Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: Favorite Movie Comedies

Today's topic for the Ten on Tuesday meme is my top ten favorite movie comedies. This was a really hard list to make. And I am sure that I am leaving out lots. Probably even a favorite. But my brain cells are gone. I have two children.

Here are my favs...in no particular order:

1. Thank You For Smoking – This is a hilarious movie. If you haven’t seen it already (because you haven’t followed previous “orders” to watch it) – put it in your netflix queue. The movie is about Nick Naylor, a spokesman for Big Tobacco, who is trying to the positive spin on smoking. He even goes to LA to convince an agent (played by Rob Lowe) to have more actors smoke in movies – “like the good old days.” He meets weekly with the MOD squad (merchants of death) – who represent the alcohol lobby and the gun lobby. This ingenious movie is all in the details – like Nick’s son goes to St. Euthanasius. Again…go watch this movie!

2. 50 First Dates – I love this movie. It is both sweet and funny – a true date movie! Every time I run across it on TV, I have to stop and watch. Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler have great chemistry – and it’s too bad that Drew starred with Jimmy Fallon instead of Adam Sandler in the very boring “Fever Pitch.”

3. Sixteen Candles – A classic! “Now we are both on the Pill.” “You own a church?” “No more yankie my wankie.” Ahhh…the memories. Can you believe that this movie was made 24 years ago??

4. CSA – I think this is another movie (besides “Thank you for Smoking”) that I am the only one that has seen it! It’s a mockumentary about the CSA (confederate states of America) – as if the South had won the “war of Northern Aggression.” It is a very clever and intelligent comedy produced by Spike Lee. Some of the best parts are the commercials (the “documentary” is being shown for the first time on CSA television).

5. Princess Bride – Another classic. Who hasn’t seen this movie? And one of the best movies to quote from.

6. Monty Python and the Holy Grail – This needs no commentary :-)

7. Best in Show/Mighty Wind – Christopher Guest is just brilliant. I think I am discovering my love for the mockumentary.

8. Blazing Saddles/Young Frankenstein – Can you believe that Mel Brooks released BOTH of these movies in the same year?

9. 40 Year Old Virgin/Knocked Up/Superbad – Superbad is not nearly as good as the first two…but the whole McLovin plot line wins me over. Puerile humor at its best.

10. Elf/A Christmas Story – My favorite Christmas movies. Elf made Will Ferrell movies “must sees.” And Elf is the first time I heard the word “ginormous.” It is now part of my lexicon. And “A Christmas Story.” My dad had a book by Jean Shepherd…so I had already read it before I saw it. Did you know that there is a “shrine” to this movie in Cleveland, Ohio? You can tour the house year round. And this year is the 25th anniversary for the movie. “It was…it was…soap poisoning…”

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Jennifer Coomer said...

I really like your list. You reminded me of the Best In Show/Mighty Wind movies that I cannot belive I left off my list!
Holy Grail and Princess Bride and Sixteen Candles were on my long list. I was kind of hard to whittle it down.
You also reminded me that I want to watch Thank You For Smoking.

Wani said...

Great list! The Princess Bride is probably my favorite movie ever... its got it all: action, romance, comedy, etc.

Rhea said...

Sixteen Candles was the only R movie I saw as a child (one of my older siblings must have smuggled it in), and I think I watched it over and over ten billion times. I love that movie!! It's like an old friend.

Great list, great movies!!

BTW, you were in my dream last night! You and your family lived next to mine in connected condos and we didn't have walls between us, just staircases we had to share. It was really weird, but we got along, and our kids were playing together. You were remodeling the girls' bathroom. It was strange, but fun! lol I think your weird wheelbarrow full of fries must have burned my subconsious...

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Jennifer and Wani-- Thanks so much for coming by...and yes...you MUST see "Thank you For Smoking!"

Rhea-- That is truly bizzare. I'm sorry that my loopy dreams are crossing to you. Remodeling a bathroom? I think not. It's like a craft.

And I just remembered today that I have that meme you tagged me for to do still...there are just sooo many unimportant things about me :-)

YellowRose said...

We have similar taste! Great movies on your list! I haven't seen "Thank you for Smoking" so I'll add it to my to see list!

Happy Tuesday!

Rhea said...

I have an award for you on my site! Come and get it!

Irishcoda said...

I really like your list too! I enjoyed many of the movies you listed and like that you included pictures and why you chose the movie :)

Teena in Toronto said...

I forgot about Best in Show!

I played too :)

Firefly Mom said...

OK, the bit about following your orders to watch Thank You for Smoking wasn't just directed at me, was it? Cause I finally watched it! Just like you told me to (on more than one occasion ;)

Sixteen Candles - love it! "I can't believe I gave my panites to a geek!"

The Princess Bride - "Is this a *kissing* book?" That reminds me of my boy ;)

How can anyone NOT love the Holy Grail? We're quoting this one constantly.

I love Will Farrell in Elf (but my favorite of his is the Producers).

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Rhea--Muchas gracias for my award. I love it. It now has a lovely place of honor on my sidebar.

FM-- I have not seen "The producers" and will have to add that to my queue (along with Firefly).

And noooo...that comment about "ordering" to watch TYFS wasn't directed at you. Of course not. I wouldn't call you out like that. No, not at all. Definitely not. Never considered it. ;-) (But I am glad that you followed my directive and did it!)

Unknown said...

I just watched 16 Candles last night... lordy I still love that movie.

I know who hasn't seen THe Princess Bride - Mr. B that's who... one of these days we'll fix that.