Saturday, April 12, 2008

Isla Roatan, Honduras - Carnival Legend - part 2

We got back on the boat about 1:15 – an hour before the ship was scheduled to leave – and we went up for lunch. Any guesses about what Madalyn ate? I had to take her picture – telling her that I want to remember what she looked like before she turned into an actual cheeseburger.

When we finished, I wanted to watch the ship leave the port. There are these “things” (another scientific name for you – “yellow-striped thingus”) in the water that the ship is tied to – and I wanted to see how we are untied. The girls went to the slide…and about 2:20 I went to see…and nothing doin’ yet. I look down at the pier and there are TONS of people still boarding. If that was me, I’d be a paranoid mess coming that late to the pier. 2:30…people still moseying along. 2:45…still seeing stragglers. At 3pm, they finally pulled up the gangplank and started letting the ropes go. I watched with my “train wreck” mentality…almost hoping to see someone running down the pier yelling “waaaiiitt!!” But it appears that everyone got on board. I heard from another passenger that we lost two in Cozumel. (Isn't Roatan gorgeous?! Look at that water!)

Katie was done with swimming, so we went back to the room to shower and change while Michael and Madalyn stayed by the pool. While Katie was in the shower her new friends (Kelly and Rachel – the ones she met ziplining in Belize) called and asked if she wanted to go to the arcade with them. I knew that Madalyn would be jealous…but I sent Katie…and just a minute later Michael and Madalyn came back to the room. I tried to tell Madalyn that Katie was just running an errand for me…but she was relentless in her pursuit to know EXACTLY where she went! Somehow we all survived the drama…and she got cleaned up…and took a nap. Katie got home shortly after Madalyn fell asleep…and I had her rest/read in her bed. I actually took a nap myself…and was so surprised when Michael woke me up about 7:20 to get ready for dinner!

On the menu for tonight:
Appetizers: Madalyn had fruit cocktail (she would only eat the grapes…said the rest was contaminated by the pineapple juice! Such a strange child)Katie wanted shrimp cocktail…but said that three shrimp were not enough…so I told her to order two. She had no idea that you could do that! She got two! I had lobster bisqueMichael had langistino etouffe.
Main course: Katie and Michael had Grilled Tiger shrimp in a garlic butter sauce; I had chateaubriand; Madalyn had…guess what? Not a cheeseburger. She had the hotdog and baked potato!

Dessert: Katie once again had warm chocolate melting cake; Michael had amaretto cake; I had baked Alaska; Madalyn had brownies.
"Showtime" tonight was all the waiters (and Katie) doing the YMCA. Notice that Katie has a napkin on her head. She wanted to fit in with the strange head gear.

After dinner we went over to the lobby staircase to get another family picture (which I went to find today – and again – it’s blurry!). Then we went back to the room to change clothes. Michael took Madalyn for her own trek to the arcade while Katie and I read. At 11pm we went back out for the picture taking part of the Gala Buffet. We got really lucky in that the show was still going on in the Follies lounge, so there was no wait to go through the line…and there were some amazing creations. When we were walking out…the line was huge!

I took the girls back to the room and Michael went to the midnight, adults only hypnotist show. He said it was hilarious…and definitely not a family show!

Do you know what the above picture is of? Each night after dinner, we would come back to our room to find it made up. The towels picked up and replaced. Our beds turned down. A towel animal waiting to make us smile. The capers for the next day. And silver wrapped pieces of chocolate. Do you know why the pile is this big? Because the girls hadn't discovered them. Do you know why the girls hadn't discovered them? Because...they thought it was butter. BUTTER! children are blonde.
Katie fell asleep quickly – she had not taken a nap and was really tired. I had to convince Madalyn to go to sleep – that long nap really energized her! We all slept with dreams of living forever on this ship…

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Unknown said...

This is SO slick!!! I'm supposed to talk about Honduras tonight at church... so I'm killing two birds with one stone!

When we went on the only cruise I've ever been on, they did the chocolates and the turn down, and I was really nice to our cabin steward... and each night I got more and more chocolates.... the last night I came back to the cabin and there were... 47 chocolates on my pillow!!!

Kori said...

I love Lobster Bisque. And the fact that Katie is fearless with her napkin wearing just makes me laugh.

Butter? Hilarious! I love those girls but I especially adore you for not telling them any different.