Monday, April 14, 2008

More pictures

Cozumel part 2 now has pictures.

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Rhea said...

Please tell me you bought those awesome colorful sombero hats! Those were awesome!!

More yummy food. Your waiters looked like a lot of fun.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...! They are for picture taking purposes only!

I always wonder if the people around us thought we were strange for taking pictures of our food. Or maybe the people in the blog world think we are strange for taking pictures of our food :-) But's so pretty...and that is such a part of is worth documenting!

Rhea said...

I do wonder what everyone thinks of food picture taking...did your waiters say anything? lol I think it is a big part of the cruise and worth documenting! And I enjoyed seeing it!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

No, the waiters never said anything...and they saw us do it A LOT :-)