Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cozumel, part 2

After another seatbelt-less taxi ride, we were dropped back by the pier…and we walked through the mall. Michael noticed a drugstore and thought he would see if they have any insect repellent for tomorrow’s day in Belize. There was no “Off” – but if you wanted some penicillin or even Keflex, you could get it right off the shelf. So as not to be the cause of a superbug, we passed on self medicating. The girls had to stop and look at some of the carts:
By the time we got back on the ship, it was 3:45 and lunch was long overdue. We all plopped down on chairs in the Unicorn Café and rested our tired feet before deciding what we wanted for lunch (it’s not brunch…should it be dunch?). “Parked” right next to us was the Disney Magic…and we could see their big screen over the pool…so we got to watch Disney cartoons while we rested. The girls finally decided that they wanted pizza…I had Mexican…and Michael had Asian. The girls actually had seconds on pizza. Now, these are huge slices to begin with. Each piece is a quarter of the pie…so they basically had half a pizza. Yep…lunch was long overdue.

And what does one do on a full stomach? Why go swimming of course. We went to the pool…re-applied our sunscreen…and hopped in. I went into the hot tub in hopes of giving relief to my aching feet…and then finally I left Michael and the girls to enjoy the pool while I went back to the room.
The girls decided to have dinner with us tonight – they missed Phillip and Memel (Madalyn even asked them if they would come home with us)…so we all got showered and changed and ready to head out. We discovered in the capers that they were doing “Who wants to be a Millionaire” in the Legends Café…so we headed down to Deck 2. On our last cruise, I won this game…and got a gold-plated plastic ship on a stick for my efforts. The way they do it is to ask all the questions…and then everyone stands up. Then the host re-reads the questions and tells the answer. If your answer is incorrect, you sit down. I think I was the only one standing after the $32,000 question – and then I had to tell the answers for the rest of the questions. I am a millionaire. Again. Madalyn immediately stole my new gold plated plastic ship on a stick.
After all the “excitement” surrounding my big win…we went to dinner. Madalyn was thrilled that we manage to time our arrive just right…and we did not have to wait to enter the dining room.

(Here are Phillip and Memel in their "showtime" costumes. Each night our waiters had a show for us...they did the Macarena one night...YMCA another night...and they "accessorized" with hats, wigs, and sunglasses.)
On the menu tonight:
Appetizers: Madalyn had chicken noodle soup (which she really didn’t like – but she liked the noodles – so she ate them either with her fingers or a fork. Miss Manners would have been appalled.)Katie and I had fried shrimp; Michael had beefsteak tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella.

Main course: Three guesses as to what Madalyn had – first two don’t count: yet another cheeseburger. But this time she switched it up by having a baked potato instead of fries. Katie had filet mignon; I had veal parmesan; Michael had Tom Turkey.

Dessert: Madalyn and I had chocolate melting cake with vanilla ice cream; Katie and Michael had apple pie with vanilla ice cream.
After dinner, we waddled over to the other side of the ship to play yet another game of Bingo. Madalyn thought her luck would be extended for another night…but it was not to be. The girls and I went back to the room to get ready for bed…and Michael stayed to see the comedian (Happy Cole – he said it was a good show…much better than Ronnie Bullard). I think that we were going through storms in the night…because the ship really felt like a cradle rocking…and sleep was quick to visit…

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Rhea said...

Sounds like yet even more fun! I think Madalyn is going to turn into a cheeseburger! lol

You and your husband impress me with your winnings! I just never win anything.

All that eating and swimming has me insanely jealous!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Rhea-- the food is fabulous. I am waiting impatiently for my favorite...that I have only had on a cruise ship...escargots. Divine. They better have them!

And just to make you crazed...I am off to get a massage :-)

Keys to the Magic Travel said...
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Skeller said...

It's great to have the photos added - they show beyond a shadow of a doubt that you all are having a good time!! Love the girls' polka dot dresses - too cute :-)