Sunday, April 13, 2008

Carnival Legend - last day - At sea

Well my child that does not need sleep was once again the first to wake up…at least this time it was more like 9:15, rather than 7:15. We managed to pull ourselves out of bed and we went upstairs for breakfast. Katie and Madalyn having just discovered the cereal are enjoying that wonderful treat. We don’t do sugared cereal at all…in fact most of what we buy is Kashi or Product 19…so they were quite thrilled with their froot loops and Lucky Charms. Madalyn also discovered her favorite sunshine muffins again.

The girls decided that they needed to spend time with their new friends in the pool…so Michael kept an eye on them (half an eye…maybe just a presence) and read his book. Now, Michael is not a reader…unless you count the newspaper or Sports Illustrated…but I convinced him that he needed to read one of the books from my 888 challenge list: “I hope they serve Beer in Hell” by Tucker Max. He has almost finished it…and says it’s “disgusting, crude, socially unacceptable, politically incorrect…and yet totally hilarious.”

While my family was basking by the pool…I went to the debarkation talk…just in case things were different from my other cruises…nothing is different. The only thing I did not find out is when we have to be out of our room on Saturday morning. After the talk, I went to get my bucket of quarters that I still had not managed to lose in the casino…and I managed to win more than I was planning to spend – I cashed out with $53.

Then I walked over to the photo gallery to see how our formal night photo turned out. Once again…the quality was horrible. I suppose that if my only complaint about this cruise is the photo quality…it’s a minor issue!

I went up to the Lido deck to try and locate my family – and I found them just coming out of the café with their lunch. They sat down to eat - and we were entertained at the same time by the ice carving demonstration. Afterwards we went to check out the chocolate buffet. The girls were not in an adventurous mood…so they stuck with chocolate swans – which is puff pastry surrounding a scoop of chocolate ice cream. We left Michael feasting and I took the girls back to the room to shower and change for our afternoon events.

At 3 we had 7 rounds of Bingo. The guy hosting – Allen Price – was great. He did a lot of the trivia games we participated in. He was making fun of Carnival’s prizes. Our first game of Bingo was for $100…and the next jackpot was $110 (he said “it’s a billion dollar company…and we have the huge jackpot of $110!)…The second round had to be split by four people! Madalyn was thrilled that several people recognized her from winning a few nights ago! We didn’t even come close!

Following Bingo was the galley tour. We did this on our last cruise…and it’s so interesting to me to have the Q&A before hand. The wait staff on board work for 6-9 months at a time…with NO days off…for about 70 hours a week…all for gratuities. I cannot imagine keeping up with a schedule like that.

After the galley tour…I kicked Michael and the girls out so that I could pack. What a process. Who knew that we could accumulate so much stuff?! The girls went swimming again…which meant another round of showers before we could dress for dinner.

Before we could eat dinner…we had to go to another trivia contest…and this time it was Michael’s favorite…music trivia. Allen was our host again…and Michael won…getting 24 out of 30 questions correct…and he got his own, much coveted, 24 carat gold plastic ship on a stick.

On the menu tonight:
Appetizers: We all ordered escargots. Katie and Madalyn’s friends had convinced them that they were good. I suppose you need another kid to verify this…as they did not take my word for it…that snails are delish! I actually ordered two! When the arrived, Katie wanted Madalyn to try hers first…Katie did not realize that they would look like they do. Finally Madalyn agreed to try the first bite…and she LOVED it. Katie worked up the courage to try hers…and she liked it…but thought the texture was strange…not that that stopped her from cleaning her plate. Madalyn even had Phillip bring her another dish! Michael also ordered lobster cake for an additional appetizer.

Main course: Madalyn and I had the Neptune platter – which had fried shrimp, fish, and calamari. My girls LOVE calamari. I don’t suppose a lot of 6 year olds would eat snails and squid for dinner! Katie had the grilled chicken over fettuccine with mushroom sauce. Michael had Salmon with dill sauce.

Dessert: Katie and I had warm chocolate melting cake; Madalyn had cappuccino pie; Michael had Grand Marnier soufflé.
When we finished dinner…we walked over to Follies for the last Bingo of the cruise…the one to win a cruise. Madalyn kept trying to decide which of her friends she would bring with her if she won…and Katie just assumed Madalyn would win again and kept trying to convince her to bring her own sister! We didn’t win…but Katie and I each only needed one more square! So close…and yet so far!

The last show of the night is the “Legends” show…where guests audition to participate. They were auditioning for Elton John, James Brown, Elvis and others. Katie was most upset that they did not have a Hannah Montana in their repertoire. And when we heard the performances…oh…they were bad. Really bad! I had read that this was a great show. Maybe if you know someone in it. Maybe we just had really bad singers on our cruise. I’m not sure…but it was rather amusing in a train wreck kind of way!

And then the show came to an end…along with our vacation. We got the rest of our luggage packed and set outside our door…and kids off to dreamland…where we can dream about doing this all over again…

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Rhea said...

That's great you got your hubby to read! We all need to enjoy a good book from time to time.

I'm so impressed your kids are so willing to try such different foods! Especially cheeseburger girl. lol

Sounds like y'all have had an incredible trip! It's sad to leave, I know! I've enjoyed the trip through you, thanks!

Skeller said...

Just got back from a "camping" weekend. Catching up on your trip, reading backwards, from bottom up. And I was totally thinking, "all this activity has GOT to be making those girls sleep well!" And then I got to today's post, and yup, it appears ALL are getting good sleep :-)

Debbie said...

Wait a minute! I didn't know you were blogging while on vacation! Or at least blogging this much. Tomorrow morning, I need to sit down and go back and read through all this...I should have checked in sooner!

Keys to the Magic Travel said... need to stalk my blog to keep up with all our adventures :-)

We are home now...and exhausted. I have to do some homeschooling and get in my water aerobics class...and then I'll start uploading those pictures!

NicciN said...

Wow -- thanks so much for telling me to read this. It is very helpful at helping me see what cruise life is like. We are going to Alaska in two weeks, and it is my first cruise. My kids are littler though.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Yertle--Glad you came back to read! I need to get on the ball and finish adding those pictures. I have never done an Alaskan one...but it is on my list. My problem is that the draw of snorkeling keeps leading me to the Caribbean! I'll be checking your blog...and I am looking forward to reading about your adventures.

Unknown said...

My girls love calamari... not sure what they would do with snails...

I think I've gained 5 pounds just READING these cruise posts!!!

Kori said...

My boys would so not eat a snail. They would poke at it and chase each other around while holding it. All the food looks yummy.

I can not get over how long Katie's hair was.