuffing! Oh my, it was the best if I do say so myself. I made up my own recipe. Brave. But what a success.

We went out shopping around noon. We didn't need any items that you had to be in line for at 4 AM. So it was stress-free. I don't do crowds.

We will put up all our decorations on Dec. 5. My birthday is the 3rd, hubby's is the 4th, and we don't decorate until after that.

My kids haven't really asked for anything this year. So I'm kinda lost as to what to get for them.

I want a Cricut Expressions cutting system. Have you seen these? I know I'm not going to get it, it's way too expensive. But I still dream.

I'm just getting hubby some DVDs this year. Nothing big or exciting.

Brandy said...

Stay home


My turkey turned out great!

Sweet potato casserole

Just from my own! I made two apple cider cakes.

I shopped till I dropped.

This weekend

Nothing as of yet

Trip to Domican Republic

See above.

Hope your Thanksgiving was as great as mine!

Michelle said...

I was home, but my mom hosted. I made YOUR pumpkin gingerbread trifle, and there were several things I didn't put on my plate. Lots of things I didn't put on my plate ... but mostly because I don't like lots of traditional Thanksgiving foods. No to Black Friday (see today's post!). Christmas decorations go up SOMEtime after the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Wee ones aren't quite to the stage of lists, so I'm lucky -- next year though! I want ummm I don't know what I want. My spouse is getting an XM subscription :)

Susie said...

1. Stayed home.

2. We were both. We hosted and then went to my SIL's on another day.

3. My apple pie:-)

4. Sweet and sour beans:-(

5. No but I blogged about most of my recipes:-)

6. I shopped online (Go Homemade:-)

7. We put them up Friday.

8. A million dollars.

9. Camera (another thing I blogged about:-)

10. I have no idea! He is the worst!

Mama Dawg said...

stayed home.


We had, it was the sausage cheese balls.



Heck, no.

We put them up the first weekend after T'day.

Nothing, she has reasonble requests...books, Barbie clothes, baby doll stuff.

For once, I can't think of a thing. Wizard of Oz on DVD, maybe.

No spouse.

Jennifer P. said...

I might be late--but I'm not missing out!

1. Stayed home with the mostest :) ).
3.leftover pumpkin pie cobbler
4.yams with marshmallows. bluck. but I should have!
6.shopeed online
7.First weekend in December
8.a puppy
9.??? peace on earth goodwill toward men
10.ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I just have my 5 boyfriends to worry about :)!